You have all your weapons. Now fight.
- Sucker Punch              
by Sam Cornett

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Dear SquashSite Readers,

Here is a thought of mine, inspired by this quote from the movie Sucker Punch. Which is a weird movie, but that line really stood out to me.

Now in squash terms, of course!

I am sure Iím not the only one who occasionally doubts their preparedness for a competition. So far in my career itís been rare that Iíve gone into a tournament feeling that my preparation was as stellar as it could have been.

I certainly do everything in my power, but there are always obstacles! I get to the first match of the tournament, and this feeling of unpreparedness is a constant itch, manifesting as a lack of confidence on court.

Iíll give you a couple nice examples....

There once was a tournament, and I played mildly injured, something funky in my left Achilles. I was pretty worried about this, but knew I was going to give it my all regardless. It was my last event of the season. I didnít realize I had Ďall my weaponsí until after the first rally....

I had played decent in the first round, and then going into the second round, I had watched my opponent and thought she was competing really well. I went in expecting a five gamer. I was quite nervous! I played the first rally, and from there I knew I had everything I needed, and proceeded to win three straight. It was all there inside, I just had to trust myself!

And also...

On the other end of the scale, there was a tournament at home in Toronto, where I was sick leading up to it. I absolutely let this cold get the better of me. I sunk into this dark place and couldnít find happiness or a solution. I had all my weapons, and I didnít fight.

The cold wasnít the problem. I walked onto the court to warm up, already a loser.

In one of these matches, my outlook was to fight to the bitter end with what I had, and in the other it was to just get through the match/get it over with. Guess what I plan to do from here on out?

The lesson?

In the end, if I want to get to the next level, I have to accept all of the things I canít do in each match, and embrace the things I can. I have the ability to compete, and thatís what Iíll be using.

If you know how to play squash, go out there and fight it out!