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Nour El Sherbini is 19
A few birthday wishes from the World of Squash for the Miracle Girl...

Click here to read about Nour's Team

"Nour is a natural talent but she has the determination to work hard from a very young age. I could tell watching her compete at the World Open in Amsterdam after just winning her World Junior title at 13.

She has grown to become a player to beat at the professional tournaments while still being a junior and this is quite rare in the squash world.

She showed a lot of maturity playing the World's in Penang and with her win there over myself and a close finals with Laura, there is definitely a bright future ahead for her after this."

"It is clear to me that in Nour we are looking at a player who, if she continues on her current trajectory, could become one of the greatest players of all time.

To reach a World & a British Open final before whilst still a junior player is a remarkable feat and I wish her the best of success as a full time senior."

Nour is one of the most talented players I've ever seen.

She's accomplished so much even when she was 13 years old and she made history in juniors and women's as well although she is nt even 18 yet.

Enough about squash, Nour is my baby sister. She is so funny and the best thing about her is that she is always smiling and laughing and she spreads it to everyone.

I just love her and enjoy my time with her.

If you see Sherry on court, you'll feel she's like 10 years ahead of her age, a very mature player with a mixture of super squash and grace. The patient shot-maker. But one look at her off court an she's 18 in a heartbeat.

Childish, very impatient (especially when she's hungry) and unorganized. One can never describe the look on her face whenever she sees sweets or candy (snacks as she would call them haha) but definitely one of the most caring, helpful and pure hearted people I ever met.

That girl whose highest ambition after winning second place at the 2013 Women's World Open was just a big bag filled with lots of candy, may be saying goodbye to her junior career now, but she definitely said her hallos to her senior one a long time ago.

There are no words to describe Nour's talent or perseverance on court.

From a very young age (13) Nour has been as complete as a player as someone who is 20 years old. She amazes me each year more than the year before.

Since the world juniors in India, she made me look up to her in a way or another. Even though we are competitors, I learn a lot from watching her play whether from her style of play or her composure on court.

I've witnessed Nour's big wins (well some of them) and some of her losses too and either way she has been very graceful. She has been able to back up BIG wins and she has been able to come back very strong after bad losses.

For me her composure on court is one of the best in the squash world at the moment. And that's all credit to her.

I just want to congratulate her for a tremendous junior career, a career that would one day be taught to the future generations.

Finally, I wish her all the best in her upcoming tournaments not just because she is a terrific player but a very good friend to have in your corner.

I think the first of many battles together started in 2009 in Chennai, India. It was both our first time playing in World Junior Championship.

Nour El Sherbini was 13 and I was 16. Even from such a young age, Nour was already an amazing player. I remember having to play her in the team event and thinking, "Shoot, I'm going to get annihilated by the world champion right now".

This was the start of many matches against each other. In world juniors, we would go back and forth either winning 3-0 or losing 3-0. Even though it would only be 3 games, it was still a battle nonetheless.

Nour is one of the most talented players on tour and it isn't her talented that draws people's attention. It how mature and fair she is on court.

I know that whenever we compete, even though we both want to win, we have the utmost respect for each other both on and off the court. The matches are played in good spirit, fairness, and high quality, and you can always count on that with Nour.

 I'm looking forward to more battles between us in the years to come. Hopefully one day that will entail a World Championship final between us.

Back when.... 2010.... And a long career already...

It is difficult to combine academic study with squash at the highest levels, so as Nour embarks on a full time professional career, things will be easier for her,bearing in mind how much she has already achieved.

I remember well how impressed I was with her at the Britsh Open at the O2 in London, where she performed so well. What impressed me most was her technique, especially on the backhand and her demeanour.

She is representative of the best Egyptian players and without knowing her too well she strikes me as being a daughter/sister you can be proud of-and that is most important of all. I wish her well.

Nour has been one of the most prolific junior squash players of all time, if not the most prolific. She has already made her mark at senior level reaching British Open and World Championship finals.

This is an incredible achievement for anybody, let alone for one so young. An exciting senior career beckons. And if she never wins another title it will have been outstanding as it is.

Regardless of further achievements I'll be looking forward to just watching her determination and distinct ability on the court.

Nour has ended her junior days but she started the wsa circuit really early which probably brought her a lot.

She has been world junior champion and almost won the World Open last year at 18 years old which is amazing. She can be proud of what she achieved at such young age.

She has lot of talent and will probably bring lot of trophies in the future for Egypt.

All the best

" I don't know Nour very well outside the court, but she's always kind and smiling to everyone, she seems to be a very sweet girl.

On court, she's very talented, as many Egyptians players, but reaching top 4 in the world at her age is very impressive.

She has achieved already a lot of things in her junior career and i'm sure she's not done with it."

1. I've been very impressed by Nour in her career so far, particularly her attitude and court demeanour. She already has overcome some injuries and come back stronger and is a great ambassador for women's squash.

2. It is an exciting time for women's squash right now as the field is very competitive. The keys to success will be determined by consistency and mental strength, and Nour has already shown both of these attributes.

I wish Nour all the best with her career.

The first time I saw Nour play was at the British Junior Open quite a few years ago. I remember how comfortable she looked on court already at such a young age.

Since then she has broken records and set the standard high for women's squash alongside the best.

I look forward to many challenging matches with her on Tour.

"Every so often squash throws up something so special that it will be remembered as long as people's memories last. Nour El Sherbini winning the World Junior title in Chennai in 2009 aged 13 is one of them. Strong physically, and serene mentally she was quite a phenomenon, but would the girl from Alexandra be able to fulfil her obvious potential?

Her personality has blossomed, as has her game. We need look no further than her beating Nicol David to claim a spot in the World Championship final in Penang earlier this year to show that she is already a fully formed player, the real deal.

It hasn't been easy because of injuries, but her application and careful guidance of father Atef have ensured that we are witnessing a squash career that will soar. "

"Nour has shown an incredible level as a junior squash player. To win the World Junior Championship three times, as well as a silver medal at the Women's World Championship and the British Open before the age of 19 is simply astonishing.

We will no doubt see plenty more of Nour on the WSA World Tour now that her junior career is over, which is exciting news for squash fans all over the globe."



Is one of the best juniors but actually one of the best players in the world. She is my partner since when I was 10 years old , she is always different on court than any player, she is very sharp and skillful.

She is a real champion because no one can come back from a ridicules injury and win a world junior and a runner up in the women worlds 2013.
I wish her all the best in her future career.
Fares Dessouki
Nour is definitely one of the best Squash junior players of all time, making history for her and her country at the very young age.


Nour and myself grew up in the same club but we never really spoke much.

Always kept that distance, that made things difficult for us to know each other personalities. For so many reasons, age difference, competition and club/ coaches issues we didn’t practice together either but I always respected her.

As we grow older, each of us makes his own decisions, and therefore things are going way better. As a player Nour is very dangerous on court since she was very young. I never forget my last world juniors when she beat me 3/2 in the quarters and that was the start of her amazing career.

But regardless of how she acts on court, knowing her as a person is a totally different story. She’s smart, polite, humble, always respects the elder person which is hard to find in the juniors nowadays and the list goes on! Oh but from today she’s not a junior anymore.

 Happy 19th birthday Sherry, wishing you a very bright future and I’m sure you’ll make it to the top soon xx

The Egyptian Squash Legend is now 19 years old, The Squash Giant with her name glowing in the Squash World

You make everyone proud and especially me. Your Achievements are very remarkable and cannot be denied by anyone, and what's more special about you is you sportsmanship and your attitude on and off court.

Your Squash is amazing pure and Sharp.
Plus, more important is your family who always keep supporting you.

On this day I would like to wish you a happy happy birthday full of victories and success and I wish we could do it together and top the Women rankings soon


When Nour opens Squash Courts...

Nour is a real champion!

She is such a great image for an intellectual squash player.

She is not only a talented player, but also an ethical person. I hope I could turn out to be half as good as she is. May her life be full of success and happiness..

Alexandria Sporting Club Junior

Nour is known by her amazing personality.

Her patience and determination glows, I would know that because of C. Waleed would not stop talking about it haha.

Her winning the world juniors at the age of 13 making her a squash miracle and earning the respect of top players made her a role model for rising players to look up to till now.

Her junior years have just ended which means this is just the beginning of her journey.

Alexandria Sporting Club Junior

Nour Sherbini is a highly talented, motivated squash player. At the age of 14 she proved herself as a superstar by winning under-19 World Junior Open individual title in India. She ended up winning this title another two times, passing the legend’s, Nicol David, junior record. Years later I knew I could count on Nour when the Egyptian National team was in a tight situation.

In 2011, Egypt was competing in the World Junior Team event in the United States. At the time we needed a player we could trust for a win, but Nour was recovering from surgery and had not been competing competitively for several months. Against the advice from others, I went with my instinct and fought for Nour’s position.

She ended up proving her worth by winning key matches that brought the team to the finals. Without her Egypt would not have won the Championship that year. Standing firm on keeping Nour in the lineup was one of my best decisions during my career as Head Coach of the National Team.

Nour is great for the professional circuit. Her classy style keeps the sport interesting, fun and competitive; and, ideally showcases squash’s ability to thrive on the olympic level.

"Nour has had a remarkable junior career and to win the World Junior championships at such a young age was amazing.

Her demeanour on and off the court is always pleasant and it will be a pleasure to keep seeing her at tournaments for the years to come.

Good luck to her as she enters this next phase of her life. I am sure she will enjoy it whatever happens."

Bravo my little Nour

May the Angels of Squash protect you and keep you for ever just as you are. Your kidness, empathy, intelligence not to mention talent make you one of the purest souls I ever met.

Just don't change. You are our own Miracle Girl. Just don't ever change.


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