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CSA Men's Finals 2011
25-27 Feb, Boston & Cambridge, Usa
Trinity 5 Yale 4
With the final tied at 4-all Jamaica's Chris Binnie won the deciding tie 3/1
 to give Trinity a 13th straight title ...


Finals – Day 3 – Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final: (1) Trinity bt (2) Yale 5-4

3/4 Playoff: (3) Princeton bt (4) Rochester 5-4

5/6 Playoff: (6) Harvard bt (5) Cornell 5-4

7/8 Playoff: (7) Dartmouth bt (8) Franklin & Marshall 7-2

Lucky Thirteen for Trinity
Yale narrowly misses adding Men’s title to
last week’s National Women’s team title win
Sarah Cortes reports

By the thinnest margin yet, Trinity came through once again victorious and secured its 13th straight title in the 2011 Men’s College Squash National Team Championships.

With the score at 4-4, spectators at Murr stared transfixed at the splendid livestream on their smartphones. Technology-less fans pitifully craned their necks and hoped for x-ray vision to see through the solid wall of bodies presented by the thick crowd, while those in front had to politely resort to actually watching the match before them, sneaking glances at the livestream when they though no one was looking.

At the other match locations, mothers, fathers, teammates and even the coaches were spotted “cheating” on the Dartmouth and F&M players by stealing glances at the Trinity-Yale live videostream in their palm devices. During the nailbiting 9th and final match, other matches underway temporarily halted as players themselves dawdled between their own games in matches already underway in hopes of witnessing potential Trinity-Yale carnage.

Trinity started the match riding an oft-referenced 242-match winning streak, having gone 19-0 this season. Yale ranked #2, having lost only to Trinity (6-3) a few weeks ago, and looked to avenge that loss. Today’s lineup was somewhat different than that in January’s match, with players on both teams moving up and down the ladder like an unsuccessful speed dating shuffle. With those changes, the possibility that Yale would end Trinity’s streak on this snowy day was in the air. Indeed, as Yale pulled out wins to level the match score at 4-all, coaches on both sides must have reluctantly dusted off their gracious concession speeches.

The deciding match fell to Chris Binnie for Trinity and Richard Dodd for Yale. Dodd nearly took the first but must have started daydreaming about his potential to make history, as he fell 11-9. As Dodd closed in on game ball in the second, Binnie stayed focused and sensibly pulled out the game, but victory seemed far from certain. Indeed, Dodd took the third to bring the score to 2-1, and Trinity never seemed so beatable. Binnie, preferring to leave the facility intact, came to his senses and put hopes of a Yale victory to rest by pulling away in the fourth, at which point the crowd at Murr rushed roaring onto the court.

The other matches in the A Division were equally close. In Franklin & Marshall’s match against Dartmouth, the 7-2 score didn’t reflect the closeness of the match, since 4 of Dartmouth’s wins were eked out 3-2, including more than 1 tiebreaker. Hansi Weins holds the distinction, as a foreign-born coach, of fielding the most “American” team in the Potter Division. His sole player admitting to foreign education, Maycock from Bermuda and Wycliffe, stands out in a sea of lads from the likes of Exeter, Tenafly and Greenwich.

Depending on your point of view, Hansi might either demonstrate that foreign recruitment over the past decade has raised the level of squash for native-born Americans and so benefitted everyone, or that complaints of unfair practices in foreign “amateur” recruitment are greatly exaggerated. Or, just that Hani is doing something worth taking a closer look at.

Considering that Dartmouth had rolled over F&M 9-0 at their regular match earlier in the season, today’ result represented a victory of sorts for John While’s team. F&M’s relentless improvement from match to match and its debut in the A Division (Potter Cup) this year, while Penn and Western Ontario languish in the B Division, mark its trajectory for next season. 


final streaming
from 12.00 EST

Day Two, Semi-Finals:
(1) Trinity bt. (4) Rochester 6-3
(2) Yale bt. (3) Princeton 7-2

5/8 semi-finals:
(8) Franklin & Marshall bt. (5) Cornell 7-2
(6) Harvard bt. (7) Dartmouth 8-1

Trinity & Yale set up final showdown
by Sarah Cortes

The blitzkrieg of squash continued unabated yesterday, as there was no refuge from the hundreds of matches at what seemed like every squash court in town.

From Belmont Hill to Harvard , from the Union Boat Club to Northeastern University to MIT, the 63 college men’s teams battled out 9 matches apiece in 32 team pairings, about 300 matches involving almost 700 players, when you count the 2 alternates dragged around for contingencies.

Upsets to the seeding similarly were as scarce as free court space in a snowstorm, although four teams did manage to beat both the odds and their opponents by thin margins. Notably, the following four matches were upsets:

(19) Bowdoin bt. (18) Amherst 8-1 – C Division
(35) MIT bt. (39) California 5-4 - E Division
(40) Vanderbilt bt (37) Kenyon 5-4 - E Division
(44) Bucknell bt. (41) Vassar 7-2 - F Division

In the G (Hawthorn) Division, female players opened eyes as Hannah Gottfredson from the University of Southern California (USC) showed Zachary Miller from Siena how it’s done with a convincing 3-0 win, 11-2, 11-8, 11-4.

Speaking of snow, a steady snowfall blanketed he region after play completed, ensuring a beautiful backdrop to Sunday’s Potter (A) Division matches:

(1) Trinity v. (2) Yale 12:00pm, Harvard

(8) Franklin & Marshall v. (7) Dartmouth 3:00pm, Northeastern University
(4) Rochester v. (3) Princeton 3:00pm, Harvard
(5) Cornell v. (6) Harvard 3:00pm, Harvard

Top seeds through to semis
by Sarah Cortes

63 teams of 11 college men each descended on Boston and Cambridge today for the 2011 Men’s College Squash National Team Championships - a total of approximately 700 competitors have commenced the season-culminating play at 5 locations around Boston.

Competition is divided into eight divisions with draws of 8 teams each. With only a few matches left uncompleted at press time, Kenyon, 37th seed, was the lone upset against Boston College, seeded just a hair higher at 36.

The other over 60 matchups remarkably uniformly followed seeding, and it remains to be seen whether play on Saturday, the second day of the tournament, may see some shakeups in the order.

Franklin & Marshall, coached by John White, rose into the A division this year for the first time, a feat unthinkable only a few years ago. F&M displaced University of Pennsylvania, coached by Jack Wyant.

Formerly obscure University of Rochester is obscure no more, under Martin Heath, its presence in the top tier clearly established. Harvard’s star continues to fade in the face of the expansion of the number of teams and the firmer inroads into international recruiting by colleges all over the United States.

Trinity continued its dominance, taking a step closer to a 13th consecutive victory under Paul Assaiante.

Potter Cup (top division)

[1] Trinity bt [8] F&M               9-0
[4] Rochester bt [5] Cornell     7-2
[3] Princeton
bt [6] Harvard    8-1
[2] Yale bt [7] Dartmouth         8-1


Trinity bt Rochester                6-3
Yale bt Princeton                     7-2

semis on streaming
from 12.00 EST

How they prepared at F&M

How they prepared at Trinity

More details on the CSA site      plus streaming     women's winners

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