Ferez is an Evolutionary Geneticist with experience in several sub fields of the Life Sciences.

He is a lifelong Squash Player, Coach and Analyst with the recent addition of curator and webmaster of a Squash website specifically designed to meet the unmet needs of Squash at the Nexus of the Neurosciences (Ferez'nSquashDocs).

Ferez played competitively in India in (its pre-ranking days) from 1970 – 1976 finishing off anywhere from the last 16 to the last 4 (Semi Finals) of all or most major National (and National Level) Tournaments in this period. This would translate to an approximate ranking 8 to 10 in India.

He was Coached By Umar Khan formerly of Nawakile, Peshawar, Pakistan (an on court contemporary of Hashim Khan) at the Willingdon Sports Club (W.S.C.) and by Anil Nayar who was the first Drysdale Cup (Jr. B.O.) Winner from India and a multiple National Champion in multiple countries at the Cricket Club of India (C.C.I.) in Bombay (Mumbai) India.

In 1976, he migrated to the United States for his Graduate studies and research work in the Biological Sciences. Mostly done at the University of Georgia in Athens and at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, spanning a total 13 years.

In that period although there was a lack of courts, competition and differences in the games (Hardball and Softball) that led to a precipitous drop in his playing standards, there were many compensatory rewards! These included the development of lifelong friendships on the courts, being trusted as a Coach and collaborations in starting Squash Clubs with faculty and students – and of course finally Winning tournaments.

He had the honor of being called on to train with Mark Talbott on his first return from South Africa. He competed with several Nationally ranked Players in the Atlanta/Greenville area finally moving up to the New York area from 1989-1993, recovering his game, and gaining a National ranking in both versions of the game in the USA.

After living in several cities around the USA doing Postdoctoral Fellowships and taking Faculty Positions he moved back to the New York Area again in 2000. Which is where he currently resides Coaches Squash at two universities, in the Rutgers Squash Club and in the Princeton Junior Squash program and hopes to rescue his game once again.


The core area of Ferez’s Scientific work lies in Systematizing and Controlling the Genes Regulating Mammalian Chromosome and Genome Biology in Development and Homeostasis (e.g. in Living Humans).

This undertaking, will eventually coalesce to bring a needed paradigm shift in the Biomedical Sciences from the perpetuation of the retrospective management of consequences (Pathologies, etc..) to the prospective pre-emption of the Mutational causes of more than 6000 disease states costing tens of trillions of dollars per year.


This systematizing yielding regulation and control of the Network of Genes for Repair and Maintenance of the Genome in all ~6 billion pairs of Nucleotides/Diploid Genome in all ~200 Cell types of all ~10-40 trillion Cells in the average Human, from which these Mutations escape will allow preemption.


Ferez S. Nallaseth, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator & Consultant - LSINJ Member – CBSA, Coach, Analyst & Editor - PJSP, RSC, NSN, Ferez'nSquashDocs,  Adjunct Assistant Professor - RCINJ Life Sciences Institute of New Jersey

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