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News extracts from around the world, contribute

Issue #28
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Kuwait World Open starts in Surrey

Details of the Kuwait Men's World Open have been released,
with the event set to start with qualifying in Surrey, England ...

For more than four years, Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah has been orchestrating and planning the hosting of the world’s most prestigious squash tournament, the PSA World Open 2009, which will be staged in Kuwait between the 1st and 7th November.

The event was awarded to Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah by the PSA and the WSF as a result of her historical endeavours over the last four years of hosting and producing tournaments within Kuwait.

Qualification for the championships will be held in London, England on the 28th August 2009 at St George’s Hill Squash & Tennis Club, where thirty-two players -  the twenty highest ranked PSA players, eight WSF selected players and four Kuwaiti nominated players - will compete for sixteen main draw places in the main draw to be played in Kuwait.

Abdullah Al-Meyzeyan, the Kuwaiti No.1, has been awarded a wildcard place into the main draw and will have the honour of playing the first match of the event following the Opening Ceremony.

The prize fund of US$275,000 is the largest ever offered by any World Open or World Tour event.

Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah has assembled a team of leading professionals to manage all aspects of event management, under her direction as the President of the Higher Organising Committee:

Robert Edwards
- The Voice of Squash - has been an integral part of the success of the Kuwait Open in recent years and has put off his retirement to take part in the upcoming tournament as Presenter and Technical Director and International TV Commentator,

Jahangir Khan
can lay claim to being the greatest player of any era and will be an honoured guest and tournament adviser.

Paul Walters
, CEO of internationalSPORTgroup™, has been appointed as the Event Director.

"The Kuwait Men’s World Open 2009 promises to be the biggest and best championships in the sport's history.

"and will be a fitting climax to the long-term contribution of Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah whose vision and generosity has provided massive opportunity to the world of squash.

"It will be a festival of fun, amusement, laughter and sport." 

"The PSA were delighted to award the 2009 Men’s World Open to Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah.

"Over the past few years Kuwait has produced some of the most spectacular events on the PSA World Tour and we have no doubt, as the prize money suggests, this will the biggest and the best PSA Men’s World Open we have ever seen.

"Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah and her event management team have a wealth of experience in producing high class squash events and together with the top sixty-four players in the world this is certainly a World Open not to be missed."

PSA Chief Operating Officer

2008 Champion, Ramy Ashour


Kuwait Open 2008

Kuwait Open 2007

Kuwait Open 2005

StreetSquash Special

With his tie gone long before he had arrived, Joshua Gary needed only a few minutes to change out of his public high school’s mandatory black sweater and slacks and into his squash gear: white shoes, shorts, clear protective glasses. Screeches of excitement and sneakers echoed across the eight courts as he joined Jamel Key, 17, and Jennifer Moses, 18.

The three college-bound seniors from Thurgood Marshall Academy, friends since junior high, dodged and glided their way to and from the red “T” at the center, the ball hugging the right wall with each shot.

Less than two weeks remained before they would graduate from StreetSquash, an intensive program that combines athletics and academics, and they seemed to be getting in all the shots they could. Each of the students would be heading to college, but none where they could play squash for their school. 
Full Story

StreetSquash En Bref

Full Story


StreetSquash Cup

The first Annual StreetSquash Cup was held in May 2009 at the StreetSquash Center in Harlem. The event was a smashing success with squash players and pros from centres around New York taking part.

With this frst installment under our belt, we are looking forward to making the StreetSquash Cup an annual tradition for StreetSquash and for the New York City squash community.

StreetSquash Squash Director

StreetSquash En Bref

ToC EN BREF ...  from January 2009

Everything you never knew you needed to know about the ToC ...


I don’t like tubes, ok? I do like buses, but I don’t like tubes. So from Grand Central, I had decided to take a taxi to go to the StreetSquash facilities, off the 5th Avenue, but far far away from the 5th Avenue that your mind is picturing.

But Simon Rosner was on his way there to play the second match, and he insisted for us to take the tube. All right I said. “You’ll see, it’s simple!”. Yeah right, I had to go upstairs, downstairs, change lines, with my three tons bag, and my bad knees… I was cursing him, bless him, and he was laughing his head off.. Boys….!!!!

Still, we arrived very quickly – I give him that – and were welcomed by Sat, one of the staff members. I was immediately impressed by the light and the intelligent construction of it all. It’s such a modern building, so bright, so easy to circulate.


Well, make no mistake. It’s not a recreational place for kids to come round whenever they feel like it. No, it’s an academic place, where attendance is the Key Word, and where school primes on everything else. But, on top of their schooling, or of their summer schooling, they play and learn about squash.

StreetSquash participants have a varying range of academic aptitude and performance. They select participants based on commitment and effort, rather than on performance. They look to work with students who are diligent and committed to learning and improving, and offer middle school, high school and one-to-one tutoring.

The rules are strict, and followed by all. The place is spotless, no food or drink (except water) on the premises, no messing around, and yet, you can feel the kids having the time of their life: they are busy, they are learning, people are caring for them, for their education, for their welfare.

For their future….


Needless to say people that all what they provide is free for the kids, and they basically give a chance who those that don’t have any. Needless to say StreetSquash needs money to do that. Needless to say they need you, SquashSite readers, and all the people that you can think who could help that great project.

I just loved the place. I loved the concept, and the thought behind it. These people believe in those kids, they believe that they can have a bright future. And to be able to do so, they need to be supported.

Maybe you squash players can organise exhibition matches there, to really get them enthused. Maybe you can help with getting public or sponsorship money to them? Or simply, maybe you can click on their donate page. And help them.

Whatever you’ll do, thanks.

"Sat", squash director and my guide for the day ...


World Squash News Celebrates 5,000 Not Out

The World Squash News service - sponsored jointly by the WSF, PSA and WISPA and produced by Howard Harding - celebrated a notable milestone at the weekend by producing its 5,000th edition.

Launched in October 1996, the sport's international media service has chronicled countless championships from the flourishing PSA and WISPA World Tours across all five continents; it has highlighted day-to-day news of more than 600 players competing full-time on the men's and women's Tours; has covered numerous WSF world championships across all age-ranges, in addition to the sport's presence in all but one of the major multi-sports Games around the world; and has nurtured the sport's long-time bid to join the Olympic Games programme.

The 5,000 reports over the past twelve and a half years highlight the fact that the sport - which boasts some 20 million players worldwide - has generated an average of more than one international news story each day over the period.

"It was an inspired initiative back in 1996 that brought the three key international bodies in Squash together to coordinate this vital news service – one which has ensured that the world's media have been able to rely on a steady diet of newsworthy material from the sport," said WSF Vice President Frank van Loon.

PSA Chief Executive Alex Gough agreed that the service had reached 'a huge milestone':

"The world of squash has been very fortunate to have someone as professional and diligent as Howard Harding over the past 12, nearly 13, years making sure that the game's news has been heard loud and clear across the planet. The game has grown a lot over this time and Howard has done brilliantly keeping with the demand and responsibility."

WISPA Chief Executive Andrew Shelley also remarked: "Squash needs to have a reliable, accurate and timely media service. For nearly thirteen years squash we have certainly had that. Every medium knows that they will receive all important news and results so that they can use it all or sift for their market.

"It is a service that squash cherishes and we are delighted to acknowledge the 5,000th release milestone from World Squash Media Director Howard Harding.

"As squash expands we look forward to the 10,000th coming along soon!"

Carla Coaches in Iran

Carla Khan, the former world No.18 who is making a comeback after a long period of injury, paid a visit to Iran to coach the Iranian girls' squad for a week at Enghelab Squash Club, the most famous and the biggest squash club in Iran, managed by Mr.Alireza Ghiasi.

The initiative, which came shortly after the Iranian National Championships, was tied in to the Olympic 2016 bid and also included a tournament, organised by Masoud Ghareh Ziaeddini, tournament director of the Iranian Squash Federation.

Iranian Nationals 2009 (Men):

First Round:
ali reza sanai bt sajjad zarrayan 3-0
sohail shameli bt ali reza shameli 3-0
mohammad hossein jafari bt aryan etimadi3-0
saeed ketab foroush bt parham zarryan 3-0
masoud ghareh ziaeddini bt pooryazarryan 3-0
mahyar abrishami bt ali ismaili 3-0
 ali ketabforoush bt abdol reza zia kashani 3-2
 mohammad reza sadeghpour bt amir hossein jamalizadeh 3-0

quarter finals:
 a.r.sanai bt s.shameli 11-9,13-11,11-7
m.h.jafari bt s.ketab foroush 11-2,11-2,11-4
 m.g.ziauddini bt m.abrshami 11-6,11-5,118
m.sadeghpour bt a.ketabforoush 11-6,11-5,11-7

semi finals
m.h.jafari bt a.r.sanai 11-7,11-3,11-7
m.sadeghpour bt m.g.ziauddini 11-4,11-6,11-8

m.r.sadeghpour bt m.h.jafari 11-4,11-6,11-9

Ricketts for the All Blacks ?

Gary Denvir reports

The All Blacks won't have to look too far if they want to fight fire with fire on the fitness front with the Wallabies.

News emerged across the Tasman last week that Wallabies coach Robbie Deans, always on the lookout for an edge over his trans-Tasman rivals, has sounded out two time world squash champion David Palmer about a conditioning role with the team. Palmer is revered on the world squash tour for his remarkable stamina, and Deans believes he may be able to help alleviate the Wallabies' second half fadeouts.

One man who can attest to Palmer's fitness is Squash New Zealand coach Anthony Ricketts. Palmer and Ricketts were team-mates when Australia won the World Team Squash Championships in Austria in 2003. Ricketts is not at all surprised at Deans' interest in his former team-mate.

"He really is an amazing athlete and I doubt there is anyone more deserving of the opportunity being presented to him."

Like Palmer, Ricketts has a reputation for being ruthlessly dedicated to his training regime, earning him the nickname 'the Machine". So much so, former World Champion Geoff Hunt described him as "perhaps the fittest player I have seen".

Could that result in a call-up from the All Blacks, in a bid to neutralise the Wallabies tactics? Ricketts doesn't think so.

"It's an interesting thought, and I would definitely be keen if it fits in with my Squash New Zealand commitments. But I suspect the All Blacks already have some pretty switched on people working on the players' fitness, from what I have seen in the past couple of years."

The ball is now in the All Blacks court ...

Ricketts & Palmer to renew rivalry as Rugby coaches ???

Deans' secret weapon
to squash All Blacks

from TVNZ

Hungry for any edge over the All Blacks, Australia's Rugby Union coach Robbie Deans has sounded out Australia's two-time world squash champion David Palmer for a conditioning role with the Wallabies.

Deans, a squash fanatic who plays A grade in Sydney, believes the freakishly fit Palmer could help alleviate the Wallabies' second-half fadeouts.

With the annual trans-Tasman series locked at 1-1 last year, the Wallabies established useful leads over the All Blacks in the third and fourth Bledisloe Cup Tests only to be over-run in the closing quarter of an hour in both games.

Palmer is revered on the world squash tour for his remarkable stamina, a quality Deans is hoping to instil in the Wallabies in his second season in charge.

The idea of calling on his expertise arose when former world number one Palmer gave Deans the runaround on court at the Sydney Football Stadium complex.

Topping the torture test

For training, Palmer has been known to complete the beep test - a torturous multi-phase fitness drill often used by footballers - five times back-to-back with just a three-minute break in between each.

"It's bloody hard, one of the hardest things I've ever done physically and mentally," Palmer said. "But that's what squash is all about; it's about being pushed to your max and how fast you can recover and how many times you can go to that breaking point and keep coming back."

Deans said some Palmer punishment was just what his Wallabies needed.

"Teach them about perseverance; how do you keep going when your legs are gone. That's what our blokes need to learn," Deans told media on Thursday.

"Staying composed when fatigue strikes. It's a big advantage. The strength is minimising that recovery time.

Relates to rugby

"No doubt squash is actually one of the better forms of conditioning for rugby because of the footwork and the qualities David alluded to; perseverance, spacial awareness, mental resilience - intimidation is a big part of it.

"There's nothing better. It's actually great for defensive technique as well."

Palmer, who has done some work with NRL heavyweights the Melbourne Storm, said he would love to assist the Wallabies when there was a break in his schedule.

"Definitely," he said. "I follow the Wallabies, the sports are similar: they're non-stop, there's no breaks, it's up and down.

"There's so many different aspects to squash. Its endurance, its speed, there's flexibility, there's tactics, there's the mental side - the tactical intimidation.

"It's like playing chess at a million miles an hour. It's not like other sports where you get time to think about your shot. It's so fast it's such a reflex instinct type of game.

"Using the squash type of training in rugby would be beneficial."

April 2009, Hong Kong:

Thousands of kids support
the Fujifilm Mini-squash Carnival

Tailor-made for kids aged between 6 to 12, the Fujifilm Mini-squash Carnival received a tremendous response from the general public at the annual carnival held recently at Kowloon’s Plaza Hollywood shopping mall. Thousands of children, parents, teachers and passers-by went back home full of enjoyment and excitement after experiencing a memorable family day in squash.

A variety of fun programmes were designed to promote mini-squash at the event, including various Game Booths relating to mini-squash activities, Mini-squash Novice Competition at the 3-sided clear-view portable mini-squash court, playing fun game with celebrities, lucky draw, and more.

A very special guest the mini-squash mascot “Siu Chiu” was definitely the most popular character at the event where she captured thousand films from the children.

Besides mascot “Siu Chiu”, well-known HK Women’s No.1 Rebecca Chiu and Asian Junior Championships Bronze Medalist  Liu Tsz Ling had also come to support in person at the Squash Clinic, which provided a golden opportunity for the kids to learn squash from elite players.

Closing the day, over 300 kids collected their medals and Fujifilm prizes for their excellent results achieved in the previous Inter-school Mini-squash Team Competition.

To support the Squash 2016 Olympic bid, HK Squash Chairman Mr. David Mui also highlighted the key message of the squash dream in his speech at the carnival's final ceremony and urged the participants to support the bid for squash to be included in the 2016 Olympic Games.


the latest Italian emotion!

Franca Sella is a former Hong Kong champion and Masters champion, who played for many years in the same team - "The Birds" - as Heather (Mrs HK Squash, now WSF Vice-President) Deayton. She is now  happily retired in Camerino, Italy, and happened to hear that the university there was planning a squash court in their new sporting complex, the first University in Italy to do so.

Well, there was no holding her back - one court and one lady and we have Squash Fever in Camerino!

Franca has been providing a "free introductory trial offer" to all and sundry (three one hour lessons to get the keen ones into games, one hour sessions to straighten out anyone already booking court time of their own accord, and all into mini-round robin boxes as soon as they can start).

Franca's target was to touch 50 people in two months but it seems she will have contaminated more like 70 in that short space of time.

What next for Franca? A squash summer camp for youngsters comes readily to mind, but we simply need more courts around ... watch this space!

Squash - lo sport della passione!  Indeed.

Squash Eyes 2016
Olympic Dream
From Around the Rings

The sport of squash yesterday moved a step closer to its goal of becoming one of the sports included in the Summer Olympic Games, as the World Squash Federation (WSF) submitted its response to the 80–question Olympic Programme Review questionnaire.

Squash, played in 175 countries by over 20 million people, has made a strong case for itself by virtue of the fact that it can be easily integrated into the Olympic Games, wherever held. Requiring just two glass courts that can be located anywhere, it is an extremely cost effective and highly exciting spectator sport. Few can doubt the skill and fitness required to play at the top level.

Squash can also state with certainty that an Olympic medal would be the highest honour in the sport, bar none. This is further endorsed by the fact that all of the sport’s top players have signed a pledge to compete at the Olympic Games if selected.

The questionnaire responses highlight how Squash can help take the Olympic Games into new markets; many of the sport’s top players hail from countries which do not traditionally produce Olympic medalists. The World Champions come from countries which managed just two Olympic medals between them in Beijing (Egypt and Malaysia).

Surprisingly squash has never been an Olympic sport, though it narrowly missed out in the run-up to the London 2012 Games. Squash will be competing against six sports for one of two possible places for new sports in the Olympic Programme for the 2016 Games.

Scott Garrett, Squash 2016 Bid Team Manager said, “We are delighted with the case for squash which we have put forward in our questionnaire responses and we are confident that we are able to present strong arguments in all areas.

Added Mr N Ramachandran, President of the World Squash Federation, “Our questionnaire response is a document of which we can all be very proud.”

The IOC Executive Board will meet to review all of the seven sports’ submissions in June and will put their recommendations to the remainder of the IOC who will vote on which sports to include in October.

Olympic Ambassadors

Task Force &
WSF Presentation

July 2005:

squash misses out

Leo scoops top HK award

Congratulations to Leo Au Chun-ming who won his first "Hong Kong Junior Sports Stars Award" organized by the SF&OC HK, China.

Leo who is the Hong Kong Junior no. 1 and Hong Kong Senior no. 4, performed extremely well throughout 2008 winning his Asian Junior title in Korea, winner$of the National Junior Series 1 & 2 in Australia, Hong Kong Junior Open BU19 and the HK Junior Closed BU19.

Well Done Leo!

Simcock & Norman
honoured in New Zealand

Squash achieved a notable double in New Zealand this week when Susie Simcock and Ross Norman were honoured at the annual Halberg Awards dinner in Auckland.

The established awards event – shown live on national television – recognises outstanding achievements by New Zealand sportsmen, women, teams and coaches over the previous 12 months.

Susie Simcock, a National Olympic Committee board member for more than 20 years, became the first woman to receive the Leadership award.

President of the World Squash Federation for a maximum six-year term from 1996, Ms Simcock is Chairman of the WSF’s Olympic Affairs Committee and is playing a leading role in the sport’s bid to join the programme for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Ross Norman was inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame. The 1986 World Open champion is the second squash player to receive the honour, behind the legendary Dame Susan Devoy, who was inducted in 1993.

Indeed it was Devoy who attracted much of the media attention associated with the sport in the mid 1980s, when Norman upset world number one Jahangir Khan to grab a piece of the limelight for himself. Khan had not been beaten in five and a half years, before the kiwi world number two's 9-5, 9-7, 7-9, 9-1 victory in the final of the World Open in Toulouse.

It was the highlight of a sensational year for Norman, who scooped several other titles in 1986 including the French Open, Irish Open, European Open, German Open and the New Zealand Open. Norman represented New Zealand at the World Team Championships no less than six times, never finishing outside the top five, with the best result second place in both 1985 and '87.

Norman now lives in England, but had no hesitation in returning home to accept his induction into the hall of fame. "It is an honour and a privilege to be recognised in this way, and it is truly the icing on the cake as far as my squash career goes. Some incredible athletes have been inducted in the past, and it is humbling to be honoured along side them.

“When you are playing sport at the top level, you are aware of the possibility that awards may come your way - but I haven't been competing internationally for some 15 years, so this is a bit of a shock.”


Rebecca in HK top 20

On the day that the UK's New Year honours list is announced, which includes awards for all 19 gold medalists from Beijing, news that Rebecca Chiu has been included in Hong Kong's "20 Best Athletes of 2008", organized by the HK Sports Press Association Ltd (HKSPA).

HK's top athletes past and present were honoured at a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the HKSPA. There were 73 candidates from 23 sports who had great achievements in representing Hong Kong from 1998 to 2008.

The winners were voted by the HKSPA committees, and the other 19 winners were from sports such as table-tennis, badminton, fencing, cycling, soccer, triathlon, windsurfing, wushu, basketball, snooker and bowling.

Well done Rebecca ...
Jansher's father passes away in

Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, President Pakistan Squash Federation, Air Vice Marshal Asim Suleiman, Senior Vice President PSF and the staff of Pakistan Squash Federation conveyed heartfelt condolence to Mr Mohibullah Khan, Mr Atlas Khan and Mr Jansher Khan on the sad demise of their father today.

In a message of condolence, President PSF and other PSF officials prayed for the departed soul to rest in eternal peace and for his family to have courage and strength to bear this irreparable loss.

The PSF officials also offered condolence to Aamir Atlas, Farhan and Mr Mehboob Khan.
BADMINTON England scoop £20.8million
Sport England award ...

BADMINTON England today took a giant step towards delivering its promise to develop the game at club level like never before after receiving a Sport England award of £20.8m spread over the next four years.

The funding, which is an increase of £7.5million on the previous four-year period, comes just two weeks after receiving £8.6m from UK Sport's Elite Funding Programme geared to producing Team GB badminton medallists at London 2012.

The Sport England award is crucial in helping BADMINTON England achieve its goals in getting more people playing the sport at school, club and community level as well as at the Elite end of the game.

Just a week ago badminton emerged as the most-played racket sport in Sport England's Active People Survey. Now BADMINTON England have the chance to push even further forward.

Full story and more badminton news                   what about squash, we say ...

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News extracts from around the world

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