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Canary Wharf Squash Classic  24th to 28th March 2014  London  

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Indian number one Saurav Ghosal is always a popular visitor to Canary Wharf. Two years ago he took James Willstrop to five and this year he faces No.3 seed Peter Barker in the first round, so it promises to be a fantastic match. Now ranked 18 in the world, Saurav is enjoying the home comforts of life in Calcutta after moving back home to India after several years based in Yorkshire.

1: I read somewhere that you decided to leave Pontefract and move back to India. What prompted that decision, and what are the main benefits of being back home?

I moved back to India in July last year. The decision to move back was non-squash related. In terms of the benefits of being back home, things are a lot more comfortable. All I need to do is focus on my squash. I don't have to worry about daily chores like cooking, washing up or laundry! I live with my grandparents and it's great. I feel like I'm playing some good squash as well, so it's great all round.

2: What is your current base for training?

I currently live and train in my hometown, Calcutta. However, I tend to come back to England for 1 week a month to train with Malcolm Willstrop. I don't have too many good players to train with in Calcutta. So, it's great that I can come back to Pontefract as frequently as I do.

3: Who is your main coach? And please tell us about your training partners.

Malcolm Willstrop is still my main coach, even though I don't live in Leeds anymore. We keep in touch when I'm away and he brings me back down to earth when I come to Pontefract! In Calcutta, I generally train with one of the national junior players (Krish Kapur) and the pro at my club (Dalip Tripathi). In the summer, Ramit Tandon will be back in Calcutta, who is a great training partner.

4: The rest of the world would love to see more tournaments in India on a regular basis. Is this likely, do you think?

I would love to see more tournaments in India. I think we have a very good bunch of players right now and it would be great if the corporates in India would sponsor events and support our growth as a top squash nation. I know Ritwik Bhattacharya (PSA Regional Rep) is doing a lot to get some events off the ground. I really hope things take off soon as it would help me and all the other players a great deal!

5: What are you looking forward to most about returning to Canary Wharf?

In my opinion, the Canary Wharf Classic is one of the best tournaments on the PSA calendar. It's a shame that it's not a World Series event because it certainly ticks all the right boxes. I love the vibe and atmosphere at the East Wintergarden Arena and it's always a pleasure to play there.

6: You gave James Willstrop (your former training partner) a real scare a couple of years ago. This time you have drawn Peter Barker in the first round. You must be hoping for a big performance and a big result.

 My match with James a couple of years was pretty good, although I would loved to have won! I go into every match wanting to win, and playing Peter Barker will be no different. He is a solid player who has been in the top 10 for a long time now, and so he's definitely proved his pedigree. However, I'm playing well too and it should make for a good match!

7: How many Twitter followers do you have now? And what's the funniest thing you've seen on there in recent weeks?

I have around 2000 Twitter followers. The funniest thing I've seen lately, is this picture of an African kid talking to a Western lady and saying "so you are telling me, people drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill?"

8: Who are your main sponsors?

My main sponsors are Veedol Lubricants and Prince. I'm extremely thankful for their support over the years as they have been absolutely brilliant.

9: Are you bored or excited by the travelling on the World Tour?

The PSA World Tour is exciting because of the different places I see and the lovely people that I meet. The boring part is the flights and waiting around at airports!

10: What's your favourite squash tournament, and why?

A: Until about a few years ago, it was the PSA Masters in India. Reasons for that are pretty obvious. Playing in front of my home crowd is the best feeling ever! Other than that, the Tournament of Champions is great to play in. The Canary Wharf Classic would be up there, too!

11: Any special plans for this trip back to the UK, apart from the squash?

No other plans. I'm totally focussed on my squash right now! Haha!

Thanks Saurav, looking forward to seeing you in action tonight!

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Ghosal 11points

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