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Have you ever heard of Sporty HQ??

SportyHQ provides an all-in-one online system for competition and rankings management, in addition to club court bookings and user management utilities for regional and national squash bodies.

Tournament Management

SportyHQ’s tournament management system offers a modern web interface combined with powerful administrative features to save tournament administrators a significant amount of time in setting up and running their tournament.

Key features include:

● Multiple tournament formats including bracket, round robin and swiss draws.
● Single, double and triple elimination events.
● Full online event registration, including payment.
● Auto-scheduling, with drag ‘n drop functionality to move matches.
● Promote sponsors with their logo appearing on the tournament page, as well as on all printed materials.

Learn more about SportyHQ’s tournament manager.

League Management

Minimize the administrative burden of running a league and increase player interaction and communication. SportyHQ’s league features offer solutions for both team-based events, as well as individual players leagues.

It helps you quickly and easily setup and manage a league, give plenty of exposure to sponsors, and let players access a huge array of features such as detailed statistics, scheduling and social tools that will help make your league run smoothly while significantly bolstering the enjoyment for participants.

Key features include:

● Support for unlimited league divisions.
● Auto-schedule league rounds, ensuring an even number of home and away games.
● Set player positions and team captains.
● Choose team and division names.
● Choose from many different point calculation systems.
● Assign penalty points for teams/players that violate rules.
● Captains can choose their team lineup and auto-email notifications to their team members.

Learn more about SportyHQ’s league management.

Court Bookings and Club Features

SportyHQ provides a comprehensive court and room booking system that aims to alleviate the need for a front-desk receptionist taking endless calls and make court bookings far easier for members/guests who will be able to see available time slots online.

In addition, SportyHQ makes it easy for clubs to manage their members online. Club administrators can add, edit and remove members with ease, send out email communications to them through the system, and post important announcements to their SportyHQ dashboard.

SportyHQ also helps clubs run and automate box leagues. With options to auto-promote/demote players at the end of each box cycle, as well letting players enter their box match results, SportyHQ saves club administrators hours of work every month.

You can learn more about SportyHQ’s court booking features.

Player rankings

All of the results entered in to SportyHQ are then used to calculate player rankings. SportyHQ’s algorithm is incredibly effective in getting new players ranked quickly and automatically updating rankings as new results are entered in to the system.

Rankings and match results are then used to provide a complete profile of players, together with detailed stats about their playing history.

You can learn more about SportyHQ’s ranking features.

SportyHQ offers free trials on all of their services and you can contact them directly at sales@sportyhq.com, or via their website at www.sportyhq.com.

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