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Historic Cairo palace


Well, well well.... The Hotel Marriott Nile, official tournament hotel of the World Teams where I've been invited to stay by the Egyptian Federation, is a bit of an amazing place. I didn't know at all how prestigious this place was, until Mona Farag (Ali's mum) mentioned it!

So I did a bit of research ... Built by Khedive Ismail as a guest palace to house Empress Eugenie (Napoleon III's Wife) during the opening of the Suez Canal celebrations in 1869, it has housed European monarchs and was to be the venue of the first performance of Verdi's Opera Aida!

First known as Al Gezirah Palace, it became a world famous hotel, then changed hands to become a private residence, even a hospital for British Soldiers, it was finally privatised by Nasser in 1961, and was finally bought back by Marriott in 1970.

International café in Cairo, Egypt.

Now surrounded by two modern towers - Gezirah Tower and Zamalek Tower - with amazing views on the Nile (to which I seem to have a strange connection), the hotel, with the Omar Khayyam Casino attached to it, still has those wonderful gardens where the "Tout Cairo" loves to come and sit/eat/smoke, or just read while "sirotant une limonade" ... Truly THE place to meet ...

Ok, they changed a tiny bit with the opening, but the feel is the same. It's just an amazing place to hang out. And as it seems to be the topic of the week, the security here is the best I've seen anywhere in the world.

Today, I was actually stopped and my bag searched as the commemorative plaque offered to me by the Federation during my visit to their offices attracted the vigilant attention of the Security Screen guy. That was the first time EVER my bag has been checked ANYWHERE in a hotel !!!

Anyway, it would take you about about a week to try all the food outlets in the garden, not to mention enjoying the heated great huge pool/health club facilities ...

Wish you were here? Why aren't you... I am :)

History in a few slides

A bit of History

Palace and Garden Promenade

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