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• ISS Canary Wharf Squash Classic • 21st to 25th March 2011 • London •  




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TODAY at the Canary Wharf Classic ...  

Friday 25th March, Finals Day:

[1] Nick Matthew (Eng) bt [3] Peter Barker (Eng)
             5/11, 11/4, 11/1, 11/3 (58m)

CW & Square Mile Final 

Ernst Young 3-0 Credit Suisse    
  Peter Marshall 3-0 Rahul Srinivasan
  James Larmouth 3-1 Mark Borton
  Will Nicholson 3-0 Andy Veasey

Media Challenge Final

Rod Gilmour 0-3 Martin Bentham

Lightning Tournament
Winner: Jethro Binn

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A new World Record for Jethro (28) and £100 Lightning winnings too !!!

[1] Nick Matthew (Eng) bt [3] Peter Barker (Eng)
              5/11, 11/4, 11/1, 11/3 (58m)


First of all, time reference. Nick on this tournament had spent 149m on court when he stepped on court tonight. Peter, well, 239m. Add to that the London Boy arrived not exactly match fit here, he had a bit of a niggle to recover from, and you have a pretty “well cooked” squash player on finals day.

Still, he played the perfect tactic against the World number one, who, like yesterday against Greg, didn’t have the best of starts, having a few wobbles, and not looking as sharp as usual. Peter was playing so well, attacking in the perfect position, supported by an excellent “English” game, that put Nick under immense pressure.

But those 15m of that first game seem to empower Nick, and also take a freaking lot out of the Londoner. From that point on, it was all down hill for the contender, whose movement got more and more laboured as the rallies went on, and on.

Giving it all, was Peter? Oh yes, but fighting against “RobotNick”, as Nick described his rhythm tonight, was just impossible for him, as he was running on fumes and willpower. And the more Peter looked drained, the more Nick looked empowered…

The score in the last three doesn’t reflect the energy that Peter put in and the hard work he produced. But it reflects the domination that Nick exerted on the match tonight….

I started well, I followed my game plan and played as well as I could in the first game, but after that, it’s not only physically, but also tactically that he showed why he is number one in the world.

He adapted his game, got in front, I tried and go in front of him, but just couldn’t, he was too strong in the middle, and he made me do too much work.

And it became tougher and tougher, and the court turned to water, and the water turned into sand, and the body got dehydrated…

A bit disappointed, but it’s been a good week.

In the first game, part of me knew that he had a hard match yesterday, and that he could be tired. So I was trying to lengthen the rallies, but with no pace or rhythm really, and therefore I didn’t put him under much pressure.

After the first game, I realised that I didn’t play too badly, but that was the best he ever played against me, his width, his length were just perfect, just too good.

It was hard to play the homeboy, the support from the crowd was awesome, and we players thrive on atmospheres like that.

From the middle of the second, I made the court big, was more patient, and from that point stayed on top of him. I got into a “robot rhythm”, I became a robot player!

I was able to hit the ball whenever and wherever I wanted. And I thoroughly enjoyed that feeling, it’s not everyday that you can play at that level of game.

I want to thank Neil [Guirey], the patience he shows me, we are such good mates, his work complements the work that I do with DP. He is such a great help, and I always seem to forget to thank him!

Ah, and there is a big sporting event coming to town in the coming months, and if the IOC members want to call us, it’s not too late, we’ll step in.

I’m always a bit edgy before a match, but I take my confidence from Nick really. He’s been around the block, and he never panics.

He knows that he can underperform at times, he is confident in his own ability, and he knows he can up his game.

He is a pro and he knows exactly what he is doing.

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Today 2011

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