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El-Kersh Heliopolis Open 2010
09-14 Sep, Cairo, $25k

14-Sep, Final:

[5] Nour El Sherbini (Egy)
bt [1] Rachael Grinham (Aus)
          5/11, 9/11, 5/6 rtd (21m)

Grinham injury gives Sherbini
another record ...

Nour El Sherbini became the youngest-ever winner of a WISPA title when top seed Rachael Grinham was forced to retire when she was two games ahead in the final.

It was Cairo-based Grinham's 56th final compared to Sherbini's second, and the Australian former world champion's experience showed as she took a two-game lead and led 6/5 in the third before a calf injury made her pull up and concede the match.

Grinham pulled away from 4-all in the first to take the lead, but with the home supporters firmly behind her Sherbini matched her opponent all the way in the second, but the Australian took the final two points to win 11/9 and double her advantage.

The third was close too, but at 6/5 Grinham felt something click in her calf and was forced to concede.  "I thought I'd better not continue as it might make it worse," she said. "I will know what the situation is  tomorrow".

After becoming the youngest-ever world champion last year at the age of 13, Sherbini adds another milestone to her burgeoning career, although not in the way she would have wanted, however useful the prize money and points prove to be!

"I'm happy to win my first wispa title," said El Sherbini, "but I am sorry for Rachael, I hope she will recover soon."


El-Kersh Heliopolis Open 2010
09-14 Sep, Cairo, $25k
Round One
11 Sep
12 Sep
13 Sep
14 Sep
[1] Rachael Grinham (Aus)
11/5-11/4-11/8 (23m)
Lauren Selby Eng)
[1] Rachael Grinham
11/5-11/3-11/5 (27m)
Nouran El Torky
[1] Rachael Grinham

11/1, 11/7, 11/5 (19m)

[3] Joshna Chinappa

[1] Rachael Grinham

5/11, 9/11, 5/6 rtd (21m)

[5] Nour El Sherbini

[6] Kanzy El Dafrawy (Egy)
11/4-11/9-11/6 (21m)
Nouran El Torky (Egy)
[3] Joshna Chinappa (Ind)
8/11-11/6-11/7-11/8 (34m)
[Q] Farah Abdel Meguid (Egy)
[3] Joshna Chinappa
7/11-9/11-11/9-11/8-11/8 (64m)
Heba El Torky
[8] Nicolette Fernandes (Guy)
11/6-11/7-7/11-11/6 (35m)
Heba El Torky (Egy)
[Q] Sara El Noamany (Egy)
6/11-11/8-11/9-12/10 (34m)
[7] Lucie Fialova (Cze)
[7] Lucie Fialova
11/7-11/4-11/8 (24m)
[4] Nour El Tayeb
[4] Nour El Tayeb

8/11-11/4-11/8-11/9 (42m)

[5] Nour El Sherbini

Siyoli Waters (Rsa)
11/7-9/11-10/12-11/8-12/10 (44m)
[4] Nour El Tayeb (Egy)
[Q] Yathreb Adel (Egy)
11/7-11/7-11/3 (25m)
[5] Nour El Sherbini (Egy)
[5] Nour El Sherbini
12/10-13/11-9/11-12/10 (55m)
[2] Line Hansen
[Q] Emily Whitlock (Eng)
10/12-11/8-11/6-11/6 (34m)
[2] Line Hansen (Den)

10-Sep, Qualifyinf Finals:

Farah Abdelmeguid bt Salma Nassar        8/11-14/12-11/5-11/5 33min
Yathreb Adel bt Mennat Nassar                11/5-11/4-10/12-11/5 33min
Sarah Elnoemany bt Salma Hany             11/7-13/11-11/7 38min
Emily Whitlock bt Merhan Amr                  11/5-9/11-11/2-11/6 24min

09-Sep, Qualifying Round One:

Farah Abdel Meguid (Egy)                         bye
Salma Nassar bt Nada Elkalaawy              11/6, 11/5, 3/11, 13/11 (31m)
Yarthreb Adel bt May EL Zayat                  11/3, 11/4, 11/8 (16m)
Mennat Nassar bt Salma Hatem                 5/11, 11/9, 9/11, 11/8, 11/4 (42m)
Salma Hani bt Milja Dorenbos                    11/8, 11/8, 11/13, 11/9 (44m)
Sara El Noemany bt Haidi Lala                   11/4, 11/7, 11/7 (24m)
Merhan Amr bt Nihal Bayoumi                   11/13, 11/6, 6/11, 11/9, 11/6 (45m)
Emily Whitlock (Eng)                                 bye

13-Sep, Semis:

Nour El Sherbini
bt Nour El Tayeb 8/11, 11/4, 11/8, 11/9 (42m)
Rachael Grinham bt Joshna Chinappa    11/1, 11/7, 11/5 (19m)

Two junior champs to contest final

The semi-finals started half an hour late after the tin fell down anfd had to be repaired ...

The first match was a repeat of the 2009 World Junior Open final - Nour El Sherbini Served but Nour El Tayeb won the first point, going  2/0, 3/0, then 5/1 with a superb drop from El Tayeb. Sherbini recovered to 6-all but El Tayeb moved ahead again, 9/6, 9/7, stroke to El Tayeb 10/7 game ball and drop in the tin 10/8. A beautiful length on El Sherbini's forehand & game 11/8 to El Tayeb.

Second game El Tayeb served and El Sherbini Tins again and so does El Tayeb and 1/1. 2/1 to El Sherbini, 3/2, 4/2, 4/3 unforced errors from El Tayeb and the score is 9/3, 10/4 game ball and game to El Sherbini 11/4.

In the third game killing Shots from El Sherbini and unforced errors from El Tayeb and the score is 5/1, 6/2, 7/2, superb return serve from El Tayeb in the nick as she pulls it back to 7-6. El Tayeb is trying to slow the pace while El Sherbini is trying to play a fast strong game , 9/7, 10/8, 11/8 to El Sherbini.

Fourth game , El Sherbini confident and El Tayeb nervous. 1/0 to El Tayeb, a lovely drop shot by El Sherbini to level score but El Tayeb is soon 5/3 up the crowd at the Heliopolis club applauds for their player. Again unforced error form El Tayeb, 5-all, 6-all, 7-all. El Sherbini moves ahead 9/7,10/8 match ball, and she takes it on the second attempt 11/9 in 42 minutes.

Nour El Sherbini said with a smile " It was a good match, we often play against each other but it's been a while we didn't play against each other , it was a good match and a good win , I am looking forward for tomorrows match against Rachael."
"I am happy I am with Nour El Sherbini in this tournament," said her coach Roshdi Mabrouk, " I have a dream and I am working on it , to be true, its to see N.El Sherbini world champion".

The second match was top seed Rachael Grinham against Indian third seed Joshna Chinappa.

Joshna served but soon Rachael was 3/0 up, and 6/0 , Rachael is every where on court , 7/1,10/1,11/1 and game to Rachael in 4 min. In the second game Joshna led 3/1 but soon the score was 4/3 in Rachael's favour, she lobs, drop shots, cross court balls as well as lengths and all kinds of shots, you name it, she is too fast, 8/5 , 11/7 in (6 min).

The third game Rachael in action, boast, lobs, nicks ,drops, soon it is 9/5, 10/5 match ball and 11/5 to Grinham in just 19 minutes.

"I played well " commented the top seed, "it's hard playing Joshna as she has a very good reach and is good with the racket. Today she made some errors at the front of the court so I kept putting her to the front, I am happy with this win."

So, it will be two former world junior champions (although one of them is still very much a junior) who will contest the 2010 Heliopolis Open final ...

12-Sep, Quarter-Finals:
Almost All-Egyptian semis ...

It's almost all-Egyptian semis in Cairo, as Joshna Chinappa, Nour El Tayeb and Nour El Sherbini join Cairo-based top seed Rachael Grinham in the last four ...

In the first match of the quarter finals Nouran, the younger of El Torky sisters, took the lead by 3/0 in points, knowing that she is playing against Rachael Grinham the number 3 rank player in the world took all pressure off Nouran , but of course the score was soon level. Rachael and her lobs got the score to 9/4 , 10/4 and 11/5 in 8 minutes.

Second game Rachael was faster on Nouran and soon the score was 3/0 , 6/1, though the score was 9/2 for Rachael , Nouran was playing her best and a mature game , of course Rachael always attacking , the game ended 11/3 (5min). The third game, what a game !! The spectators enjoyed Rachael's game and noticed the higher standard Nouran has reached, but soon it was 8/4 and 10/5 match ball , 11/5.

Rachael commented "I am really happy as I am moving as quick as I used to do, it is not easy to beat Nouran comfortably as when she plays against me she plays very well and is usually tough, so I am happy with my game today.

Next was Joshna Chinappa, third seed, against Heba El Torky. First game Heba was 11/6 (6 min ) second game went a point each 6/6, this game was a mix of unforced errors from both players, 8/8, 9/8, 11/9 (12min).

Third game saw an angry Joshna , determined as she took the lead 4/1 but after lots of lets the score was 9/7 to Joshna , 10/7 game ball & 10/9 and game to Joshna 11/9 (13min).

In the fourth Joshna again determined and Heba a lot of unforced errors, soon was 10/5 game ball for Joshna , Joshna in a hurry loses points & score 7/10, Joshna won thegame 11/8 (11min) to level the score to 2/2 in games.

Two tense players eager to win and get a place in the semi-final after lets the score is 4/1 in Heba's favour & 5/3, 6/3, and 6/6 , and 8/6 to Heba , 7/8,and 8/8, 9/8,10/8 match ball to Joshna, stroke and game and match to Joshna (59 min)

Joshna said while taking her breath, "It was a hard match mentally & physically, I am happy I wo,n looking forward to playing Rachael tomorrow."

Nour El Tayeb then took on Lucie Fialova. Nour served and soon the result was 5/2, 6/3, 10/6 game ball to Nour 10/7 stroke to Tayeb and takes the first game 11/7 (7min).

The second game saw an attaking Lucie but soon Nour was in control again with drop shots and cross court 5/2, 7/3, 8/4,10/4 game ball and Lucie tinned so Nour won the second game 11/4 (5min).

The third game was level up to 5/5, 6/5 to Nour. 6/6, Lucie hit the ball hard and plays on Nour's wrong foot , 7/6, 8/6, 8/8, 10/8 match ball for Nour & with a lovely drop lob she ended the game 11/8 and the match 3/0.

Nour said after the match, "I played a good game, I was confident & played better than yesterday, she hit the ball so hard so I had to slow down the pace so she wasn't able to hit the ball as hard."

The last match of the quarter finals was Line Hansen the Second seed against Nour El Sherbini, the younger ever junior world champion 2009. Again a point each till 6/6 , then the experienced Line took the lead 8/6, 8/7, then stroke granted to Nour and again 8/8, 9/8 for Line , 10/8 game ball , 9/10 and again 10/10, 11/10 in favour of Nour and again 11/11, and out of court 12/11 game ball to Nour and 13/11 to Sherbini (10 min).

The second game started & soon the score was 3/3 , 7/4 , for line but Nour was consistent & slowed the pace and leveled the score to 9/9 and again 10/9 in Lines favour and game ball, but Nour leveled the score 10/10, then 11/10 and match ball for Sherbini ,with a cross back hand shot Line leveled the score once more 11/11 but in a hurry she hit the ball so high out of court and gave Nour the lead and match ball 12/11, slowing he pace again and a fore-hand drop shot. El Sherbini managed to win the game 13/11 in 10 minutes.

The third game El Sherbini leading 2/0, in the games and confident with Sharper shots and in contrast Line ball is out of court more than once and score goes to 5/1 in favour of Nour & 6/1, 7/2, El Sherbini , drop shots 8/2,4/8,5/8 after 2 lets and a stroke to Line 6/8, then a cross court from Nour 9/6 & two balls out of court & Line reaches 8/9, 9/9,10/9 game ball for Line & games to Hansen 11/9 (10 min ).

The fourth game 1/1,2/2,5/5, yes let 6/5, yes let 6/5,7/5 for Nour , 6/7,8/6,stroke to Hansen 7/8,9/7 the crowed applauds as Nour wins this point but Line wins the following point &8/9,10/8 match ball to El Sherbini 9/10 match ball , 10/10, 11/10, 12/10 to El Sherbini.

"It was a good match and last time I won 3/2 , today it is 3/1, each game I was 10/8 down & I win. Tomorrow with Nour El Tayeb I hope I will win," said Nour.

"Obviously she is a good player and talented however I think the referee made some crucial mistakes and I was negative from there on so I am disappointed because it was a good a opportunity, I learned a lot of this match but I am not happy."

11-Sep, Round One:
El Torky upsets as
four Egyptians advance

Four young Egyptians made it through to the quarter-finals, with Nour El Tayeb and Nour El Sherbini joined by Nouran and Heba El Torky, who produced the only upsets of the day ...

The main draw matches started on the Squash Complex at the main Heliopolis sporting club.

The first match was between the number one seed and world number three Rachael Grinham, and Lauren Selby; Rachael comfortable as ever, plays Lobs, drop shots, all winning shots and Lauren made many unforced errors and thus Rachael won the first and second games 11/5 and 11/4 in 6 minutes each. Lauren Selby started the third game aggressively with minimal unforced errors but the experienced Rachael put her at the back of the court and did a lot of fints but Lauren battled from 4/9 down till 8/9 but Rachael rapped up the game 11/8 and won 3/0 in 23min.

Rachael said after the match “ I am in good shape at the moment and I am enjoying the game of squash as I play good and move well since I had the injury. I am glad with my game today and hope to play well tomorrow”.

On the side court at the same time there was a match between 2 Egyptian players; Kanzy El Defrawy and Nouran El Torky, Kanzy a higher ranked player and playing in her club was expected to be the favorite but after Kanzy served Nouran won five points in a row, Nouran made an unforced error and Kanzy won a point, Nouran playing steadily and with confidence, ended the first game 11/4 in 6min.

The second game was quite different, as Kanzy played long lengths, then they won a point, each till 9/9 but again the confident Nouran ended the second game 11/9 in 10min. The third game was a repeat of the second, as Kanzy leveled the score 6/6 but again Nouran rapidly raped the game up 11/6 in 5min.

Nouran commented while coming out of court “I was stressed as I just played against her last week and I won with difficulty 3/2, we often play together so we know each other’s game, I would like to thank my coach Ashraf Hanafi, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Reda and also my physhical fitness trainer Walid and also the Sporting Club squash players”.

The second match on the center court was between Joshna Chinnappa from India and Farah Abdel Meguid from Egypt. Farah started by playing strong shots and after alternating the serve between both players reaching 5/5 then 8/8 and 3 more points to Farah after which she won the first game 11/8 in 7min.

Farah was tired in the second game and Joshna more fit, Farah leveled the game till 6/6 then made many unforced errors and Joshna ended the second game 11/6 to her favor in 7min.

During the third and fourth games they also were a point each till 6/6 in the 3rd and 8/8 in the 4th game, but Farah’s shots were in the centre of the court so Joshna won the third 11/7 and the fourth 11/8.

Joshna said “It’s my first time I play in Egypt and I am happy it is at Heliopolis club as it is a nice club, my mum is with me too, I hope I play as well for the rest of the week”.

Two other Egyptian players, Nour El Sherbini, the youngest ever Junior World Champion 2009 against Yathreb Adel; both are tall players with good reach to the ball but Nour plays all kinds of shots; lengths, boast, drops and lobs. Her ball is tight and she goes for each shot. She was a better and won 3/0 11/7-11/7-11/3 in 23 minutes.

El Sherbini commented while doing her stretches after winning the match, "I played against Yathreb many times but today was a good win as i usually need more effort to beat her, as I beat her in Malaysia 3/2 with effort so its a good day for me."

Another upset caused by the El Torky sisters, as Heba beat a ten place higher ranked player, Nicolette Fernandez from Guyana (57) 3/1 in 35min. Heba won the first two games 11/6 and 11/7, then lost the third 11/7, Heba being the more fit, her shots were more accurate managed to end the fourth game in her favor 11/6.

With a smile on her face she said “Nicolette was the first player I played against, in my first WISPA event, years ago in Hurgada, I need to thank my coach Ashraf Hanafi as he is unique with his unusual tactics, I was tensed when I was 2/1 up but he relieved my tension and I managed to play comfortably, I would like to thank also the sponsor Mr. Khaled El-Kersh and Rania Sherif.

This is a match between the third seed Nour El Tayeb, the runner up of the World Junior 2010, 2 months ago, and Siyoli Waters from South Africa. Nour El Tayeb was playing consistently; she managed to win the first game 11/7, then lost the second and third games 9/11 and 10/12 to the strong Siyoli who hits the ball so strong and is a fast player.

Nour couldn’t slow the pace and was trapped into Siyoli’s game; her ball was always in the center and from 2/1 down and fear to run as this is her first tournament after recovery from her injury 2 months ago, she managed by her tight drop shots and side-wall shots to win the third 11/8 as well as the fourth game 12/10 and to earn a place in the quarter finals.
“It’s good I won” said Nour El Tayeb. “I thought it would be an easy win but was a tough one, she had match ball, I am happy to win”.

The last match on the center court between Emily Whitlock and Line Hansen, seeded two, Emily played steady game and like almost all matches of the day each player won a point till 10/10 after which, Emily won 2 points in a row and won the first and only game 12/10. After that Line Hansen won the following 3 games 11/8-11/6-11/6. Line plays a classic game with minimal unforced errors.

Emily was satisfied after the match and said “I am happy to be here, I am happy I played well tonight but she played much better and deserves to win, I do thank everybody and I will come next year as I enjoyed playing here”.



11-Sep, Round One:
El Torky upsets as
four Egyptians advance

Four young Egyptians made it through to the quarter-finals, with Nour El Tayeb and Nour El Sherbini joined by Nouran and Heba El Torky, who produced the only upsets of the day ... more to follow ..

10-Sep, Qualifying Finals:
Whitlock joins Egyptians in main draw

All eight players ready and eager to win so that they guarantee a place in the main draw, but Farah Abdelmeguid discovered that she forgot her shoe but more than a pair were brought to her to try.

She chose one as her match against Salma Nassar was the first match salma started strongly ,was in control tight balls lobs and always the ball farthest from farah salma won thre game 11/8. Starting the second game Farah forgot all about her shoe and leveled the games 1/1 as she won the game 14/12 in 10 minutes, Farah was determined & started the third game in control, strong shots boast ,on the other hand Salma made so many forced errors Farah managed to win both the third & fourth game 11/5 11/5 in 26 minutes.

On the other court there was a match between Yathreb Adel and Mennat Nassar. Yathreb is the younger but plays a senior game. The first game was a point each till 5/5 after which Yathreb won 5 points in one hand snd won thr first game 11/5 in 9minutes,the second game was a copy & paste from the first & Yathreb won 11/4 in 6 minutes. The third game was totally different as Mennat organized her self played the ball tight at end of court and won this game 12/10,she anted to win badly so she stressed herself and lost the fourth game and the match 11/6 in 37 minutes.

The third match was the match of the day between Sarah Elnoemany amd salma Hanafi. Focused sarah kept in the lead till the score was 7/2,8/3 then winning 5 points in a row and ended the game in her favour 11/7. The second game showed a two stressed players fighting for a place in the main draw ,they were dashing into each other, but Amr Eldaly (referee) shouted stroke ,let, and no let many times he even gave them lessons they needed regarding rules of the game. Salma had 4 game balls but didn't go for a winner and in contrast Sarah slowed down the pace and with winning shots she won the second game 13/11 though Salma had 4 game balls.

The fourth game started with a confident Sarah and won 7 points in a hand, then salma leveled to 9/9.but the calm Sarah slowed the pace and with killing shots ,wrong foot shots she could win the third game 11/7 in 37 minutes.

The last match between Emily Whitlock and Merhan Amr ,Emily won the first game in 5 minutes 11/5. The second game was different from the 1st as Merhan won 11/9 but the more fit Emily could end the match to her favour 11/2 11/6.


09-Sep, Qualifying Round One:

The first match was supposed to be between Yathreb Adel and Farah Moemen but unfortunately Farah couldn't make it on time and since there was no show so the reserve player May El Zayat was there and ready to play, but the too strong Yathreb Adel didn't give her time to enter in the game and Yathreb won 11/3-11/4-11/8 in just 16minutes.
On the other court at same time there was a match between Salma Nassar and Nada El Kalaawy, both from Egypt. The left handed Salma won the first &second games 11/6 ,11/5 but Nada figured out that Salma's weak point was her backhand so Nada kept hitting the ball hard on her back hand and could win the third 11/2. The fourth game was a battle and a point each till 11 all when Salma managed to play two crosscourts that gave her the fourth game and the match 13/11in 31minutes.

Milja Dorenbos from Netherlands and Salma Hani from Egypt met next. Milja was tense and thus lost the first game 11/8 in 6 minutes, Salma being more comfortable won the second game after they leveled the score all through this game and she won 11/8 in 9 minutes, but the third game was the same as the first two games but Milija fought and played cross back court shots that gave her the win of the third game 13/11. The fourth again was a copy of the first three games and Salma could end the match in her favour after winning the game 11/9.

Salma said after the win "It's the first time I've played Milija and so I had no plan for the game, and in the third game I was in a hurry to finish the game so I lost but I was patient in the fourth and that is how i managed to win. I enjoyed the game today and I hope I can make it tomorrow to reach the main draw."

The fourth match was between another two young Egyptians Salma Hatem and Mennat Nasser, they know each others game so it was not an easy match. It took Mennat 42 minutes to dismiss Salma Hatem in five games, both are young players 15 and 16 years old, Mennat won 5/11-11/9-9/11-11/8-11/4

Mennat spoke after taking a deep breath and said "I am so glad as this win means a lot to me as it is my first wispa match, I hope i can do as well tomorrow."
The fifth match was between Sarah El Noemani from egypt and Haidi Lala from Egypt. Sarah could win the first two games comfortably 11/4 and 11/7 but in the third Haidi tried to put pressure on Sarah but the more patient player soon ended the game and mach in her favour 11/7.

Sarah commented as she came out of court, "Haidi played well today and its been a long time we haven't played together ,it seems she has recovered from her injury. Tomorrow I play against Salma Hani and I wish I play as well as I played tonight. I would like to thank the heliopolis club for this tournament as it is a warm up for the coming world open next week at Sharm El Sheikh."
The last match was also between two egyptian players Merhan Amr and Nihal Bayoumi. Nihal started strongly and in control but on the other hand Merhan didnt give her a chance and they kept winning a point each till Nihal managed to win the first game 13/11. Merhan leveled the score in the second one all after winning the game 11/6, but Nihal soon won the third game 11/6 after which Merhan won the fourth 11/9 to level the result to two games each. Now everyone is cheering for both players, Merhan ended the decider in her favour 11/6 in her favour in 45 minutes, that was the longest match of the day.

Merhan with a big smile on her face said "It was a tough match more than what I expected, she was in control of the first three games though I managed to take second, but finally I heard my father's words as he says its a mental toughness game so I went by that and won the last two games 11/9, 11/6. I am looking forward for tomorrow's match and I hope I can make it to the main draw."


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