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 TODAY at the Bermuda Legends
Wed 9th, Day ONE:
Full Crowd for Opening Night with the Legends

John White v Nick Kyme 11-8, 11-9

The first match of the night saw homegrown Nick Kyme taking on the flying Scotsman John White. The packed house was keen to get behind Nick and see if they could push him towards a win. It took Nick a few points to settle in and get on the scoreboard, but once he did, the crowd erupted in applause.

Though it was a closely contested match, John had the slight edge, whipping the ball around the court with every imaginable angle, and covering every inch of the court with great strides. John took the first match of the night 2-0 in front of a very excited and appreciative crowd.

Lee Beachill v Simon Parke 11-9, 11-3

The second match pitted two Englishmen against each other. It was in this match that the crowd really got a sense of how hot it was on court. The two players had some amazingly long rallies as they tried to adjust to speed of the court, all the while, getting redder and redder as the match wore on!

The first game was close with both men hitting the ball crisply around the court. In the second however, Simon seemed to labour a bit, while Lee was able to keep the pace up and pull away to end the second match of the night 2-0.

David Palmer bt Jonathan Power   11-7, 11-9

This was a highly anticipated match-up between two players who have had many thrilling and contentious battles over the years. From the outset, David looked fit as ever – hitting the ball confidently and taking the ball early. Jonathan – with a taped up left hand after breaking some bones in his fingers – was a little worse for wear.

But his competitive spirit kicked in and he gave David a good run for his money. Unfortunately, his signature style touch drops to the front ended up in the tin a few too many times, allowing David to pull off the win in a close two games.

Palmer commenting after the match: “Jonathan was hitting the ball better and better as the match went on, even as his body got worse!” David, who is training for the Commonwealth Games in July is in great shape, and looks to be the forerunner in taking this title.

Thierry Lincou bt Peter Nicol  10-12, 11-5, 11-8

Easily the match of the night, these two players gave the crowd a real treat with their incredible shot-making and retrieving skills. Peter and Thierry were diving, leaping, yelping, faking shots, smashing balls into the nick, and at the end of each rally… gasping for much-needed air!

The two craned their heads towards the two small fans on the ceiling of the court, and breathed in as if trying to get air through a straw! Yes, with 89% humidity and over 100 people packed into the non-airconditioned gallery, their lungs were being tested to the max! Nicol scraped through the first game after a few uncharacteristic errors by the Frenchmen, but we all got the sense that the latter had a lot more in the tank than the former.

And indeed, in the second, Thierry kicked into another gear while Peter held on for dear life. In an amicable and highly entertaining match, the Frenchmen took the third looking the physically stronger of the two. Peter had this to say to Thierry: “Just wait another 5 years and then see how you feel!”

Tuesday: The Legends are here

Tuesday was arrival day, with the eight players settling in, grabbing some photo opportunities, and spending a bit of time on court with the Bermuda juniors ...

Franklin's Focus

Bermuda's own Micah Franklin looks ahead to the action:

"Such an amazing opportunity for Bermuda squash to host such a prestigious event. With every night sold out at the BSRA expecting around 150 people the atmosphere will be guaranteed electric. T

"he former world #1's and Bermuda’s very own legend Nick Kyme are incredible squash players and athletes. Even anyone without a squash knowledge will enjoy the show that these boys will put on.

"Obviously I'll be cheering for our local boy Nick Kyme but I will also be routing for White, Power, and Nicol seeing as I have been lucky enough to meet and train with them.

Good luck to everyone!

Micah Franklin

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