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BDO Northfield Cup 2015
21-26 Sep, Waterloo, Canada, $5k

26-Sep, Final:

[4] Leandro Romiglio (Arg) 3-1 [8] Jan vd Herrewegen (Bel)
                  11/7, 5/11, 11/3, 11/4

Romiglio takes the title in Waterloo
Match Report by Jeff Warren

After taking out the #1 and #2 seeds in the semi-finals we have  Jan Van Den Herrewegen and Leandro Romiglio in the final.

Romiglio has gotten out to a 2-1 lead but the rallies have been long and it looks like we are in for a good night of squash. After a series of long rallies the match is level at 3-3.

The players exchange a couple of points and we are at 4-4. Romiglio plays a beautiful drop in short that Herrewegen can’t quite get too and we are now at 5-4. A stroke is awarded to Herrewegen and the game is now level again at 5-5.

After a couple of errors and a stroke Romiglio is now up 8-5. Romiglio has extended his lead to a very commanding 10-5 lead. Herrewegen saves a couple of match balls but in the end it is Romiglio taking the first game 11-7.

Herrewegen comes out stronger in the second games and gets out to a 4-1 lead with some really solid play. The match while definitely competitive is being played in good spirit so far which is very nice to see. We had an amateur event at the club as well today and it is incredible to see and hear the difference in the play.

There is a different sound to the striking of the ball and court coverage is incredible. The players have exchanged a few points after some great rallies and Herrewegen has a 5-3 lead over Romiglio. After a lengthy discussion with the ref on a down ball court and then a stroke call against, Romiglio is now down 3-7. Romiglio hits a flat nick while breaking a string to get the score back to 4-7. Herrewegen plays an incredibly solid rally working Romiglio around the court and finishes it with a beautiful clinging length to go up 8-4. Herrewegen goes up 10-5 and finishes it off the game with a really well hidden trickle boast to take the game 11-5. We are now level at one game each.

Another trickle boast fools Romiglio on the first point and Herrewegen takes a 1-0 lead. A great hold that had Herrewegen thinking drop is sent to length by Romiglio to take the second point and it is now 1-1. A couple of errors by Herrewegen and Romiglio is up 3-1.

Romiglio has built up a really commanding 6-1 play with a series of really strong points. An absolutely amazing boast after a long rally and Herrewegen has stopped Romiglio’s run. The score is now 2-8 Herrewegen down but serving. Romiglio though extends his lead to 10-3 and is serving for the game. Romiglio takes the third game 11-3 on a stroke call against Herrewegen and it is 2 games to 1 for Romiglio.

A let is played on the first ball. Romiglio comes back with a strong point finishing it off with a really tight and short drop that Herrewegen can’t quite cover. It is now 1-0 Romiglio. Romiglio gets out to a strong 3-0 lead. A great finish in to the front court on a loose ball from Romiglio and Herrewegen gets his first point to get to 1-3.

The next rally features some absolutely stunning gets by Herrewegen to stay in the point ends which ends in a let. A no let call against Herrewegen and Romiglio is now out to a 4-1 lead. Another immense rally ensues but ends in a let. Romiglio though is really pressuring Herrewegen and builds up a 7-1 lead and Herrewegen is looking to be in a lot of trouble. Romiglio extends his lead to 9-2 on a no let against given against him.

A great finish in to the front right court on the volley by Herrewegen and it is now 3-9. An error taking it in short by Romiglio and it is now 4-9. Herrewegen catches tin trying to counter drop a tight short ball by Romiglio and we have our first match ball.

It is 10-4 Romiglio. Romiglio makes no mistake on his first championship point and takes the game 11-4 and the match 3-1. Leandro Romiglio is the BDO NORTHFIELD CUP 2015 CHAMPION! [his first PSA title]

Draws & Results

Photos by
Curtis Krawchuk

BDO Northfield Cup 2015
21-26 Sep, Waterloo, Canada, $5k
Round One
23 Sep 
24 Sep
25 Sep
26 Sep
[1] Richie Fallows (Eng)
11/8, 11/8, 12/10 (47m)
[Q] Micah Franklin (Ber)
[1] Richie Fallows
11/2, 8/11, 11/3, 10/12, 11/4
[7] Reuben Phillips
[1] Richie Fallows

 9/11, 11/5, 7/11, 11/8, 11/8

[8] Jan vd Herrewegen

[8] Jan vd Herrewegen


11/7, 5/11, 11/3, 11/4


[4] Leandro Romiglio

[7] Reuben Phillips (Eng)
 11/9, 11/8, 8/11, 11/6
Babatunde Ajagbe (Ngr)
[8] Jan vd Herrewegen (Bel)
11/8, 10/12, 11/3, 11/7
[Q] Auguste Dussourd (Fra)
[8] Jan vd Herrewegen
11/7, 11/9, 11/3
[Q] David Baillargeon
[3] Joe Chapman (Bvi)
 12/10, 13/11, 10/12, 13/11 (80m)
[Q] David Baillargeon (Can)
Cameron Stafford (Cay)
11/5, 11/7, 11/5 (26m)
[4] Leandro Romiglio (Arg)
[4] Leandro Romiglio 11/3, 11/6, 11/3
[Q] Nick Sachvie
[4] Leandro Romiglio

11/7, 11/8, 6/11, 12/10

[2] Reiko Peter

[Q] Nick Sachvie (Can)
14/12, 9/11, 23/21, 11/4 (97m)
[5] Mike McCue (Can)
Albert Shoihet (Can)
7/11, 11/8, 11/7, 6/11, 11/6 (61m)
[6] Sunny Seth (Guy)
[6] Sunny Seth
11/8, 11/5, 11/5
[2] Reiko Peter
Fred Reid (Can)
11/3, 11/2, 11/2 (15m)
[2] Reiko Peter (Sui)
22-Sep, Qualifying Finals:

David Baillargeon (Can) 3-0 Bryan Cueto (Can)                   11/8, 11/9, 11/7
Micah Franklin (Ber) 3-0 Elliot Selby (Eng)                           11/6, 11/3, 11/5
Auguste Dussourd (Fra) 3-0 Francisco Mendez Correa (Mex) 11/1, 11/3, 11/6
Nick Sachvie (Can) 3-0 Kale Wilson (Tri)                             11/3, 11/5, 11/7

21 Sep, Qualifying Round One:

David Baillargeon (Can) 3-0 Thomas King (Can)                  11/4, 11/5, 11/8
Bryan Cueto (Can) 3-2 Cameron Seth (Can     )  11/8, 11/8, 2/11 2/11, 11/9

Elliot Selby (Eng) 3-0 Gabe Platt (Can)                               11/3, 11/2, 11/1
Micah Franklin (Ber) 3-0 Blake Reinson (Can)                     11/6, 11/7, 11/6

Auguste Dussourd (Fra) 3-0 Quinton Nurse (Can)              14/12, 11/4, 11/3
Francisco Mendez Correa (Mex) 3-0 Diego Caballero (Col)   11/6, 11/5, 11/6

Nick Sachvie (Can) 3-0 Hossam El Kady                             11/5, 11/3, 11/2
Kale Wilson (Tri) 3-0 Joel Seider                                        11/5, 11/4, 11/3
25-Sep, Semis:
Top seeds meet their Waterloo in semis

Semi-finals of the inaugural Northfield Cup in Waterloo saw the demise of both top seeds.

Richie Fallows was two-one up Jan Van Den Herrewegen but the Belgian youngster struck bact to take the last two games 11/8 to oust the top seed.

Gabe McCullogh reports

Fallows began the first game applying lots of pressure on the 8th seeded Van Den Herrewegen. Midway through, although slightly tense, Van Den Herrewegen was able  to settle and respond to Fallows' early lead. The game progressed to 8-8, when Fallows pulled ahead to take the first.

The second game featured a renewed focus on length from both players. After three successive unforced errors by Fallows and a much more focused Herrewegen, the score moved to 8-1 in favour of the lower seed. Rebounding with his own energy and focus, Fallows made a small come back, but the initial lead was to great to overcome and Herrewegen won 11-5.

The third was a similar story to the second, with Fallows gaining the lead this time and eventually winning 11-7. Moving deeper into the match, the 4th game began with the fastest pace seen yet. Both players alternating on the attack, the ball ever so rarely contacting the glass. At 5-1 for Herrewegen, and some contact between the players, Fallows took injury time to recuperate a possible cramp/pain in the back of his thigh.

Upon returning to court, the game continued in favour of the 8th seed, leading him to 9-4. Fallows had two trickle boast winners to bring his score up to 9-7. Herrewegen was to win the game after an error from Fallows and his own winner 11-7.

The deciding game, Herrewegen looked exhausted. Down at 2-5, put on a big surge of energy and eventually the game leveled to 7-7. Though some of the play was scrappy, at 9-8, Herrewegen dove to pickup an attack from Fallows, who put the next shot into the tin. Finally, Herrewegen was to win 11-8. Herrewegen will play in the final on Saturday.

"Feels great to get the win tonight and be in my first ever PSA final," said Jan. "Probably a few too many lets and strokes but I did well keeping my composure I feel. Looking forward to a good final tomorrow with the toro!"

Second seed Reiko Peter fell in four  games to fourth seeded Argentinean Leandro Romiglio.

The second semi-final started off with some nerves on Peterʼs part, but then progressed point for point up until 7-7. The searching squash playing by both Romiglio and Peter was pulled into Romiglioʼs favour, whose speed was an asset to his winning of the first game 11-7.

Back on court, the 2nd seeded Swiss player was not showing the same energy as in his match the day before. The fast play of Romiglio was dominating the Peter, and although Peter was able to counter the pace into the late part of the game, Romiglio came ahead 11-8 in the second.

The strength of the 2nd seed dominated the third game. Peter a few drop winners early, began dictating the pace and stopped the reactive gameplay that he used throughout the first two games. With his control of the tempo, he was able to move Romiglio around the court, apply pressure and seize the third game 11-6.

Continuing his energy from the third, Peter managed a small lead of 6-2. Romiglio, determined, began moving from defense to offense, and pushed hard to level the score. 8-8. Then 9-9. 10-9 for Peter. With a back-court cross-court nick by Romiglio, the
game was tied 10-10. The next rally was long, the longest since the first game, Peter under considerable pressure, Romiglio won the rally. 11-10. And then Romiglio won the next point, claiming the game and match, upsetting the seeding.

“Really disappointed, but all credit to Leandro," said Reiko. "He played to my weaknesses and forced me to play his game. I came out strong in the first and then flat in the second. Stronger in the third, but I couldn’t play at the pace I wanted to.

"Had a great week here, thanks for the organization by Northfield Club and especially to Kristen and Pat for billeting me."

Draws & Results

Photos by
Curtis Krawchuk

23-Sep, Round One:
Two Canadian Qualifiers in the Quarters

Nick Sachvie and David Baillargeon join six of the top seeds in the last eight in Waterloo ...

David Baillargeon (CAN) 3-1 Joe Chapman (IVB)
Match Report by Jeff Warren of Control the ‘T’ Sports

The first game got out to a very tight start. The score worked up to 6-5 for Chapman with the players trading going points back and forth. After a couple points ended in lets Baillargeon hits an incredible cross court nick to cleanly finish the point and level the score. Baillargeon strings together several really strong points in a row playing aggressive squash and gets out to a 9-6 lead. Chapman though hangs tough and gets the score back to level at 9-9. A stroke for Chapman he is now up 10-9 and has game ball. An error by Chapman and we are going to extra points. Baillargeon gets up 11-10. The next rally is a massive one with both players being really aggressive on the volley and Baillargeon takes the rally to win the game 12-10.

The second game starts with some very solid play by Baillargeon and gets out a 2-0 lead. Chapman though comes back strong to take the next 3 points to get his first lead of the game 3-2. A couple of errors in a row though give the lead back to Baillargeon and he is now up 4-3. The players trade several points but Baillargeon manages to edge ahead to a 7-5 lead. Chapman steps up though and does not let Baillargeon get away from him and gets the score back to level at 8-8. Baillargeon hits a great drop dead in to the nick to take a 9-8 lead. The players trade points to get Baillargeon a game ball at 10-9. A stroke call against Baillargeon and Chapman has saved match ball and we are 10-10 and going to extra points again. At 12-11 for Baillargeon he hits a ball that Chapman can’t quite get back and Baillargeon has taken the second game 13-11. While both games after been very close Baillargeon has a commanding 2-0 lead in games.

The players split the first couple of points and Chapman plays a really nice drop to take a 2-1 lead early in the third game. The score gets to 3-3 when Baillargeon is awarded a stroke on a ball that Chapman can’t quite clear. A great volley drive by Chapman that he hits to perfect length takes the game to 5-5. Chapman gets out to an 8-7 lead. A couple of strokes are given to Baillargeon and he now has the lead. The players get to 10-10 and we are going to extra points again like the first two games. Chapman gets out to an 11-10 lead and finishes the last point of with a really nice short ball to take the game 12-10.

Baillargeon gets off to a really great start in the fourth game and races out to 4-0 lead with some really solid play. Baillargeon hits a beautiful cross court nick to get out to a really commanding 6-1 lead. The players trade a few points to get to 8-3 in favour of Baillargeon. Chapman really seems to focus at this point and is playing extremely solid squash and is inching his way back in to the game. He manages to come all the way back from 3-8 to level the score at 8-8. Chapman continues to play really impressive squash and gets to 10-8 and is now serving for the game. That is a run of 7 straight points. It is Baillargeon’s turn to really bear down now and he does just that and gets back to 10-10. They trade points and we are 11-11. A stroke is awarded to Baillargeon and he is up 12-11 and wins the next point to take the game 13-11 and the match 3 games to 1. What a great battle between two terrific squash players!

Nicholas Sachvie (CAN) 3-1 Mike McCue (CAN)
Match Report by Jeff Warren of Control the ‘T’ Sports

Even though the match has just started you get the sense that this going to be a titanic battle. Both guys know each other very well as they are training partners and have played each other competitively many times in the past. Sachvie manages to inch ahead to a 3-1 lead in the first game. At 5-3 Sachvie hits a dazzling cross court nick that is absolutely dead to extend his lead to 6-3.

McCue though really bears down and gets the match back to 6-6. McCue manages to inch ahead and now has a 10-7 lead and has game ball. Nick has hit a few tins in this game which is really helping McCue out. Nick is taking the ball in short a bit more frequently than McCue and has clipped the tin on several attempts throughout this game. Sachvie though manages to get the score back to level at 10-10 and the first game is going to extra points. The player’s trade points back and forth and we are now at 12-12. Sachvie hits a soft ball down the backhand wall that is just clinging to the wall. McCue scrapes it off the wall but it comes right back at him and Sachvie is awarded stroke and is up 13-12. Sachvie wins the next point to take the game 14-12.

McCue comes out really focused and strong in the second game to get to a 2-0 lead. Sachvie though responds well and levels it up 2-2. At 3-2 McCue hits an absolutely beautiful drop to move ahead 4-2. The player’s trade points and the score is now 6-4 for McCue. Sachvie has hit a series of tins and McCue is able to extend his lead to 8-5. A couple of more errors by Sachvie and McCue now has a very commanding lead at 10-6 and is serving for the game. Sachvie fights off three of McCue’s game balls and now is within 1-point of leveling the game. He is down 9-10. McCue though on the next point plays a really solid point and finishes it with a beautiful tight length that clings to the side wall. Sachvie can’t scrape it off and McCue has taken the second game 11-9. We are now level at 1 game each.

Sachvie and McCue exchange a series of points at the beginning of the third game and Sachvie manages to take a small lead early in the game at 3-2. At 3-4 down McCue is playing a tremendous point really building it well, sending Sachvie all over the court and he forces an error out of Sachvie to level the score up at 4-4. The length and intensities of the rallies have been definitely growing as that match goes on. At 5-6 down McCue is given a ball in front court that he holds his shot on beautifully and hits a great ball to length past Sachvie to level the score up at 6-6.The score works up to 9-9 with neither player able to pull away from the other. Sachvie gets the first game ball and is serving 10-9. McCue though hits a beautiful straight drive to level the score at 10-10.

The score gets to 11-11 and then 12-12 with a series of long brutal rallies. Sachvie hits a dazzling court flat nick to get to 13-12. McCue saves game ball and once again they are level now at 13-13. The score keeps working up with neither player able to close it out. When down game ball both players have been able to save it to level it up. The score gets to 14-14, then 15-15 and then 16-16. At 17-17 and another massive rally McCue takes the ball in short and Sachvie has to really struggle to get it back he does but his lob is over hit and is just out of court. Could this be the game ball that McCue converts to take the game? No it is not to be as Sachvie has saved another game ball.

It is now 18-18 and although either one of them only needs to win 2 points from here the end does seem to be anywhere in sight. The players are not level at 18-18. Another long intense rally commences. McCue is on a high short ball hit by Sachvie very early and is in a really good position to attack. He hits a hard drive down the middle of the court trying to catch Sachvie off-guard. Sachvie though hits one of the best shots I think I have ever seen hitting it behind his back, cleanly, and to great length to outright win the point. Amazing stuff. The crowd watching the match erupt in applause. McCue just shakes his head though and gets back to work and fights off another match ball and it is now 19-19. The score gets to 21-21. You are probably all wondering if this it? Can one of the guys build a 2-point lead? Sachvie wins another long, grueling rally and has game ball again. This time he closes it out. After 41 minutes an incredible third game is over and Sachvie has taken it 23-21.

Game 4 starts at what must have felt like the shortest 2 minute break in history. McCue starts off looking calm and focused. He gets to a 2-0 lead. He builds the lead to 4-0. Sachvie at this point start to turn the game around. He gets the score back to 3-4. The points are coming much faster in this game than in the past 3 games. Sachvie continues to run off points and he has now rolled off 8 straight points and is up 8-4. Unfortunately the wheels really look to have come off for McCue and Sachvie manages to close the game out 11-4 and win the match 3-1.

The last game was a little anticlimactic but overall the match was an incredibly high intensity battle with two great young Canadian squash players. I really enjoyed watching the match. I think it is also really important to note that after the third game someone said “what an incredible game and there were only 3 lets. The guys both played through everything. That’s how squash should be played.”

an Van Den Herrewegen 3-1 Auguste Dussourd (France)

An intense match featuring these two players was the fastest paced hitting of the day. Rallies were long and gruelling, and the scores were close each game. Possible injury occurred early in the second game, where Dussourd suffered an ankle/foot injury. Determined to play, he continued and won the same game, but his court movement weakened as the match progressed and was bested by the Belgium seed by 3-1.

Cameron Stafford of Cayman Islands 3-0 Leandro Romiglio of Argentina

Two players, one a head taller than the other. The performance of Romiglio under pressure was outstanding, returning his opponents winners with interest. This resulted in some fabulous spectating. The court coverage was a key component in decisive 3-0 victory over Stafford.

Richie Fallows of England 3-0 Micah Franklin of Bermuda

The number one seed had an excellent challenge in his match with Micah Franklin of Bermuda . Franklin was able to dig deep and play defensively without crumbling under the pressure of Fallows attacks, leading to frustation for Fallows in each game. The points were lengthy, and Michah's mental fortitude was so strong he nearly took the 3rd game, with a game point opportunity at 10-9. Fallows responded well and staved off his determined opponent 3-0, winning

Reuben Phillips (ENG) 3-1 Babatunde Ajagbe (NGR)

The cracking of a whip was the only sound the be heard on the court during the final match of the evening. Each player unleashing hard hits and a mix of boasting, which later on in the match transitioned to straight and cross court drops. Some excellent perseverance by both players, and the mental grit brought by each extended the match to 4 games, where Phillips finally won with scores of 11-6.

Draws & Results

Photos by
Curtis Krawchuk

Tournament Program

21-Sep, Qualifying Finals:  
Baillargeon and Sachvie advance
David Baillargeon and Nick Sachvie added to home interest in the main draw as they, along with Bermuda's Micah Franklin and France's Auguste Dussourd, won their qualifying finals in straight games ... reports to follow

21-Sep, Qualifying under way

All eight seeeded players made through to the qualifying finals on day one in Waterloo ...

David Baillargeon (Can) vs Thomas King (Can)
Match Report by Jeff Warren

The first match of the day on court featured 2 young Canadian players, David Baillargeon and Thomas King. The first came was pretty quick with Baillargeon controlling play and taking the game 11-5.
The second game sees Baillargeon controlling play and reading King quite well. The courts at Northfield are fairly lively and with a normal height tin the rallies are quite lengthy. King puts together a couple of good rallies at 2-5 in the second game to get back to 4-5 but gave away the next point with a ball straight back at himself for a stroke against. From there Baillargeon pulls away and rolls off 5 straight points to take the second game 11-4.

The third games sees Baillargeon looking quite relaxed and controlling a long first point. Baillargeon is solidly in control of the game racing out to a 4-0 lead. The players exchange a few points and the score gets to 6-3 in favour of Baillargeon. Baillargeon has shown some great finishing ability hitting several cross court nicks. King hung in well in the third game but still trailed 7-9. He hit a beautiful cross court nick to get to 8-9. That was the last point he would get though with David Baillargeon closing out the match 11-8 in the third game.

Cameron Seth (University of Waterloo)
versus Bryan Cueto (Mexico)

Match Report by Jeff Warren

The second match of the night on court 1 featured Cameron Seth of Canada playing Bryan Cueto of Mexico. Seth from the University of Waterloo is playing in front of a home crowd. The first game was pretty close with Cueto getting out to an 8-6 lead. An unforced error by Seth late in the game gave Cueto a 9-6 lead. Cueto closes out the first game 11-8.

Cueto shows a really nice hold and flick to take the first point of the second game. With Cueto leading 2-1 he makes an amazing dive to get what looks to be a sure point for Seth and somehow manages to win the point taking a 3-1 lead. Cueto maintains his lead taking the score to 5-3 with some solid play. A great rally takes Cueto to a 6-3 lead. He really worked Seth around the court winning that point. The next points sees Seth slow the pace down and play some straight slow length to break up the rhythm of play.

Some solid play from Seth and a no let against Cueto and Seth is back to level at 7 each. An unforced error again late in the game by Seth gives the lead back to Cueto. A beautiful cross court nick by Cueto gives him a 9-7 lead. From there Cueto closes out the game 11-8.

Seth is now in tough being down 2 games to 0. Both of the first two games have been close though so the match is far from over. Seth gets out to 4-1 lead early in the third game. Cueto is starting to look quite frustrated with some of the calls from the ref. A couple of unforced errors and Seth is out to a very commanding 6-1 lead. Cueto makes a series of further unforced errors and Seth closes out the game 11-2. The third game was very different than the first two games with Seth getting an early lead and closing it out very quickly.

Seth starts out strong in the fourth game getting out to a 2-0 lead. 2 unforced errors by Cueto and it is quickly 4-0 for Seth. A couple of much better points from Cueto and he get the score back to 2-4. A string of really solid points gets Seth to 8-2. Several unforced errors again by Cueto and Seth has taken the game 11-2 and has leveled the match at 2 games each.

It looks like the beginning of the fith game is going to be extremely important. The games that Seth has lost have all been close with Cueto pulling away at the end. The games that Cueto has lost he has gotten in to a hole early. Here we go! The first two rallies are very hard fought with Seth winning one and the other ending in a let. At 2-0 love down Cueto stops play wanting a stroke but is only given a let. He really needs to maintain his focus on the match as in the games he lost it definitely seemed like he lost focus when a few calls did not go his way. A weak serve from Seth and Cueto slams it in to the nick to get his first point and is now down 1-3.

A great finish in to the front corner by Cueto and an unforced error from Seth hitting tin on a drop levels the match at 3-3. While still upset with some of the calls in this game Cueto is managing his emotions better and playing steadier squash. The players trade points but Seth is building a slight lead and after an unforced error by Cueto Seth has a 7-5 lead. A really solid point by Cueto and an untimely error by Seth levels the match at 7 each. At 9-9 Seth is in a strong attacking position in the front of the court and plays what would have been a great drop but it just clips the tin and gives Cueto match ball. With some great attacking squash Cueto closes the game 11-9 and takes the match 3-2. What a great battle.

Nicholas Sachvie (CAN) versus
Hossam El Kady (University of Guelph)

Match report by Jeff Warren

The third match on court 1 features Nicholas Sachvie of Canada playing Hossam El Kady from the University of Guelph. It is clear even very early on that El Kady loves to attack. He seemed to be forcing the attack a bit too much though and made some unforced errors. Steady squash from Sachvie combined with the errors by El Kady has Sachvie up 8-1 pretty quickly. A very solid game by Sachvie and he takes it 11-5.

The second game has taken the same tone as the first with Sachvie very quickly getting out to a 6-1 lead. Sachvie is attacking very well too but is waiting until he has El Kady out of position to do so. Even though the game is not that close it is very exciting to watch with El Kady being so aggressive and really trying to take the game to Sachvie. Sachvie wins the second game 11-3.

Sachvie is out to a very quick 3-0 lead in the third game. This game looks to be taking the same pattern as the other games but with Sachvie even more firmly in control. Sachvie races out to a 7-0 lead and is completely in control. 10-1 for Sachvie and we have match ball. El Kady fights off one with a beautiful drop. Sachvie closes out the game 11-2 on the next point to take the match 3-0.

Micah Franklin (Bermuda)
versus Blake Reinson (University of Waterloo)

The start of the last match on court 1 is off to a high intensity start with both guys playing very solid squash. Reinson from the U of W though has made an error late in the rally on several points though and Franklin takes a commanding 5-1 lead. Reinson manages to string several high quality points in a row to get the match back to 4-6. The very steady play of Franklin though is proving tough for Reinson and Franklin closes it out 11-6.

A quick couple of points in the second game and the score is 1-1. Reinson is really stepping up the intensity and putting some time pressure on Franklin and manages to take a 3-1 lead. Franklin claws his way back though and levels the game at 4-4. Some more quality play sees Franklin get to 7-6. Franklin shows his class at the end of the game and finishes strongly to take the game 11-7.

A very strong start in the third game sees Franklin take a 3-0 lead. Reinson gets a couple back to get to 2-3. A few unforced errors in a row by Reinson though gives Franklin a 6-2 lead. Franklin plays some very solid squash to extend his lead to 9-4. Reinson get a couple of points back but is unable to stop Franklin who closes out the game 11-6 and takes the match 3-0.

Tournament Program

Northfield set to host PSA debut in Waterloo

Northfield Racquet and Fitness Club in Waterloo, Ontario is poised to host the inaugural BDO Northfield Cup.

This PSA Men's $5k event was placed to immediately follow the  Nash Cup in London, Ontario, which is just 60 minutes West down the 401. Eight players in total will compete in both events.

The City of Waterloo is located in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle, in the Region of Waterloo. Within 25 square miles of land area lives a diverse population of over 132,000 who contribute to a vibrant culture.

A dynamic urban municipality in southwestern Ontario with a strong cultural and economic base. Renowned post-secondary institutions, global think tanks and major employers call Waterloo home.

The quality of life here is enhanced by the arts, culture and heritage scenes, recreation opportunities, parks and trails, facilities, programs, services and more. Waterloo is a great place to live, work, learn and play (squash).

BDO Northfield Cup takes on a local flavour

Five local qualifier spots have been awarded to top varsity athletes from our local varsity squash teams; University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University & University of Guelph.

Qualifying for University of Waterloo are Cameron Seth (Fergus, Ontario) & Blake Reinsen (Edmonton, Alberta). Wilfrid Laurier University is represented by Gabe Platt (Picton, Ontario). Both Hossam El Kady (Egypt) & Joel Seider (Toronto, Ontario) will be representing university of Guelph.

Top Seeds

Tops seeds include World # 74 Richie Fallows of England. Richie enters BDO Northfield Cup after a HOT performance at Nash Cup where he took out World # 58 Henrik Mustonen of Finland in the quarter finals.

Fallows nearly took out fellow countryman Declan James (World # 51 and eventuasl champion) in the semi-finals stretching him to five games, but could not quite seal the deal on a second upset.

World # 72, Reiko Peter of Switzerland was not so lucky in his run at Nash Cup meeting Henrik Mustonen in the opening round of the main draw and dropping a 3-1 decision.

Peter is no stranger to success on the PSA tour during his 2015 campaign. He has captured three titles; Open Du Gard (Nimes, France), Inno Wood Open (Kriens, Switzerland) & Pilatus Cup (Kriens, Switzerland).

Event Promoter Andrew Mount said: "We could not be happier with the field of players in our inaugural event. I’m confident that the PSA’s first stop in Waterloo will provide the local community with an exciting display of world class squash.

Whether or not you play squash yourself, this is marvellous live entertainment.’"


Draws & Results

Tournament Program

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