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European Team Championships 2012
02-05 May, Nuremberg, Germany           Follow the French

 Day THREE  |  Day TWO  |  Day ONEResults Listing  

05-May, Finals:                      complete results

Women's Final:  England 2-1 Ireland
  Jenny Duncalf 2-3 Madeline Perry  11/13, 11/7, 11/3, 7/11, 8/11
  Laura Massaro 3-1 Aisling Blake              11/1, 11/9, 9/11, 11/8
  Alison Waters 3-0 Laura Mylotte                       11/2, 11/8, 11/2

Men's Final:  England 3-0 France

  Daryl Selby 3-1 Grégoire Marche            11/3, 11/13, 11/9, 11/9
  James Willstrop 3-1 Grégory Gaultier       11/3, 8/11, 11/6, 11/1
  Peter Barker 3-0 Mathieu Castagnet                  11/7, 11/5, 11/7
  Nick Mathew v Thierry Lincou

England do the double again

England duly completed another European Teams double as their women beat Ireland 2-1 and the men beat familiar foes France 3-0 in the finals in Nuremberg, Germany.

Madeline Perry gave the Irish - appearing in their first final since 1989 - hope as she came from 2/1 down to beat Jenny Duncalf, but Laura Massaro and Alison Waters both won to seal a 34th women's title for England.

Daryl Selby, James Willstrop and Peter Barker all faced stiff resistance from their French opponents, but all won to make it 20 titles in a row (and 38 in all) with Nick Matthew not needing to go on court.

Earlier hosts Germany had beaten Scotland 3-1 to take third place in the men's competition, their best finish since 1994, with France beating Germany 3-0 to take third in the women's event.

Spain claimed the men's division two title on games countback over Switzerland, both of whom will play in division one next year, and the Czech Republic maintained their unbeaten round-robin record to win women's division two and gain promotion alongside Belgium.

Playoff Matches:              complete results

Men's Division 1:

3/4  Germany 3-1 Scotland
5/6  Italy 2-2 Denmark
7/8  Netherlands 3-1 Finland

Women's Division 1:

3/4  France 3-0 Germany
5/6  Netherlands 2-1 Wales
7/8  Scotland 2-1 Switzerland

Men's Division 2:

final   Switzerland 2-2 Spain
3/4    Ireland 4-0 Sweden
5/6    Wales 0-4 Czech Rep.
7/8    Belgium 1-3 Austria
9/10  Slovakia 2-2 Portugal

Women's Division 2:

Finland 0-3 Belgium, Spain 3-0 Italy, Czech Rep. 2-1 Belgium

Final positions

04-May, Day THREE:
Semi-Final Day

Women's semis:
Ireland 2-1 France
  Madeline Perry 3-0 Camille Serme           12/10, 12/10, 11/5
  Laura Mylotte 0-3 Maud Duplomb                  8/11, 8/11, 9/11

  Aisling Blake 3-2 Coline Aumard  11/4, 6/11, 7/11, 11/3, 11/5

England 3-0 Germany
  Jenny Duncalf 3-0 Pamela Hathaway     11/3, 11/4, 11/5
  Alison Waters 3-0 Franziska Hannes      11/1, 11/1, 11/7
  Laura Massaro 2-0 Eva Brauckmann              11/2, 11/1

Men's semis:
England 4-0 Scotland
  Daryl Selby 3-0 Chris Small        11/5, 11/2, 11/3
  Nick Matthew 3-0 Alan Clyne      11/5, 11/7, 11/4
  Peter Barker 3-0 Greg Lobban     11/4, 11/5, 11/1
  Tom Richards 2-0 Stuart Crawford        11/2, 11/8
France 4-0 Germany
Mathieu Castagnet 3-0 Andre Haschker         11/8,11/3, 11/1
  Gregory Gaultier 3-1 Simon Rosne r   11/2, 11/2, 8/11, 15/13
  Thierry Lincou 3-1 Raphael Kandra       11/8, 11/6, 9/11, 11/2
  Gregoire Marche 2-0 Rudi Rohrmuller                    11/3, 11/6

England seeking another double in Nuremberg

Hot favourites England cruised through to both finals in Nuremberg as their men demolished Scotland 4-0 and the women dashed the hopes of hosts Germany in clinical fashion.

Having seen off one 'auld enemy' England's men will face another familiar foe in the final after France made sure there was no home representation in the finals with a 4-0 win over Germany.

This will be the 12th England v France final in 13 years (and England's 20th in a row) with the French yet to win one.

England's women will face unfamiliar - in recent finals at least - opponents after Ireland rolled back the years with a 2-1 win over France to reach their first final since 1989.

England, of course, have won the tournament in all but one of its 34 previous editions, having beaten the Irish in the first 11 finals of the event from 1979 to 1989, and in the earlier rounds of the last four events.

In men's division two Switzerland and Spain will be celebrating tonight after wins over Ireland and Sweden saw them promoted to division one for next year, replacing Finland and the Netherlands who lost their playoffs against Denmark and Italy, who remain in the top eight for 2013.

The Czech Republic, unbeaten in the women's division two round robin with one match to go, will be playing in division one next year along with Belgium, replacing Switzerland and Scotland who lost their relegation matches against Wales and the Netherlands.


Other Matches

Women's 5-8:

2-1 Switzerland
Netherlands 3-0 Scotland

Men's 5-8:

3-1 Finland  
Italy 3-1 Netherlands

Men Div 2:

3-1 Ireland  
Austria 2-2 Slovakia
Belgium 3-1 Portugal 
Spain 2-2 Switzerland

Men's Division 2 Semis:

Switzerland 4-0 Ireland
Spain 3-1 Sweden

Men's Division 2 5/8 Semis:

4-0 Belgium
Czech Rep. 4-0 Austria

Women's Div 2:

Italy 0-3 Czech
Austria 1-2 Finland
Spain 3-0 Poland

3-0 Finland
Italy 0-3 Belgium
Austria 3-0 Poland


03-May, Day TWO:
Plenty of upsets as semi-finals are decided in Nuremberg ...

Scotland and Germany consolidate

Day two of the European Teams in Nuremberg saw the semi-final places decided, and there was no shortage of upsets and drama.

Before we get too carried away, top seeds defending champions and red-hot favourites England cruised through their pair of matches in each of the men's and women's competitions today to top pool A, but both teams now face opponents not predicted by the seedings.

England's men beat Germany and the Netherlands in convincing fashion, but the Pool A drama was mainly played out yesterday, and hosts Germany just needed a good result against Denmark to clinch a spot in the semi-finals, which they duly got.

It was a similar scenario in Pool B where perennial finalists France wrapped the pool up with two convincing wins, leaving Scotland to consolidate on yesterday's upset win, which they duly did with a 3-1 win over Finland to set up a semi-final - their first since 1999 - with 'the auld enemy'.

So the men's semi-finals are:
England v Scotland and France v Germany.

Irish and Germans dash Dutch hopes

In the women's event England and France had Pool A sewn up with early morning wins with the English going on to take top spot. All the drama was happening in Pool B where Germany stunned perennial finalists and 2010 champions the Netherlands, then followed it up with another 2-1 win over Switzerland.

That left the Dutch needing to beat the Irish to set up a three-way tie, but it was Ireland who won the crucial match to top the group and send the Dutch crashing out.

That leaves women's semi-finals of:
England v Germany and Ireland v France.

Division Two

Down in division two, Ireland look to be in control of Men's Pool A, where after a bad start the Welsh might just make it through in second. In Pool B it's two out of three as Spain, Switzerland and the Czechs fight it out.

In the women's Division Two round robin the Czech Republic are the only unbeaten team and look likely to take that title.

Men's Division One:
Pool A:
  England 4-0 Germany
  Netherlands 2-2 Denmark
  Germany 3-1 Denmark
  England 4-0 Netherlands

Positions: Eng, Ger, Den, Ned

Pool B:
4-0 Scotland
  Italy 3-1 Finland
  Scotland 3-1 Finland
  France 3-1 Italy

Positions: Fra, Sco, Ita, Fin

Semi-Finals: England v Scotland,  France v Germany

Women's Division One:
Pool A:
 England 3-0 Scotland
    France 3-0 Wales
    England 3-0 France
    Scotland 1-2 Wales

Positions:  Eng, Fra, Wal, Sco

Pool B:
 Netherlands 1-2 Germany
    Ireland 3-0 Switzerland
    Germany 2-1 Switzerland
    Netherlands 1-2 Ireland

 Positions: Irl, Ger, Ned, Sui

Semi-Finals:  England v Germany,  Ireland v France

Men's Division Two:

Pool A: 
  Wales 3-1 Slovakia     
  Ireland 3-1 Austria
  Wales 3-1 Sweden
  Ireland 4-0 Slovakia

Pool B:
4-0 Belgium    
4-0 Portugal
Czech 0-4 Spain
  Switzerland 3-1 Belgium

Women's Division Two:
Czech 3-0 Belgium 
3-0 Austria
3-0 Poland
Spain 0-3 Czech 
  Italy 1-2 Austria


02-May, Day ONE:
England Expects, but Scotland and Germany deliver on Day One ...

The European Team Championships head for Germany this year, with England strong favourites to win yet another double.

The notable result of Day One was in men's division one, where Scotland's 3-1 win over third seeds Italy gives them a great chance of making the semi-finals along with perennial favourites France who started off with a comfortable 4-0 win over Finland.

In pool A favourites England, with Tom Richards making his debut, cruised past Denmark 4-0 while the evening match on the glass court was a delight for the home fans as Germany beat the higher-seeded Netherlands 3-1 to put themselves within one win of a place in the last four.

In women's division one the top two seeds England and Netherlands won their opening matches at a canter, while third and fourth seeds Ireland and France saw off their nearest challengers Germany and Scotland, also 3-0, so those four already look to be the likely semi-finalists.

Down in men's division two top seeds Wales, who missed out on being in the top division by a whisker, had a bad day in Pool A as they drew with Austria and lost to old foes Ireland, leaving Pool A wide open, while Spain took charge of Pool B with two wins as Switzerland upset the top seeded Czech with a fine 4-0 win.

In the women's division two round-robin Belgium beat top seeds Spain 2-1 and followed it up with a win over Austria to top the table after day one, although Spain recovered to beat Finland, while second seeds Italy remain unbeaten with a pair of 2-1 wins.

Wed 2nd May, Day One:

Men Div 1:

Pool A: 
[4] Netherlands 1-3 [5] Germany
[1] England 4-0 [8] Denmark  

Pool B
[2] France 4-0 [7] Finland
[3] Italy 1-3 [6] Scotland 

Women Div 1:

Pool A:   
[1] England 3-0 [8]Wales     
[4] France 3-0 [5] Scotland 

Pool B

[2] Netherlands 3-0 [7] Switzerland
[3] Ireland 3-0 [6] Germany

Men Div 2:

Pool A:                                 Pool B
Wales 2-2 Austria                   Czech 4-0 Portugal
Sweden 4-0 Slovakia             Spain 3-1 Belgium
Wales 1-3 Ireland                 Czech 0-4 Switzerland
Sweden 2-2 Austria                Spain 4-0 Portugal

Women Div 2:

Spain 1-2 Belgium   Italy 2-1 Finland    Czech 3-0 Poland 

Spain 2-1 Finland     Belgium 2-1 Austria  Italy 2-1 Poland

          Detailed results


Men's Division One

Women's Division One

Men's Division Two

Women's Division Two

Men's Squads:

[1] England:
Willstrop, Matthew, Barker, Selby, Richards
[2] France:
Gaultier, Lincou, Castagnet, Marche, Perrin
[3] Italy:
Bianchetti, Berrett, Swelim, Facchini, Torricini
[4] Netherlands
Anjema, Schweertman, Weenink, Ravelli, Buit
[5] Germany:
Rosner, Schoor, Kandra, Haschker, Rohrmuller
[6] Scotland
Clyne, Lobban, Small, Crawford, Moran
[7] Finland:
Tuominen, Mustonen, Tuomi, Jarvinen, Vahamaa
[8] Denmark:
Frost, Nielsen, Graubelle, Sorenson, Pilak
Division Two:

Creed, Birt, Haley, Fenwick, Davies
Czech Rep.:
Koukal, Jelinek, Martin, Sladececk, Ertl, Uherta
Golan, Vidal, Garbi, Cornes, Varela
Drakenberg, Viktor, Lofvenborg, Larsson, Christenson
Gaskin, Ryan, Byrne, Stewart, Peyton
Mueller, Peter, Williams, Burkhart, Miescher, Dahler
vBrussellen, deMulder, vdHerreweggen, Burke, deSmet
Manik, Toth, Kviecinsky, Celler, Schmidtmayer
Rehman, Czaska, Dirnberger, Gruber, Greslehner
Soares, C.Pinto, Caiano, Lima, P.Pinto
Women's Squads:

[1] England:
Duncalf, Massaro, Waters, Kippax
[2] Netherlands:
Grinham, Atkinson, Noom, VD Heijden, Dorenbos
[3] Ireland:
Perry, Blake, Mylotte, Owens
[4] France:
Serme, Aumard, Duplomb, Pomportes
[5] Scorland:
Gillen-Buchert, Aitken, Macfie, Clark
[6] Germany:
Hauck, Hathaway, Brauckmann, Hennes
[7] Switzerland:
Huber, Guebey, Schmalz, Kazamia, Ballmann
[8] Wales:
Evans, Saffery, Gooding, Davies

Division Two

Aranda, deJuan, Carbonell, Esperon
Manetta, Grossi, Menegozzi, Priante
Czech Rep.:
Fialova, Ertlova, Klimundova, Janoskova
Coufal, Polak, Peychar, Kaserer, Gradnitzer
Valtola, Soini, Korhonen, Vuolo
Hannes, Gilis, Delagrange, Pira
Witkowska, Jurkun, Krzwicka, Kaminska

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