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Team El Sherbini
Meet the people around the Miracle Girl

Main Sponsor:
Orouba Misr

The new Sponsor who is very supportive and understanding Orouba Misr Construction and Development Company.

They are not just a sponsor but they are taking Nour as partner to promote Squash and Sports in Alexandria with their high potential to promote Squash they are willing to host a WSA in support of Women Squash and Nour


Team Manager:
Omar el Sherbini

Since 2010 Omar has been managing the team from all corners of it not just marketing the team but coordinating with fitness and squash coaches to come up together with plans and strategies for Nour.

He also plans all the tournament schedules and involved big time in decision making. He is also part of Managing Agents company The Brqthru Sports & event Management that supports Nour and other great Squash players.

Couldn’t find someone more professional and keen than him not just because he’s my brother but his work in the Squash scene at El Gouna tournament is most notable plus the Sponsor spot on my shirt that he never failed to fill

Her Rock:
Her Family

Her Father, all the support in the world financially and emotionally, the man is a businessman most notable in Alexandria for his shipping company he has spent most of his time on court with Nour and touring with her leaving his business behind.

My father and Mother are everything, they travel with me almost everywhere couldn’t have done anything without them and especially my father who have invested all that time with me leaving everything behind thank you guys so much I will carry it from here and I will always make you proud

Head Coach:
Roushdy Mabrouk

Roushdy has been Nour’s coach since she was 9 years.

A lot achievements and results speak of his skills and ability to deliver he has been shinning in the past period by becoming the Junior National coach of Egypt plus Nour’s personal trainer.

Roushdy has been by my side since I ever started, never let me down I learned from him a lot and I believe we are not done yet we started everything together and we will keep going till the end

Fitness Coach:
Waleed el Mossalamy

Waleed has been with Nour since 2011 after the departure of he former coach Feras farag who got a work offer from Qatar to hold the national team there.

Waleed has been the most qualified person to train Nour after.

Waleed is one of the most professional and kind hearted person I’ve ever met he is highly qualified and the perfect man for the job we spend endless hours in the track and the gym waking up early and staying late at night I never felt he’s annoyed with that but he enjoys it because he is fully dedicated

Abeer Aboulsoad

Abeer’s work is very essential she starts the day with Nour giving her the warm up stretches and ending it again by a massage session.

Abeer is really important with me she helps me stretch and massage she was an athlete too so she is knows exactly what she is doing. We are good friends and that’s what you need when you have a long stretching session a good friend to speak with

Not to Forget :
Amir Wagih

Lets not forget about Amir Wagih the Special one Who Nour Spent the best junior days under him when he was the National coach. Also the one approached ATCO as a sponsor for Nour when She was 13 years old showing how much he cared about her.

Amir Wagih is special I love him on a personal basis although he left us to the US but we still communicate and I will be visiting him soon
Training Partner:
Fares Dessouki

Fares el Dessoky Nour’s training partner since they were 10 years old.

Fares and myself have been raised together same club same team and same school, we have been together in everything we even had the same fitness coaches over the years, most surprisingly we passed the same situation so we will see how we lift each other up in the coming period

Blessing in Disguise
The 2010 Injury

The 2010 injury that took her all the way to Germany and arriving to Egypt on crutches on the 28th of January 2011 the day of the Egyptian revolution where she didn’t find anyone on the streets not even the people working in the airport except for one crazy driver who offered to take her and her parents to Alexandria for a huge some of money.

She healed her leg back till May 2011 and trained only for one month (June 2011) to travel to the World Juniors in Boston on the 11th of July 2011.

She finished as runner up beating tough and strong opponent 1 seed at that year on her home soil Amanda Sobhy. Also brining the team event this year beating Olivia Blatchford in the decider.
The Club :
Smouha Sporting Club

The Club Nour has been raised in Smouha Sporting Club where people are always supportive and it’s the place they call it one family.

Some of them who left to the US but always have been with Nour all the time U Penn freshmen Marwan Abdelnaby, Zeyad Roushdy , Moustafa Nabil and Mohamed el Tabaa.

Most important is the Club Chairman Eng Mohamed Farag Amer and the board members.
Sparring Partners :
The Boys from Alex

The boys of Alexandria Sporting club who have been always supportive and always there to play with Nour.

The hard working ones Hesham Ossama , Ahmed Hany and Mohamed Essam El Sherif.


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