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Meadowood Pharmacy Open 2013
29 Jan - 03 Feb, Winnipeg, Canada, $15k
Final Sunday in Winnipeg
Cam Mundle reporting

Dipika Pallikal def. Joey Chan 3-0 11-9, 11-7, 11-4

The final of the 2013 Meadowood Pharmacy Open featured the number one and two seeds of the tournament. Dipika Pallikal brought her exciting brand of attacking squash to contrast the touch and retrieving of Joey Chan. The first game was back and forth with little to separate the two. Pallilkal mixed low drives with deceptive flicks for winners and Joey counterpunched with re-drops and attacking volleys. Pallikal won the game 11-9.

The second game saw Joey change her approach, she became more aggressive, going for winners off the serve and trying to attack before Dipika got the chance. The strategy was working in the early going as Joey got up 4-1, but it didn’t last as Dipika steadied her play and regained control of the game. The players were neck and neck towards the end before Pallikal found some timely winners to claim the game 11-7.

The third game didn’t start the way Joey had planned, going down 6-0. She got some unlucky bounces in the back of court but Dipika’s pressure was the main reason for the deficit. Chan bounced back with a few backhand volley winners of her own, getting to 4-8, but that was as close as she would get. Dipika dug in to close out the match, 11-4.

Dipika gracefully accepted the trophy as the 2013 Meadowood Pharmacy Open. She thanked the tournament organizers, sponsors, billets as well as her coach, Sara Fitz-Gerald. Dipika mentioned that it was nice to see such big crowds in Winnipeg, supporting WSA squash.
The 4th annual Meadowood Pharmacy Open saw the highest caliber of competition it has seen in its four year existence and has a suiting champion with the highest ranked winner in its history with Dipaka Pallikal now the 2013 Meadowood Pharmacy Open Champion.

Live streaming

Meadowood Open 2013
29 Jan - 03 Feb, Winnipeg, Canada, $15k
Round One
31 Jan   from 17.45
01 Feb
02 Feb
03 Feb
[1] Dipika Pallikal (Ind)
 11-6, 11-8, 11-9
[Q] Laura Pomportes (Fra)
[1] Dipika Pallikal
11-6, 11-6, 11-7
[7] Amanda Landers-Murphy
[1] Dipika Pallikal

11-8, 6-11, 16-14, 11-2

[4] Sarah-Jane Perry

[1] Dipika Pallikal


11-9, 11-7, 11-4


[2] Joey Chan

[7] Amanda Landers-Murphy (Nzl)
11-4, 11-8, 18-20, 11-6
Nayelly Hernandez (Mex)
[4] Sarah-Jane Perry (Eng)
11-3, 11-4, 11-9
Alix Younger (Can)
[4] Sarah-Jane Perry
  11-7, 12-14, 11-5, 11-3
Tesni Evans
[5] Lucia Fialova (Cze)
11-9, 7-11, 13-11, 11-7
Tesni Evans (Wal)
Misaki Kobayashi (Jpn)
10-12, 11-3, 11-5, 11-7
[8] Liu Tsz-Ling (Hkg)
Misaki Kobayashi
12-10, 11-7, 12-14, 11-9
[3] Aisling Blake
Misaki Kobayashi

5-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-8

[2] Joey Chan

[Q] Deon Saffery (Wal)
11-9, 11-8, 11-5
[3] Aisling Blake (Irl)
Coline Aumard (Fra)
11-6, 11-5, 11-7
[6] Emma Beddoes (Eng)
[6] Emma Beddoes
11-6, 11-8, 11-5
[2] Joey Chan
[Q] Olga Ertlova (Cze)
12-10, 11-8, 11-5
[2] Joey Chan (Hkg)
Qualifying Finals: 

Deon Saffery (Wal) bt Hollie Naughton (Can)               11-7, 11-6, 11-3
Nayelly Hernandez (Mex) bt Ivonne Diaz (Mex)          11-5, 11-3, 9-11, 11-4
Olga Ertlova (Cze) bt Ashley Malenchak  (Can)            11-4, 11-4, 11-3
Laura Pomportes (Fra) bt Nikki Todd (Can)                11-4, 11-5, 6-11, 11-8

Qualifying Round One:

Nikki Todd bt Hannah Blatt                 3-0
Ashley Malenchak bt Karina Heredia    4-11, 11-6, 5-11, 11-8, 12-10
Hollie Naughton bt Tara Chawla(wpg)   3-0

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Semi Saturday in Winnipeg

Dipika Pallikal bt Sara Jane Perry 3-1

Top seeded Dipika Pallikal faced Sara Jane Perry of England in the first semi final of the afternoon at the Winnipeg Winter Club.

Both players started with an awesome pace but Dipika ended up winning most of the rallies. The top seed was more consistent with her attacks as she found winners where Perry was finding tin. Pallikal got to 8-1 before Perry bounced back to 6-8 but the defect was too much as Pallikal took the opener, 11-8.

The second game saw Pallikal get off to another quick start, rattling off a few winners to get to 4-0. Perry, with a sense of urgency, clawed back into the match by running the score back to 7-4. It seemed as though Dipika lost her way just a bit in this game but Sara Jane definitely earned her points with a variety of deceptive holds and flicks from the front. Perry traded points until she won the second, 11-6. The third game found both players unwilling to budge off the T.

The game was full of contact, lets and debate with the referee. The tension increased as each point became more critical. There was little to separate the two, as they were level at 2-all, 4-all, 6-all, 8-all, 12-all and 14-all. The momentum was back and forth, each player looking to grab the lead. Lots of lets, no-lets and strokes in the last rallies of the game but ultimately it was the powerful attacks from Dipika that was the difference as a forehand winner gave her the crucial third game, 16-14.

It became evident in the fourth that the momentum was with the top seed. Dipika continued her excellent squash to grab leads of 3-1 and then 9-2 as she was just slightly more accurate and consistent than Perry. Sara Jane fought admirably to the end but Pallikal always seemed to have an answer.

The number one seed of the Meadowood Pharmacy Open advances to the final in style, dispatching of the third seed in four games of high quality squash.

Cam Mundle

Joey Chan bt Misaki Kobayashi 3-1

The second semi final of the day on RBC Semi Final Saturday at the 2013 Meadowood Pharmacy Open saw second seed and world #20 Joey Chan of Hong Kong taking on the giant killer Misaki Kobayashi who earlier took out the 8th seed (Ling) and the 3rd seed (Blake).

The first game was all Kobayashi as she looked extremely comfortable and confident on the Winnipeg Winter Club courts. Through a variety of attacking shots including the offensive boast and cross court flicks she took the opener 11-5. The second game was never separated by more than two points, however Joey Chan was able to sneak out the second and avoid going into a two

 game hole. The third game was another see saw affair which saw Kobayashi take a slight lead mid way through the game. However after an very hard jerky rally Kobayashi seemed to tweak her back just slightly and that was enough for Chan to capitalize and take the 2 games to 1 advantage.

contrast in styles continued in the 4th as Joey’s steady solid play seemed to be taking its toll on the more attacking Kobayashi. Chan was able to keep the lead just slightly throughout and managed to complete the come from behind victory by a score of 3 games to 1.

Trevor Borland

Live streaming

Live streaming

Quarters in Winnipeg
Trevor Borland reports

Misaki Kobayashi bt Aisling Blake 3-1

The upset of the night special saw the exciting Japanese Star, Misaki Kobyashi take down the tournaments number 3 seed and current world #23 Aisling Blake of Ireland.

The first game seemed to be smooth sailing for the higher seeded Blake until she reached 8-4 and that is when Misaki started to turn things around using a great offensive boast and low cross court kill shots in particular from the forehand side as she came back to take the first game 12 points to 10. She continued her aggressive play in the second and it paid off as Kobayashi raced out to a two games to love lead, taking the second 11-7. Blake’s steady play in the third game started to take its toll on Kobayashi as the tide started to shift and Blake snuck out a close third game 14 points to 12.

The fourth and what turned out to be the final game was close throughout with Kobyashi still being the more the aggressive of the two. Blake continued to hang around as the 4th game came right down to the wire.

A tough no let call on match ball which was clung tight to the forehand front wall gave Misaki Kobayashi the first and only upset of the quarter finals on La-z-boy Friday Quarter Finals at the Meadowood Pharmacy Open.

Joey Chan bt Emma Beddoes 3-0

In the second match of the evening, we saw World #20 and tournament #2 seed Joey Chan taking on the 3 time finalist and two time defending Champion of the Meadowood Pharmacy Open, Emma Beddoes of England. Needless to say, Beddoes was a big crowd favorite but it was Chan that took the early lead with an 11 points to 6 victory.

Beddoes did her best to use her grind it out style to work her way in to the match, but Chan’s strong variety of attacking short shots left Beddoes looking at a tough uphill climb of two games to love. Try as she might in the 3rd game, a third title in a row was not in the cards this for the Englishwomen, as she had to relinquish her title in three straights games to the talented Joey Chan of Hong.

Dipika Pallikal bt Amanda Landers-Murphy 3-0

The top seed of the Meadowood Pharmacy Open, Dipika Pallikal, continued to look solid as she played a quarterfinal match against Amanda Landers-Murphy of New Zealand.

The match started off with a solid pace as both players looked to attack. There wasn't a lot to separate these players in the early going, Dipika managed to get a couple points ahead in the first game and carried it through to claim it 11-6. The second game was slow to start; errors, winners and some inconsistent play from both athletes before the top seed turned up the heat. At four-all, Dipika unleashed a flurry of low drives, gentle drops and deceptive boasts to run a string of points and win the game 11-6.

The third game was exciting, Amanda changed her approach by trying to extend the rallies and dictate the play from the T but Pallikal was too much, holding on for the win. Dipika advances to the semifinal.

Sara-Jane Perry bt Tesni Evans3-1

The most interesting match of the night was between Tesni Evans of Wales and Sara-Jane Perry of England. Both players mentioned that they were slightly under the weather last night so we were curious to see how they would come out and play today.

The match began with a quick pace, Sara-Jane was really dictating the play by controlling the centre of the court and Tesni was doing some serious work, making impressive gets all over the place. Sara-Jane claimed the first game 11-7.

Tesni fought back in the second, pushing her limits and managing to win the game 14-12. The amount of work might have caught up to Tesni, as Sara-Jane was able to reassume her position on the T as she comfortably won the third, 11-5. The fourth game saw Tesni run out of gas as she managed to keep things level until 3-3 when Sara-Jane ran the table to take the game and match.

This was a wildly entertaining match, producing some points that had the crowd in Winnipeg roaring for more. Sara-Jane Perry will face the top seed in tomorrows

Live streaming

Live streaming

Round One in Winnipeg

Sarah Jane Perry bt Alix Younger  11-3, 11-4, 11-9
Evan Mancer reporting:

4th seeded Sarah Jane Perry, ranked number 29 in the world got off to a fast start against rising young Canadian star Alix Younger and never looked back. Perry took control of the match with very tight length, keeping Younger in the backcourt and then displayed some excellent holds at the front, keeping Younger off balance.

The first two games and most of the third followed this pattern, until Younger, the hometown crowd favorite began a late surge at the end of the third game. Down 10-4, Younger rallied back to 9-10 with some excellent short shots before Perry regained control to end the match 11-9 for a comfortable 3-0 victory.

Emma Beddoes bt Coline Aumard 11-6, 11-5, 11-7
Trevor Borland Reporting:

The second match on the Show court at the Winnipeg Winter Club this evening was the 2 time defending Meadowood Pharmacy Open Champion and three time finalist Emma Beddoes taking on French Woman Coline Aumard.

Beddoes who is full of confidence in Winnipeg started strong in the match and never took her foot off the gas. Beddoes played with her usual determination and consistency which took her to a comfortable 11-6 victory in the first game.

The French Woman Aumard tried to step up the pace by volleying as much as she could but her attempts to pressure Beddoes went for not as Beddoes sailed to a comfortable two games to love lead taking the second 11-5. Beddoes continued her dominance in the third game showing why she is the three time finalist and two time defending champ as she continued to cruise winning the third and final game by a score of 11-7.

Misaki Kobayashi bt Liu Tse Ling10-12, 11-3, 11-5, 11-7
Trevor Borland reporting:

The first game of this encounter saw a little bit of a slow, sluggish start by Misaki Kobayshi as Ling was able to dictate pace throughout most of the game. Ling showed some great overhead ability firing in nicks on the forehand side a number of time before taking the first game 11-9.

The second game saw a dramatic turn around as Kobayashi started to dictate pace and play. Cutting down on the unforced errors she gained a substantial lead which she did not relinquish. The same trend continued on in the third game as the unforced errors began to pile up from Ling and the steadiness increased from Kobayashi and she took the third game 11-5.

The 4th game was a little more back and forth with Misaki leading most of the way by one or two points. A late charge by Ling was fending off by Kobayashi as she took the 4th and final game by 11 points to 7.

Dipika Pallikal bt Laura Pomportes 11-6, 11-8, 11-9
Cam Mundle reporting:

Dipika Pallikal, the number one seed, faced qualifier Laura Pomoportes in the first round. Pomportes brought excellent energy and intensity right from the start and her squash looked solid. The first game was fast paced, Dipika took an early lead and carried the advantage through to the end.

There was awesome squash throughout the rest of the match, Dipika displayed remarkably easy power but Laura was up to the challenge. The crowd responded enthusiastically to several rallies as both players exhibited some quality attacking squash. In the end, the top seed was too much to handle for the qualifier as Pallikal moves on to the second round.

Tesni Evans bt Lucie Fialova 11-9, 7-11, 13-11, 11-7
Cam Mundle reporting:

The closet match of the night was between Tesni Evans and Lucie Fialova. These two athletes battled for an hour and there was little to separate the two. Both players produced consistent length, fast volleys and a few Lets to the cheers of the Winnipeg crowd. Tesni started things off by taking the first game with her steady squash.

Lucie came back with some winners of her own as she claimed the second game. As we've seen before in Winnipeg, Evans has the ability to battle in close matches and she pulled this one out tonight. Winning a critical third game 13-11, she carried her momentum to close the match out, and advance to the next round.

Joey Chan bt Olga Ertlova 12-10, 11-8, 11-5
Andrew Boumford reporting:

Kicking off the first round main draw action, Joey Chan of Hong Kong defeated Olga Ertlova from the Czech Republic. The second seed got off to a slow start, as Ertlova came out strong, initiating tight length executing some impressive kill shots. However, Chan eventually found her rhythm and came back from a 10-7 game-ball deficit to win the first 12-10.

Ertlova couldn't seem to keep up with Chan's fast pace and soft touch at the front of the court. Chan went on to win the second and third game, comfortably controlling the T and showing off some fantastic volley boast winners. This is Chan's first appearance at the Meadowood Pharmacy Open, presented by the King's Head Pub.

Live streaming

Live streaming

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