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• Canary Wharf Squash Classic • 24th to 28th March 2014 • London •  

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Not many people commute from Cairo to Devon. But that’s what world No.12 Omar Mosaad does on a regular basis to play for Exeter Diamonds in the English Premier Squash League. The 6ft 4in tall Mosaad is known as the Hammer of Thor, mixing a hard-hitting style with typically deft Egyptian touch at the front of the court.

1: Omar, this is your first appearance in the Canary Wharf Classic and we are all looking forward to seeing you play. What have you heard about the tournament from other players?

Yes, it's my first time to be playing at Canary Wharf this year. I have heard so much about this tournament. It's a good place with an amazing atmosphere, and big crowds every day makes it seem like the Tournament of Champions in New York.

That's why I come this time to play in such a big tournament like this, although you can find top seeded players such as Nick Mathew, James Willstrop, Gregory Gaultier, Amr Shabana and so many good and talented players too.

2: This is our 11th year of the tournament and we are still waiting for our first Egyptian champion. With you and Karim Darwish in the draw, maybe this could be the year?

As you know squash is a very tough game. You need so many skills, like being strong mentally and physically, good hands, and you can find so many great players like Nick, James and Karim Darwish.

They have good talents inside the court and the difference between the players is not much at this level, so I think anyone inside the top eight in this tournament can win it. A lot depends on attitude in these days.
I hope it can do it and be the first Egyptian to win Canary Wharf.

3: Please tell us about the Heliopolis Club and squash scene back home in Egypt.

About my club, it's the big club in Cairo he has two branches in the city.
We have got 15 courts and we are champions of the league for the past five years. My team is Ramy Ashour, me, Mohamed Ali Reda ,Karim Hamami, the world champion under 19 champion, Nour Tayeb and Yathreb Adel.

4: Who do you train with most of the time?

Well I am usually training with Amr Shabana and Karim Darwish because they are living to close to my place

5: How much has squash been affected by the political problems in Egypt?

In the last few years, we had many problems in the squash in Egypt finding sponsors for the tournaments such as the Rotary Heliopolis, the Sky Open and El Gouna, but we are grateful that the El Gouna is going to take place this year, which is good for tourism in my opinion.

6: Do you have a European base?

No, not yet. Maybe soon.

7: You are a very popular player with the Exeter team in the PSL. I know they always pack the club out for home matches. Please share some of the fun stories from playing with that club.

The people in Exeter club are very friendly and cheerful. We are lucky that we are supported by really nice guy called Keith White. Adam Lings is the manager of my team.

We have a very good team there with LJ Anjema, Olli Tuominen, Joey Barrington, Tim Vail, Ashling Blake, Tory Temple Murray and James Snell.
I think we did a good job until now. This week we lost a close match 3-2 to Surrey Health and Rackets but I was very pleased to beat Peter Barker.

8: What's the quickest way for you to get from Cairo to Exeter?

Fly from Cairo to London and then London to Exeter by car. Last time I was there in Exeter I arrived in the morning to Heathrow Airport and was then driven to Exeter. I played my match and then travelled back to Cairo next day. It took less than two days for this trip. It's very funny to travel from Cairo to London and back the next day.

The best part of the journey is the fact that Keith meets me at Heathrow and drives me to Exeter in his lovely Jaguar. It's a really nice car with massage seats. I asked him if I could have it after I retire from squash!

9: Your first round opponent at Canary Wharf is another Egyptian, Karim Abdel Gawad. What kind of player is Karim?

It will be a good match. Karim is a very talented player. He has had some good results in the last year but I hope to keep my winning record against him in this tournament too

10: You are just outside the world top 10 at the moment. Having been as high as No.8 in 2012, what do you need to do to get back up there?

Yes I have a problem knee last year. That's why I couldn't do well and keep my ranking but now I am OK and feel more confident and I hope I can do well in this tournament

11: Any special plans while you are in London, sightseeing, for example? Finding some Egyptian restaurants?

Yeah, chilling out with my friends in Oxford Street, then some sushi or Thai food.

Thanks Omar. We are all looking forward to seeing The Hammer in action tonight.

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Mosaad 11points

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