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ē Canary Wharf Squash Classic ē 24th to 28th March 2014 ē London ē  

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He can dive, he can dance, and the
Superman of squash is aiming to fly to the top


1: Hi Miguel. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you back in action at Canary Wharf next week. What were your thoughts on playing the tournament for the first time last year?

It was a pleasant week for me, something new for me! The set-up of the court and the crowd behave so positively! Really loved it.

2: The crowd certainly enjoyed watching you play Nick Matthew in a fantastic match and they gave you a wonderful ovation as you came back on court for the after-match interview. How did that moment feel?

 Unreal! Itís not usual to have that big an ovation when you lose, so it was a very nice and happy feeling for me to play in front of an English crowd.

3: The screensaver on my computer is a picture of you diving across court in that match. You are certainly one of the best divers and retrievers in the game. Have you ever hurt yourself doing that?

No! Never! Itís just a natural movement. I think I react this way unconsciously.

4: You have the honour of playing the opening match this year against Adrian Grant on Monday. How do you enjoy your matches against Adrian?

We have not played yet on the tour. It will be an interesting match and I hope I can play at my best to get a good result.

5: Please tell us a little about the work you are doing with your coach, David Palmer?

Spent few weeks at the beginning of the year and few months in overall during the year focusing on my weakness but more on my strengths. We train 6 times a week and twice a day from Monday to Friday.

Lot of routines in the morning with him or the other players like Steve Coppinger, from South Africa, and we play practice games in the afternoon.

6: Knowing a little about Davidís background, I imagine you will focus on the psychological aspects of the game as well as fitness, movement and strategy.

What lessons can you share with our audience at Canary Wharf?

Now am working more in the strategy of the game and how to move the ball around depending how your opponent plays the ball and choose the right time to attack or defend.

But I am still doing lot of ladder stuff (for footwork), quick movement, sprints and some weight training.

7: You have climbed up to a career-high of 14 in the PSA world rankings, which is a fantastic achievement.

What areas of your game do you think you need to improve to make that next big push into the world top 10?

Be more confident, be aware of the situation on court in a matter of seconds to decide what to do with the ball, and to believe I can beat the top guys.

8: I enjoyed watching a video on Facebook recently in which you were doing an incredibly fast footwork routine. Are you good at Latin-American dancing?

Ha ha ha. Yes! (Well thatís what my friends said to me). I think most of the Latin people know how to dance and itís a bit of advantage for my training.

9: Your achievements must be helping squash to grow in Colombia. Do you get much media coverage back home?

Right, itís getting bigger and bigger every year, not only for my results but also for the junior players who are working hard to follow my steps. They are 6 or 7 times South American champions so I think I am the example/the image/the figure back at home they want to copy.

10: Do you enjoy travelling the world as a squash pro? Which is your favourite country to visit, and why?

Yes, I do! My favourite place is Qatar, because they take care of us very well. The hotel always is 5 star, we have transportation back and forth whenever we need it and the weather and the city are amazing!

11: Do you enjoy trying different foods in different countries, or do you have a strict diet?

I have a strict diet. I like to follow it, and have good habits. For me, eating healthy is a pleasure... I donít like to try things that could ruin my stomach.

Thanks Miguel, and good luck on Monday

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Rodriguez 11points

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