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Mon 29th Sep, Day TWO:                         
Top Eight on course for Playoffs

After the second day of Pool action in Odense the top eight seeds remain unbeaten, and are one win away from topping their groups to secure a favourable draw in the last 16 playoffs

There will be some crunch matches on Tuesday though, as teams jostle for position in the second stage, and in some of the three-team pools it will only need one injury or one upset result to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

Egypt, England, Australia, Pakistan and Italy look safe after securing their second wins today, while France, Malaysia and Canada need to win tomorrow to be sure of progress as group winners.

Pool F provides the closest contest - Scotland will surely beat Venezuela to put them on two wins, leaving injury-hit India, seeded nine, the task of beating a resurgent  table-toppers Italy, seeded eight, to have any chance of reaching the top sixteen.

Day Two Results:

A:  KUW 3-0 SRB, EGY 3-0 HKG
B:  GER 3-0 JPN, ENG 3-0 AUT
C:  FRA 3-0 DEN
D:  AUS 3-0 WAL
E:  MAS 2-1 FIN
F:  RSA 2-0 KEN, PAK 3-0 SWE
G:  CAN 3-0 ESP
H:  IND 3-0 VEN, ITA 3-0 SCO

Detailed results


Good defence from the Scots today against a strong Italian Team – Davide, Marcus Berrett, Amr Swelim – with both Alan Clyne and Stuart Crawford taking a game from Davide and Marcus…


He may have lost the first game against Scotland number one Alan Clyne but Davide Bianchetti, in his first appearance in a Team Event for 10 years didn’t fail to take the next three.

A different Davide I must stress – “this is different, this is a team event” – patient, not arguing, not a word to the ref, the change is impressive.

Alan Clyne played an excellent match and I was impressed both by his fitness and volleying skills. For a not that tall player, Alan knows how to cut off shots I can tell you that…

Davide was very motivated today, very focused, and didn’t want to love his first appearance in the tournament. He didn’t.

"Struggling a bit, I do that a lot these days….

"This is my first participation to a world team event, I did do a European Team event about 10 years ago, but this was my first world.

"A bit nervous, considering what’s at stake, this is different, this is for the Team… It was a bit of a bouncy court, and also my first match of the tournament, I didn’t play yesterday…

"Alan is a fast player, strong, and he volleys well. I managed to slow down the pace and play my game, which is the only one I know how to play, where I don’t have to run that much…"

Framboise reports                En Bref: from Here to Here

People, there are 8 teams playing on 4 courts, so I honestly can’t see much full game, only a vague sniff of what’s going on…


Nice to see that, despite the bad luck that strikes them, India is still fighting, today against Venezuela they stayed a total of 57m on court…


No trouble for the Aussies, only Pilley who lost one game to take the next two only for points… Today, David was resting, so Team was Bozza, Pilley and Aaron vs Wales, Sutherland, Peter Creed and Nick Birt

Read what Dan Zilic thought of that mach...


So nice to see Rodney Durbach playing again, he is ranked two.

I could see bits of the match between Clinton Leeuw (SA) and Kenyan Joseph N Karigithe, nice pace, the Kenyan being very fast.

Bad luck that the two African countries had to meet in the pools, I’m sure they’d prefer to play against other continent for a change…


Aamir Atlas Khan is back, his ankle back to shape, although he lacks a bit of matches, obviously. A strong team for Pakistan with Aamir, Farhan, Yasir and Mansoor

Fahim Gul & Aamir Atlas"I’m fine physically, the ankle is OK, but I’m lacking a bit of matches, so I’m really happy to be here to play as many games I can, it’s perfect for me.

"Today, I made a few unforced errors, because I saw him play yesterday, and I saw he was moving very well, so I had to push him around the court. I attacked a bit too much, but it was necessary today…"


A slow start for Thierry – Greg was resting – still the former World number one takes the first game, only just, in front of a pack glass court audience.

Rasmus, a bit tired in the second, will put pressure on the French in the third, before twisting his ankle… Julien didn’t have any trouble at all again Kim Povslen.

“I’m hungry again… I had a good think after the British and Sky, and put my head together…

"Now, I’ve got to find the right balance between speed and intensity that can prevent my opponent to play his own game.

2But I have my sensations back, physically I feel fine, and I’m willing to do good…”

Renan, third and last leg of the match, has a lot to handle with Kristian Frost, playing home in front of a quite rightly full and enthusiastic crowd, who went estatic when their man took a game of "DogWithaBone" Renan....

Sadly we did not make into top 16 this time.

We had our chance against Ireland yesterday, but we just did not perform well enough.

Today we played France. France has such a strong team and it was a really good experience for all of us.

Rasmus had a good first game with Thierry, but after the first game Thierry was just too good. Kim got a good lesson from Julian. Julian played so well - nothing to do really!

I had a really good game with Renan today. I managed to follow my game plan throughout the match and I am very happy with the way I played. It is never nice to lose, but looking back I managed to put Renan under pressure and I stuck to my game plan. Overall very happy.

The audience was amazing. It is very nice playing at home and everybody just made is so much more exciting playing here! I hope we will be able to do well in the 17/28 play-off!

Power draws the Crowds
Quick update #1 from Dan Zilic ..

Quite a few people (notably a lot of professionals) came out to watch Jonathon Power on centre court play Spain's number one (with Borja being injured) and Power won 3:0, Villa after all did beat Shuja yesterday and certainly is no slump, but as I only saw the last rally I can't comment on the match.

Personally I just excited to say I got to play at the same time as Power. Canada, when with Power at one, certainly have a good team and beat Spain 3:0 comfortably, Delierre beat Cornes and Razik beat Garbi in the longest match of the three. Razik is known to have played some of the longest matches of recent times, in this case the longest match meant it was about 35 or 40 minutes.

Serbs fall to Kuwait

Serbia, in the mean time, faced Kuwait. I had the honour of representing Serbia at position one (we rested our real number one) and I played Abdullah Almezaen, who was born 8 years after me, is 8 centimetres smaller and about twice as fast.

I was pretty happy with my performance and snatched a 6:4 lead. But after that it all went downhill and I wasn't able to cope with the pace (despite my best efforts to slow it down) after the first match and lost 3:0 in 25 minutes.

Marko Matanovic then lost against Bader Al-Husaini 3:0 and our number two and team captain Ivan Djordjevic, lost 3:0 against Salem Muhammad. Ivan got the most points out of the lot of us and played some great trickle boasts in game one, so credit to our captain! We still lost 3:0 though...

Ramy impresses for Egypt

Egypt were playing against a very competitive Hong Kong team. Shabana beat Dick Lau at one and I just watched a few rallies of of El-Hindi against Kwong at three. Kwong gave it his best and forced two tie breaks, but El-Hindi is a class act and never looked like losing a game, he was even going on to himself when he'd hit a winner, claiming it should have been better.

Then I got to watch Ramy for the first time in my life, playing at position two against Max Lee. Lee played great I thought, he managed to pick up some drops of Ramy's that looked dead and buried. Ramy was playing at a great pace but his error rate was a bit high perhaps, but was giving Lee nothing for free.

He got a bit annoyed to the end when Lee got a cheap stroke so then Ramy turned it up another notch to turn a 6:9 deficit in game three into a 12:10 win.

He played some amazing counter drops at the front and the prospect of playing him tomorrow (if he plays at two) is rather frightening. But then again playing Shabana is not much better.

Finns foiled again

The last match of the round was the tightest. Finland's Olli Tuominen managed to beat Malaysia's Azlan Iskandar by playing some breath-takingly fast squash.

Although Finland's Hameed lost to Adnan it looked like Finland were within a chance when Mustonen won the first game against Beng-Hee and was gameball up at 10:9 in the second. I don't know if Beng-Hee was just super-relaxed or was really having trouble, but he won the second in the tie-break and the next two in quick succession.

One has to feel for the Finns, who were so close yesterday against the US and had a decent chance today, they will most certainly be the top favourites for the seventeenth place, though I guess they will therewith only fulfil their seeding.

Aussie coaches clash

The day's second round of matches is now in full swing - Bozza beat Sutherland on the glass court to give Australia a one-love lead over Wales and now Nic Birt and Aaron Frankcomb are battling it out.

This match anyway features two Aussie coaches, Robertson for Wales and Eyles for Australia. We realised that if there were to be a tournament for coaches, we would probably not even make the quarter-finals.

There are so many great players around coaching some nations - one wonders how a best-of team would fare in the competition. Ricketts, Robertson, Eyles, Buit, and several whose name I don't know but who look like great players when feeding their players.

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