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The RULES of Squash

At times squash seems a simple game. Get on court, run after the ball, hit it where your opponent can't get it.

But there's a bit more to it than that.

This section gives you access to the full rules of the game, plus simplified versions, analyses and additional rules resources.

You don't have to learn it all by heart, but a basic knowledge of the rules is essential, so for newcomers start with the abbreviated rules and work your way down the list until you're an expert!

If you have any rule-specific queries try the Rules FAQ .
For any other questions you have, visit the Clinic.

the MOST COMMON questions,
and some basics:

  • the lines, and anything else around the court (roof, lights etc) are OUT
  • yes, you can do a 'tennis' or overarm serve
  • the serve must hit the front wall first, but can hit any other walls, as long as it lands in the opposite back corner (and yes, you can volley it)
  • in essence, if your swing is impeded it's a let, if your swing is prevented it's a stroke
  • it's up to you to get out of the way, if you don't it's a stroke (simplified version!)

Let Please!
The Interference Line of Thinking ...
Refereeing is a thankless but necessary task. It always helps to know the rules, and to use the correct calls, but the real 'nitty-gritty' is what you do when one of the players appeals for a let. Below is a summary of the thought process a referee should go through when asked 'Let Please'...
The Question ... The Answer ...
1. Did interference occur ?

The striker has four basic rights, and interference has occurred if the opponent fails to provide him with any of these, even if he has made every effort to do so:
  • Unobstructed direct access to the ball

  • A fair view of the ball

  • Freedom to hit the ball

  • Freedom to play the ball directly to the front wall

If no interference has occurred, then it's NO LET, otherwise move on to no.2

2. Could the obstructed player have reached the ball and made a good return ? And was he making every effort to do so ? If either answer is NO, then it's NO LET,
otherwise move on to no.3
3. Did the obstructing player make every effort avoid the interference ? If he didn't, then it's a STROKE,
otherwise move on to no.4
4. Was the obstructed player in a position to play a winning return ? If so, then it's a STROKE,
otherwise it's just a LET

Remember though, that this is a simplification -
read the rules thoroughly.

The over-riding principle of the rules is to
ensure a fair result for both players.

Technical Information Sheets
from England Squash
1- England Squash Approval Scheme & Approved List of contractors and suppliers
1a- Basic building requirements for the construction of traditional squash courts
2- Court markings, diagram & ancillary items
3- The installation of new squash court flooring & diagrams
4- How to deal with slippery squash court floors
5- Wall insulation in squash courts
6- Glass walls & safety recommendations
7- Guidelines for coloured courts
8- Squash court lighting and diagrams
9- Heating and ventilation for squash courts-including the basic principles of condensation in squash courts with a moisture diagnosis chart
10- England Squash Maintenance List
11- Suppliers
12- Guidelines for safety on squash courts
13- England Squash safety code for squash players
14- Eye Protection
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Sending in RESULTS: rights and wrongs

How to build a squash court in 15 easy steps!


Court Dimensions


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