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Austrian Junior Open 2010
12-14 Feb, Vienna
Diary of a European junior tournament
Andy Holland recalls ...

Draws & Results

Boys under 19

Boys under 17

Boys under 15

Boys under 13

Girls under 19

Girls under 17

Girls under 15

Girls under 13

11th January 2010

Closing date for the Austrian Junior Open 2010. 165 Entries.
4th February 2010.

Organiser recovering from Illness!!
The first cancellations have already come in.
8th February 2010

The last entries come in for the hotel package!! Collect the trophies, change hotel bookings (hope they have enough rooms!!), start to receive flight arrival times, do the draw.
10th February 2010

9am – Collect tournament T-Shirts.
10am - Receive another bunch of cancellations. Redo the draw.
2.55pm - Times for all Matches completed. First triumph!!
3pm - On court for lessons.
6pm - Receive the next bunch of cancellations. Change the draw.
7pm – Back on court!
9pm – Another couple of cancellations. Change the draw and times again!!
10pm – Head to the bar!!
11th February 2010

Sleep till 11am!!!!
4pm - Hang up draw, astounded to have not received any withdrawals today!
9pm – A Withdrawal. Try to forget about it!
12th February 2010

11am - First day and problems…..flight cancelled, injuries, draw amendments etc. etc. Total number of withdrawals 23!!

1pm – Old friend Colin White (old because he’ll be 40 in 4 weeks time) just mentioned that we have three former World top 10 players in the club. He’s right; Geoff Hunt, Dan Jenson and Phil Whitlock are all here on coaching duty.

3pm – Something must be wrong….everything is running smoothly!
4pm – Actually quite bored now!!

5pm – I guess I ought to report something on the squash (about time I suppose). There have been one or two upsets, but mostly the seeds are coming through, which is certainly the case with the top seeded players. Maybe tomorrow we will see some upsets?

8pm – End of day 1 and there are some exciting matches scheduled for tomorrow.

9pm – The usual suspects have retired to the bar, so I think I’ll join them.
13th February 2010

10am – Start of play.

12noon – It seems that we may have had a final (effectively) in the quarters and the first upset. Boys under 13 number 1 seed Paul Mairinger from Austria came up against James Peach from Yorkshire. A tough battle for both players, with James finally winning in four. I’m pretty certain, at this moment, that he’ll go on to win the event.

2pm – Players and coaches were queuing up to watch Qatari, Abdulla Al-Tamimi. His fascinating skill with the racket is even able to entertain those with an untrained eye for squash. After this ¼ final win, the semi-final against top seeded Belgian Tom De Mulder will be a real treat.

9pm – Semis finished. Top seed De Mulder beaten. So am I

10pm – Head home and crash out.
14th February 2010

Valentines Day??? Lucky I got the wife a present!

Finals day in Vienna.

3pm - There was some quality squash on show today, but my main impression of the weekend has been the amount of young talent on display. Abdulla Al Tamimi, Ahmed Habib, Emily Whitlock to mention just a few.

The winners in the under boys and girls 19 categories were Rick Penders and Emily Whitlock respectively.

This was Rick’s 4th Austrian Junior Open and his first and most likely last win, after celebrating his 18th birthday yesterday. He took the title after 45 minutes, with a 3/1 win over Slovakian Miroslav Celler.

In comparison to Rick, this was Emily’s first trip to Austria and the 15 year old English girl secured a 3/0 win over home favourite and last years winner Sandra Polak. This final ensured both of them points for their WISPA ranking, as the tournament was registered as a WISPA Rising Stars event.

4pm – A long week comes to an end and although it was hard work at times, it has been enjoyable.

4.30pm – Off home after an 80 hour week to relax and string all the rackets I haven’t been able to do this week, write a report for Squashsite ……… phew!!!


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