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Nash Cup 2011
19-24 Sep, London, Ontario, $10k

24-Sep, Final:
Dave Morrish reports

The crowd was eagerly anticipating this final having watched the boys play all week. Asking around the members, the views were mixed as to who they thought would win.

I spoke with the players before the match and asked them their game plans and thoughts.

“I need to keep it straight as Shawn likes to open up the court a lot," said Jan. "He is not that tight on his backhand and that is one of my strengths. I will be looking to attack straight both short and deep. I will be looking to get onto his short balls early and hold him. This game is definitely going to be interesting!

“I will have to play well tonight, that is for sure," admitted Shawn. "I don’t really have a game plan - I am going to go with the flow. Just hope I can play my best… I am ready.”

      9-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-8 (91m)

Game 1: 11-9 KOUKAL

Jan definitely kept to his game plan in keeping it straight. The rallies were long and Jan mixed it up well at the front with tight straight drops (which Shawn mostly got back) but then attacked the open space. He led 10-6 but then proceeded to 3 unforced errors with the drop from mid-court to give Shawn a sniff at the game at 9-10. A let followed and then Jan played his trademark cross court kill dying before the service box to clinch the first game 11-9.

Game 2: 11-9 DELIERRE

Jan took the momentum of the first game into the 2nd and established a 5-2 lead. Shawn played some good attacking and aggressive squash to get back to 4-5, but in “no let” at the front of the court (tight drop) gave Yan the initiative again at 6-4. Jan used the lob well in the game when under pressure and to break up Shawn’s rhythm. A few mammoth rallies later it was 7 all. Anyone’s game at this stage. Shawn led 9-8 but an unforced error evened the scores at 9 all. A winner from Shawn and an error from Jan gave Shawn the game 11-9.

Game 3: 12-10 DELIERRE

Shawn started well in the 3rd to build a 4-2 lead. Jan dug deep to make it 5 all and the match totally square. He then edged ahead 6-5 with another one of his trademark cross courts, but before he knew it he was 10-7 down. Through uncharacteristic unforced errors, 2 quick winners from Jan made it 9-10. 5 lets followed before Shawn made an error in the front right with a trickle boast, 10 all. A “no let” gave Shawn another game ball (11-10), and then 4 more lets followed before Jan was denied a let to give Shawn the game 12-10 and lead 2-1.

Game 4: 11-8 DELIERRE

Shawn definitely looked the stronger physically at the start of the 4th and built up a 3-1, and 4-2 lead. Jan looked to be on the back foot but persevered to lead 7-6. An error from Jan and it was 7 all, then 8-7 complements of a lovely tight drop in the front right. But suddenly before he knew it , it was 10-8 match ball for Shawn, and a great cross court dying length gave him the match.

“Relieved! I really wanted the first game and really wanted to impose my game, but he stole that right from me, and my hope. In the 2nd he came out firing and led for most of the game, but I tried to slow things down. I’m not sure how, but I managed to win the 2nd.

"In the 3rd I decided to straighten things up – Jan’s shots were on and I felt like a retriever, but I also felt like I was placing the ball well. I scraped that game 12-10. The 4th was tough until 8 all, but I hung in there and managed to take it 11-8.”

“Really disappointed. Started well doing what I wanted to do and did it well. I really had to keep up with that game as he breaks the rhythm – there were so many lets. In the 2nd I felt good and thought I made him work hard, but he hung in there and didn’t break.

"The 3rd was a close one too. I started cramping in the 4th and started going for it a bit more, and actually played some great shots but wasn’t able to keep it up. Shawn is not hard to play, but he’s hard to beat.”

Nash Cup 2011
19-24 Sep, London, Ontario, $10k
Round One
21 Sep
22 Sep
23 Sep
24 Sep
[1] Martin Knight (Nzl)
 11-4, 11-6, 9-11, 11-1 (56m)
Scott Arnold (Aus)
[1] Martin Knight
11-4, 11-2, 11-4 (41m)
[Q] David Letourneau
[1] Martin Knight

 11-9, 11-7, 7-11, 11-6 (88

[3] Shawn Delierre

[3] Shawn Delierre

 9-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-8 (91m)

[2] Jan Koukal

Charles Sharpes (Eng)
12-10, 8-11, 9-11, 9-11 (57 m)
[Q] David Letourneau (Can)
Zac Alexander (Aus)
11-9, 13-11, 20-18 (60m)
[Q] Eddie Charlton (Eng)
[Q] Eddie Charlton
9-11, 11-8, 11-3 rtd (44m)
[3] Shawn Delierre
Yann Perrin (Fra)
11-9, 11-8, 11-4 (62m)
[3] Shawn Delierre (Can)
[4] Joe Lee (Eng)
5-11, 11-6, 11-9, 11-4 (45m)
Andrew Wagih (Egy)
Andrew Wagih
9-11, 9-11, 11-7, 11-5, 11-8 (78m)
Olivier Pett
Andrew Wagih

 11-9, 9-11, 7-11, 12-10, 13-11 (79m)

[2] Jan Koukal

Alfredo Avila (Mex)
7-11, 11-3, 11-6, 11-6 (38m)
Olivier Pett (Eng)
Andrew Schnell (Can)
5/5 rtd (7m)
[Q] Stefan Casteleyn (Bel)
Andrew Schnell
 11-9, 11-8, 11-8 (33m)
[2] Jan Koukal
[Q] Geoffrey Demont (Fra)
 11-6, 11-2, 9-11, 11-0 (39
[2] Jan Koukal (Cze)

Qualifying Draw:

2010 Event    2009 Event    2008 Event 

24-Sep, Semis
Dave Morrish reports

There was a feast of squash on offer in day five of the Nash Cup. Two great matches lasting over 150 minutes. Top seed Knight was downed by the only remaining Canadian in the tournament, Delierre, whilst defending champion Koukal had to save a match ball to keep his hopes alive for another title.

            11-9, 11-7, 7-11, 11-6 (88 MINS)

This match had everything and was a battle from start to finish. I have to admit that my money was on Knight as he looked the tighter and more solid player over the past two days.

But Delierre is deceptively good! He is an extraordinary athlete and after taking the sting out of Knight he used his working boast to punishing effect. Knight mostly sent the ball back deep and one could only wonder what if..... he countered the ball in short more with a straight drop.

It was a great match which thrilled the crowd and at the end of the day squash was the winner.

Shawn Delierre:
" I wanted to impose my game, because in my previous matches I felt I was just reacting and that was key, it was tight tonight throughout, but I was able to capitalize on his errors.

He pushed my fitness, but I was able to stay focused. Martin is a solid player and when he is on he is dangerous.

Martin Knight:
"He played very well tonight - he moved the ball around well, and for someone who moves the ball around as much as he does, he didn't make mistakes.

The first 2 games were crucial and going 2-0 down left me with an uphill battle. I played a good 3rd but he got a good start in the 4th and left me with too much to do. Too good tonight.

        11-9, 9-11, 7-11, 12-10, 13-11 (79 MINS)

This was a match between 2 evenly matched guys. They both tried to take the game to the other from the word go. The rallies were aggressive and the retrieving was breathtaking from both.

Wagih had a match ball in the 4th but Koukal saved it and then found himself behind again in the 5th but his experience showed through and he built up a 7-3 and 10-7 lead........ but Wagih had other ideas and got back to 10 all. Koukal eventually won 13-11 and yet again the crowd were treated to some spectacular squash.

Jan Koukal:
"Very intense and aggressive match. The court was pretty dead at the front so you tended to be more aggressive taking it in short. I deserved the first and he definitely deserved the 2nd. I felt I gifted him the 3rd. I had a bad start in the 4th but was lucky to hang in there and scrape it.

The 5th was pretty close all the way and I eventually got a little lead. I didn't feel I played better than him today, I was just a little more patient with the big points. I felt I had the edge as he had had some really tough matches leading into our game. He has improved alot in the past few months, especially his fitness. He impressed me.

Andrew Wagih:
"So close yet so far! I felt he had an advantage over me as I had played some really tough matches before him. I could feel his experience on the critical points.

I tried to be patient by mixing it up with long and short but I made too many mistakes at important times. I had a 4-0 lead in the 4th and if only I could have won a couple more points to lead 6-0 or 6-1, it would have been difficult for him to come back.

Good player. the crowd have been amazing all week. they really appreciate squash and I felt like I was in a platinum event rather than a $10k event! Lovely memories and I will be back for sure.

Birthday Boy ...

22-Sep, Quarters
Dave Morrish reports

The tournament is reaching the business end now and the top seeds came through. There was some very entertaining squash which the crowd loved (they are a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic crowd at the London Squash Racquets Club.

Martin Knight, top seed, got the evening going with a very clinical performance against Dave Letourneau. Next up was Eddie Charlton against Shawn Delierre and agreat match was anticipated but Eddie was forced to retire after the 3rd after being up all night with a sickness bug. Fellow Englishman Oli Pett could not capitalize on a 2-0 lead against Andrew Wagih, and Jan Koukal, defending champion, closed proceedings with a clinical straight games win over Andrew Schnell.

       11-4, 11-2, 11-4 (41 MINS)

It will be hard to find a match between two nicer guys who are also exceptionally fair. As the score would suggest, Martin had too much for David, but what it doesn’t show is how competitive each rally was. This was a great match and the crowd loved it.

Martin Knight:
“really happy with the way I played tonight. Dave had 3 matches prior to this compared to my 1 so I set out to make it as hard as possible for him. I kept the ball low and flat as he is a superb volleyer. He was in each rally and I felt towards the end of each game that he dropped off a fraction and I was able to close it out. Good player. Very happy to be in the semis.

David Letourneau:
“Every rally was so long and played at such a high pace. He was so quick onto the ball that I felt I lost my first step. He really took it out of me. I did my best to slow it down but it dint change much other than to give me some respite! He made about 2 errors in the whole match. I felt I played well – he was just too good. I played four matches here and had an amazing time – Jay Nash has put on one hell of an event here!”

    9-11, 11-8, 11-3 RETIRED (44 MINS)

This match was a potential thriller and it certainly started off that way. It became clear to those of us that know Eddie that something was not right – he was slowing the game down a lot more that he usually does and seemed lethargic. He sneaked the first and narrowly lost the second and then it was all down hill. It later transpired that Eddie had been up most of the night vomiting. Nothing should be taken away from Shawn though – he looked strong and looked like he could stay on court all night!

Shawn Delierre:
Never nice to win like that but I felt food tonight and felt I could have closed it out. Some of my A game was there tonight! Feeling really fit and have been preparing well for each match. I have come here to do my best and am really looking forward to the semis tomorrow”

Eddie Charlton:
“I was up all night vomiting and felt really weak going into the match (I couldn’t even warm up properly). I sneaked the first by slowing the game down and was close in the 2nd but then I was spent. I hate retiring from a match as I believe that when you step on court, you should see it through but I really had nothing left and didn’t want to make it worse. Credit to Shawn though, he is looking good.

        9-11, 9-11, 11-7, 11-5, 11-8 (78 MINS)

This was a real crowd pleaser! The game was really played in 2 halves with the first half belonging to Oli with his discipline squash. He really closed the court down and forced Andrew into a number of unforced errors. Andrew started to cut out his errors and played some scintillating squash, full of “Egyptian flare”. Oli was definitely not out of it but lacks of concentration let Andrew back in after having leads in both the 4th and 5th, and Andrew reeled of 4 or 5 points on the trot each time. Great game.

Andrew Wagih:
“I have done a lot of work on my fitness and feel like I can compete with the better players now. My coach Hossam has done some great work with me and I thank him for that. I felt I made far too many errors in the first 2 games but Oli played well and forced me to try things. I tried to cut the errors out and be more patient and got more and more confident as the game went on. Oli doesn’t play your typical English game, he plays more like us (Egyptians). He moves the ball around well. Very happy and can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Oli Pett:
“Very disappointed – let that one get away. I was 2-0 up and playing well but then lost focus and started to open up the court and made errors – too many! I still felt I could win – he looked tired but somehow he managed to hang in there. My errors gave him momentum and confidence. Should have kept the door closed. Disappointing.

           11-9, 11-8, 11-8 (33 MINS)

This was the last game of the evening. At times the players looked like they were doing training routines! They were good routines though! Andrew is as quick as his name would suggest but Jan just had that little bit too much at the end of each game. He won quite a few points with his hard low cross court that died just before the front of the service box. The rallies were good from both players.

Jan Koukal:
“I watched Andrew play in the world teams and he played well so I knew I needed to be on my game tonight. It was tough and there were a lot of hard rallies. There was not a great deal of difference between us tonight, I just felt I played the big points better. Very happy to have won in 3!”

Andrew Schnell:
“I came here with high expectations after a great summer’s training and the experience I gained at the world team championships with Canada. I was in each game and was even 7-2 up in the 3rd, but each time I got close to the finishing line, Jan made the rallies harder and played tighter. He definitely played the big points better than I did. I have a lot of respect for him, he is a class player.


Petit mot de London (au Canada !) où Yann et moi sommes très bien accueillis.

C'était ici pour nous le premier PSA de l'année après une bonne prépa physique cette été.

En ce qui me concerne, l'objectif premier était d'atteindre le draw. J'ai eu un bon tableau de qualifs, notamment au deuxième tour. Alors je savais qu'il fallait à tout prix que je gagne ce premier match contre Serediak!

Je n'étais pas favori, j'ai gagné, mais je n'ai pas si bien joué que ça. Les interventions de Yann entre les jeux m'ont permis de construire cette victoire en jouant avec ma tête.

Dans l'ensemble j'ai été trop irrégulier, et ce fut la même chose contre Kouki, sauf que contre un gars comme ça, quand tu construis pas les points et que tu mets la balle trop rapidement devant, tu te fais tuer parce que tu cours beaucoup plus que lui, et qu'il a quand même des coups dans la raquette !

Dans le troisième, petit déclic, je joue enfin un bon squash, mais juste le temps d'un jeu, et c'est frustrant. Dans le dernier je prends 11 points d'affilé, la tête n'a pas suivi. Quand je te dis trop irrégulier... !

Bon vu que j'en ai mis 11/0 en qualifs mardi soir ça annule celui-là non ;) ? Je plaisante, pas d'excuse pour ça.

Maintenant l'important est de tiré des leçons de ces matchs, pour repartir sur de bonnes bases à Barcelone, dans 4 jours.


21-Sep, Round One
Dave Morrish reports

The first round proper of the Nash cup saw a great day for the Canadians and mixed fortunes for the English.

The locals were treated to some wonderful squash during the course of the evening, with the last match finishing around 10.30pm!


A good match with a nice blend of shot making and athleticism. Martin was not one to sit back and let the game happen. Although he played the better of the 2 at the back, he played a big part in dictating the play, especially taking it in short on the straight volley. Scott played some great squash but the steadier player came through.

Martin Knight:
“My game is based around fitness and speed – I wanted to be steady but not negative and looked for the volley. I worked him around the court and tried to close down the angles. As the game went on and I felt I took the sting out of him a bit, I went for a bit more.

"Generally I was aggressive on the volley in the hope that he would go for his shots. Feeling really good. The last few weeks I have worked on my movement and taking the ball in more. Very happy with my performance.

Scott Arnold:
“I played alright for large chunks of the match but hit too many tins. I feel I have the fitness in my lungs but lacking match play. Martin was solid today – he didn’t make errors and he kept it tight. I haven’t been enjoying squash for a while and I hope moving to Toronto will give me the new lease of life I am looking for”


David stayed in front of Charles for most of the match and forced him to play a different game that he would normally have liked to. The ball as really flying around tonight and David coped with the conditions better than Charles. A good performance from the tall Canadian.

David Letourneau:
“Felt I played really well. I always read squashsite and read about the English boys talking about a “purple patch” – well I certainly had a few of them tonight! All the games were tight and the fact that I already had 2 matches under my belt from the qualifying helped me. Charles is a real fair player and it was “an enjoyable battle” if there is such a thing!

Charles Sharpes:
“Really gutted to lose. Didn’t feel like I played my best squash tonight but fair play to David – he played a great game. Need to learn from this!”


As the score line suggests, this was one hell of a game! So little in it. Eddie put in a real good performance tonight and hit the ground running right from the start. He controlled the ball well and made Zac twist and turn. There were some superb rallies and Eddie eventually clinched it on his 8th match point.

Eddie Charlton:
“Really pleased. I have always felt I could compete with top 50 players for a game or 2 but never really had the physicality to do it for a whole match and this is the one big area I have improved as a squash player….. mentally too. I put in a real good summer’s training and it is paying off.

"I have been working a lot with Fiona Geaves (England junior national coach) as well as David Campion and James Willstrop and have really benefitted from it. I have done better than my seeding but don’t want to sit back and feel job done as I could do quite well in this event. Desperate to back it up now”

Zac Alexander:
“That wasn’t very good at all. Not happy. Feel like I am in the best shape of my life right now but the problem with that is that I look to elongate the rallies and forget how to win points. Got myself into some good positions and basically hit it back to him. The ball was quite dead and I should have taken it in more. I am 2nd reserve for the US Open so I hope to squeeze into that and then am off to California for a $35k event….. and hope to do better than today”


Shawn was solid at the back of the court tonight and didn’t give Yann much to play with. Coupled with some great retrieving he forced Yann into errors. It was a scrappy game with lots of lets which seemed to get to Yann more than it did Shawn.

Shawn Delierre:
“I knew Yann had shots, something which I didn’t feel I had today. I played quite an intense game today. There was quite a bit of obstruction in our match and I knew it was each man for himself. I tried to focus on keeping it down the walls and not making errors (I didn’t make many in the match). I felt that I played my B game tonight as I didn’t feel comfortable with my A game but I hope it will return tomorrow as I am going to need it!”

Yann Perrin:
“I have not really played for the past 3 months – just trained. I am really disappointed with tonight. It was a really disruptive game with so many lets. I tried to stay focused bit he got to me. Really disappointed”

ANDREW WAGIH (EGYPT) beat JOE LEE (ENGLAND) 5-11, 11-6, 11-9, 11-4 (45 MINS)

Joe started off the match well with a superb length and great movement around the court, containing his opponent and forcing him into errors. The second saw Andrew take an early 7-2 lead and apart from a spirited fight back from Joe in the 3rd after training 8-2, it was Andrew all the way. An exciting game with a lot of “Egyptian flair” on display.

Andrew Wagih:
“It was the first time I have played Joe although I have seen him play before. I felt I played catch up in the first but then decided to attack more and cut the errors out. At 8-2 in the 3rd the errors came back into my game but fortunately I held on to win it 11-9. I got a good lead in the 4th and closed it out. For a $10k event, this is incredibly strong!”

Joe Lee:
“I felt really heavy on court today. I had to work so hard to do all the basics right and it caught up with me. I was nervous and think it was that which made me feel heavy in the legs.

"I hadn’t done much in the days leading up to this so it definitely wasn’t because if heavy training. Even though I got close in the 3rd, I didn’t feel as though I would have deserved to be 2-1 up. I knew it would be tough, and although I was not scared, I still felt nervous. No shame in losing to him, he is a very good player”

OLI PETT (ENGLAND) beat ALFREDO AVILA (MEXICO) 7-11, 11-3, 11-6, 11-6 (38 MINS)

Good solid performance from Oli. Alfredo is known for his speed around court and ability to retrieve the impossible and this seemed to affect Oli’s shot selection in the first game but after a few words of wisdom from fellow countryman Eddie Charlton, Oli settled into the match and controlled it until the end. A word of sympathy for Alfredo though – he only got reunited with is bags a few hours before his match so hadn’t had the chance to practise.

Oli Pett:
“I was nervous going into this as it was the first tournament since a long time. I have trained really hard over the summer and my coach Tim Vail has done some great work with me. I forced the issue too much in the first but from the second game, I carefully picked my moments to take it in short and felt in control and very comfortable. Really looking forwards to tomorrow.

Alfredo Avila:
“feel sad because I had such a great tournament here last year, getting to the final. I also feel angry because I have only played 2 matches in the last month. I didn’t feel that my preparation was good enough for this event and it didn’t help matters with the airline losing my bags. That aside, Oli played well – he is a good player”


Very sad for Stefan – he looked like he could have been an outside bet for the title here but an inflamed knee put paid to that dream.

Andrew Schnell:
“I felt good tonight. I was moving the ball around well and moving well. I knew he had a problem so I tried to make the court big for him. Shame to win this way, he is a great player”

Stefan Casteleyn:
“I considered pulling out and letting a lucky loser take my place but after some treatment from Lorie, it felt better so I decided to give it a go. It was clear mid way though the first that I couldn’t move into the front corners so rather than make it worse, I retired. Credit to Andrew – he could see where I was struggling and played accordingly”


Jan started the match off in a very authoritative manner, containing his young opponent. Geoffrey really took the game to Jan in the 3rd but that was really all he managed to get out of the match tonight as Jan was too string and too steady.

Jan Koukal:
“I saw him play yesterday and he murdered his opponent so I came into this game really focused. I got to 2-0 quite quickly and then stepped back a bit and Geoffrey took full advantage of this. I got it back together for the 4th though. I am very happy with the way I played – a win is a win and there have been some upsets tonight (fortunately I was not one of them!)”

Geoffrey Demont:
“I am a bit disappointed because I didn’t play my game today. I did play a good 3rd but generally I made too many errors. Jan is a good player but I am disappointed that I didn’t play better – I need to be patient and develop the rallies more”


Tom Panabaker (Manager of London squash club), Stefan casteleyn (Belgium), Dave Morrish (Club Pro), Thomas Brinkman (Canada), Yann Perin (France), Jay Nash (Host and founder of Nash Cup)


Petit mot de London (au Canada !) où Yann et moi sommes très bien accueillis.

C'était ici pour nous le premier PSA de l'année après une bonne prépa physique cette été.

En ce qui me concerne, l'objectif premier était d'atteindre le draw. J'ai eu un bon tableau de qualifs, notamment au deuxième tour. Alors je savais qu'il fallait à tout prix que je gagne ce premier match contre Serediak!

Je n'étais pas favori, j'ai gagné, mais je n'ai pas si bien joué que ça. Les interventions de Yann entre les jeux m'ont permis de construire cette victoire en jouant avec ma tête.

Dans l'ensemble j'ai été trop irrégulier, et ce fut la même chose contre Kouki, sauf que contre un gars comme ça, quand tu construis pas les points et que tu mets la balle trop rapidement devant, tu te fais tuer parce que tu cours beaucoup plus que lui, et qu'il a quand même des coups dans la raquette !

Dans le troisième, petit déclic, je joue enfin un bon squash, mais juste le temps d'un jeu, et c'est frustrant. Dans le dernier je prends 11 points d'affilé, la tête n'a pas suivi. Quand je te dis trop irrégulier... !

Bon vu que j'en ai mis 11/0 en qualifs mardi soir ça annule celui-là non ;) ? Je plaisante, pas d'excuse pour ça.

Maintenant l'important est de tiré des leçons de ces matchs, pour repartir sur de bonnes bases à Barcelone, dans 4 jours.


Tom Panabaker (Manager of London squash club), Stefan casteleyn (Belgium), Dave Morrish (Club Pro), Thomas Brinkman (Canada), Yann Perin (France), Jay Nash (Host and founder of Nash Cup)


20-Sep, Qualifying Finals:

      11-2, 11-2, 11-6 (24 Mins)

Eddie was too strong for Yeshale tonight and it probably didn’t help matters that Yeshale had a marathon match the night before. Nothing must get taken away from Eddie who showed superb control in both his movement and racket work. It will be interesting to see him tested in the main draw.

“I am still not taking anyone lightly. I know he had a hard match yesterday but I wanted to make it hard from the start. I felt I played well and have been playing myself well into the tournament. I don’t really mind who I get in the main draw – they are all tough, but I am going in with confidence”

Yeshale Chetty:
“Too good! Felt I did the best I could but he just didn’t give me anything to play with and the moment I left the ball short, he murdered me. I thought I played some good shots today but tey kept coming back with interest. He could do well in the main draw… and he is a nice guy!”

    11-5, 11-9, 11-9 (37 Mins)

This game was much better than the score line would suggest. Stefan started off well as Adrian was feeling his way into the game. Once into it, it became a real battle of nutrition. Stefan’s holds, flicks and length gave Adrian problems at times, but he responded well when given an opening and created a lot of pressure around the mid court area with perfectly weighted angles. Who knows how this match would have ended if he had snatched one of those crucial 2nd or 3rd games…….

“Felt good today on court. Some really good patches but also a few bad moments. The 2nd and 3rd were really tough but I felt I played the big points well. Tough game – Adrian is solid and has the potential to be a very good player. I feel I am playing better with each match – hope can keep it going as I am going to need to be at my best in the main draw tomorrow!”

Adrian Dudzicki:
“I felt I played well tonight. He is a class act and I have a lot of respect for him. He is definitely a dark horse in this tournament. I lost the 2nd and 3rd games from 9 all and would give anything to be able to replay those points again! I am taking a lot of positives from this game”

 11-5, 11-0, 11-6 (20 Mins)

Geoffrey was in good form tonight and never let up. He dictated play from the word go and apart from a last ditch effort from Tash in the 3rd, was just too strong.

“I tried to manage my game tonight and I was determined not to underestimate him. I stayed focused throughout and am really happy to have qualified – there were some really good players in the qualification draw who didn’t qualify. Really looking forward to the main draw and hope I can play my best”

Tashlin Reddy:
“Very tough! Not used to playing at this level or this pace. He had great shots and played tight. Overall I am happy with the way I played and will be taking some very fond memories away with me from this tournament”

    7-11, 11-7, 13-11, 12-14, 11-6 (78 Mins)

Match of the day! This match had everything you could wish for – long rallies, great shots, amazing retrieving, coming back from the dead …… you name it, it had it! At 2-1 and 6-0 to David, it looked all over but Thomas dug deep and earned himself a lifeline by sneaking the 4th 14-12. At 5-1 in the 5th to Thomas, it looked like David was dead and buried but he then reeled off 10 of the next 11 points to win a thriller.

“I was anxious going into this match and I tried everything to calm myself down. I am on the back of a great summer’s training ad was desperate to play well. The start was tough and I found myself forcing the game too much. I never felt settled or comfortable (credit to Thomas). He never gives up. At 6-0 up in the 4th, I felt I had him but he played some amazing squash to win that game. I was not too down and even when he went 5-1 up in the 5th, I still felt I had a chance, and then it all went my way. Tough, tough match. Playing Charles Sharpes tomorrow – never seen him play but know it will be tough (again!)”

Thomas Brinkman:
“Great game. I could have won it 3-1 had I converted the game ball I had in the 2nd. I played some of my best squash at 6-0 down in the 4th and at 5-1 up in the 5th there were a few calls which really got to me and I found it hard to keep my focus.

Credit to David though – he has been playing really well recently. I felt I changed my tactics 3 or 4 times in the match but felt the change was too late – should have done it earlier. This match was one hell of a battle!”
19-Sep, Qualifying Round One:

Day one of the Nash Cup saw some great matches with 2 locals and a former world top 10 making it through to day 2 of the qualifying finals.

       11-5, 11-2, 11-6 (33 MINS)

The match started off well with players exchanging points up until 3-3 before Eddie raced away. His control, length and movement were smooth and fluent. Eddie continued in this vain and it was not until the 3rd that Nathan managed to contain him to 4-4 before Eddie asserted his authority again and closed out the match 11-6 for a well deserved 3-0 victory.

Quote Eddie Charlton:

“I had a great summer’s training but had not been playing well recently due to an ankle injury. I knew I could not take Nathan lightly and that I had to play well. I felt I moved well and was mentally in a good place. Very happy to be back here in London – great memories”

Quote Nathan Lake:

“I felt I was in with a chance tonight but Eddie came out strong. He was devastating, taking the ball early and I couldn’t get into him like I wanted to – all credit to Eddie. Hope he does well this week”

    11-7, 10-12, 11-7, 15-17, 11-8 (54 MINS)

This was a classic encounter between 2 Canadians and as the score would suggest, it went to and fro. Yeshale had the bit between his teeth and was fetching everything that was thrown at him, and at 10-9 in the 4th, a 3-1 victory looked imminent. Maxyme had other ideas and dug deep to snatch the 4th and take it to a 5th. Yeshale managed to re-group and made a great start to the 5th and closed it out 11-8.

Quote Yeshale Chetty:

“I am dead but ecstatic! So happy with the win. It was a real mental battle and after squandering 5 match balls in the 4th I felt like I had blown it but I played a great 5th….. so happy!”

Quote Maxyme LecLair:

“I actually felt quite good tonight as I hadn’t played for 2 months, but the fitness was not there. He played well and all credit to him – just made to many errors at crucial points”

  11-3, 8-11, 11-8, 11-5 (32 MINS)

This match really developed into a battle. James was slow out of the blocks but once he got into it, he was dangerous. After winning the 2nd he went 7-3 up in the 3rd and an upset looked possible. He gradually got tired and the errors crept in and Adrian ended up a comfortable 3-1 winner.

Quote Adrian Dudzicki:

“I had been training pretty hard for the past few days and felt a little lethargic, and I was a bit nervous as this was my first tournament of the season. I knew he was talented and very capable, and that I had to weather the storm. He had a purple patch for one and a half games but I always felt my fitness would come good. Very happy with the win”.

Quote James Van Staveran:

Started off slow but then really got going and played some great squash till 7-4 in the 3rd…. then the wheels dropped off! He played well and deserved to win”.

11-6, 11-8, 11-8 (28 MINS)

This was a match that had youth versus experience written all over it! Stefan is a former world nr 7 and whilst he might not have the spring in his step that he used to, he had the racket skills. From the word go, he kept his nose in front and won the big points. A dark horse for the tournament!

Quote Stefan Casteleyn:

“Glad I won! I am lucky to be here as I was 2nd on the reserve list. I have been playing well recently, especially in the Euro team championships (with Belgium). I have not played much since then but feel I will play myself into this tournament.

Quote Fred Reid:

“I knew he was good and felt a bit nervous before we started. I didn’t really get going in the match – my footwork was not great and I was not really feeling the ball. I had played him in a practice match not long ago and felt I should have done better tonight. Hopefully it will be better in my next tournament in Sao Paolo”

     11-8, 4-11, 12-10, 11-3 (41 MINS)

Two of the games were tight and had Matthew won them, the match could have produced a different outcome. On the whole, Geoffrey was the steadier of the 2 players and came out the victor but one did feel that Matthew would love to replay this match straight away!

Quote Geoffrey Demont:

“Very happy to win. I felt I started off well but after winning the first, I started to take the ball in too short too soon and opened up the court. Matthew punished me and 10-8 down in the 3rd, I steadied up and re-discovered my length. I made sure I didn’t make errors in the 4th and kept my head”

Quote Matthew Serediak:

“very disappointed”. Felt I had my chances but played some sloppy squash at important times. I felt I was playing well coming into this tournament but things just did not go the way I wanted them to tonight. Credit to Geoffrey, he played well when it really counted”

    11-7, 11-9, 8-11, 11-6 (41 MINS)

This was a great match between 2 team mates from the university of Western Ontario. The thing that separated the 2 players tonight was Tashlin’s desire to chase everything down. Albert made errors at crucial moments in the match, despite controlling many of the rallies. Great win for Tashlin who had never beaten his team mate until today!

Quote Tashlin Reddy:

“This is the first time I have ever beaten Albert and I cannot find the words to describe how happy I am! It’s the best I have played in a long long time and I am over the moon!”

Quote Alber Shoihet:

I didn’t feel I attacked Tash enough tonight. It took me till the 2nd game to find my rhythm and range but Tash kept me well contained in the back and didn’t really let me play my game tonight. He deserved to win. I am happy to have played this year (last year I missed the roll call by 2 minutes and got scratched!).”

   11-5, 11-8, 11-4 ((27 MINS)

David was in control from the start till the end of this match. He was steady, played good controlled squash and kept Kimesh well contained. A good display.

Quote David Letourneau:

“Felt I played pretty well tonight. I was a bit lose at the start but tidied things up and stayed in front. Kimesh has improved so much since we last played – he is quick and has a devastating forehand volley. Very happy to have won in 3!”

Quote Kimesh Chetty:

“Not happy with the way I played – I had been injured for 2 weeks so was very rusty, but having said that, David played well and all credit to him for outplaying me tonight”

11-4, 11-8, 8-11, 11-9 ((43 MINS)

This was a classic encounter and was probably “match of the day”. The scores do not do it justice as it was a very tight encounter. Tyler was slow out of the blocks but once he got into his stride, the players exchanged point for point for most of the match. Thomas managed to win the “big points” and came through in 4.

Quote Thomas Brinkman:

“I have not been super confident with my game in the past few weeks so was delighted to have come through this. We were both a bit scrappy at times but there was also some great squash”

Quote Tyler Hamilton:

“”Gutted”. Couldn’t get a rhythm and only really started to get into it in the 3rd. I felt I played ok in the 4th but could not close it out. Not my best performance”.

Tom Panabaker (Manager of London squash club), Stefan casteleyn (Belgium), Dave Morrish (Club Pro), Thomas Brinkman (Canada), Yann Perin (France), Jay Nash (Host and founder of Nash Cup)

Four up in London for Nash Cup

This will be the 4th Nash Cup but this year's event marks some significant changes and landmarks.

For the first time, the event will be $10,000 and this has attracted a field of players far stronger than the organisers imagined. The qualifying event alone is stronger than most $5000 events!

The club has just undergone a $500,000 renovation and returning players will see an amazing improvement to the club.

Qualifying starts today and there are some "juicy" lineups already on day one!

Proceedings will begin this evening with the only 2 English players in the draw (Eddie Charlton ranked 118 in the world versus Nathan Lake, current European under 19 champion and ranked 209) managing to draw each other - could be interesting!

On the adjacant court Yeshale Chetty of UWO will be taking on Maxime LeClair (Canada, 219). At 7pm Adrian Dudzicki (Canada, 154) will be playing James Van Staveran of UWO, and Stefan Castelyn (former top 10 player from Belgium, currently 169 in the world rankings) will be playing Ontario's own Fred Reid (world rank 131). This could be match of the day!

Matthew Serediak (Canada 133) and Geoffrey Demont (France 163) will be playing each other at 8pm along with a classic UWO encounter featuring Tashlin Reddy and Albert Shoihet.

The last 2 matches of the night (9pm) see Kimesh Chetty (former UWO number 1, currently 430 in the world) versus fellow Canadian David Letourneau (195); and Thomas Brinkman (Canada, 136) versus Tyler Hamilton (Canada, 126). As the rankings would suggest, this could be an incredible

Dave Morrish (former Wycliffe Squash) is the new club pro and will be keeping you up to date during the tournament.

Tom Panabaker (Manager of London squash club), Stefan casteleyn (Belgium), Dave Morrish (Club Pro), Thomas Brinkman (Canada), Yann Perin (France), Jay Nash (Host and founder of Nash Cup)

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