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John Dale   1976-2010                 LEST WE FORGET
The squash community is mourning the passing of John Dale, aged 33.

John won British National Junior titles at several age groups, reached number 89 in the world and dominated Northumbria Squash for many seasons.

After surviving a brain tumor he took up a coaching position in the USA where he was diagnosed with more cancer, and returned home to Newcastle where he spent the last few years of his life undergoing various treatments.

After a series of recoveries and setbacks, a few days ago the news came that John was again fighting for his life and that the end was near. He passed away at home on 28th Jan 2010.

John was an immensely likeable and liked character, and all at SquashSite send our condolences to friends and family.
Send your memories:  johndale@squashsite.co.uk

What can I say that has not already been said, in all the messages that so far have been sent. John was everyone's friend, everyone who came into contact with him in whatever capacity was always guaranteed John would always say hello the next time they met. That's the guy he was, he never fell out with anyone, or bore any malice, an exceptionally rare quality that so few of us have.

The only jink in John s character, he hated any form of endurance training. The thought of going out for a run, or doing court sprints, triggered abdominal cramps each time. What a bugger!! But put the racket in his hand, and he was the easiest person to work with, I only had to feed the ball and watch him hit tight length, or a nick, effortless.

In fact only last year, he came into Tynemouth for some practice hits. His ability to hit the ball so accurately was outstanding, even though walking down the stairs was a challenge, and his balance was not great. Yet every length reached its target, every cross court connected with the side wall, not one shot went down the middle. It was amazing to see, that was talent.

If we can, let's all remember the fun side of life with John. It is terribly sad, but for me, I say to you all, he is now out of his torment. During the latter 6-9 months his health began to suffer more than before. He knew it, he knew he couldn't do what he used to do, that must have tormented him terribly.

Last weekend, having had a massive stroke, it was not nice to see him struggle, and I am sure none of you would have wanted him to. He was made totally comfortable by his carers, 24 hrs, and of course had Linda [mum] and Leanne [fiance] at his side all the time.

So as painful as it is, heads up everyone, lets all smile for John, like he smiled at us all.

Safe journey boy

Ray Rycroft   John's coach
Big John Dale.

One of the good guys, who played with a smile but battled as hard on court as he did his illness.

A great cross-court nick & a massive heart.

Big John Dale. You fought well & your memory will always make me smile.

Tim Garner
I am devastated to hear the news about John Dale today...not only was John a talented squash player but a lovely gentle person, his big smile would always greet you!

He will be sadly missed and I would like to send condolences to all Johnís family and friends.

from all at Jersey Squash

Nick Taylor
So sad to hear about John passing away.

I first got to know him in the early 90's during my student days in Glasgow when he came up to play Scottish National League. He was a great guy, kind and gentle, and he always had a smile on his face.

My thoughts and condolences go out to all his family and close friends.

David Heath
Edinburgh Sports Club, Jan 2007:  Back ... and hoping for good news

It was good to see a familiar face in Edinburgh ... John Dale. You may remember that the North-East star who won several National Junior titles and was a regular on the BSPA circuit, survived a brain tumor a few years back, then three years ago moved on to a coaching position in the USA.

So it was nice to see John, now 30, again, but the main reason for his trip back home - he was coaching Jon Tate to victory in the qualifiers -came as a bit of a shock. "I started a new coaching job at Casino Heights in Brooklyn a few months ago, working with Julian Wellings, Fiona Geaves, Stefan Casteleyn and Meredith Quick," said John. "It was going really well, then I started to get back pains.

"I got it checked out and they found two tumors in my back. So I came home to the UK to get full tests, and although I haven't had the results yet the doctors think it might be some sort of blood cancer.

"Casino Heights were great, they paid for the flight home and they've held my job open, so hopefully I'll be able to go back there soon, we'll just have to see."

John was the guy when I was young I looked up to and admired as an amazing squash player, he helped me out as a keen junior and looked after me.

I then got to know him more as a friend as I got older and not only was he an amazing squash player he became a great friend. He dealt with his very unfair and horrible illness with great bravery, I will miss you John....

Dave Barnett

I have known John since I was 8 years old, and similar to Dave Barnett have early respect of John and his amazing squash talent and racket skills (I just remember him hitting the nick from anywhere not just a cross court like others have mentioned), which was later replaced by friendship and laughter.

John you were a great lad and you will be sorely missed!

Our thoughts are with your Mum and your fiance Leanne.

Jon Tate, Lucy Clark & Maurice Tate

He influenced a lot of players and those who watched him.

A great friend that will be missed by all.

Neil Dawson

I think everyone will echo Dave Barnett's words about John. Regardless what level you played John would always have time to say hello. He was an exceptionally nice person who will be missed by all those who knew him.

Lesley Old

I have just heard the news and would like to send my condolences to Johnís family and many friends.

John was an immensely talented player and a genuine nice guy, I played many tournaments with John as a junior and always found him good company and a great guy.

My thoughts are with his family at this time.

Dean Finegold

John was one of the original members of our first National League team at the Hallamshire Club in 1998.

He had a big fan base amongst the students at Sheffield University who came down to marvel at his cross court nicks !

A wonderful entertainer and a smashing lad !

Condolences from everyone at the Hallamshire Club , Sheffield .
Hedley Matthew

Why do the good people always depart us early!!?? )-: R.I.P jon Dale friend for life!!! x

Adrian Grant

Strange that I should be in Edinburgh both when I hear of his illness, and of his death ... among many memories of John, some that stand out ...

Hearing the news, at Squash Newcastle, that he had become British Champion in the youngest age category - he was pretty small then - we all hoped he would go on to more, and he did.

Standing behind the court getting the trophies ready when John was about to dethrone Bryan Beeson as Northumbria County Champion. Bryan saw me, mounted a tremendous comeback to win a 13th title, but that was the last time John lost to anyone from Northumbria as he took the title for the next seven years.

Seeing John at home, along with Alan Thatcher, when he had just started his first set of treatments. He was so thin, so weak, he could hardly talk but that smile was as big as ever.

Not long afterwards we had an exhibition at Tynemouth with Peter Nicol and Vicky Botwright to raise funds for John. The place was packed to the rafters, and the cheer when John, still very weak, was introduced took the roof off.

Seeing him play in the County Closed again. He won the B event! He wasn't what he was, but he still was the one who everyone wanted to see.

Rest in peace John, we'll miss you mate ...

Steve Cubbins
My family and I were devastated when we heard the news of John's passing whilst I was in New York.

Many memories came flooding back like the many years he played for Hallamshire in the National League; always providing brilliant entertainment with both his squash (anyone who has seen him play will always remember his backhand x-court volley nick) and his bubbly personality.

John would occasionally return to Sheffield on a weekend to visit his old university friends and often surprised me by turning up unannounced on a saturday lunchtime to watch me train and to catch up over lunch. A true Geordie, John still has many friends in Sheffield and we will all miss him greatly.

Nick Matthew

So sad to hear the news of john. A gifted squash player with a great character and personality.

I had the pleasure to see John again in 2006 here in New York. He was his usual positive self and an absolute pleasure to be around.

You will be in everyone
heart forever my friend. Thoughts are with Johns family at this time.

Clive Leach
I was very sad to receive the awful news yesterday about John's passing.

The very last time I saw him was here in Edinburgh two years ago when he came up to watch and catch up with some of the guys. We talked about cancer as I had been through it and I think he could relate to me swapping chemo stories. Doesn't sound very pleasant but we managed to get a laugh out of it somehow!

He was always a genuinely good-natured and nice guy and squash has lost a true geordie gent.

My thoughts go out to his close friends and family.

Simon Parke
Still so shocked at the news of John's passing.

I first met John during our squash days in the nineties. John would take take me to tournaments and the two of us became close. I can still picture him flying down the M1 at 100 miles an hour in his mums car just to wind me up!!

John was a great guy not only did he have he a great sense of humour but he had a massive heart and loved his family so much.

A life taken so early but John had fought so hard over these past years. My thoughts are with Linda at this time. Rest in peace John.

Xxxx Lisa McKenna
I was shocked and saddened to hear the sad news about John Dale. My first contact with John was on the junior scene and he and my son Paul had some great battles on court. At senior level the contact was in NL matches between Duffield and Northumberland where Johnís ability and dry sense of humour endeared him to the Duffield supporters.

John will be sadly missed and on behalf of all at Duffield I would like to send condolences to Johnís family and friends.

Brian Hargrave
I'm very shocked and sad at this time to hear the passing of john dale. I first met john back in 1999 where i played my 1st BSPA tournament in stourbridge he was my oponent in the 1st round!

I really got to know john better in new york having spent 3 months in the summer of 2006 looking for job positions and spending everyday at westchester squash club.

I will always remember how welcome he made me feel and what a really easy guy he was to get on with, we had some great times during that summer period.

John I will always remember you, rip my friend.

Shahid Khan
Very sad to hear the tragic news that one of the true gents of the squash court has passed away so young.

John, you were a great team mate in our time playing together at Alnwick Squash Club in the Northumbria Leagues as well a tough but very honest opponent when we had to face each other when you ventured up for the Scottish National League.

We had a few laughs together and I will never forget your "big smile" big man.

My thoughts are with all your family and loved ones. You'll never be forgotten.

Barry Sutherland
I only came across John the once, when playing at my home club in Coventry in a exhibition against Nick Taylor, I remember him giving time to play the members in the club, before playing the main match.

My condolences to John's family.

John O'Donnell

Sorry to read on Squashsite of John's passing.Before his illness he was a regular visitor to Dublin and a very popular one.

He will be missed by all who came in contact with him here-a gentleman on and off the court. May I offer my deepest sympathy to his family.

Jack Flynn

What a shock when I opened Squashsite this morning and read the news about John's passing.

I got to know John when the French Federation used to arrange test matches with England Squash between the French Team and England U23. Not only he was a great, gifted and very fair player, but also a very nice guy off court. His big smile will be remembered forever as much as I will remember him in a taxi in Mexico City trying to speak spanish being so drunk!

Last time I saw John was a couple of years ago in New York and the fact it is the last time ever I will have seen him saddens me too much.

My thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace John, you will be sorely missed."

Renan Lavigne
I have only just learned of John's passing. Devastating news, what a great guy, huge smile, fun, positive, brave.

Plenty of memories of John from my days in England, he was a gent on and off the court.

I was only reminding him a few months ago of our trip to Dubai in '99, great times and memories that will live on forever.

Rest in peace bigman.

Derek Ryan
I would just like to add my sincere condolences.

John was a great squash player and a great lad, he will be missed by all who knew him.

Bryan Beeson
I grew up with John, also played squash with him too (though he was way out of my league!). John was a gentleman even as a young boy, he was kind to each and every person he met and his generosity met no end.

He let me and my friends sit in his garage when it was raining and wouldnt think twice about setting his tennis net up for us whenever we wanted to play.

My own brother was too cool to get the metro with his younger sister but John thought nothing of letting me travel with him.
A massive loss to every one who knew you.

A great bloke, a one in a million.

Will miss you john
Catherine Kirkley  xx
The St. Luke's School will forever be grateful to John Dale for his dedication and devotion to our squash team in it's fledgling years.

John took us to our first US Squash National High School Tournament in 2006 and provided the team building, focus and leadership that would eventually lead to St. Luke's to its first national championship. Not only was John a respected coach by his players, he was caring, compassionate and a prince of a man.

We will miss his polite manners and his beaming smile. That smile brought all of us a very different and positive kind of energy and made the world a better place. We will miss John.

St. Luke's Squash, New Canaan, CT
John and I were from the same era and played many times, we had some fantastic battles and off the court were good friends John regularly staying at my house.

I find it impossible to accept how such a genuinely nice guy should have to go through what John did but never once did I hear him complain.

Sometimes life is unexplainable and this is one of those times because what has happened to John Dale is simply not fair.

I and many others will miss him greatly.

Lee Beachill
The news that Johnny Dale passed away on Thursday was such a loss to the squash fraternity as he epitomised everything that the sport is all about. He was as brave a man as anyone would wish to ask for during his battle with his illness.

The last time I saw him was also in Edinburgh Sports Club where we had a giggle about when Derek Ryan, John and I were in Dubai in '99. Great times with a great guy. His smile and enthusiastic demeanour were so infectious.

Our thoughts are with his family and closest friends at this very sad time.

We will all miss you John.

Alex Gough
Having just heard the very sad news of John's passing I just wanted to add my condolences to all his friends and family.

I only met John on a few occasions when he came up to Glasgow to play West Leagues, Tournaments and Scottish National League and he was invariably on the winning side. I too remember his backhand cross-court nick, which I'll will always remember him playing off a very good cork-screw serve against our No.1 Barry Sutherland.

He was always very friendly and took the time to say 'hi' whenever I saw him.

Rest in peace John.

Jason Broadberry
On hearing the news of Johns passing I was like everyone shocked and deeply saddened. John was responsible for my move to the states where we worked at the same club together, and for that I will be for ever in debt to him.

During that time we shared many laughs and more than a few good nights out!, he was a joy to be around.

I will miss you mate and you will never be forgotten.

Andy Learoyd
John was an honorary member of Sheffield Uni squash club. Although he didn't actually go to uni with us, he spent so much time there that we often forgot that (granted, most of it was off court and involved

We've got so many brilliant memories of John that will stay with
us forever but my favourite would be 18 of us sharing a pina colada in the outdoor jacuzzi as the sun set over Cuba! Closely followed by him playing Santa at a Christmas weekend in Craster.

I'll miss you and your huge smile so much,

Carolyn Lomax (and all the Sheffield Uni squash club) xx
I have fond memories of competing with John a long time ago in BSPA tournaments and national league - tough battles with a great player.

I got to know him even better later on when we worked together at the Heights Casino in Brooklyn and he was a genuinely amazing guy. He always had a big smile, a gentle nature, enthusiasm for the game and was a very talented, successful squash player - perfect for working with juniors and they all loved him.

We had some fun times but then 5 months after he started, he went for a MRI for a bad back and found out it was cancer again. John moved in with me and Kelly so he didnít have to be alone and we had a heart wrenching week with more hospital visits and making arrangements to go back to England for treatment with his previous doctor. I saw him for the last time that summer when I went to visit him in Newcastle and he was typically positive, always saying he couldnít wait to get back to work and never lost his famous big smile. Such a sad loss. Our thoughts go out to Linda and Leanne. Rest in peace mate, youíll be missed and never forgotten.

Julian and Kelly Wellings
John will always be remembered as a guy who did all the right things. Honest and hard working with a great humour towards life.

Thoughts go to his family and close friends.

Steve Richardson
So sorry to hear the very sad news, John was one of the most genuine squash players I had the pleasure to know.
He was an extremely talented player, a true professional always with a smile on his face.

My thoughts and condolences to all his family and friends.

From everyone at Hull & East Riding Squash Club.

Lee Scott
John played in our Tournament a few times and was a lovely man, his beaming smile and cheerful disposition, his 100% commitment on the court made him a great favourite at Cleethorpes.

He always had time to mix with the members and was a credit to the game of squash, he will be sadly missed .

Love and thoughts to his family form all at Cleethorpes.

Mike Hallam
I first met John many years ago on the circuit and warmed to him as a person instantly.

He was always upbeat, wore a smile on his face and dealt with his cruel luck with incredible bravery.

He was an extremely talented squash player and was one of the very best ball strikers I ever played. Youíre an inspiration mate and will be deeply missed by all......

Paul Lord
We are saddened to hear the news of Johnís passing away.

He was a courageous and strong-minded person, who, even in the face of adversity, always managed to smile.

Over the years he regularly attended Springs gym, showing us all how a workout should be done! In more recent times, he spoke openly about his health and his progress, yet never complained.

John - you were, are and always will be an inspiration to us all. You will be sadly missed.

Derek & Paula Brydon
Kenton Bankfoot
Such a shame to read this and can't believe he's gone.

I met John through Dave Barnett and Andy Learoyd on some nights out following tournaments where he gladly put us up following a night out and he was a joy to be around as well as a great player.

If you didn't know he was recovering from illness you would never have guessed as he was always so up beat and joking around.

Seeing him arrive up at Edinburgh Sports Club and drinking a pint whilst we were playing will be a lasting memory as will Johns spirit. He truly was an asset to the sport and will be missed by many along with leaving good memories with even more.

Rest in peace John you were a star

Paul Thomas
I am deeply saddened to hear the news about John and my condolences go out to his family and close friends.

Ironically, it was only last week at the Tournament of Champions that a group of us were asking after him, sharing stories and remembering good times with him. Those great memories will live on.

I was lucky enough to be part of his Squash world at the Northumberland Club in Newcastle for a few years of National League and then to have the pleasure of him being in New York (only too briefly) when he started coaching over here. I always enjoyed his company and his infectious smile.

Nobody can deny that John lived life to the full and loved every moment. We will miss you John Dale. We will miss you.

Chris Walker
I knew John well from his years as a member of the Northern Centre of Excellence.

He was not only a high-class squash player, but a very popular and affable person.

His squash career and life was blighted by undeserved illness and it is hard to come to terms with the fact that it has now taken his life at such a young age.

All those who were privileged to know him can take some consolation in the memories we have of him.

Malcolm Willstrop

I was shocked and still can't believe that he is gone.

I got to know daleyboy on 2004 when I moved from Egypt and he moved from England to the US we were roommates for about three years and every morning for those years he kept wondering and asking how come I took the bigger room and left him in the smaller one in our two bedroom apartment....

He was a great guy, great friend, great fun...lots of memories...

John you aren't going to be missed as we will still remember you through our lives..

Ahmed Hamza

John designed this logo for several
US squash junior tourneys he directed

What a dude!

I first met Daley boy, when we went to play a squash tournament in Rotterdam, possibly in 1996, he came along for the trip and actually won the tournament, despite not actually going to uni, and it was from that point he became an honorary member, and there began the antics!

Many nights out all over the place, my girlie mates & I descending on Lindaís house, and many holidays. One of my favourite memories was when John joined myself and 30 police officers on a works night out in Newcastle when he showed us round the city and beat us all at the bucking-bronco!

John, youíre too precious to be forgotten and too priceless to be replaced, forever youíll live on in our hearts and minds.

Flash & Baz Mussell xxx

Iím totally gutted to hear of John passing away. He was a great friend of mine and my whole family and someone I hadnít seen in far too long.

Itís good to read the lovely sentiments from everyone about a truly great guy. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family.

Patrick Foster

As juniors all the younger players looked up to you. Your raw talent with a racket in your hand was obvious to see by anyone who watched you play.

Iíll always remember junior inter-county and your ability to still win against top-class opposition on a Sunday morning like you had had 10 hours sleep instead of about two (and probably too much alcohol).

Your courage throughout your illness is testament to the person you were and Iíll carry fond memories with me always.

Adam Curry
Its a true reflection on John's talent and his infectious personality that his inspiration was indeed worldwide.

An inspiration on the squash court as a junior (even if we did wonder how he managed to find that nick so often) and an inspiration as a man with how he fought his illness with such humility.

Of all the memories of John, one keeps coming back to mind more often than any others... During a league match after Johns first battle with cancer he had one complaint... a slight ankle niggle.

Typical of the man to be so understated. A true battler on and off court. RIP John.

Jonathan & Dennis Buckton

I first met John Dale when he travelled down to Kent 12 years ago to play in the Maidstone Open and the European Squash Festival in Folkestone. He won both tournaments and made a lot of friends along the way.

John and I kept in touch and it was like a bolt from the blue when he revealed he was suffering from a brain tumour.

Johnís friends swung into action and I was pleased to help out with a number of fund-raising activities in his honour, including a fabulous evening at Chichester and two events in a single day in Newcastle, first of all at the Northumberland Club in Jesmond and then at a packed-out Tynemouth in the evening.

Peter Genever senior travelled up from the South Coast to announce that John would be retained in their National League squad whatever his condition.

World champion Peter Nicol willingly supported all three events along with a number of other professionals, clearly illustrating how the squash community rallied round to help such a popular guy on and off the court.

When I visited John with Steve Cubbins he had only just been allowed home after he had contracted a life-threatening infection in hospital.

Amazingly, John recovered steadily and although he was unable to return to the professional tournament scene he was destined to carve out a successful career as a coach.
He was delighted to land a job in the States, but, tragically, the cancer appeared again and John was forced to return home to Tyneside. At least he was closer to his beloved Newcastle United.

I spoke to him on the phone a few weeks ago and he was typically upbeat about fighting the dreaded disease all over again.

Tragically, this time the cancer was not to be beaten and we all lost a great Geordie mate at such a young age.

God Bless You, John. Weíll all miss you.

Alan Thatcher

I was privileged to have met and worked with john on several occasions. He played in a number of exhibition matches for me in Cleethorpes, and in Coventry (to which john o'donnell makes reference).

I remember that night with great fondness. Nick Taylor was also part of the evening. Nick had to keep the locals entertained on court because John had got lost on the way to the club. When he arrived he told me he had changed in the car en route ( don't think he was driving).

John entered the building smiling as always, made his apologies and went straight on court. He then put on a superb match with Nick and answered all the questions that was asked of him in the bar later on.

I found out the very sad news of John's passing from Steph Brind who ironically played in a benefit night for John arranged by Mike Hallam in Cleethorpes.

John you will be sadly missed.


John Whitfield

I was shocked and saddened to hear about John's passing away.

I worked at the Kingston Squash club for 2 years back in 1989 when I was 18. I knew John as a young boy for that very short time. But this I can say - he was always polite & well liked young man - who had huge talent & enthusiasm for his sport. He always had that big beaming smile!

My thoughts are with his Mother & Fiance - I am so sorry for your loss.

Graeme Thompson
(Barman at Kingston Squash 1989-1991)

John joined the Heights Casino in Brooklyn the same time as I did. We ended up having an apt right next door to each other and John was not shy in inviting himself round for dinner, always bringing with him a nice bottle of red.

We had some great fun nights, hard emotional nights too when he knew what was causing his back pain, but John being John would bounce back with a smile and a big hug and say life goes on.

His love of coaching the kids with me was immense, even with so much pain in his back he would fight on and on and on. I was lucky when Leanne and John came over to NY last year as we were able to have a couple of fun nights out, they had a great trip and I am thankful I had that time with him.

My thoughts are with Linda and Leanne.

Fiona Geaves
I would just like to echo what most people have already said:

John Dale was a really nice bloke who always had a smile on his face.

He was a very talented squash player and prior to his illness was rising up the National Rankings. If memory serves me right I believe John was about 24ish in the country which was an excellent achievement...... who knows how much further he could have gone if not for the tragic illness that curtailed his professional playing days.

I would like to express my sincere condolences to his family at this very sad time.

Steve Calvert
I would like to send my condolences to all johns family and friends.

What can you say about such a great guy. In all the years that I have known John I never heard anybody say a wrong word about him, you just had to mention his name in company and it brought a smile to everybody's faces.

I would like to thank John for helping my son Andy Learoyd when he went out to work with John at Westchester Squash in New York.
I will never forget his generosity.

God Bless.

Kevin and the late Katy Learoyd
I only met John on a few occasions but knew him more through other players and through my work with the B.S.P.A and what has always stood out in my mind was the respect, admiration and genuine affection all his peers had for him.
Whenever they spoke of John whether it be about a match or a good social time, it is so easy and obvious to feel how well liked he was.

I played him only once but saw him play several times and what struck me was that even in the modern era of professional sport, cutthroat at times , here was a man who was a true competitor both on and off the court, conducting himself with great sportsmanship and class, none more so having battled debilitating illnesses for so long which he did with the same qualities he displayed as a player, an indefatigable spirit, a very personal demeanour and a wonderful sense of humour, truly a great example to all of us.

His smile was so infectious and his effect on those around him is so evident from all the pictures I have seen the stories I have heard and the comments I have read .

People like John come along for a very important reason and that is to remind us of all the good people in our lives and to make the most of them, long may he stay in all our hearts.

Really sad to hear the news about John. He really was one of life's good guys and a real talent.

I got to know John when he played Scottish National League for Glasgow Accies and subjected me to a number of beatings, and yes I remember that backhand cross court nick very clearly!

The last time I saw him was here in Edinburgh. He was a pleasure to have met and to have played against and I will never forget that beaming smile that he had for everyone.

Simon Boughton and all at Edinburgh Sports Club
I remember many years ago a young boy with a beaming smile coming up to me and saying I wish I could play like you !!

Well, it didn't take long before I was wishing that I could play like him! I have many fond memories (although painful) of beach training, court sprints and endless boast and drive!!

Life can be so cruel.

You will be sadly missed

Jane Martin xx
Its was terrible to hear the devastating news of Daley Boys passing away last week. He was a very popular, genuine, courageous lad that never ever complained about anything.

I bumped into John a few month back at Durham Services where the normal crack started flowing and after asking how things were going he was his same old upbeat bubbly self loving life.

I also remember when John was just coming back playing and all he said was he had a slight ankle injury after his horrible illness, but the one that sticks in my head was the cross court nick however didn't quite understand how he hit it so often and from anywhere on the court.

You will be massively missed mate R.I.P

Gareth Lumsdon
So sad to hear the news of Johnís passing and the squash world has lost someone who was such a talented player and a great person. It doesnít seem right that his life and squash career was cut short in this way.

I was lucky enough to play in squads and teams with John and all who met him warmed to his humour, huge smile and enthusiasm for the game. Weíll all miss you greatly.
My thoughts go out to Johns family.

Steve Heatley
I was very sad to hear the news about my school friend John Dale a true gent a amazing squash player he won so many tournements.

He was a gifted footballer with a sweet left foot. My happy times are when I done the djing for his 26th birthday at jesmond squash and tennis club what a night great turn out.

RIP john I will miss you dearly.

Jonathan Telfair


The funeral will take place on Friday 5th February, 1.30pm at the West Road Crem, then at The Northumberland Club after. Linda's address is 34 Cowdray court, Kingston Park, Newcastle, NE3 2UA.

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