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Magdi Saad, 1954 - 2011                 LEST WE FORGET

On Thursday, we heard the news that Magdi Saad who was working in Saudi Arabia had passed away.

I could hardly believe it, because he has been in good health and for the past few years had always stressed that at his age, he should always be cautious and never push hard while playing a game of squash.

As we all know, caution and fate can be very different things.

I also know that he will be missed. Such a gentle person. Never have I ever seen him angry or hold within himself hatred for someone.

He was a bundle of talent, an extremely clever player on court. He was so talented, to the point of being one of the world’s top pro’s without having played squash at all as a junior!!

I would have loved to put down his numerous squash achievements, but they are so many, to the point that I have honestly lost track.

From results as a professional player, member of the Egyptian Men’s Team, British Open veterans champion, a coach who has contributed to the success of so many Egyptian junior and senior players. Magdi was truly international in scope, loved and admired by so many.

Magdi, we miss you and always will, and pray that you rest in peace. Our hearts are with your family.

From all your friends in Egypt.

I'll miss you.

I am one of those parents who always respected you, RIP C. Magdy, you will never be forgotten by players & parents as you were RARE in this community.

I was so shocked when I found out.. I had so many memories with him... He coached me for a period.. and I have learnt so many good things from him..

I still now remember the days when he used to go with me on court and beat me 9/0... He was with me in most of the British Juniors I went too...

He was also with me in Switzerland for the world juniors... I travelled so much with him..

All these memories I had with him will never be forgotten.. He was so nice.. I really loved him...I will really miss him...

I was shocked when I read the news.

Captain Magdy was always so healthy and fit. He was one of the most talented people ever to play squash in Egypt. I was keen on watching him play the Over 35 and 45 events in Egypt, you always learn something new when you watch him play. He was a brilliant tactician and a very humble human being.

Egyptian squash will never forget Captain Magdy Saad..

(former referee for the Egyptian Squash Association)
It was with great sadness that I read today of Madgi's passing away.

I remember him fondly from the time I entered the professional tour, as he welcomed me with his quick wit and warm conversation. His skills as a top class Egyptian player are clearly evident amongst the current crop of world class Egyptian juniors.

As I moved to the coaching world, Madgi was already well entrenched in the coaching setup in Egypt, being one of the few players who mastered both squash careers. He continued to engage with all he encountered in the same friendly and knowledgably manner.

My sympathies go out to his family and friends, I am sure I will only be one of many who are deeply saddened by today's news.

I am shocked that Magdi has passed! I do know Magdi very well. He is about 57 only!

I used to see Magdi almost on a weekly basis while I lived in Qatar. That time Magdi was a pro there.

Sad to know!

It came as a shock to hear this news at Canary Wharf.

I have known Magdi for what must be a long time. I first met him at a British Junior Open and then I would bump into him all over the World.

He was a soft spoken and a very kind man who always had time for me.

I only ever saw him play squash once and that was at the Melbourne Festival all those years ago.

He was a beautiful player on court and I could see why he was such a wonderful coach.

So sad and my thoughts are with his family.

Magdi was a friendly guy on the tour and a brilliant squash player. He reached the top ten in the eighties and definitely had the talent to go higher. He was also a high standard tennis player and once entered a Middle Eastern national Open "for fun" an ended up winning it! .

He was very knowledgable about the game of squash and I understand that he was a fine coach. In recent years I have seen him at junior tournaments with various Egyptian squads obviously held in high esteem by his charges. He instinctively understood life and I will particularly remember his modesty and his humour.

In Zurich at The World Juniors in 2008 we played tennis and I wasn't surprised when he played a volley drop with so much backspin that it returned to his side of the net ! My son Charlie and I were in stitches when he changed ends with his racket balanced on his nose, a trick that he performed occasionally during professional matches, to lighten the mood.

Tonight I am very sad but I feel privileged to have known him. He will be greatly missed by all those whose lives he brightened.

I loved Magdy to bits. ... as a junior coming up, my father always made sure that he took me to his matches whenever he was playing a tournament, always told me to watch closely how he plays the game.

The man is an awesome squash talent up there with the very best. A jewel of a person off court. And a grand master of the game

True story: A professional squash and tennis event were running in the same time in Maadi club in Egypt, Magdy won the title in both events and it was a professional event in both sports! He beat everybody in 2 sports, squash and tennis!!!! Now you tell me who else ever did that anywhere...

Magdy you will live forever ... and never be forgotten. Mad respect and love.

You will always be in our hearts as the best Coach, friend, and humble human being who gave all his best to squash and to people around him.

God Bless your soul Coach Magdi and you will always be remembered with all the best memories and your kind heart.

I would like to add my sadness on reading of Magdi's passing.

I recall his matches in the British Open,one in particular at Bromley with Ashley Naylor and others with Christy Willstrop and whenever I met him afterwards he was always welcoming,full of fun and mischief.

He played with the same obvious enjoyment and he is,like Ahmed Safwat and Gamal Awad,his countrymen,one of those people you are glad you knew and you will never forget.

It is with great sadness to hear the news of Magdy’s passing. While a top professional in the eighties, Magdy spent a lot of time at the Heliopolis Sporting Club where he made friends with everybody: the young and the old, the top players and the beginners.

I was one of those privileged to know Magdy and to watch him play in close range. His humility, kindness and immaculate talent will be cherished by all who knew him.

My condolences to Magdy’s family and to the entire squash community in Egypt and worldwide.

I learned a lot from your brilliant talent on court and from your great, kind and polite respectful Presonality on and off Court.

We all as Egyptain squash players LOVED YOU and you will never be forgotten ...

Rest in Peace coach.......

It was very painful, hearing about your death.

I remember that when I first started playing squash, I was 7 years then, you were my coach .You were very humble, indeed a gentleman.

I hope that we all try at least to make the same effort you did for squash in Egypt. We all consider you our father.

Last but not least, I am sure that you are more happy now.

May God bless your soul.

Myself & my family were very saddened yesterday to hear of Magdi's passing.

We first met Magdi in my junior days when he came to the British Juniors coaching such fine Egyptian players as Wael el Hindi, Mohammed Abbas & Amr Shabana, and our paths crossed many times since.

Whenever he was coaching the Egyptian team he always conducted himself with great humour, dignity and humbleness both in victory and defeat, and it's no surprise that some of his protogees are amongst the finest gentlemen on the tour today.

Cap. Magdy you will always on our minds that full of good advices and you will always on our harts that full of good memories.

I was really shocked when I knew, he was a really kind person.

I don't have a lot of memories with him but I remember when he used to sing for me in the British open Shuttle while going to my matches.

Coach Magdi a father & Coach you will be really missed RIP :( ........
I’m in total denial of Captain Magdy Saad’s death.

Although I asked many people wishing they would refute it, they all confirmed it. However, I still don’t want to believe it. That is because he was a phenomenal person inside out. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the position or spotlight he deserved to take in this world because of his modesty, kindness and seriousness.

Therefore, I pray he takes it in heaven which is way more crucial for him. There is a popular quote which says, “ When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. “

Captain Magdy, since you were such a lovable person, I want to tell you that if love could have saved you, you would have guaranteed to live forever.

May your soul rest in peace.

Magdi my older Brother my coach and my friend I'm really shocked when i heard that...

You teached me a lot in my life you advised me in different situations, we achieved together a lot of wins we, travelled together all over the world .

This will be very Hard on me to keep going without you Magd,i but I'm sure you will be in the place you Deserve.

I'll keep pray for your Soul Magdy and

May god Bless your Soul.

Your Brother :
I have known Magdi for many years - in fact I think he was at every major event I have ever played or coached at.

The first to shake your hand after a tough defeat or victory- whether he was directly involved or not. Such a fine individual with such dignity, pride and humbleness: I didn't even know he was such a great tennis player until reading some of the other messages here!

Undoubtedly loved and respected by the whole community, Magdi will be sorely missed but I sense he will still somehow be at our future major events in spirit. I will certainly be looking out for him.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.

What a very sad day for squash. He was a true gentleman who always had a smile on his face.

It was a true joy to see him around the courts every time I travelled to Egypt. It was great to hear his stories and see him hit around with the juniors.

Magdi has shown us all how to play this game both on and off the court with great passion.

May we all step on the court today with a smile on our faces and not a worry in the world...The way Magdi would have wanted you to play!

My friend, and brother Magdi,

I know I'm writing this a little late, but I was in shock and denial when I first heard, and until now, I still cant wrap my mind around the fact that you are no longer with us.

I'm not upset that all these people are writing all these wonderful things about you, but what I wish was that you were still with us to understand how much people loved you and will miss you.

In the end, I wish one day we'll meet again. You will forever be in the Squash Families hearts.

magdi@squashsite.co.uk                                          LEST WE FORGET

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