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European Club Championships 2010
16-18 September, Pontefract, Yorkshire

Thanks to Paderborn for the photos

Paderborn & Edgbaston deserving winners

18th Sep 2010, Day Three:

Men's Final :

Paderborn (Ger) 3-1 Set Marseille
     Peter Barker 3-0 Renan Lavigne                11-2 11-7 11-4
     Simon Rosner 0-2 Mathieu Castagnet               
5-11 5-11
     Tim Garner 3-0 Benjamin Lagier               
11-8 11-6 11-5
     Lennart Ostorff 3-0 Maxence De Peretti     
11-9 11-8 11-5

3rd/4th:   Colets 3-1 Fitzwilliam
5th/6th:   Roslagen 2-2 (7-5) Recrean
7th/8th:   Petroholding 3-1 Aberdeen

Semi-finals :

Paderborn (Ger) 3-1 Colets (UK)
     Pete Barker bt Scott Handley 3/0
     Simon Rosner  bt Jesse Englebrecht 3/0
     Tim garner lost Lee Drew 3/0
     Lennart Ostloff beat Mark Cairns  2/1

Set Marseille 3-1 Fitzwilliam (Ireland)
     Renan Lavigne
bt Derek Ryan                        3/1
     Mathieu Castagnet bt Niail Rooney                 3/0
     Benjamin Lagier bt Rory Byrne                      3/0
     Maxence de Peretti lost Nigel Peyton              3/0

Women's final:

Edgbaston Priory beat Pontefract 2-1

Men's Team Results

Women's Team Results

Women's results

Thanks for Marseille Team for the early results

Men 1-2

Men 5-8

Men 9-10

Men 10-13

Paderborn & Edgbaston
deserving winners

Malcolm reports

The men's semi finals read like a who's who of squash and it is a delight to see players, who have been competing at such a high level, still looking so fit and with their enthusiasm for the game unimpaired.

In the Marseille - Fitzwilliam match Derek Ryan, looking as young as ever, at least from a distance, moved with the languid ease that characterised his game when he was in the world's top ten, but could not quite stay with the busy Renan Lavigne, not long ago active on the world scene and lost 3-1. Teammate Nigel Peyton scored his team's only win in a 3-1 victory for the French team.

Two bastions of the European scene, Paderborn and Colets, locked horns in the other semi and Paderborn, with their undoubted strength at the top of the order in Peter Barker and Simon Rosner proved too strong, though Lee Drew beat Tim Garner at three in a game between two excellent men, who typify the spirit of the European Club championships.

They both contribute a great deal to the game: Tim as one of the best tournament directors around and Lee as a coach of burgeoning reputation. The match was immensely competitive, but played in the most sporting of spirits and with a smile. Credit to them and pity that more sport is not played in a similar way. Any child - or adult - watching could only be better for the experience.


So to the German-French final. Three 3-0 wins for Paderborn by Barker, Garner and Lennart Osthof settled matters in style and Norman Farthing's Paderborn were once more European champions. No team has supported or championed European squash more, the result was nothing more than they deserved.


The Women's final was an all England clash between two young sides, all of whose players have played internationally. Pontefract, the holders and Edgbaston Priory. Pontefract is well known for its support of its players, but never in its illustrious history has the club been so full, vantage points being hard to gain.

Unusually the first strings were on first: Lauren Siddall and Victoria Lust and perhaps surprisingly it was the Birmingham player who settled much the better winning the first game comfortably. Although Siddall improved and won the third she never looked entirely at ease and played without the toughness that once characterised her game and Lust ran put a deserved winner 3-1.

Deon Saffery and Emma Chorley had contested the final of the British Under23 championships earlier this year, Saffery winning in the fifth, but this time, looking lively and playing with confidence, Saffery was always in control and she levelled the match for Pontefract to set up a thrilling climax to the whole event.

So to the match which would decide the outcome; Becky Botwright, who works with the great Geoff Hunt in Doha, Qatar, holidaying to play for her long-term team, and England under 19 international Julianne Courtice, about to begin a physiotherapy degree course at Manchester University on Monday.

Once again the Pontefract player was slower to settle, despite her greater experience, perhaps down to home expectations and the smooth striking Courtice took a 1-0 lead. Botwright did settle better and seemed to be on course to give Pontefract the win, appearing to have a slight fitness advantage as the match progressed, but Courtice's technique never deserted her, even at 2 all and, aided by errors from Botwright, incuding serving out twice, it was she who took Edgbaston to victory on a tie break.

Kirsty McPhee, the Pontefract captain, who has been in good form, finishing third in the World Universities championships in Melbourne, may well be rueing her unselfish decision to leave herself out in the final, though nothing should be taken away from Edgbaston, who thoroughly deserved their win.


The presentations were made by Zena Wooldridge, European Squash Federation vice president, Giles Choyce, President of Pontefract sqush club and most notably by Yvette Cooper, M.P., who was instrumental in helping the club through difficult times some ten years ago.

She must have been rewarded by what she saw on finals night, and young Harry Carr, who designed the logo for the event. Tim Garner, speaking on behalf of Paderborn, paid tribute to Terry Dudley, tournament director and all his team and Norman Farthing, master chef, was lavish in his praise of Dave Taylor, who provided such excellent fare for everyone throughout the event.

Victoria Lust thanked everyone on behalf of the women's champions and Belfast will be the 2011 port of call for the next European Club championships.


Party time then began and went on long into the night and the next morning, some still there at 7a.m.

Unsurprisingly, Mick Todd, Pontefract's driving force, was one of the last, if not the last to leave. Martin Sunderland, of the band Lost for Words, was there to entertain as he always does and he was aided and abetted by Alan [Elvis] Norrish and Angie Abbott, who gave her inimitable rendition of 'It should have been me', much to the delight of several inebriated players, who suitably found themselves soaked to the skin, as Angie sprayed them!

The European club championships represent so much that is wholesome in sport and so much that the game should be proud of and protect..

The feeling, if I read it right ,was that Pontefract had provided a suitable setting for such an occasion and the club and all those associated with it hope you, the players and supporters, had an experience that you will recall with fondness.



This was the original Marseille Team
N°1 Olli Tuominen
N°2 Renan Lavigne (Capitaine)
N°3 Mathieu Castagnet
N°4 Benjamin Lagier
N°5 Maxence de Peretti
(Président et remplaçant)

Our team was validated in July, with on the 16th June by an email from ESF, telling us that the ranking from September would be the one to be taken in account. Unfortunately, we then received another email on the 10th September telling us that in fact, it was June's.

Lost in translation...?

Our team suddenly was "too heavy" ranking wise apparently., and we had only 4 days to find a player. Which of course, we couldn't do. So, I had to change my status from replacement to main team!

But it takes more than that to discourage Marseille, and here we are in the final.

Men's Pools

Women's Pool

Men's Playoffs
Updated Fri 22.00

Men 9-10

Results of the day

Quarter finals

Paderborn 4 Roslagen 0
Colets 4 Petroholding 0
Fitzwilliam 3 Aberdeen 1
Marseille 3 Recrean 1.

So the semi final line-up for tomorrow is:

Paderborn v Colets
Fitzwilliam v Marseille.


Karteria Diesl 2 Pontefract 2 1
Mulhouse 3 Pontefract 2 0
Pontefract 1 3 Victoria 0
Edgbaston Priory 3 Stockholm 0
Karteria Diesl 2 Stockholm 1
Edgbaston Priory 3 Victoria 0
Pontefract 1 3 Mulhouse 0.


Day Two in Ponte

Apologies to squashsite readers for lack of coverage of to-day's European Club championships, but a visit to Manchester restricted my time at Pontefract today.

Peter Barker will lead Paderborn, Renan Lavigne will lead Marseille and Irish legend, Derek Ryan, Fitzwilliam and there will be an array of other well-known players on display.

The semi finals are at 10-30, with the final at 4 o'clock. With Aberdeen beaten in the quarter finals, there will be a new Men's European Club champion.

Playing for the ninth and tenth positions are host club Pontefract and Topgrund. Pontefract beat Vaduz 4-0 and Topgrund beat Angels similarly.

Women's round robin

With two more round robin matches to play tomorrow, the final pairing is not settled, but it looks more than likely to be between the two English teams, Edgbaston and hosts Pontefract.

Should Pontefract make the final in their bid to retain their title, they will not on the evidence of this evening's match with Mulhouse, lack support. The club has been packed throughout the tournament and the famed Pontefract support was out in force this evening.

There is much to look forward to tomorrow, both here and in Manchester, where Pontefract is guaranteed a semi-finalist.

Thursday's Results:
Pool A
Recrean 3 Vaduz 1: Paderborn 4 Vaduz 0
Pool B: Roslagen 4 Topgrund 0:Marseille 4 Topgrund 0
Pool C: Fitzwilliam 4 Angels 0: Colet's 4 Angels 0
Pool D: Aberdeen3 Petroholding 1: Pontefract 4 Wohlen 0: Petroholding 3 Pontefract 1: Aberdeen 4 Wohlen 0
Victoria 3 Stockhom 0     Mulhouse 3 Kateria Diesl 0    Pontefract 1 3 Stockholm 0   
Edgbaston 3 Pontefract 2 0    Pontefract 1 3 Pontefract 2 0      Edgbaston 3 Kateria Diesl 0
Mulhouse 3 Victoria 0.

Ukranians Impress
Malcolm reports

The Ukranian club champions, Petroholding's performance against holders Aberdeen suggested that they were more than a useful team and they were impressive again in their match with the young Pontefract side.

Hadrian Stiff led the team and he has worked with the Ukranian players. He must be mightily pleased with the way they played against the host club. Stiff himself, accompanied by his wife and new baby, led the way with a smooth and convincing victory over James Earles, though there were signs in the 11-9 third game that his exertions earlier in the day against Simon Parke were telling.

Second string, Russian Sorochynsky - aren't eastern European names fantastic? - beat Sam Wileman in taking fashion, impressing with his movement and racket control, 3-1 and the imposing third string, the veteran of the side, but looking in great shape, Kostiantyn Rybalchenko, also impressed, beating George Wileman 3-0.

It was left to Karan Malik, Pontefract's talented Indian under 19 international, to record their only success, when he beat Denys Podvorny 3-0, the Ukranian feeling the effects of his previous efforts perhaps, though Malik played very well, it has to be said.

Apparently most of the courts in the Ukraine are in Kiev, but if this team is a sample of how Ukranians can play, then the sooner more of them get playing the better. I particularly like their strong silent, Eastwood approach: no fuss, no footballer's mindless passion, but a lot of inner strength and toughness.

Just my preference. Well done Petroholding, Ukraine!
Aberdeen tested in opener
Malcolm reports

Pick of the early matches was the holders, Aberdeen[Scotland] against Petroholding [Ukraine]. Three of the four matches went the full distance in Aberdeen's 3-1 win, with Kostiantyn Rybalchenko beating Jamie Jacobsen 3-2 to register the Ukrainian team's only success.

Simon Parke, who trains regularly at Pontefract and who will play National League for the club this season, edged out Hadrian Stiff 11-5 in the fifth, having been 2-1 down, in a match which understandably attracted a large crowd.

Derek Ryan, on familiar territory, despite having lost his way yesterday, led Fitzwilliam [Ireland] to a comfortable 4-0 win over Angels [Luxembourg] and host club Pontefract's young side-3 teenagers and a twenty year old, led by England Junior international, James Earles, beat Wohlen[Switzerland] 4-0.

Pontefract's women's team, holders of the championship, also made a winning start, beating Stockholm [Sweden] 4-0.

Fitzwilliam [Ireland] bt Angels [Luxembourg]         4/0
Aberdeen [Scotland] bt Petroholding [Ukraine]       3/1
Pontefract [England] bt Wohlen [Switzerland]         4/0
RecreanSC [Belgium] bt SquashRC Vaduz[ ]          3/1
RoslagenSRC [Sweden] bt TopgrungLW [HUngary] 4/0


Colets Full Blast

's, whose record in the European Club Championships stands with the best, began their 2010 campaign with a 4-0 win over Luxembourg's Angels.

Small wonder at the ease of the victory when the side consists of Mark Cairns, Scott Handley, Lee Drew, now firmly establishing a reputation as a coach in darkest Essex, and Clive Ewins.

Hard to imagine a more experienced team and much to their credit, they have retained their enthusiasm for the sport. What aggravates me most is that, whenever I see them, they look much the same. I must look more closely to see if they are dyeing their hair and to see what make-up they are using! Whatever, they will take a deal of beating.

Watching today has been a pleasure: players competing hard, but I haven't seen a single dispute or incident, After the events in Hong Kong, which depressed me, I have found that quite re-assuring. 

Ready for the off in Ponte
Malcolm Willstrop reports

Pontefract Squash club was packed for the opening of the European Club Team Championships, beginning today.

Faces abounded: Derek Ryan, for many years a valued Pontefract player, still managed to get his Irish team lost -overshooting the M62 and almost ending up in Hull!

Simon Parke, Scott Handley, Lee Drew, Clive Ewins, Tim Garner..... Paderborn's Simon Rosner's pilot failed to show -no reason given - and he would be arriving late. Peter Barker will be representing the upper reaches of the game after his splendid win in Hong Kong.

The Managers made another re-draw. The Mayor and Mayoress were in attendance and the Mayor stated how pleased and proud he was that Pontefract was staging such a prestigious event.

Cath Smith,of the Leydon-Smith School, doyenne of dance, assisted by Darren Wakefield, provided the entertainment, as youngsters performed a Moulin Rouge spectacular and cheer leading and slightly older dancers gave the bemused foreign players a touch of Pontefract culture, if such a thing exists!

Pontefract Squash Club has been a hive of activity recently, as volunteers,with all hands to the pumps, worked cheerfully to have the club in order for the championships. As happens with dress rehearsals when it is hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, by the time everyone arrived all was in place, though I suspect one or two locals could hardly believe it.

Now to the squash and let it be played in the spirit this



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Men's Squads

Women's Squads

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