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   Squash TIPS from Khan Squash

The Khan Dynasty


The Kyber Pass

Mohibullah, Azam, Roshan, Hashim

Noted family members:

Abdul Majid Khan - Founder of the greatest squash dynasty the world would ever know.

Hashim Khan - Seven time British Open Champion. The most influential squash player of our time. Responsible for establishing squash as a national sport in Pakistan.

Roshan Khan - One time British Open Champion. Know to be best touch player ever seen and the only Khan mentioned who was rewarded for upholding the family tradition by remaining in Pakistan.

Azam Khan - Four time British Open Champion. Owner of the first squash club in the Khan family.

Mohibullah Khan - One time British Open Champion. Five time North American Champion. Fastest Khan ever.

Shariff Khan - Twelve time North American Champion. The best hardball player ever.

Jahangir Khan - Ten time British Open Champion. World Record Holder.

Sakhi Khan - Twice World Teaching Professional Champion. First All-American Khan to compete and graduate college.

Our beginnings, to say the least, were humble. Our roots can be traced to the valley of the Khyber Pass. The departed souls of many great warriors, who died defending the Pass, lie there. A variety of invading armies fought each other to lay claim to this trade route. As each surviving army enjoyed a period of dominance, it imposed its way of life on the defeated predecessors.

Although the men were never spared, the blood of the ancient armies of the Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Mongolians, and the Huns of the North were transferred down over the generations through the women. The remnants of these ancient armies formed into tribal sects. These various tribal sects are called the Pathans (the preferred name is Pushtuns). The Pathans or Pushtuns hail being descendents of the armies of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.

Steeped in the traditions of each passing invader, the traditions of the Pushtuns collected and grew.

Today, the Khans carry the same tradition in the game of squash. As the defense of the Khyber Pass seemed dogmatic to the ancient Pushtun, so does being the best at the game of squash seem for a Khan.

Great grandfather Abdul Majid Khan was the founder of the Khan Squash Dynasty.

He was very well known and was a respectable elder among the people. He played squash with British officers as a club professional during the Raj.

Hence, the club pro is held as the lauded position that established the Khan Dynasty. From the surrounding farms and Khyber Pass outposts, the Khans relocated to positions at local squash clubs.

The Khans must thank the British for providing the vehicle of our calling. Without the Raj's game of squash, the Khans would have continued to herd cattle near the Khyber Pass to this day.

But, Abdul Majid is credited for giving us the opportunity of becoming ballboys and later lighting a path for us to develop into club professionals. Abdul Majid would make our new founded profession an honorable family business. The generations to follow would now need to defend the family's growing reputation.

Thus, emerged the four great champions that launched the family into global recognition.

Hashim Khan, Azam Khan, Roshan Khan, and Mohibullah Khan traveled across the globe giving the Khans a foothold in international squash. When the great Hashim Khan established squash as a national sport in Pakistan, the Khans would leave their homeland and migrate throughout the world. Our family and the game of squash would forever change.

With this change the world would come to discover the passion the Khans felt for squash. Subsequent generations were obligated to master the art these four champions had established. They demonstrated that not only was playing at a world class level necessary, but also skills as ambassadors were needed to promote the game everywhere. Today, countless Khans are club pros, junior coaches, and promoters of squash throughout the world.

Just as the invaders were met at the Khyber Pass, we met competitors defending our family name in the squash circles around the world.

The Khan family now holds world records in both Hardball (North American squash)with Sharif Khan having the most North American Open wins ever, and Softball (International squash)with Jahangir Khan winning the most British Opens ever.

Throughout the history of squash you'll find that the most exciting times were when a Khan was in the midst of the fire.

The Khans have contributed more to squash than any other family in the history of sports. From our lowly beginnings, the love of this game has kept us focused on continuing to spread the ultimate mind/body sport the British called squash.

For us squash had become more than just a sport. It had become a way of life, and a great gift from Allah.

 Squash TIPS from Khan Squash





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