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Madison Open 2014
30 Oct - 02 Nov, Madison, Usa, $10k

02-Nov, Final:

[5] Todd Harrity (Usa)
3-0 [4] Declan James (Eng)
           11-6, 114, 11-6

Harrity provides home winner in Madison
report by Ahmed Afifi

Todd showed yesterday that he has all the ingredients to win the final match; he is in great physical shape and has an excellent shot selection. James showed his mental strength in the semi-finals, coming back from 0-2 down to win a long physical battle with Jens Schoor.

This is the second time to have an American play at the Madison open final, will we have the first American champion?

The first game was more competitive than the score line implies. Todd was setting the pace though , and deserved to win it 11-4.

Todd was even more comfortable in the second game, winning it 11-6. I do not know if James got injured in the middle of the game, or was preserving his energy for the next game.

Not sure exactly what happened to James, but he definitely looked content to be the runner up this year. Once Todd built a 5 point lead, James took his foot of the pedal and let Todd cruise to win the Madison Open in 3 straight games, 11-4, 11-6, and 11-4.

Damon Bourne , tournament director, looked definitely happy with the way the tournament went and the record crowds that filled the stand every single day of the tournament.

He was finally able to get a smile on Todd’s face when he asked him how he can have the same facial expression whether he wins a game or tins an easy ball. Todd thanked Damon and Jonas Laursen, Madison head squash pro, for a fantastic weekend, and acknowledged that training under Mohamed Reda has helped him with both his shot selection and managing the mental stress of professional squash.

Congratulations to our first American champion, Todd Harrity, and see you all next year at the Madison Open 2015.

Photos by Tom MacInvaille

Madison Open 2014
30 Oct - 02 Nov, Madison, Usa, $10k
Round One
30 Oct
31 Oct
01 Nov
02 Nov
[1] Campbell Grayson (Nzl)
11/6, 11/2, 11/6
Shahjahan Khan (Pak)
[1] Campbell Grayson
11/6, 3/11, 12/10, 6/11, 12/10
[5] Todd Harrity
[5] Todd Harrity

11/7, 11/7, 11/8

Richie Fallows

[5] Todd Harrity


11/6, 11/4, 11/5


[4] Declan James

[5] Todd Harrity (Usa)
11/8, 11/4 11/2
Benjamin Fischer (Sui)
Richie Fallows (Eng)
11/9, 11/6, 14/12
Geoffrey Demont (Fra)
Richie Fallows
9/11, 15/13, 11/4, 2/0 rtd
[3] Joel Hinds
[3] Joel Hinds (Eng)
11/5, 11/5, 8/11, 11/7
Mike Harris (Eng)
Jonathan Maloney (Eng)
11/5, 11/2, 11/3
[4] Declan James (Eng)
[4] Declan James
13/11, 11/4, 12/10
[8] Reiko Peter
[4] Declan James

7/11, 8/11, 11/7, 11/9, 11/5

[6] Jens Schoor

Syed Hamzah Bukhari (Pak)
11/6, 11/8, 10/12, 11/1
[8] Reiko Peter (Sui)
[wc] Adrian Leanza (Usa)
11/2, 11/4, 11/
[6] Jens Schoor (Ger)
[6] Jens Schoor
11/8, 12/10, 8/11, 11/5
[2] Ali Anwar Reda
Sunin Seth (Guy)
11/7, 8/11, 11/4 ted
[2] Ali Anwar Reda (Egy)
01-Nov, Semis:

Declan James Jens Schoor
Reported by Jeff Hanson:

Text book squash characterized the the first game. Tight left and right wall rallies up and down the wall to set up drop nicks or cross/straight kills by both players evened the first game at 5 all. After two long rallies both ended with two nicks by Declan, he went up 7-5.

Two cross court volleys from Jens - one a kill and one a perfect length evened the score at 7-7. Loose shots and a couple of falls lunging for perfect cross courts from Jens put Declan down 7-9. Jens closed out the first game 11-7 with pace and cross courts landing just beyond Declan's fully extended attempts to cut them off.

Game 2 began much like game one with precision squash from both players and slightly higher pace by Jens, but two uncharacteristic tins on straight drops from him leveled the game at 4-4.

Changing tactics, Jens started turning his taller opponent with punishing cross courts and volley kills to pull ahead 10-8 and finished off the game with low cross court kill that elicited a loose ball and stroke on game point.

Declan used great shot making and kills on both sides to pull out to a quick and unexpected 6-1 lead. Jens responded with touch of his own to respond, but Declan increased the pace with repeated back hand cross court winners to stay ahead 10-7 following many let points, finishing the game as he started with a deft nick on a loose drive from Jens.
Game four saw a return to rail fundamentals and deft drops by both players, but now with fatigue factoring in numerous exchanges with the referee on consistency and validity of calls ensued on the part of both players.

A combination of nicks and strokes kept the game fairly even to 10-9 but Declan closed out the game with a flick volley nick on a loose ball from Jens to force the deciding fifth game.

A combination of nicks, tins and winners from both players evened the fifth game at 5 all. Fatigue seemed to affect Jens more than Declan, who used his height and apparently better conditioning to cut off angles and pull ahead 9-5 on increasingly frustrated and futile shots from his opponent. Declan closed out the match with both great length and a nick on match point to secure a place in the final.

Todd Harrity bt Richie Fallow
reported by Ahmed Afifi

Todd had a long game yesterday, dispatching the number 1 seed in 5 long games. Richie, several inches taller, had an easier game that was cut short by the injury to Joel Hinds.

Todd, playing on home soil, will probably feel the pressure of the home crowd, but has to find a way to contain a very fast Richie if he wants to win his first Madison Open.

Fantastic first game. Although Todd won it11-7, he has covered more court than Richie, and I wonder how much gas he has for the whole match. Best thing about the game? That there was absolutely no arguing with the referee, just beautiful squash.

In the second, Richie went up 6-4, but seven unanswered points by Todd won him the second game. Both players were covering plenty of court, varying their shots and angles, and not fishing for strokes. Easy game to referee when both players are calling their own shots.

Todd won the third 11-8. This was a great exhibition of sportsmanship and athleticism. Todd's training under his new coach, Mohamed Reda, showed as he played nice offensive squash and was able to vary his shots and go short whenever he saw an opening . The crowd gave both players a long round of applause, appreciating the fabulous show they just put on.

After the game Mohamed Reda went over to congratulate Richie on a good game, and Richie acknowledged that Todd was "too solid for me"' but they he played " a good game" . We definitely hope to see both players back next year.

Tomorrow we have a great final lined up with Declan and Todd. Should be a classic.


31-Oct, Quarter-Finals:

Four contrasting matches tonight, and some of the finest squash played in Madison, reports Damon Bourne

Declan James bt Reiko Peter

Tight first game with Declan squeezing it 13-11. He consolidated that with a solid 11-4 in the second. Reiko had a great start in the fourth going 4-1 up, but Declan steadied the ship and marched to a 9-6 lead before getting his first match ball at 10-7. Reiko fought back and tied it at 10 before Declan could finish the match off on his second match ball.

Jens Schoor bt Mohamed Reda

First upset of the night. Schoor took the first 11-8 with his constant volleying and shotmaking skills. The second was back and forth with Schoor squeezing it at 12-10. Reda wasn't finished though and took the third 11-8, before succumbing to Schoor's constant pressure in the fourth. 11-5 to the German.

Richie Fallows bt Joel Hinds

Second upset of the night. Very tight match, this one until Joel injured his playing hand in the second. He lost the fourth after taking a long injury timeout 11-4, then sadly conceeded the match at 2 nil down in the fourth.

Todd Harrity bt Campbell Grayson

Third upset of the night. Incredible attacking, pressure squash from these two. Todd took the first by imposing his pace, accuracy, and incredible retrieving skills. 11-6 to the American. Campbell came out strong in the second and won easily 11-3. Then things got interesting. Campbell had a solid start and was up 9-5 and looked to be cruising, but Todd kept his cool and fought back to a tie-break and closed it out at 12-10, much to everyone's surprise.

The fourth was a battle, but we knew this one was going 5 almost from the start. Grayson was solid this game and forced more than a few errors from Harrity's racquet and won11-6. The last game went the distance with each man imposing his game on the other in streaks. Grayson continued to try slow the pace of the rallies and the game, while Harrity continued to up the pace. Some tough decisions towards the end with Todd wrong-footing Campbell with a hard dieing-length forehand down the right side of the court. Campbell trips a bit on Todd after trying to correct his movement was given a no let giving Todd his first match ball. Some in the crowd agreed with the ref. Others didn't. Many beers will be drunk discussing whether this was the right call.

Todd finished the match with an exquisitely delicate drop to the front left that Campbell just couldn't get his racquet under. Fantastic match between these two guys and tough loss for Campbell.



Round One, Report by Dave Fields

Harrity bt Fischer

Todd Harrity took an early 4 – 0 lead in game 1 of his match with Benjamin Fischer and never really let up. In game 1 it was his length, repeatedly putting the ball just out of Fischer’s reach as he won 11 – 8. But he came off the court looking the worse for wear and breathing heavily. In game 2 Harrity’s short game took over, winning point after point in the front-court taking the game 11 – 3. The dominance continued in the third game, Harrity winning 11 – 2.

When asked about his condition after game one Harrity said, “I think sometimes I am forgetting to breathe on the court. I come off the court out of breath, . . . but I am fit and strong, too.” Harrity said he was pleased that he never let up in this match and will take the confidence he played with into the next match.

Reiko Peter bt Bukhari

A grueling match between Shah Bukhari and Reiko Peter. The match started at a blistering pace, with both players playing very aggressively. But everything, even cheeky behind-the-back shots, favored Peter in game 1. He took an early 3 – 0 lead on his way to a 11 – 5 victory. Games 2 and 3 were long, grueling, close affairs with both players making a lot of contact. Shah Bukhari frequently expressed his frustration over lets that he believed should have been strokes. Shah Bukhari took Game 2, 11 – 8 and Peter took game 3 in tie-break 12 – 10. game 4 was all Peter. After taking a 5 – 0 lead he hit winner after winner in the front court for which Shah Bukhari had no answer, losing 11 – 1.

“I am really happy to go through and win this one. I knew it was going to be tough,” said Peter after the match. Peter said he wants to focus on his length more going into his next match, as he felt he was coming up a bit short in this match.

Schoor bt Leanza

It was a dominant performance by Jens Schoor against Adrian Leanza. Schoor won each game in impressive fashion, 11 – 2, 11 – 4, and 11 – 1. Schoor dominated the T and kept Leanza running about the court, which he did gamely, seeking opportunities that did not present themselves. He did manage a 4 – 2 lead early in game 2 after a few Schoor errors, but that was as close as he came.

 “Today, everything worked,” Schoor said after the match. “He had to work really hard . . . and I was in control most of the game, which I really quite liked.”


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