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Jack Flynn, 1941-2011

Sad news reaches us that Irish Referee Jack Flynn, after suffering a major stroke a few days ago, passed away last night in hospital in Dublin. Contributions welcomed ...   flynn@squashsite.co.uk

Our family appreciates the kind words that have been said about Jack on this site since his passing.

It is very comforting to know that he was highly regarded by players and officials of squash throughout the world.

God bless and thank you.

Breda, Louise, Alan, Keith and Sharon

The Greek Squash Federation expresses the deepest regrets and heartedly condolences for the loss of Jack, a great sportsman and a very just and fair squash referee.

He will be always remembered by all of us.

Mohamed Samanudi Milton Menexelis,
George Barletis,  Marcos Passaliades
I am deeply saddened to hear of Jack’s passing.

He was a friendly guy who always had a smile on his face and a cheery word to hand.

He was a top class referee. My thoughts are with his family.

Linda Davie
Really upsetting to read the news this morning of Jack's passing.

Only yesterday I was making enquiries to travel to Dublin in April for
the Cannon Kirk Homes Irish Open at the Fitzwilliam club, which is where I met Jack for the first time only last September whilst reporting that event for squashsite.

Jack, as Tournament Referee, was so friendly and helpful to me, always ensuring that I had the correct up to date scores and results. We promised to meet again at this year's tournament, unfortunately even if I make it, I will miss Jack's friendly presence and assistance.

My sincere condolences to Jack's family and friends.

Arthur Curran
I am very saddened to hear of Jack's passing. A fine man, a fine referee and a very fair assessor.

I met him in various parts of the world in my refereeing capacity and it was always a pleasure to be in his company.

Could never get my head round the concept of a non-drinking Irishman though! He will be sadly missed.

David Mathie
I was very sad to awaken this morning to the news of Jack's passing.

I remember meeting Jack for the first time in Princeton at the World Juniors in 1998, and he was always a great person to be around at tournaments. He was always full of jokes and irish humour.

He was very friendly and was a great referee too. He was a great supporter of my squash to this day; he always found time to email me congratulations after a tournament win, and will be greatly missed by the world of squash.

Nick Matthew
So sorry to hear of Jack’s passing. I first met him at the British Open in Aberdeen in 1999. He was always great company and a good referee.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.

God Bless you, Jack.

Alan Thatcher
It is very sad news and on behalf of Junior Squash in Ireland I would like to say that in his approach to refereeing down through the years he always put the players first! He will be greatly missed by squash in Ireland.

Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dhílis!

Lee Healy
Junior Secretary, Irish Squash
It was terrible to hear the news of Jack's passing this morning. He was a terrific referee, very passionate about the game, and always up for the craic. He’ll be sorely missed.

My sympathy goes out to his family.

Brian O Hora
Very sad news. Jack was always one for an easy smile and a quick quip. Even when he was serious you knew he had a little gem up his sleeve.

He was a great spirit and his passing is a loss shared by all of the squash community the world over.

Martin Heath
It was with great sadness that I heard the news of Jack's passing. I would like to pass on my deepest sympathies to his family at this very sad time.

He was a true gentleman and a good friend to me during my time as a player and a referee. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Jack Allen
Along with so many of the squash fraternity, past and present, I deeply feel Jack's untimely passing.

I will remember him as a loyal friend, an entertaining companion, and a wise confidant.

I offer my deepest sympathy to his dear wife Breda, and indeed to all his family in their sad loss.

John Massarella
I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Jack this morning.

I will always remember Jack for his generous help, advice and support he gave to me and many other referees, he was a true friend and gentleman.

My sincere condolences to his wife Breda, family and friends.

Wendy Danzey
Terrible and sad news about Jack.

Throughout the 90s we travelled Europe and other parts of the world together as International Referees. He was a good and supportive friend, a good colleague to work with, and good company, even though sharing a room with his snoring wouldn’t have been top of my anticipations!

His work for squash in Ireland in particular, and his refereeing experience will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with his family.

David Stevenson
It is with profound sorrow that I hear of the passing of a great friend, Jack Flynn.

I first met Jack in Kuala Lumpur in 1989, and he and I have shared many squash memories and many laughs at many events around the world since then. Jack was always in a cheery mood, and could be counted on to find the humour in any situation. He became a welcome visitor to the Canadian Nationals in his role as a WSF Assessor, and his experience and guidance has greatly benefited many an aspiring Canadian referee.

Jack was always able to capture the local flavour wherever he was in the world. As the Assessor at one particular team event at the Pan American Games, he sensed the great rivalry that existed between Argentina and Brazil and suggested that the introductions should be made as "Let's get ready to rumble, love-all".

Our prayers are with Breda and his family at this difficult time.

Graham Waters
Jack was a great referee because his empathy for the players. And he was a great and nice person because his empathy with humanity.

Next december my Christmas postcard will not join him in Dublin but I 'll continue to hear this Irish music that both of us enjoyed so much even the gay reel of his life has became suddenly a very sad Irish

Yves Moineau
I was saddened to hear the was the news of Jack's passing. A sound man who gave me some encouraging words over the years. He'll be sorely missed by squash in Ireland.

Arthur Gaskin
Extremely sad to hear of Jack’s untimely passing.

A fantastic gentle man, Jack’s smile and warmth brought much joy and happiness to all, both on the Irish circuit and also on the World Stage. Jack’s enthusiasm and love of the game will be remembered by all who knew him and his memory and smile will live long amongst all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

My thoughts go to his family and friends at this very difficult time.

Rest in peace Jack x

Laura Mylotte
What a character this guy was!

As many have testified, he was an honest-to-goodness, truly jovial fella and a pleasure to be around. Canadian officials remember him fondly for the many times he attended events here as assessor.

These initial days are filled with sadness – but memories of the happy times together always help lessen that pain.

Barry Faguy
It was very sad news when I went on squashsite last night just before our PSL match and read about Jack's passing.

Jack was always so friendly at tournaments and keen for a chat. He was one of the faces I will always remember right from my early days on the Tour.

His dedication to squash and refereeing in particular have been outstanding, he will be sorely missed by all on the squash scene.

My sincere condolences to his wife, family and friends.

Renan Lavigne
All of us in Ireland connected with the Irish Squash Open are saddened to hear of Jack's death.

Jack has been at the heart of the tournament for years; his contribution and love of squash went way beyond his role as Tournament Referee. He was always good humoured, with a ready smile and a helping hand for everyone.

Our sincere sympathies to his wife Breda and all his family. We miss you Jack. Rest in peace.

Gina Menzies
I was very sad to read the news of Jack´s death. He was a lovely man and a true gentleman.

I will always remember him for his amiable and encouraging nature, whilst still maintaining an air of authority, a rare combination indeed. He will be a great lose to the world of squash.

My thoughts are with his family.

Anita Dixon
On this day when a dear friend to many of us and the game of squash is laid to rest, all of our thoughts are with his closest friends and his family on this sad day.

Jack, we will miss you.

Alex Gough
I was so sad to hear of Jack's death. He was such a lovely, happy, friendly man.

He had a great passion for squash and I and all of the squash community had great respect for him as a referee and as a person.

When I travel back to Dublin for the Irish Open next month, it will be touched with sadness as it wont be quite the same without him.

I will miss you Jack.

Madeline Perry
I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Jack. He was a true gentleman with a great sense of humour.

Jack always had time for everybody. My thoughts go out to all his family at this sad time.

David Evans
Very sad to hear news of jack passing away. He was a lovely guy who always put a smile on your face with his great sense of humour.

He was a very fair referee who would always give his best and dedicate a great deal of his life to squash. He will be greatly missed.

My thoughts go out to his family at this very sad and difficult time.

Mark Chaloner
"I had the pleasure of knowing jack from he start of my junior squash career. he was a true lover of Squash, you could see when he was around the tournaments that he was happy.
Always great to talk to, both on and off the court, though never gave me enough free points (I did ask for a lot).

He will be sorely missed by everyone involved with the game and more so by his loving family.

My thoughts are with them at this time.

Steve Richardson
He was my very special friend for over 30 years and I will miss him.

My thoughts are with his family.

George Tierney

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of the loss of Jack.
I remember meeting Jack for the first time in the world referees conference at Vienna – Austria in the year 2003.

Although we had a little interaction through this period but I found him very kind & supportive.
My sincere condolences to his family members & friends.

Tahir Khanzada

Very sad to hear of Jack's passing, the news of which came as such a shock. It was always a great pleasure to work with him and it is difficult to realise that he will not be around anymore. I am sure, though, that if squash is played in the 'afterlife' then he will already be officiating in some capacity.

I'll miss his friendliness, his humour, his kindness and his honesty. He always had time for everyone and had the ability to put people at ease. It goes without saying that he was a good referee, assessor and mentor.

A good man - the squash world will be a lesser place without you, Jack.

My sincerest sympathies to his family.

Bill West
I met Jack many years ago at the Canadian Nationals and we became friends and kept in touch. I will remember his kindness and friendliness.

I should have gone to Ireland last year to visit when he asked me to. Hindsight – sorry Jack. I will miss your friendship.

Chris Yap
I am very saddened to hear the news of Jack leaving us. When I think of all the Irish legends over the years such as Hosey, Ryan, Collins, Young, Forde, Barrett, Kavanagh, and all the Scots and the Welsh and even some of the English !!!! who would sit with Jack “ AFTER “ a game he had refereed, I think it says it all about this gentleman.

Whether refereeing professional or amateur squash Jack always had that calming presence with his own personal warm character thrown in.

Fond memories with you Jack over 27 yrs !!!

Adrian Davies
Jack - you will be so missed, a true friend throughout 20 plus years and a wonderful support to all you came in contact with. Thinking of all the family at this difficult time

Joyce Buckley


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