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TC Malaysian National Champs 2013
28-Aug to 01-Sep, Kuala Lumpur

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Reports from
The Star

Draws & Results

01-Sep, Finals:

[1] Nicol David 3-1 [2] Low Wee Wern
             11/8, 11/5, 7/11, 11/8

[1] Ong Beng Hee 3-2 [2] Nafiizwan Adnan
             11/7, 11/9, 8/11, 9/11, 11/6

It's Nicol and Bengy ...

The Final day of the TC nationals saw a very good sized crowd packed into the Dato Nicol David Arena where they were treated to an afternoon of great squash.

Dato Nicol David taking on Low Wee Wern was the main Premier Division final, the opening game was close each player trading point for point until Nicol got a couple of points ahead at 9.7 and then was awarded a stroke and the first game. In the second game Nicol began better leading 5.2 and then extended that lead to 11.5.

In the third Wee Wern started off much better leading 5.2 and then 8.3, long drawn out rallies now at this stage of the match but Wee Wern managed to hang on to win the third and give herself a glimmer of hope. However Nicol got it back in fourth to win her third National title.

The Menís Premier event was also between the top two seeds, Ong Beng Hee and Nafiizwan Adnan.

The first was evenly contested until Beng Hee broke clear to win the opening game. In the second Wan started better leading 5.2 but then lost the next seven points in a row to give Beng Hee a 9.5 lead. Wan Caught up to 7.9 but Beng Hee got a winner to 10.7, again though Wan was not quite done fighting back to 9.10. A serve from Wan from the left hand box was not quite good enough and Beng Hee fired it into the cross court nick for a winner and a two game lead.

In the third Wan again began brightly leading 5.2 and again Beng Hee won 6 points in a row but then uncharacteristically he put three easier shots straight in the tin and then two winners from Wan gave Wan a game ball. A loose shot from Beng Hee handed a stroke to Wan and the third game. Beng Hee began the fourth game better leading 6.2 but this time it was Wan that worked his way back into the game and soon they were level at 8.8.Wan did well to stay in the rally at 8.8 having been caught out by two flicks and went on to win the next two points.

Beng Hee won the next point for 9.10 but a nick at the back managed to win the game for Wan and we were level at two games all. In the fifth Beng Hee got the better start leading 6.2 helped by a few tins from Wan. He was able to maintain this lead and close out the game 11.6 to retain his national title.

These two will meet again in 9 days time in the CIMB Malaysian Open first round.

In the Menís Division Two final it looked a bit too far for Aaron Chee as his legs seemed to give way right from the start. Nafzahizam Adnan claimed the title winning the opening game 11.1 as Aaron seemed to be still warming up. In the second Aaron started better leading 6.1 but Adnan fought back to level and just lost out on a tie break. In the third lots of movement to the front of the court now as both players were crawling to return serve, Adnan it was though that held the big leads to win games three and four rather comfortably.

The Menís Division Three final was an all Penang affair between Johnathen Chew and Ong Sze Kuan, Sze Kuan took the opening two games 12-10 but Johnathen came back strongly to take the next three games to take the title back to Penang.

In the Womenís Division two final this drew a huge crowd between Ooi Kah Yen and Norshadira. Kah Yen began better winning the opening game 11.7 but then lost her length in the second game and Shadira punished her. Kah Yen took the third game but the fourth was evenly contested with both sets of supporters getting on the back of the referee and being very vocal. Some huge points in the tie break but it was Kah Yen who held her nerve with a low backhand drive that saw Shadira dive for it but couldnít quite get there. As the youngster celebrated Shadira was left sprawled out on the floor, a very entertaining match by both players.

In the Menís over 35 final it Kenneth Low the top seed was too good for Allan Soyza, Kenneth took the opening two games 11.7 and 11.9 but Allan fought back to push it to a fourth taking the third 11.5. Kenneth though came back to take the fourth 11.8 to win this title.

In the Menís Over 50s Raymond Arnold the second seed got the better of top seed Francis Gan in four evenly contested games. Raymond took the opening game 11.8 but Francis hit back to take the second 11.9. Raymond though held on to win games three and four 11.6, 11.4.

In the Menís over 40s category top seed Kim Jim was too good for tournament sponsor Thomas Chan. Kim Jim makes the game look so easy and could probably have done well in one of the divisions as well.

A huge Thank You to Thomas Chan for putting on this event as well as Nusmetro, with other sponsors Dunlop, REDTone and Snickers. Well done to the SRAM organising committee along with the assistance of Sportspin. Thank you to AstroArena for broadcasting the matches live on TV.


An Evening with Dato' Nicol David

Reports from
The Star

Draws & Results

01-Sep, Finals:

[1] Nicol David 3-1 [2] Low Wee Wern
                          11/8, 11/5, 7/11, 11/8

[1] Ong Beng Hee 3-2 [2] Nafiizwan Adnan
                         11/7, 11/9, 8/11, 9/11, 11/6

31-Aug, Semis:
[1] Nicol David bt Delia Arnold               11/5, 11/8, 12/10
[2] Low Wee Wern bt  Zulhijjah Azan       11/4, 11/2, 11/2

[1] Ong Beng Hee bt Addeen Idrakie       11/5, 11/5, 11/3
[2] Nafiizwan Adnan bt Timothy Arnold    11/7, 11/7, 11/7

Top seeds through to finals in KL

In the TC Malaysian Nationals, the Premier event matches were moved to the Glass court and broadcast live on AstroArena.

Low Wee Wern the current World number 6 got the proceedings underway against Zulhijjah Azan the current world number 74. Wee Wern who was more confident on the glass court and with the occasion handled things much better.

The first two games raced by with Wee Wern winning 11-4 and 11-2 being a lot more used to the glass court conditions. Wee Wern knew when to move up whereas Zulhijjah got caught a little far back in the court. The third was very similar and finished 11-2 to Wee Wern.

Nafiizwan Adnan was next on against Timothy Arnold, only last week Wan won 12-10 in the fifth to win the SSJM 8th leg in Melaka. This time Wan was managing to keep the intensity high with Tim taking some long deep breaths between rallies. Tim led in the opening game 7.6 but Wan steadied the ship to win the next 5 points and the opening game.

In the second Wan got the better start leading 6-2 before a long rally saw Tim sit on the court to regain his breath and take back some momentum. After this Tim closed the gap but it wasnít to be enough as Wan closed out the second game 11.6 with a beautiful backhand drop. In the third game it was level up until 7.7 and then Wan got the better of it to win the next four points to advance to the final.

Dato Nicol David followed this match taking on World number 32 Delia Arnold. Nicol began the opening game better keeping it nice and tight especially down the backhand side. In the second game Delia began with more intensity but it dropped off a little bit in the middle. In the third game however Delia again began with real intent and managed to sustain it for the whole game. Delia even held game ball at 10.9 but Nicol is as good as ever at playing the right shot when under pressure.

Ong Beng Hee set up a rematch of last yearís final winning his semi finals in three games against Addeen Idrakie. Beng Hee with all his experience was always in control against the youngster never really allowing Addeen in front of him.

In the Menís Division Two event Aaron Chee survived another brutal match this time to sneak past Raja Adam 12.10 in the fifth. Aaron started the better winning the opening game but then lost the next two games. Aaron fought back to win the fourth and then continued that form into the fifth. Nafzahizam Adnan ended the giant killing run of Aqif Ampandi in three straight games as the strong Nafzahizam took control of the court and the centre area moving Aqif to all corners.

In Womenís Division Two Noorshadira survived a scare against Lee Ka Ern, Shadira took the opening game 11-9 but Ka Ern fought back to take the next two games with the third on a tie break. Shadira was not to be denied though winning the fourth 11.8 and then the fifth 13.11. Shadira will now play Ooi Kah Yen in tomorrows final, Kah Yen defeated Heng Yi Lian in four games.

In the Menís over 35 group Kenneth Low the top seed needed four games to beat Khoo Teng Hin. Kenneth is the current Federal Territories coach with Teng Hin the Penang coach, it was a close four games but Kenneth had the upper hand. Tomorrow he will play Allan Soyza after he defeated close friend Christopher Brodie also in four games.

In the Menís over 40s squash enthusiast and main sponsor Thomas Chan won through to the final with a very hard fought win over Dennis Tan. Dennis won the opening game 11.9 but Thomas came back to win a long second game 15.13. In games three and four there were only a couple of points in it but Thomas eventually won through to the final. Tomorrow he will play Kim Jim after Kim defeated Rizal Bin Salleh also in four games.

The Menís over 50s final will be between the top two seeds, Francis Gan and Raymond Arnold the top two seeds in the event. Both winning in three games against TK Ho and Thian Chye Tan respectively.

30-Aug, Day THREE, Quarters

Down to the semi-finalists in KL ...

Quarter final day at TC national championships saw no real upsets in the Premier events with the seeded players progressing to the semi finals.

Nafiizwan Adnan was the first player through beating Ng Jo Wen in three comfortable games. Wan will now play Tim Arnold, a repeat of their 12.10 in the fifth match from last week maybe on the cards but this will see different circumstances with it being on the glass court. Tim managed to beat Valentino Bong in three long and tight games.

Ong Beng Hee wasted little time dispatching Gurshan Singh and he will now face Addeen Idrakie. Addeen defeated Sanjay Singh in the closest match in the premier event. This match went all the way to the wire with Addeen finishing it with a rolling nick into the front backhand corner to win the fifth 11.9.

In the Womenís Premier event Sharon Wee almost rolled back the years for a second day in a row to beat Zulhijjah Azan. Sharon was leading two games to love and held three match balls in the third game but couldnít quite close out the match. After winning the third Zulhijjah seemed to grow in confidence winning the fourth and then the fifth.

Delia Arnold played well to beat Teh Min Jie in a game that saw some good rallies. Both players are very mobile and this saw some short sharp rallies at the front of the court. Delia with her experience though was too good for Min Jie. Low Wee Wern defeated Pushppa Devi in three comfortable games.

Dato Nicol David taking on youngster Aika Azman played a very enjoyable match. Hopefully Aika will have learned and cherished playing a legend at the height of her powers.

I donít think anywhere else in the world you would see a World Number One referee a match but Nicol did today.

In Division two Aqif Ampandi continued his fine form this time at the expense of Amir Shariff in four games he now plays Nafzazhizam Adnan after he beat Jess Tay also in four games. Second seed Aaron Chee survived five torturing games against Ryan Pasqual. Having taken a 2.1 games lead Aaron threw away the fourth looking to conserve energy for the fifth. His plan almost backfired when he was 10.7 match ball down but he fought back to win the next five points. What he will have in the tank for tomorrow im not sure as he laid very tired on the court after the match. Aaron might not enjoy his match so much tomorrow with Raja Adam as he loves to run. Adam defeated Farez Izwan in four tight games.

In Division three Emmanuel Davids run came to an end at the hands of Foo Ming Han in three games, Ming Han will now play Ong Sze Kuan. In the other semi final Johnathen Chew will take on Aanont Wathanasin for a place in Sundays final.

In the Menís Over 35 Director of Coaching Allan Soyza knocked out second seed Kenny Foo in an eagerly anticipated clash. Allan got the better of Kenny this time in three straight games. Having been behind 7-2 Allan clawed his way back to win the second and from the midpoint in the third game he surged away. Tomorrow Allan will play his good friend SRAM general manager Chris Brodie for a place in the final.

In the Womenís Division two NoorShadira survived a huge scare off Zetty Zawanah to win in five games. Shadira will play ĺ seed Lee Ka Ern after she also survived 5 tough games with 2012 Asian Junior under 13 champion Nur Aliah. In the lower part of the draw current Asian Junior Under 13 champion Ooi Kah Yen defeated another under 13 Chan Yiwen in four evenly contested games. Tomorrow Kah Yen will play Heng Yi Lian after she defeated Serene Chee the second seed in four games.

In the Menís over 40s all the top seeded players booked their semi final spots, Kim Jim, Rizal Bin Salleh and Thomas Chan all won in three games. Second seed Dennis Tan was pushed all the way to an 11.7 in the fifth victory by Ivan Gan.

In the Menís over 50s top seed Francis Gan defeated Melvin Yap in three games pitching him against Tk Ho tomorrow. Ho defeated Ng Hong Yuen in some very close games. Second seed Raymond Arnold set up a semi final with Thian Chye Tan after wins over Ching Wah Leong and Kin Sam Chan respectively.

Tomorrows semi finals will be live on Astro 801 so please tune in to be highly entertained.

Men's Premier Results

Women's Premier Results

An Evening with Dato' Nicol David

Reports from
The Star

Draws & Results



Draws & Results

Men's Premier Results

Women's Premier Results

An Evening with Dato' Nicol David

Reports from The Star

Draws & Results


29-Aug, Day TWO, the Big Guns join in ...
Andrew Cross reports

The second day of the TC Nationals saw the Premier Division event getting involved with the entrance of some huge names in Malaysian Sport.

Dato Nicol David began her campaign against Teh Min En. Min En will no doubt have learned a lot from the experience and it will have been a privilege for her to have been on court with such a global superstar. Nicol will now face Aika Azman after she recorded a stunning five sets win over Rachel Arnold.

Delia Arnold proved to be too strong for Lim Jee Nee and she will now play Teh Min Jie who defeated Sivasangari in four brutal games. In the opening two games Min Jie controlled the pace and the tempo of the match but after two games this all changed as Sivasangari took control. Min Jie was now doing a lot of running around the court forcing Siva to hit closer and closer to the tin. The fourth was close all the way ending in a tie break but Min Jie just held on to win the game 15.13.

Sharon Wee rolled back the years to defeat Nazihah Hanis in three games, her reward is a match with Zulhijah Azan. Zulhijah defeated Andrea Lee in three games but almost went to four with Andrea having game balls in the third game. To complete the quarter final line up Pushppa Devi beat Jadeleen Lee with Low Wee Wern advancing at the expense of Zoe Foo.

In the Menís Premier event Ng Jo Wen got the upsets started when he defeated Hannan Tarmidi in three games all of them finishing 11.8. Valentino Bong making a comeback to the national set up survived a slight scare against Amir Farhan. Valentino won the opening game but was made to do a lot of work in the second game needing a few dives to save points. He lost the second having caught up from 4.10 to eventually lose 13.11. He steadied a bit more in the last two games but still did a lot of work eventually winning in four games.

Valentino will now play Timothy Arnold after he defeated Yovineshan in three games. Sanjay Singh got the better of a tired looking Syafiq Kamal and now faces training mate and long time junior rival Addeen Idrakie for a place in the semis. Gurshan Singh provided the last upset in the menís event when he defeated Choong Kam Hing in a game that went all the way.

In the Menís Division two Aqif Ampandi continued his giant killing run this time beating Nikky Queck in four games. He will now play Amir Shariff in the quarter finals after Amir proved too strong for Mivesh Kumar. Jess Tay defeated the last 5/8 seed in Mark Low in the top half of the draw in three games. The top half of the draw now looks wide open with most of the seeds having being eliminated already. In the bottom half of the draw Asian Junior Champion Farez Izwan defeated the third seed Andrew Lee in five brutal games. Farez leading by two games to love looked to have it in the bag but Andrew fought back to win the next two games before losing out in the fifth. Ryan Pasqual and Sam Chan played an equally brutal match that went all the way to an 11.9 in the fifth win for Ryan. Tomorrow Ryan will play second seed Aaron Chee after he saw off Shaun Kwan in four games.

In Division three top seed Eugene Heng crashed out very similar to the top seed in Division two the day before, Eugene was beaten by Ong Sze Kuan in four games. Apprentice coach Emmanual David managed to progress to the next round beating Nelson Anak Kuda in three games. However there was bad news for Emmanualís partner in crime Tengku Ikmal as he lost out to Muhammed Isa Bin Zakaria. Second seed Aanont Wathanasin defeated Sidney Chong and is now favourite for the title.

In the Womenís division two all but one of the top eight seeds made it through to the last eight. Only youngster Zetty Zawanah managed to create an upset. With lots of under 13 and 15 girls within this group and two more senior players, can the senior players win through to make the final as expected or will the juniors spring some more surprises.

In the Menís Over 35 age group this also almost went to the seedingís, only Kee Tay Tan upset the trend with a win over Max Ng. SRAM general manager Christopher Brodie defeated Jona Bin Mohini where he will play Kee Tay tomorrow. Allan Soyza defeated Zaffarin Zanal to set up an interesting match with Kenny Foo.

The Menís Over 40ís saw a couple of upsets as SRAM Deputy President Huang Ying How lost out to Ivan Gan. Ivan will now play second seed Dennis Tan for a place in the semi finals after Dennis defeated Edward Chan. Top seed Kim Jim began his campaign with a strong win against Fitri but could face stiffer opposition tomorrow.

Tournament Sponsor Thomas Chan looked good in what could have been a tough opening match with Calvin Chang. Thomas will now play Walter Lai in tomorrowís Quarter final. In the Menís Over 50s group all the matches went with the seedings, there should be some close and interesting matches tomorrow.


29-Aug, Day ONE
Andrew Cross reports

The TC Malaysian Nationals got under way today at the National Centre Bukit Jalil with the official opening being officiated by the Malaysian Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. Khairy Jamaluddin was also here to congratulate the winning players from the Asian Youth Games in Nanjing, China last week. Dato Seri Zolkples Embong was also present along with the main sponsor and squash enthusiast Thomas Chan. We are thankful to CIMB foundation for appearing as well with Dunlop representatives.

Division Two began proceedings seeing a real mix of youth and experience battling it out for places in the last 16. Aaron Soyza the top seed taking on youngster Aqif Ampandi, Aqif won two very tough opening games and a shock looked on the cards now the question was could the youngster keep his composure to win through to the second round. The third was a tight affair a few match balls for Aqif but he couldnít quite take it until he eventually converted one at 13.12 to win the third 14.12. Big result for the youngster and he will play Nicholas Queck tomorrow.

There were a few tough matches in the opening rounds with two local roommates Farez Izwan and Marcus Sim were battling it out on court 3 looking to progress through. Farez Izwan won the Asian Junior Title under 15s earlier this year but Marcus started off the better winning the opening game. However the Asian Junior champion fought back to win the next three games.

Junior coach Shahril Shahidan might wish he had begun his training a bit earlier for the event as he seemed to run out of gas against Sam Chan. Shahril managed to squeeze the opening game but then lost the second 12-10. Shahril now with legs and lungs feeling it couldnít quite take either of the next two games.

Nafzihizam Adnan began his quest for the title against UITM student Muhammed Faiz Rudin winning through in three games. Second seed Aaron Chee booked his second round spot but there was not so good news for another seeded player, Marcus Yuen on his comeback lost to junior Mivesh Kumar. Raja Adam and Andrew Lee managed to get into the next round but both required four games to get past their opponents.

Division Three also began today with nearly all the seeded players progressing to the next round, Aaonant Wathanasin defeated Edmund Yap in three games. Muhammed Isa Bin Zakaria was the only player to upset the form book when he defeated Muhammed Ammar Basil Bin Badri in four close games, he will now play apprentice coach Tengku Ikhmal.

In the Menís over 40ís there were two huge matches one between Lawrence Chuah and Sum Kin Chan that went the full distance with Lawrence just winning the fifth game11.6. Edward Chan also survived a five game thriller with a win over Soo Ong Oon.

In the Womenís Division Two championship there is a lot of juniors competing trying to get their names up the rankings and take down some older players. The closet match was between two juniors Alexandra Ryanka and Ming Qi Lee with Ming Qi winning 3.2.

Tomorrow will see the Premier Divisions getting involved and all the other age groups. Come on down to Bukit Jalil to watch for free.

Draws & Results

Reports from The Star

Draws & Results

TC Malaysian National Champs 2013
28-Aug to 01-Sep, Kuala Lumpur

Andrew Cross reports

This yearís TC Malaysian National Championships is back and better than ever as Malaysian squash looks to build on its recent success.

Dato Nicol David fresh from winning the World Games in Cali, Columbia, will once again line up in this prestigious event looking to regain the title from last yearís winner Low Wee Wern after Nicol missed last yearís event. These two players are expected to meet in the final on Sunday afternoon with Delia Arnold expected to hand out the stiffest challenge to these two as host of youngsters looking to gain valuable experience from their more established opponents.

In the Menís Premier Division it offers a real intriguing question of who will win this event and to be honest I canít decide. Ong Beng Hee the reigning champion is favourite for the event and he is expected to meet Nafiizwan Adnan in the final. The other person that could also win this event is the returning Azlan Iskandar who is set to play Nafiizwan in the semi final.

The rest of the draw sees a mix of older national players and juniors looking to make their mark in the event. A very tough opening match will see Timothy Arnold taking on Choong Kam Hing with both having been doing well in some recent local events. Tim managed to push Nafiizwan to a 12-10 in the fifth at the weekend but a tough draw will see the winner between Kam Hing and Tim play Beng Hee in the quarter finals.

In addition to the Premier Divisions the men will have another two full divisions of squash players battling it out for the Division Two and Three titles. Aaron Soyza coach of World number 6 Low Wee Wern is favourite to win the Menís Division Two title. Second seed is Aaron Chee with Nafzahizam Adnan looking to make it a brothers double if both can win their respective events. Andrew Lee completes the top four seeds in this event but it will be tough for all of them.

In Division Three youngster Eugene Heng is seeded to win the event with TV personality and squash enthusiast Aanont Wathanasin seeded second.

In the over 35 category Kenneth Low will be top seed looking to beat fierce rival Kenny Foo who won the event last year. This event sees lots of people still actively involved in squash all of which will be looking for the bragging rights. In the menís over 40s event it should be a battle between two players from the Selangor club Kim Jim and Dennis Tan. A full 16 draw in the menís over 50 should see some good competition for final spots. Top seed is Francis Gan with National coach Raymond Arnold seeded second.

A huge thank you to our main sponsor Nusmetro with co-sponsorship from Dunlop, REDtone and Snickers. Thank you to the official broadcaster Astro Arena that will cover the Semi finals and finals of the Premier events live on 801. Well done to Squash Rackets Association of Malaysia for organising the event along with Sportspin.

The opening of the event will be officiated by Khairy Jamaluddin the Malaysian Sports Minister who will also congratulate the juniors who represented Malaysia in the Asian Youth Games, Nanjing, China.

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