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XIII Abierto Colombiano 2010

31-Aug - 05-Sep, Bogota, $30k

"I just wanted to thanked some people who made this happen!!

"It was a big week for me, playing at home is always special and really wanted to thank my dad Angel Rodriguez who helped me during all my entire career so far, my coach Sardar Ali Khan who is helping me to rise my level every day, without him can not do what am doing.

Also wanted to thank Max Weithers very special person who has been helped me recently mentally and HEAD my sponsor!

Official site from Bogota

05-Sep, Final:
Miguel Angel Rodriguez bt Olli Tuominen
        9-11,11-9,11-5,11-5 (54m)

Rodriguez claims second Colombian title
Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

The final was certainly the best match of the tournament, with two vibrant games in the beginning that perfectly defined what was going to be Miguel Rodriguez’s second victory in his third disputed final of the Colombian Squash Open.

The first and second games were defined by the same score, 11-9 and allowed a 1-1 game tie between Rodriguez and Touminen. Both players gave a symphony of dynamism and velocity. Both the Colombian and the Finnish had incredible security and precision, as a result 90% of the points were winners with no unforced errors.

Touminen’s pressure with his traditional strong lengths and drops kept the Colombian moving all around the court. Rodriguez didn’t save one drop of energy to lift up every single ball played by the Finnish. In spite of this, two strong lengths gave the Finnish the advantage of the first game, that lasted 19 minutes.

In the second game, the score tied up again to 9-9, but in this occasion Rodriguez had more patience, worked his rival’s legs and generated two cross courts that won the game. With no doubt, this game was a turning point in the match. This game of exquisite squash lasted 18 minutes.

For the third game the Colombian continued to play with his strategy of pressure combined with patience. This mental strength began to betray the Finnish who started to make mistakes under the Colombians pressure. Although Touminen’s endurance was an issue, his mental tiredness took over. The 8 minute game gave Rodriguez the advantage.

By the final game, the crowd was inspired by the Colombians possible triumph so they received the players with applauses. The final game began with a score of 2-2 after both players exhibited long rallies, the Finnish player started to fall into frustration again. After winning a point, 3-2, Touminen committed 8 unforced errors giving Rodriguez the advantage to 10-3.

Nonetheless, the Finnish fought for his honor and performed to winning points. Unfortunately he found a concentrated Colombian who waited and defined the match with an outstanding cross court. Rodriguez conquered the title as a local, 11-5 after 9 minutes.

It was an immense delight for the crowd that cheered for Miguel Angel.

Colombian Open 2010
31 Aug - 05-Seo, Bogota, $30k
Round One
[1] Olli Tuominen (Fin)
11-1,11-3,11-3 (20m)
[Q] Gonzalo Miranda (Arg)
[1] Olli Tuominen
11-9,11-5,11-6 (30m)
[8] Jan Koukal
[1] Olli Tuominen

11-6,11-6,11-3 (34m)

[6] Arturo Salazar

[1] Olli Tuominen  

9-11,11-9,11-5,11-5 (54m)

[3] Miguel Angel Rodriguez
[8] Jan Koukal (Cze)
6-11,11-6,11-7,11-5 (42m)
[Q] Eric Tepoz (Mex)
[4] Rafael Alarcon (Bra)
11-3,4-11,12-10,11-4 (37m)
[Q] Jorge Ferreira (Mex)
[4] Rafael Alarcon
10-12,11-7,11-8,11-9 (76m)
[6] Arturo Salazar
[6] Arturo Salazar (Mex)
11-2,11-2,11-4 (16m)
Simon Martinez (Col)
Chris Gordon (Usa)
 6-11, 11-6,11-7,11-5 (47m)
[5] Stéphane Galifi (Ita)
[5] Stéphane Galifi
11-6,11-8,11-3 (27m)
[3] Miguel Angel Rodriguez
[3] Miguel Angel Rodriguez

11-3,11-8 rt (28m)

[2]Shahier Razik

Robin Clarke (Can)
11-5,11-9,11-7 (24m)
[3] Miguel Angel Rodriguez (Col)
Cesar Salazar (Mex)
9-11,13-11,11-6,4-11, 11-5 (56m)
[7] Henrik Mustonen (Fin)
Cesar Salazar
11-6,11-6,11-5 (39m)
[2]Shahier Razik
[Q] Fabien Verseille (Fra)
11-8,5-11,1-11,11-3,11-5 (69m)
[2]Shahier Razik (Can)
01-Sep, Qualifying Finals:

Fabián Verseille (Fra) - Andrew MacDougall (Can)      11-9,11-9,2-11,11-6 (42m)
Gonzalo Miranda (Arg) - Fred Reid (Can)                          11-7,11-6,11-8 (17m)
Eric Tepoz (Mex) - Nahuel Ramos (Arg)                  11-3,11-2,10-12,11-2 (41m)
Jorge Baltazar(Mex) - Javier Castilla (Col).               7-11,11-2,11-2,11-9 (38m)

31-Aug, Qualifying Round One:

Fabien Verseille (Fra) bt Rodrigo Torres (Col)              11-5,11-5,11-3 (29m)
Fred Reid (Can) bt Juan Pablo Roude (Arg)   11-9,11-3,7-11,9-11,11-2 (42m)
Andrew McDougall (Can) bt Arturo Jaramillo (Col)        11-5,11-9,11-5 (21m)
Gonzalo Miranda (Arg) bt Andrés González (Col)         11-9,11-3,11-7 (22m)
Javier Castilla (Col) bt Lekgotla Mosope (Bot)             11-6,11-9,11-7 (33m)
Nahuel Ramos (Arg) bt Erik Herrera (Col)                 11-5,12-10,11-7 (28m)
Eric Tepoz (Mex) bt Armando Olguín (Mex)                 11-0,11-7,11-3 (18m)
Jorge Baltazar(Mex) bt Salvador Martínez (Mex)          11-9,11-5,11-1 (24m)

Official site from Bogota



05-Sep, Final:
Miguel Angel Rodriguez bt Olli Tuominen
        9-11,11-9,11-5,11-5 (54m)

Tuominen to take on Rodriguez

Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Olli Touminen (FIN) - Arturo Salazar (MEX) 11-6,11-6,11-3 (34m)

A varied game, the power of his shots and the precision to attack were the clear virtues that allowed the Finnish player to advance to the final of the Colombian Open.

The first game had highly intense moments, but Salazar’s wound from last night affected his performance.

From that moment on, he couldn’t take the pain off of his head and the Finnish took advantage and gained strength, he quickly ended the Mexicans intention to pass to the final.

Miguel Rodríguez (COL) - Shahier Razik (CAN) 11-3,11-8 rt (28m)

An imposition in Razik’s left gluteus made him withdraw from the match at the end of the second game, allowing the Colombian Rodriguez to enter his third final of the Colombian Open.

In spite of the injury, the Colombian proved his patience. Rodriguez waited, he worked every single ball and took the adequate decisions on when to attack The first game was consistent, Razik proposed his traditional game; he may be one of the most patient players in the tour, but he found a rival of great velocity that picked up every single drop Razik played. The clear outcome of this response by the Colombian was Raziks frustration. In the second game Razik showed his brilliance when he tied the match to 8 all, after the Colombian committed 3 consecutive errors.

Nonetheless, the Colombian took advantage of one error from Razik and played two fantastic drop shots that won him the game. Unfortunately, the Canadian was diagnosed with a muscular contracture and had to abandon the match

Official site from Bogota

Salazar joins top seeds in
Bogota semis
Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Olli Touminen(FIN) - Jan Koukal (CZE) 11-9,11-5,11-6 (30m)

Both Europeans displayed outstanding technique, but Touminen's superiority was clearer due to his drops' precision, boast attacks and permanent anticipation. Koukal showed his best moment in the third game with fantastic winning rallies, but Touminen didn’t stay behind and portrayed a variety of shots, constantly attacking even if he was defending himself. He left a pleasant impression and conquered his second consecutive semifinal in the Colombian Open.

Shahier Razik (CAN) - Cesar Salazar (MEX) 11-6,11-6,11-5 (39m)

The Canadian Razik from Egyptian background gave an outstanding demonstration of physical pressure, patience and tranquility. He was clear and never risked against the Mexican, who couldn’t find a clear game proposition against Razik's technical advantage. Many thought Razik would eventually run out of air after long rallies in the first game that lasted 17 minutes. By the second game Razik only attacked when he felt comfortable and defined the second game. In the final game, 6 drops that died in the nick frustrated Salazar who ended up accepting the Canadian's inspiration.

Arturo Salazar(MEX) - Rafael Alarcón (BRA) 10-12,11-7,11-8,11-9 (76m)

The Mexican Salazar played consistently and consolidated himself in the semifinal of the Colombian Squash Open after defeating the experienced Alarcon, who despite playing his best shots and his strong back shots couldn’t dismantle the Mexican's physical strength. Salazar got every single shot and won the points. The Mexican played with strength, power, velocity and strategy in a very exciting match. Alarcon won the first game after a tie break, but Salazar imposed speed and precision for the next two games. In the final game, Salazar had to given 3 minutes to recover from a hit on his knee. Yet with the public’s cheer Salazar entered the fourth game losing 2-6, played strong and generated winning points. Alarcon pressured but it wasn’t enough.

Miguel Rodríguez (COL) - Stephane Galifi (ITA) 11-6,11-8,11-3 (27m)

It was a challenging game for the Colombian due to his commitment to play as a local in front of his crowd. In the first game, he imposed velocity, intense drop shots and tight lengths to win in three consecutive games. Galifi tried to stop the game's rhythm, he tried to play slow and paused, but he found a concentrated and precise Colombian. Galifi was surprised by the Colombian's speed and precision.

Official site from Bogota


Salazars progress in
Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Olli Touminen(FIN) – Gonzalo Miranda(ARG) 11-1,11-3,11-3 (20m)

With great strength in his shots, the Finnish Touminen didn’t allow the Argentinean Miranda to breath, in spite of exposing his best game he couldn’t resolve Touminen’s strategy. Touminen plated fast and consistently. He thought of an easy pass to the next round, and he achieved it.

Miguel Rodríguez (COL) – Robin Clarke(CAN) 11-5,11-9,11-7 (24m)

The Colombian Rodriguez played with long rallies during the first two games and looked for the precise moment to attack frustrating Clarke’s strategy. The Canadian couldn’t decipher the velocity imposed by the Colombian with constant rhythm changes.

In the third game, the Colombian attacked from the beginning, making fantasy shots and gave great happiness from his fans that accompanied the Colombian in the match. Rodriguez entered the quarterfinals and tomorrow will fight for the semifinals.

César Salazar (MEX) – Henrik Mustonen(FIN)9-11,13-11,11-6,4-11, 11-5 (56m)

The Mexican Salazar managed to defeat the exquisite Finnish player after a 5 games battle, where Salazar exhibited his best squash in the first round of the Colombian Open. Mustonen took the lead in the first game against an anxious Salazar, who found his balance in the second game after an exhausting tie break that had fantastic winning shots that admired the crowd.

The third game was clearer for Salazar thanks to his multiple winning back hand drops and precise anticipation. In the fourth game Mustonen took higher risks and generated excellent back hand drops that tested the Mexicans stamina. The Mexican tried to more the Finnish around the four points of the court, but Mustonen got every shot and won the fourth game.

For the final game, Salazar tightened his winning shots, anticipated and achieved cross court volleys that surprised the Finnish. Mustonen couldn’t change the path of the match. The youngest player in the tournament unfortunately lost, but proved to be the tournaments revelation.

Shaier Razik (CAN) – Fabian Verseille(FRA)11-8,5-11,1-11,11-3,11-5 (69m)

In a long game, filled with patience, dosed air and working each shot with clear conviction, the Canadian Razik proved squash can be achieved despite the altitudes challenge.

The French Verseille portrayed his maximum strength with drive lengths and cross courts that pressured the Canadian. Nonetheless, he couldn’t obtain the concentration needed for such a long match. Verseille allowed the referees decisions to affect his game; he consistently challenged the decisions and was even sanctioned with the loss of one point.

This lack of calmness stopped his dream of passing to the next round. Razik entered the quarterfinals of the Colombian Squash Open.

Arturo Salazar (MEX) – Simón Martínez (COL) 11-2,11-2,11-4 (16m)

The experience of the Mexican, 22, was evident in court against the Colombian junior Simon Martinez , who played his best game in order to make this match a learning experience. The Mexican advanced to the quarter finals.

Stephane Galifi (ITA)- Chris Gordon(USA) 6-11, 11-6,11-7,11-5 (47m)

The Italian Galifi, during his first visit to Colombia showed his experience in handling timing and his surroundings by attacking consistently. In the first game, the Italians unforced errors gave the American the lead.

Nevertheless, Galiti began to tighten his back hand drops to pressure with short cross courts from both sides, to finish the match with a proposition of slow shots that wore out Gordon.

Jan Koukal (CHE) – Eric Tepoz(MEX) 6-11,11-6,11-7,11-5 (42m)

The Czech had to play with upmost intelligence, strategic, patient and highly mature in order to defeat the solid Mexican Tepoz. After losing the first game, he identified the strategy needed to win, and he was consistent with deep lengths and cross courts combined with killer drop shots that little by little affected Tepoz’s endurance. This match was a magnificent exhibition.

Rafael Alarcón (BRA) – Jorge Baltazar (MEX). 11-3,4-11,12-10,11-4 (37m)
Convinced of his game plan with deep shots, strong and near the lines, the Brazilian Alarcon proved great inspiration especially in the third game. For the first game he applied precise winning shots and won. Despite of winning the first game he lost the second game due to his lack of concentration.

But in the third game, when Baltazar was winning 10-6 he returned to his attack plan, displaying his physical strength and killer shots, Baltazar lifted every single impossible ball but couldn’t close the game. Alarcon succeeded in the tie break and had a 2-1 advantage.

By the fourth game the match was already sentenced, Baltazar was out of breath and lost the match to the Brazilian

Official site from Bogota

Qualifying complete in Bogota
Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Fabián Verseille (Fra) - Andrew MacDougall (Can) 11-9,11-9,2-11,11-6 (42m)
In a game filled with pressure and risk, accompanied by tight backhand drops, the French Verseille became the first qualifier to enter the main draw. Verseille defeated the Canadian McDougall who exhibited a classical game of anticipation and deep lengths. Despite the Canadians proposal, Verseille imposed constant rhythm changes that allowed him to win the match in the fourth game.

Gonzalo Miranda (Arg) - Fred Reid (Can) 11-7,11-6,11-8 (17m)

The Argentinean Miranda achieved his best result since he became a professional in 2008by entering the main draw of a 3 star tournament. Miranda was loyal to his strategy and played deep game and changed the rhythm of the match to defeat his opponent in 3 consecutive games. The Canadian Reid who in spite of risking 90% of his shots couldn’t find precision and gave in to Miranda.

Eric Tepoz (Mex) - Nahuel Ramos (Arg) – 11-3,11-2,10-12,11-2 (41m)

The Mexicans experience allowed him to enter the main draw of the Colombian Open for a second time. He played constant deep lengths and pressured in the front. Hus game eventually wore out the 19 years old Argentinean who exhibited his best level in the third game.

Jorge Baltazar(Mex) - Javier Castilla (Col). 7-11,11-2,11-2,11-9 (38m)

The Colombian began the match with constants attacks, pressuring the solid Mexican. Nonetheless, the experienced Mexican, 28, played a slower match and with consecutive lengths to attack the Colombian and force his errors. The Mexican won with solid backhand drops and defeated the Colombia wouldn’t define a winning strategy.

Official site from Bogota

Under way in Bogota
Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Two Argentineans, two Canadians, two Mexicans, one Colombian and one French player will contest the qualifying finals in Bogota.

Fabien Verseille (Fra) – Rodrigo Torres (Col) 11-5, 11-5, 11-3 (29m).

With powerful drives the French, Verseille won in the opening match of the Colombian Open. Versaille defeated the Colombian Rodrigo Torres in three successive games, 11-5, 11-5 and 11-3 within 28 minutes that clearly place this player among the favorites to win in the qualifying round.

Jorge Baltazar (Mex) – Salvador Martínez (Mex). 11-9,11-5,11-1 (24m)

Baltazar’s experience, pause and tranquility detained his compatriot’s intention to win the match. Unfortunately, for Martinez’s bad luck, he had to play against the top seed of the qualy draw. Baltazar player solidly and proved his favoritism for entering the main draw.

Javier Castilla (Col) - Lekgotla Mosope (Bot) 11-6, 11-9, 11-7 (33m)

The Colombian Castilla and the African player proposed a highly technical game, and low risk in the first game. Nonetheless in the second game both players began to attack each other and exhibited the best moments of the match. Despite this, Mosope lost precision and Castilla gained it. By the third game, Botswana’s player lost his endurance giving the victory to the Colombia.

Andrew MacDougall (Can) – Arturo Jaramillo (Col) 11-5,11-9,11-5 (21m)
The Colombian, 38, tried to propose and extenuating game against the Canadian, but the constant anticipation, precision and solidness allowed the Canadian to pass comfortably to the next round.

Fred Reid (Can) – Juan Pablo Roude (Arg) 11-9,11-3,7-11,9-11,11-2 (42m)

The Canadians strength throughout the first two games seemed to forecast a fast triumph, but his speculation in the third game, allowed the Argentineans reaction and despite tying the match, the Canadian regained his concentration and won.

Gonzalo Miranda (Arg) - Andrés González (Col) 11-9,11-3,11-7 (22m)

The Argentinean Miranda, 20, imposed his experience of 2 years as a professional to stop the debutants aspiration to the next round.

Nahuel Ramos (Arg) - Erik Herrera (Col) 11-5,12-10,11-7 (28m)

Probably thinking that the oxygen wouldn’t be enough, the Argentinean Ramos attacked from every corner of the court and summed the points necessary to pass to the next round. All his attack propositions were effective leaving the Colombian with no possibilities.

Eric Tepoz (Mex) – Armando Olguín (Mex) 11-0,11-7,11-3 (18m)

Tepoz’s calculated and strategic game was enough to defeat his compatriot. It was a fast game dominated by Tepoz’s physical strength.

Razik & Tuominen head Bogota Draw
Preview from Juan Carlos Santacruz

With a singular draw, led by two of the most emblematic representatives of the so called classical squash, the Finnish Olli Touminen and the Canadian Shaier Razik are the No. 1 and 2 seeds of the XIII Colombian Squash Open.

The draw has an exceptional group of the top 50 players. This notable response of all the professional players, guarantees a tournament of high standards, highly disputed and with vibrant matches from the start of the qualy rounds. Moreover, this tournament has the particularity that none of the players is a clear favorite, the tournament is highly competitive.

The No. 1 and 2 seeds of the Colombian Squash Open are two tour veterans, who form part of the exclusive elite of players who represent the most classical exhibition of modern squash. Both players are over 30 and with more than 10 years of competing as professionals. Both players are the best in their countries.

The Finnish Touminen, 31, has been a professional since 98 and has reached the No. 13 place in the PSA rankings; meanwhile the born Egyptian but nationalized Canadian Razik, 33, has been a professional since 99 and has obtained the No. 20 place in the PSA rankings in his best performance.

The main draw completed by 16 players, 11 seeded players, 1 wild card and 4 qualifiers will surely compete directly with the top players of the draw.

The 11 seeded players are represented by the top 3 Mexican players Arturo Salazar, Eric Galvez and Cesar Salazar; Robin Clarke No. 2 of Canada; Jan Koukal Czech Republics’ No 1, Brazils No. 1 Rafael Alarcon, American Chris Gordon and the Colombians Miguel Angel Rodriguez No. 3 seed of the tournament followed by the junior Simon Martinez who won the wild card. In addition, the qualy draw will have the top 100 PSA players, 12 pre- classified and 4 local players in the Nogal Club of Bogota.

Official site from Bogota



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