Jersey Squash Classic  10-14 May 2016  St Clements, Jersey


2013 BLOG - stories, interviews and more about the Classic
At the Marina

There's a nice feature as you walk along the side of Jersey Marina - embedded into the pavement are descriptions of each of the wind strengths on the Beaufort Scale.

Most of them are pretty intuitive, for example  #1 Light Air, wind felt on face ... #11 Storm, widespread damage.

But #5 Fresh Breeze, a well-conditioned man of war could just carry the royals in chase ?????

On the other side there are 26 benches giving the "Alpha, Bravo ... Zulu" thing, along with their morse code and semaphore versions ... and just in case you don't know where you are, the Longitude and Latitude are clearly printed on the harbour wall ... user-friendly, or what ...

Qualifiers get involved with the Kids too

It was an early start for the players in the qualifying draw on Friday, as they all got involved with coaching sessions with kids from four local schools at 9am, before playing their opening matches at 11!

Everyone - players, kids, teachers and spectators - thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as you can see!

Chris and the Kids

Top seed Chris Simpson, who hails from the 'other' Channel Island of Guernsey, arrived on Thursday afternoon and Jersey head coach and tournament promoter Nick Taylor immediately put him to work, with a workshop session with a dozen or so kids from nearby Victoria College School.

After an hour or so of various workouts and on-court sessions, enjoyed by all, they gathered on the club's new glassback court for a question and answer session, and the kids had some brilliant questions - here's a selection:

what was your toughest match ? Michael Hopkins when I was 16,in the Guernsey v Jersery inter-insular  match on my home court.

I played out of this world and won in five, but I just wasn't ready to play at that pace and I was really ill afterwards, I had to go home to bed so I missed the party!

who is our biggest arch-enemy in squash ? there are too many to mention!

why did you decide to become a professional squash player ? not for the money ...

what is the most interesting place you've played in ?
Grand Central Station is fantastic, Papua New Guinea was different!

Eyeing up the statues
these seabirds are surely intent
on doing something nasty on
these St Hellier landmarks ...


How do you know you're in Jersey ?

  • You arrive on a plane with propellors

  • Everywhere is called
    "St" something or other

  • There's bits of French signage dotted about

  • All the car number plates begin with "J"

  • Yellow phone boxes

  • Your wallet is full of 1 notes !

Better players than Goalies ...

Nick had a briefing session with all the qualifying players, getting them to sign posters and balls which will be distributed to sponsors and schools - what a great idea - and then we had a group photo with said balls ...

which ultimately, as the sequence below shows, just went to prove that some of them aren't very good at catching !

All of these photos
& more in the Gallery

Will to win
he may be 35 now, but Jersey's Mike Hopkins is still ultra-competitive - his racket went walkabout at the end of the three games he lost to Rory Pennell, and at the end of one game a knowledgeable spectator said he was "looking for a fight outside ... !!

Explanation of the Day:
"You went back to Kent and back to get that one, Youssef ... NO LET."