Cayman Islands Open  11-17 April 2010 Grand Cayman

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"The Cayman Open is run by CINSA (Cayman Islands National Squash Association)



Panorama of Camana Bay on finals night - click to view the full version

TODAY in Cayman: Saturday 9th, FINALS DAY                  

Finals Programme, from 18.30

Doubles: Kasey Brown/Sarah Kippax btMarlene West/Myron Blair v
Singles:  Hisham Ashour btCameron Stafford ... then it got messy

Men's Final:  Alister Walker bt Ramy Ashour
                         11/5, 13/11, 6/11, 11/8 (49m)

Minister's Challenge: MLA Mr Cline Glidden bt Minister of Sport Mark Scotland

Women's Final:  [1] Nicol David (Mas) bt [2] Jenny Duncalf (Eng)
                                      11/7, 11/6, 12/14, 11/4 (59m)

The Premier at Camana Bay

Rest of World 11 Cayman 10

Hisham 1 Cameron 0, so Dan gave Cameron some help, Caribbean 11 Egypt 10

Men's Final: 
Alister Walker bt Ramy Ashour              11/5, 13/11, 6/11, 11/8 (49m)

Ali pulls one back

The head to head between Ramy Ashour and Alister Walker stood at 7-0m to the Egyptian, a fact which MC Dan Kneipp reminded the winner of the men's final of after the match. It's a good job that Alister Walker won then, he wouldn't have been happy with Dan telling him it was now 8-0!

The Englishman, originally from Botswana and wh recently took yp residence in New York, played well, very well. Ashour's shotmaking skills were a little blunted today, he was to be found shaking his head in puzzlement after some of his favourite shots found the tin, but Alister was making him work, not giving him anything easy to pounce on, and it paid dividends.

Ali pulled away from 4-all to take the first, then from 8-all in the second to earn two game balls. Ramy saved them, but Ali closed it out in extra points.

Ramy raced to a an early lead in the third and finished it off, and he went 3-0 up in the fourth too, but Ali came back with a run of points to lead 6-4, then 9-6. Ramy pulled one back, but then hit the ball back over his head with Ali waiting to pounce, and after a final entertaining rally - as most of them were - a dropshot into the tin sealed Walker's win

Mr Glidden (yellow) wins the Minister's Challenge 2-0

Thanks to the Gold and Silver Sponsors

Women's Final: 
[1] Nicol David (Mas) bt [2] Jenny Duncalf (Eng)
                   11/7, 11/6, 12/14, 11/4 (59m)

It's three in a row for Nicol

It took an hour for Nicol David to claim her third consecutive Cayman Open title, prevailing in a high quality final against Jenny Duncalf in front of a packed crowd at Camana Bay.

Duncalf for the most part played a patient game, and David plays that way anyway for the most part, so it was a match of intricate rallies with bursts of pace when necessary.

Jenny made a good start, leading 4-1 and 6-3, but from 7-6 down Nicol reeled off five points in a row to take the lead.

With Jenny looking a little despondent at times thee Malaysian opened up an 8-1 lead in the second, and although Jenny made a late revival, it was too late as Nicol finished it off 10-6.

But the Englishwoman had some momentum now, and far from being despondent, she seemed to revel in the patient rallies in the third. The two victories she enjoyed over Nicol at the end of 2009 came about this way, out-Nicoling Nicol, and here it was paying dividends again.

From 6-4 Jenny opened out to earn five game balls at 10-5. You can never count Nicol out though, ask Alison Waters who has seen so many game balls go by, and Nicol mounted another of her trademark comebacks.

Ball driven deep, Jenny's boast clips the tin, 10-6. Work your opponent out of position, drop, 10-7. Tin, 10-8. Scramble like mad then put in a winning volley drop, 10-9. Low crosscourt driven to a perfect length, 10-all.

It had 12-10 to Nicol written all over it, and she did have match balls at 11-10 (via a stroke) and 12-11, but despite her frustration at losing the lead Jenny held it together to take the game 14-12, smashing away a dropshot that wasn't good enough.

And she made a good start in the fourth too, leading 4-1. But that was as good as it got, Nicol reeled off the last seven points unanswered. The ending was anticlimactic, Jenny sort of half going for a length that she might have got to, and might have asked for a let on.

She did neither, she just turned to a quizzical Nicol and offered her hand.

"I tried to play more patient squash, to make it less work for me as I'd had such a tough match yesterday, not rushing things, giving myself more time. It worked at times, but just at the end of the first and the second games I couldn't push on like she did.

"I made it hard for myself in the third, to say the least, but I'm glad I took that one, I wanted at least to make a real final of it.

"The third took a lot out of me though, and in the fourth I just couldn't summon up enough energy to push through. She realised that and she made it hard for me.

"I managed to keep to a gameplan, which is good for me, I just wish I could have pushed through a bit more at the end of games.

"It's been a great tournament, I love playing here, we all do!"

"It was really hot on there! Jenny played really well, especially in the third, she just put a lot of shots in. I knew I just had to work hard to get it back but couldn't quite make it.

"In the fourth she got a good start but I didn't want to let her get too far ahead so I had to really focus and up my game from that point. I'm happy to win 3/1, it was a tough match.

"It's so great being here in Cayman, the people are so friendly, the sponsors put so much into the event, Dan does a great job organising it and the crowd really make it a great tournament - we're all looking forward to coming back next year for the World Open !"




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