• Tecnifibre British Junior Squash Championships • 01-04 Nov 2012 •

British Junior Championships 2013
01-03 November, Manchester
Finals Day at the NSC (U19/U17)


Finals day at the National Squash Centre was kicked off by the Girls Under 17 final, between top seed and last years champion Georgina Kennedy of, and 2012’s Girls under 15 winner, and second seed Amelia Henley. The match got off to a great start, the two girls battled hard, and in an extremely close game Henley just managed to sneak the win 13-11. Once the second game got under way it was clear that Henley had been inspired, and she flew through the points, and gain a 2 games to 0 lead. The 3rd game came and went in the blink of an eye. Kennedy showed courage but could not quite reach her best on the day, to give Henley the title 3-0 in just 23 minutes.

        13-11, 11-8, 11-2 (23m)


The Boys under 17 final was between two Yorkshire team mates; top seed James Peach, and 3/4 seed Jack Cooper. Cooper played exceptionally well yesterday to take out 2nd seed Patrick Rooney and his form continued into the first game. Peach however did not sit back and take this, and proved why he is the top seed to take the game 11-7. The second game was even closer than the first, with Peach taking the win 11-9. The third and final game topped off a great final, with Peach triumphing 3-0 to take the championship.

        11-7, 11-9, 11-8 (30m)


The Girls under 19 final was between top seed Anna Kimberley of Essex and second seed Lily Taylor of Leicestershire. Kimberley came out all guns blazing and stormed to a 11-3 win in the first game. Taylor stepped up her game in the second and fought hard to bring it back level at 1 game all.

The final 2 games were a great display of composure by Kimberley and Taylor showed her determination, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to beat the number 1 seed, who takes the title of girls under 19 British Junior Champion.

       11-3, 8-11, 11-6, 11-6 (32m)


The top two seeds in the boys under 19 competition, Richie Fallows of Essex and Angus Gillams of Hertfordshire had an epic battle to become the owner of the prestigious Don Sanderson Cup. Both boys started well, and some exceptionally long and intense rallies were seen. Gillams pushed on however and was soon wheedling a 2-0 lead. Fallows who never gives up, stepped up his game in the third and won 11-6.

Gillams came out on tremendous form for the 4th game, and soon saw a 7-3 lead. Fallows again showed his tenacity and brought it back to 11 all. Tension was running high as the last few points were played, but Gillams kept a steady head and became the new boys under 19 British Junior Champion.

         11-9, 11-8, 6-11, 13-11 (65m)

Gu17 3/4 playoff
The Girls under 17 3/4 playoffs was one of the matches of the day. The 2 3/4 seeds, Elin Harlow of Wales and Kace Bartley played an epic match which lasted a staggering 42 minutes. Both girls showed great spirit and some fantastic squash abilities, but in the end Harlow just clinched it 3-2.

          10-12, 11-5, 12-10, 9-11, 12-10 (42m)

The Boys 3/4 playoff was between number 2 seed Patrick Rooney of Merseyside and 3/4 seed Bradley Masters. The score does not do justice to just how close this match was. Masters played fantastic and showed great sportsmanship, but Rooney was just too good in the end, and took the 3rd place trophy.

            11-8, 14-12, 11-6 (30m)

The 9/16 seed Rhianne O’Donnell has showed everyone just how good she is this weekend, and came to play off for the 3rd place trophy against Welsh player Jenny Haley. The first 2 games were incredibly close, but Haley took her game to the next level to win the trophy 3-0.

          11-8, 11-8, 11-3 (20m)

Lyell Fuller of Devon takes the 3rd place trophy in the boys under 19 category after Ashley Davies of Derbyshire had to withdraw after yesterdays match due to injury.

Draws & Results

BU13 MD.pdf
BU13 Q.pdf

BU15 MD.pdf
BU15 Q.pdf

BU17 MD.pdf
BU17 Q.pdf

BU19 MD.pdf
BU19 Q.pdf


GU15 MD.pdf
GU15 Q.pdf



Some wonderful finals took place at the Northern Squash Club in West Didsbury

Girls Under 13
¾ seed Alice Green (Essex) took on 2nd seed Kiera Marshall (Worcs). Green served first and secured the first point of the final. Marshall replied. Green took the next 2 points to lead 3-1. Marshall pulled back to 2-3. Green then took the next 3 points to lead 6-2. They then traded blows, but Green never lost her lead to take the game 11/6.

A spurt of 4 straight points from 3 all gave Green a 7-3 lead, as in the first game Green kept ahead to take the 2nd 11/6. In the 3rd from 1-1 it was Marshall who took command and raced to a 6-1 lead. Green replied with 3 straight points. Marshall followed suit with 3 straight points of her own to lead 9-4. Following a flurry of points Marshall took the game 11/8 to stay in contention. Green started the 4th game and raced to a 6 -2 lead. Marshall came back to level the game 6-6 – then 7-7.However 4 points without reply from Green gave her the title.

Alice Green bt Kiera Marshall 11/6 11/6 8/11 11/7 24m

¾ Play Off
Eve Coxon 1st Seed (Oxon) in some way made up for not reaching the final by beating Lucinda Cross (D & C) in the playoff. Coxon took the first 2 games, but Cross edged a tight 3rd game to stay in the match. Coxon then wrapped things up in the 4th to clinch 3rd spot. 11/4 11/4 10/12 11/5

Eve Coxon bt Lucinda Cross 11/4 11/4 10/12 11/5 21 m

Girls Under 15
¾ seed the talented Elise Lazarus (Essex) was just too strong taking the under 15 title when she took apart top seed Jasmine Hutton (Sussex) 3-0 in just 17 minutes. Lazarus took the first 11-4, the 2nd 11-5, and the 3rd 11-3. Lazarus did not drop a game in the whole tournament, and this victory follows her U13 title in the Championships last season

Elise Lazarus bt Jasmine Hutton 11/4 11/5 11/3 17 mins

¾ Play Off
Rawan El Kalaawy (Surrey) seeded ¾ beat Amy Jones 5/8 seed from Buckinghamshire 3-0 to take 3rd place. Although the 12-10 score lines in the first 2 games showed how close the match was.

Rawan El Kalaawy bt Amy Jones 12/10 12/10 11/6 37 mins

Boys Under 13
Jarad Carter (Hants) justified his top seeding by winning the U13 title against plucky Sam Todd from Yorkshire, however it was not plain sailing. The first 2 games were very close. In the first, Todd led 9-8 but three unforced errors gave Carter the game. In the 2nd game, Carter led 7-6, Todd replied with 4 straight points to lead 9-7.

Carter replied to make it 8-9; no errors this time for Todd and he took the game and levelled the match. Carter dominated the 3rd game running out the 11-4 winner. His dominance continued in the 4th game, with some resistance from Todd, and Carter went to a 9-4 lead. He then had a little wobble losing 2 straight points but regained his composure to secure the game 11-6 to clinch the match and the title.

Jared Carter bt Sam Todd 11/9 8/11 11/ 4 11/6 26 mins

¾ Play Off
Seed slayer Benjamin Sockett (Yorks) fully deserved his place in the play off, where he was pitted against another seed (5/8) Nathan Mead from Warwickshire. A delighted Sockett prevailed 3-1 to take 3rd place

Ben Sockett bt Nathan Mead 11/6 12/14 11/6 11/4 40mins

Boys Under 15
The tournament saved the best for last. Top seed and favourite Kyle Finch (Hants) fought back from 2-1 down against ¾ seed and county colleague Adam Corcoran to become the British Champion. In the 1st game both players traded rallies and points to 6-6. A mixture of errors from Finch and outright winners swept Corcoran to game ball at 10-6.

Finch replied with 3 straight points, before Corcoran secured the game 11-9. A very messy 2nd game ensued with lots of lets, with the players reaching 8-8 before Finch secured the game 11-8 to level the match. In the early part of the 3rd game Corcoran looked the stronger and quicker and raced to a 6-2 lead. Finch dug in and took 5 of the next 8 points. Corcoran edged the next point to serve at 10-7 for a 2-1 lead. Once again Finch offered stubborn resistance and clawed back to 10-10... 11 – 10 game ball to Corcoran; Finch replied once again with 2 points 12-11 to reach game ball. Corcoran levelled it 12-12’ again Finch came back to lead 13-12.

As the pressure intensified, both players gave away a series of lets, but Corcoran held his nerve to take 15-13 and a 2-1 lead. Finch was quicker out of the blocks in the next game and took a 2-0 lead. With the aid of a stroke, Corcoran pulled back to 2-2. Finch now looked the fresher and won the next 4 points. A series of good rallies took Finch to a 9-4 lead. Corcoran worked hard for the next, but with another stroke Finch served at 10 5 looking to win the game and level the match but Corcoran had other ideas and saved game ball and took the next point.

Finch kept his composure in the next rally and won the game to level. Now looking stronger and fresher a dominant Finch raced to a 10 -2 lead and the match looked as good as won. Corcoran wouldn’t yield and saved 3 match balls. He then went for a back hand drop on the left, but just clipped the tin and a delighted Finch was now British Champion

Kyle Finch bt Adam Corcoran 9/11 11/8 13/15 11/6 11/5 77mins

¾ Play Off
There was a tight match in the play off between Tom Walsh (Sussex) and Sam Exelby (Surrey) who had conquered 2nd seed Curtis Malik in the 1st round. Exelby led 2-0 but in a tight 3rd game Walsh sneaked it 13-11 and then won the next 2 with hardly any resistance.

Tom Walsh bt Sam Exelby 10/12 9/11 13/11 11/0 11/2 45 mins

Draws & Results

BU13 MD.pdf
BU13 Q.pdf

BU15 MD.pdf
BU15 Q.pdf

BU17 MD.pdf
BU17 Q.pdf

BU19 MD.pdf
BU19 Q.pdf


GU15 MD.pdf
GU15 Q.pdf



Semis at the NSC

Boy under 17s

In a surprising result 3/4 seed Jack Cooper was at the top of his game today playing exceptionally well, he beat number 2 seed Patrick Rooney 3-0. Top seed James Peach has won all his games in the tournament so far and will play Cooper for the title.

Boys under 19s

Top seed Richie Fallows had a tough semi final against ¾ seed Ashley Davies. The match went to five games with Davies ahead in the third; however Fallows managed to pull back crucial points resulting in him winning the match 3-2.

Both 5/8 seeds Joshua Masters and Bradley smith battled it out in the 4th round playing some phenomenal squash, Masters excelled in the last game and played his way to victory. Number 2 seed Angus Gillams played 3/4 seed Lyell Fuller, the third game of the match went to 20-18 resulting in the match lasting an exhausting 69 minutes. Fuller played phenomenally well but it wasn’t enough to stop the second seed who won 3-1.

Girls under 17s

Number 2 seed Amelia Henley faced some stiff competition from 3/4 seed Kace Bartley, Bartley took the first game yet Henley kept her nerve and won the match 3-1. Top seed Georgina Kennedy stole the show and breezed into the final where she will play for her 2nd Tecnifibre British Junior Championship title.

Girls under 19s

5/8 seeds Jessica Davis and Lydia Hume came head to head in the fourth round. Davis came out on top form, comfortably winning the match 3-0. The long awaited semi final match between 9/16 seed Rhianne O’Donnell and number 2 seed Lily Taylor, took just 21 minutes to be completed. O’Donnell played very impressively but it wasn’t enough to beat the power and technique of Taylor who won comfortably 3-0.

Afternoon semis at The Northern:


Ben Sockett’s tremendous run was finally brought to a halt by 2nd seed Sam Todd 3-0 in 23 minutes. Ben can take tremendous heart from a fine weekend of squash. Joining Todd in tomorrow’s final will be no 1 seed Jared Carter who overcame Nathan Mead 3-0

Jared Carter (Hants) bt Nathan Mead (Warks) 11/9 11/5 11/7 23m
Sam Todd (Yorks) bt Benjamin Sockett (Yorks) 11/8 11/6 12/10 21m


A delighted Alice Green seeded 3/4 played some delightful squash as she put paid to the no 1 seed Eve Coxon in a 16 minute semi. The second semi final was also 16 minutes long, but no upset this time as Kiera Marshall justified her no 2 seeding beating Lucinda Cross 3-0.

Alice Green (Essex) bt Eve Coxon (Oxon) 11/9 11/4 11/4 16m
Kiera Marshall (Worcs) bt Lucinda Cross (Cumb) 11/6 11/2 11/7 16m


In the first semi, Kyle Finch seeded one took on Tom Walsh (3/4). A really tight first game was clinched by Finch 15/13, and this really seemed to knock the stuffing out of Walsh, who despite some long rallies, was always on the back foot in the next 2 games, eventually losing in 3.

3/4 Seed Adam Corcoran brought Sam Exelby’s tremendous giant killing run to a halt with an entertaining but tough 3-0 victory, taking 43 minutes to set up an interesting Final with Finch tomorrow

Kyle Finch (Hants) bt Tom Walsh (Sussex) 15/13 11/6 11/5 28m
Adam Corcoran (Hants) bt Sam Exelby (Surrey) 11/5 11/9 13/11 43m


In a remarkable coincidence – perhaps or perhaps not linked with the Halloween weekend.... the two winning semi finalists Jasmine Hutton and Elise Lazarus won by the identical score lines of 11/6 11/9 11/7. Hutton beating El Kalaawy and Lazarus ending the run of Amy Jones.

Jasmine Hutton (Dorset) bt El Kakaawy (Surrey) 11/6 11/9 11/7 21m

Elise Lazarus (Essex) bt Amy Jones (Bucks) 11/6 11/9 11/7 19m

Saturday morning at the NSC

Boys Under 17s

Top seed James Peach won his third round match beating 5/8 seed Jack Martell, both players showed great technique and power throughout the match. Second seed Patrick Rooney was up against 9/16 seed Charlie Lee, Lee played some excellent squash but unfortunately was not quite strong enough to beat Rooney who played superbly and won 3-0 in just 24 minutes.

Boys Under 19s

In a testing and event filled match, number one seed Richie Fallows had to work extremely hard to fight off 5/8 seed George Parker. The game lasted a staggering 95 minutes with Parker winning the first game, but Fallows clawed his way back to a 3-1 victory. Also in the boys under 19s category 5/8 seed Joshua Masters was beaten by 3/4 seed Lyell Fuller 3-0.

Girls Under 17s

All top seeds performed as expected and sailed in to the 4th round of The British Junior Open, top seed Georgina Kennedy will play 3/4 seed Elin Harlow in the next stage of the competition. Both 9/16 seeds Hayley Openshaw-Blower and Tayla Mounter fought it out for five exciting games with Openshaw-Blower stealing a 3-2 win.

Girls Under 19s

Un-seeded player Joanna Lord lost in the third round of the competition to 9/16 seed Eleanor Lake, Lake pulled out all the stops to win the match 3-0 in just 15 minutes. 9/16 seed Rhianne O’Donnell played 9/16 seed Lucy Pallet, the match was close as expected, but O’Donnell upped her game and secured a 3-1 win.



The battle intensified at the Northern on Saturday morning with players looking to progress to the semi finals

Unseeded Ben Sockett (Yorks) continued his impressive form coming through against 9/16 seed Marcus Tranter (Oxon) 12/10 10/12 9/11 11/9 11/9 to set up a semi final meeting with fellow Yorkshireman Sam Todd seeded 2, who beat Srikar Mummidi (Wales) 3-1 in 28 minutes. Top seed Jared Carter (Hants) wasted little time despatching Harry Anderson (Yorks) 11/3 11/4 11/3, to play Nathan Mead (Warks) who beat Perry Malik (Sussex)3-0 according to seeding.

All the seeds in the top half secured their places in the next round. No 1 seed Eve Coxon from Oxfordshire made short work of her 3rd round match with Eleri Rowlands (Wales) winning 3-0 in just 12 minutes. 2nd seed Kiera Marshell from Gloucestershire took slightly longer to beat Margot Prow (Middx) by the same scoreline in 22 minutes.

No 1 seed Kyle Finch (Hants) booked his Semi Final space with a comfortable 3-0 win over Alex Engstrom (Middx) 11/5 11/4 11/3 and will play ¾ seed Tom Walsh (Sussex) who beat Daniel Harrison (Cumbria) by the same 3-0 margin. The bottom half of the draw has really opened up as unseeded Sam Exelby (Surrey) followed up his fine wins of yesterday by beating 5/8 seed James Wyatt (Bucks) 11/9 11/7 12/10 in a 43 minute match. Sam will meet ¾ seed Adam Corcoran (Hants) who beat Michael Mattimore (Numb) 3-0 in 36 minutes.

Another upset came when 5/8 seed Amy Jones (Bucks) took out 2nd seed Lucy Turmel (Suffolk) 3-0 in 17 minutes 11/9 11/7 12/10, she will now play ¾ seed Elise Lazarus who ended Amber Marshall ‘s fine run, beating her 3-0 in 14 minutes. No problems for top seed Jasmine Hutton (Sussex) as she beat Carys Jones (Glos) 3-0. Jasmine will play ¾ Rawan El Kalaawy (Surrey) who beat Anna Young (Worcs) 11/6 7/11 11/5 11/5 in 23 minutes.

Friday at the NSC


Under 17s Boys

Number 1 seed James Peach played his way in to the third round comfortably, displaying some fantastic squash he will play 9/16 seed Charlie Lee in the third round. Number 2 seed Patrick Rooney fought off the competition and sailed in to the third round, his opponent will be 5/8 seed Jack Martell. 3/4 seed Bradley Masters had a tough test against unseeded Harry Falconer, who played admirably but could not quite make it past Master, who will go into the quarter finals to play 5/8 seed Laurence Green.

Under 19s Boys
Qualifier James Evans triumphed against 9/16 seed Andrew Taylor, the match went to an exhausting 5 games. Top seed Richie Fallows held his position at number 1 and will be playing 5/8 seed George Parker in the third round. Number 2 seed Angus Gilliam’s won all his matches comfortably and will be joining Richie in the next round.

Under 17s Girls
Megan Kaye from Yorkshire put in a superb performance against 9/16 seed Beth Parker, beating the seeded player 3-1 in a 25 minute match. Top seed Georgina Kennedy beat qualifier Amber Peacey 3-0 in just sixteen minutes, comfortably securing her place in the competition. Number 2 seed Amelia Henley showed that she was an exceptional talent making it in to the third round with ease.

Under 19s Girls
9/16 seed Natasha Burret was surprisingly beaten by qualifier Joanna Lord in an action pact 4 game match lasting 25 minutes. The other 9/16 seed in the girls under 19s competition Rhianne O’Donnell played some phenomenal squash beating 3/4 seed Katrina Burrows in a nail biting match, O’Donnell winning 3-2. Top seed Anna Kimberley triumphed in her 2nd round match and will be playing 9/16 seed Jessica Winder in the 3rd round.

Under 17s Boys:

In the boys under 17s category, 1st seed James Peach and 2nd seed Patrick Rooney displayed some excellent squash in their first round matches which saw them comfortably into the second round. However there was a surprise result, qualifier Cameron Ward beat 9/16 seed Ben Turmel in a competitive 86 minute match.

Under 19s Boys:
In the boys under 19 category, top seed Richie Fallows breezed through the first round beating qualifier Joseph Yerrell 3-0. 2nd seed Anugus Gilliams started his 2013 Tecnifibre British Junior Championships with an exceptional win, beating Jeremey Harris 3-0. The first upset of the day came when Merseyside’s own Connor Sheen took out 9/16 seed Oliver Turner in a gruelling and skill filled 49 minute match.

Under 17s Girls:
So far in the under 17s girls category the draw is going to plan with no surprising results, all seeds doing their jobs and wining comfortably. Top seed Georgina Kennedy is about to undertake her first match of the 2013 Championships by taking on 9/16 seed Amber Peacey.

Saturday NSC Schedule

Draws, updated
after Day TWO

BU13 MD.pdf
BU13 Q.pdf

BU15 MD.pdf
BU15 Q.pdf

BU17 MD.pdf
BU17 Q.pdf

BU19 MD.pdf
BU19 Q.pdf


GU15 MD.pdf
GU15 Q.pdf



2012 Finals

Venue and Contact

Schedule and Venues

The National Squash Centre and The Northern Squash Club will see 300 ferociously competitive players over four days, from 01 to03 November.

All qualifying rounds will be played at The Northern Squash Club on Thursday 31st September.

Main draws will start at 9am on Friday 1st November with the Boys and Girls Under 13/15 being played in full at the Northern Squash Club in Didsbury while the Boys and Girls Under 17/19 play at the National Squash Centre.

Finals are scheduled for Sunday afternoon, all spectators wishing to watch the best junior players in the country are invited to attend the event free of charge.

Friday at the Northern:
Seeds fall at the Northern

Arriving at the northern 8.15am bang, bang the sound of ball against wall from the eager young squash players warming up prior to the start of the tournament at 9am.

The top half of the girls under 13 all went to seeding until Jordan Corlett (Cumbria) beat the 9/16 seed Gabriella Barton (Derbyshire) 3-1 11/7 11/5 4/11 12/10 in 21 minutes. No upsets in the bottom half and all the seeds through to the second round.

The boys under 13 first round followed in similar fashion to the girls with just one result not going to seed when Ben Socket (Yorkshire) beat ¾ seed Richard Hall (Cheshire) 3-0 11/7 11/6 11/4 in 20minutes.

Next up the Girls under 15s and two seeds fell at the first hurdle Amber Marshall took 35 minutes to beat the 5/8 seed Georgia Webster (Northumbria) 4-1 11/7 9/11 12/10 11/7.Katie Wells (Lincolnshire) next on court 6 dispatched 9/16 seed Bethany Currid (Sussex) in three games 11/8 11/0 11/4 in just 16 minutes.

The biggest upset of the day came in the boys under 15 when second seed Curtis Malik (Sussex) was soundly beaten by Sam Exelby (Surrey) 3-0 11/6 11/6 11/3 in 27 minutes. Another shock was when a qualifier Aaron Allpress (Essex) beat Hari Major (Wales) a 9/16 seed 11/7 13/11 11/8 in 24 minutes.

Round Two

Both 5/8 seeds in the top half of the girls under 13 were beaten in their second round matches. 9/16 seed Eleri Rowlands(Wales) took out Torri Malik (Sussex) in 4, 11/9 7/11 11/5 11/8 in 23 minutes. Jordan Collett (Cumbria) maintained her fine form when beating Lucy Green (Warwickshire) in the first five setter of this year’s under 13 girls championship, 11/4 8/11 9/11 11/6 13/11 in 30 minutes

Nyah Williams(Hertfordshire) the 5/8 seed fended off a stern challenge from Katie Jones (Wales) the 9/16 seed 16/14 in the fifth full game score 7/11 11/9 13/11 6/11 16/14 in 31 minutes, Top two seeds Eve Coxon (Oxfordshire) 1 seed and 2nd seed Kiera Marshall both progressed in regimental fashion.

The longest match of the day and the first five setter in the boys under 13 saw Perry Malik (Sussex) seeded 9/16 beat 3/4 seed Jack Mitterer (Kent) 11/6 10/12 4/11 11/6 14/12 in 41 minutes. Ben Socket (Yorkshire) conqueror of the number ¾ seed Richard Hill in the first round followed up with a powerful three love victory against Scotland’s Alasdair Prott 9/16 seed in 16 minutes 11/7 11/4 11/2.

Unseeded Amber Marshal knocked out 9/16 seed Abbigail Hurd (Dorset) after beating the 5/8 seed Georgia Webster (Northumbria) in the first round this morning, Score 12/10 11/8 11/9 in 24 minutes. Jasmine Hutton and Lucy Turmel the 1&2 seeds respectively are still on course to meet in the final.

Alex Engstrom (Middlesex) carried on where he left off this morning by beating Yousef Forster (Yorkshire) the 5/8 seed 3-0 11/5 14/12 11/4 in 31 minutes to set up a third round match with number one seed Kyle Finch.

Lewis Southward (Yorkshire) 9/16 seed fell to the inform Sam Exelby (Surrey) who dispatched second seed Curtis Malik (Sussex) in the previous round 3-0 11/5 11/7 11/5 in 23 minutes.
Top British Juniors in Manchester

Manchester will once again play host to the Tecnifibre British Junior Championships, the first major junior event of the season, from the 1st November [yes, the same time as the Men's Worlds at Manchester Central!].

We will see the best junior players from the UK come together to fight for the chance to become National Champion. This event has become most prestigious since its inception, and is now celebrated as the largest domestic junior tournament on the circuit.

In the Boys Under 19 category, Richie Fallows (Essex) comes in as top seed, he will be aiming to claim the Don Sanderson Trophy with his last attempt before he moves out of the juniors. Ready to stand in the way of Fallows reaching the trophy is number two seed Angus Gillams (Hertfordshire) who reached the semi finals at last year’s Championships.

Lying in wait for a chance at the title are 3/4 seeds Lyell Fuller (Devon) and Ashley Davies (Derbyshire).

In the Girls Under 19 category top seed Anna Kimberley (Essex) who came third in the 2013 English Junior Championships is fighting for her first national title. Ready to challenge Kimberley for the crown is second seed and runner up of the English Junior Championships Nada El Kalaawy (Surrey). Hoping to cause an upset will be current Girls U17 English Junior Champion Lily Taylor (Leicestershire) and Katrina Burrows (Merseyside) who occupy the 3/4 seeded positions.

In the Boys Under 17 category, number one seed James Peach (Yorkshire) will be fighting to get his first National title, whereas the number two seed Patrick Rooney (Merseyside) will be hoping to complete a season double as he is reigning English Junior Champion.

The Girls U17 competition looks to be an epic battle between county compatriots, defending champion and top seed Georgina Kennedy (Kent), and 2012 U15 Junior Champion, number two seed Amelia Henley (Kent).

The Boys Under 15s will see top seeds Kyle Finch (Hampshire) and Curtis Malik (Sussex) reignite their battle for a national title, Malik took the U13 title when they faced off in the final two years ago and Finch will be hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.

In the Girls Under 15 category, top two seeds Jasmine Hutton (Sussex) and Lucy Turmel (Suffolk) will have their work cut out for them, with 3/4 seed, and last year’s Girls U13 British junior champion Elise Lazarus (Essex) looking to steal the crown.

If the top seeds have their way we may see a repeat of the Boys U13 English Junior Championships final and see top seed Jared Carter (Hampshire) take on English U11 Champion Sam Todd (Yorkshire).

For the Girls U13s the top seeds Eve Coxon (Oxfordshire) and Kiera Marshall (Worcestershire) will both be aiming to claim their first National Title.


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