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12th June 2010
Squash wedding of the year

Never mind Posh and Becks, Sarah and Camps tied the knot in the beautiful settings of St.Philip's church and the Kippax family home in Kelsall, Cheshire.

Sarah is infinitely more beautiful and talented than Posh and Camps, who wears well for one of his age, showed in his bridegroom's speech that he has more command of the English language than Beckham, not that that's saying much!

The squash world happily gathered in force for this quite splendid occasion:

Vanessa Atkinson, Rachel Grinham, Jenny Duncalf, Alison Waters, Laura Massaro, bridesmaid Madeline Perry - some line-up that with Adrian Grant, Peter Marshall, Simon Parke, Aidan Harrison, flown in from Chicago and best man James Willstrop doing their best to match the ladies, even if failing.

Faces from the past included the irrepressible Mark Blowers, who is wearing well considering he's from Hull, Marcus Berrett and Jonathan Lilley, both wearing less well. Good to see Paul Carter and Mick Todd, always ready to imbibe.

Quite a gathering and some testimony to Sarah's and David's popularity. The Kippax home, with its exquisite outlook and re-laid lawns provided a spectacular backdrop for a spectacular occasion.

Sarah's dad, Ian, spoke first and the emotion in his voice told not only of losing a daughter, but harbouring doubts about his son-in-law.

David himself tried hard in his speech to justify himself without convincing, probably apprehensive of what was to follow with the two best men, David's brothers, Lee Campion and James Willstrop about to be let loose.

It was James who rounded off the speeches and he had somehow managed to get his hands on David's diary from his younger and more stupid days.

Stories of misdemeanours abounded with the tale of David and Mark Blowers, travelling along the motorway with balaclavas, one pointing a gun at the other. All this at a time when there were IRA problems in England. A passing motorist reported them and soon they were in custody, receiving the biggest bollocking of their careers.

Then onto an evening and night of pure pleasure to bring to a close a magical and no doubt expensive day. Such days are meant to the bride's special day and certainly, thanks to her parents, friends and maybe even David, Sarah certainly had a day to remember.

Malcolm Willstrop

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