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TODAY: 15-Jun, the FINAL 

        Playing order 3, 1, 2                 full schedule on the RESULTS page

[2] England 2-1 [1] Egypt
       Daryl Selby 3-0 Tarek Momen                      11/5, 11/3, 11/7 (52m)
       Nick Matthew 1-3 Ramy Ashour         11/5, 6/11, 9/11, 9/11 (63m)
       James Willstrop 3-1 Karim Darwish 11/3, 11/13, 11/3, 11/4  (69m)

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     Mathieu Castagnet 3-2 Ryan Cuskelly 8/11, 11/8, 7/11, 11/9, 11/6 (123m)
     Grégory Gaultier 3-0 Cameron Pilley                     11/9, 11/4, 11/4 (52m)

Quick reports from Steve, Fram's full reports to follow on the blog....

Finals Day ...

The seventh and final day of the World Teams in Mulhouse started at 10am, just over eight hours after the last ball of the semi-finals was struck.

Playoff victories were celebrated by, Germany, India, Scotland and Canada with other matches taking place at  Club Espace 3000.

Then at 15.00 the fantastic French crowd assembled once more to support Les Bleus in their bid to beat Australia for third place ...

It's third for France

The home crowd might have been ultimately disappointed in last night's semi-final, but it didn't affect their enthusiasm of their voices as they got behind Mathieu Castagnet from the start of his match with Ryan Cuskelly.

With Castagnet feeding off the crowd, as well as urging them on, he fought back from losing the first, then the third, to force a decider.

With Cuskelly visibly suffering, either with cramp or the effects of a dead leg that came about as Castagnet charged in for a dropshot which forced the Aussie to take a short injury break, the Frenchman was always ahead in the and fifth, when he clinched it the place erupted.

The top string between Gregory Gaultier and Cameron Pilley was a simpler affair with Gaultier generally in charge. The crowd were just as supportive, but less noisy, as Gaultier advanced France to a podium position.

The ending was a little anticlimactic as first Gaultier thought he'd won at 10-4, then Pilley returned the serve low into the tin.

Gautlier's and the French team's reaction was a little delayed, but when it came it was a good one, as they piled on top of the world number two in the middle of the court!

So we never did get to see Thierry Lincou v David Palmer, but since this match took a while the final started 30m late, so it's probably a good job a decider wasn't required!

England dethrone Egypt in Paderborn revenge

It was the third string on first today, and Daryl Selby had declared before the event that he fancied his chances against any other number three in the event.

Tarek Momen was a late replacement for Egypt, and was their fourth man with Omar Mosaad being rested, but he's still world number ten and held a 3-2 head to head advantage over Selby.

In the event though it was the Englishman who controlled the match from start to finish, trailing only in the early stages of the third and not allowing Momen to display his range of shots and extreme mobility.

The Egyptian may have been nervous, he doesn't usually make this many simple errors, but Selby was solidity personified as he took England into the lead.

"The focus of my training for the last six months has been for this match," said Selby. "Watching James and Nick last night was an inspiration - the amount of effort they put in was phenomenal. I just wanted to put in the same - and if that helps us win the title I'll be happy.

"I couldn't have dreamed of a better performance - my good friend Peter [Barker] would have been watching - as I watched him last time do the same thing to Hisham [Ashour].

Ramy Ashour, rested yesterday, looked well out of sorts in his first game against Nick Matthew, as the Englishman took the lead with something to spare and led 4-1 in the second too.

Then the Egyptian seemed to wak up, and the crowd were treated to more of his dazzling play and sparkling winners.

Matthew hung in though, but he must surely have been feeling the effects of his two-hour-plus late-night marathon in the semis.

Ashour took the next two games and after a tight opening to the third raced through to 10-5 match balls. He needed all of them, but finished it with a trademark killshot that Matthew, despite his valiant attempted comeback, had no chance with.

What next ? A decider between Karim Darwish and James Willstrop ... just like two years ago in Paderborn ...

Actually it wasn't like last time at all. Willstrop had beaten Darwish eight times in a row since Paderborn, and started off the match in great style, racing to take the first game.

Darwish made the second more competitive, trailed most of the way, but managed to save game balls before taking it 13/11.

The effort seemed to take its toll as Willstrop romped through the third as he had the first, and after a tough opening to the fourth the Englishman raced away again to gain revenge for that heartbreak of two years ago and bring the title back to England.

"It doesn't get much bigger - does it?" said James. "We've worked so hard for this - we've had unbelievable support from England Squash back home, and Nick made an amazing contribution last night.

"We had so many disappointments along the way after last year - so it's nice to get the trophy back."

"It's good to win something you deserve to win - and I think we deserved to win this title tonight.

"Our goal is to win things - it was very disappointing to lose the final two years ago in Paderborn and also the women's world final in Nimes last year.

"And it was good to see James exorcise his demons of Paderborn.

"I hope this will inspire some of the younger players back home - we need them to realise that they can also wins things.

"And of course this win is important as we look forward to next year's Commonwealth Games."

Chris Robertson


our view of the presentations from the press room which,
despite photographing every match on all seven days on all three glass courts,
we weren't allowed onto court for ...

Canada beat USA for 11th

Rosner clinches 5th for Germany

11/9 in the 5th for Saurav
and India finish 7th

Lobban clinches 9th for Scotland with 2-1 over Pakistan


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