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Paraguay Open 2010
20-24 April, Asuncion, $6k
Rafael Rallies To Paraguay Success

Brazilian Rafael Alarcon successfully defended his title in the 'Tour de las Americas' Paraguay Open when he beat second seed Chris Gordon in the final at Club Internacional de Tenis in the Paraguayan capital Asuncion.

In the semi-finals, the 33-year-old from Sao Paolo despatched eight-seeded Mexican Miled Zarazua in straight games, while New York-based Gordon ended local interest in the event by beating Esteban Casarino, the tournament organiser from Asuncion, in four games.

But in the final, Alarcon beat a US opponent for the second year in a row with an 11-7, 8-11, 11-7, 11-4 victory over Gordon, the world No79.

The triumph marks Alarcon's 14th PSA Tour title - and extends the Brazilian's record as the South American with the most Tour titles, ahead of Colombian Miguel Angel Rodriguez who boasts 12.

Paraguay Open 2010
20-24 April, Asuncion, $6k
Round One
21 Apr
22 Apr
23 Apr
24 Apr
[1] Rafael Alarcon (Bra)
[Q] Juan Caballero (Par)
[1] Rafael Alarcon
11/9 11/5 12/10
Alfredo Avila
[1] Rafael Alarcon

11/9, 11/5, 15/13

[8] Miled Zarazua

[1] Rafael Alarcon

11-7, 8-11, 11-7, 11-4

[2] Chris Gordon

[5] Manoel Pereira (Bra)
Alfredo Avila (Mex)
[4] Gonzalo Mirando (Arg)
[Q] Mario Dominguez (Par)
[4] Gonzalo Mirando
11/6 4/11 11/7 11/9
[8] Miled Zarazua
[8] Miled Zarazua (Mex)
Nicolas Baballero (Par)
Lucky Loser

[8] Tiago Cabral (Bra)
[8] Tiago Cabral
1/7 11/6 11/6
[3] Esteban Casarino
[3] Esteban Casarino

12/10, 11/1, 6/11, 11/9

[2] Chris Gordon

[Q] Bruno Alvarenga
[3] Esteban Casarino (Par)
Nahual Hernan Ramos (Arg)
2/1 rtd
Juan Pablo Roude (Arg)
Nahual Ramos
11/4 11/8 14/12
[2] Chris Gordon
[Q] Andre L'Heureux (Par)

[2] Chris Gordon (Usa)

Semi-Finals ...

Like last year, home favourite Esteban Casarinio was at the door to reach the final of the Paraguay Open, despite the great game he played last night before finally losing to second seed Chris Gordon.

At the beginning of the game, everyone thought it would be the big day because the initial approach of Esteban was very effective, to the point that was ahead in the score 5/2 and then 8/5, working hard with long rallies in the back of the court, mainly on the back of Gordon, which did not allow him to develop his best game.

Patient with that kind of game and some errors of Gordon to the definition, Esteban managed to get 9/5. Gordon managed to bring the game closer to the front of the court, and very accurate shots tied at 9.

Esteban went ahead again 10/9, but in the rush to close the game made two unforced errors and eventually Gordon, who switched to a more conservative game without risking anything, was left with the game on 12/10.

That disappointment of his first game in the second deconcentrated to the point that Gordon managed to get seven winners and advanced 9/0, and then close the game by 11/1.

Esteban In the third game began to give more speed to the game, and risking some shots had advanced 7/1. Gordon reacted with shock at the front of the court, but Esteban made it to 9/5 and then close for 11/6.

The fourth game was the best of all, as both players achieved their best shots and showed the great preparation that have regard to the physical capacity and speed of reaction.

Estephan came forward 4/0 and 6/2, but then Gordon, with exceptional physical condition, managed to lift all the shots and put on 7/7, then 10/8 and finally closed the match with an excellent shot to the back of the court .

In the final the American will meet Brazilian top seed Rafael Alarcon, who beat Miled Zarazua in straight games.

This game was almost a copy of the previous game where Rafa also defeated another Mexican, Alfredo Avila, perhaps because the game of the two Mexicans is very similar.

Rafa won his game from the start of the game printed with lots of rhythm and speed and rapidly advancing 7/2. There Miled adapted to the speed of the game and managed to get several winners and reach 9/9. But Rafa continued to press in the back of the court and managed to close the game with an excellent drop.

In the second game Zarazua committed several unforced errors in trying to change the game imposed by Rafa and quickly lost 11/5.

In the third game, knowing that Rafa had total control of the game, had the luxury of making several moves very showy, delighting the audience, but it devolved a bit, which I take the Mexican to score points and even get 10/8 above.

There came Rafa´s experience to handle these situations, who began to speed up the game again, getting even at 10. From there, the two players achieved excellent points of attack to reach 13/13, but finally the Brazilian managed to close the game 15/13.

Quarter-Finals ...

Rafael Alarcon (Bra) defeated Alfredo Avila (Mex) - 3 / 0: 11 / 9 11 / 5 12/10

Rafa once again delighted us with his impressive game, where since the beginning of the game printed a lot of pace on the basis of speed and punch, keeping his opponent in back of the court without the possibility of attack.

This allowed him to start the first two games with an advantage of 5 / 0 and 5 / 1 respectively, but then Avila got in front of the court and climb a little marker. Anyway the Brazilian continued to press to close games in their favor.

In the third game, Brazil took a little more relaxed, which took Avila to score points based on their large physical display and adjusting the ball far to the sides. He even made a point to take the game on 10 / 9, but Alarcón, with much more experience than the Young player, won the third game by a close 12/10.

Miled Zarazua (Mex) defeated Gonzalo Miranda (Arg) - 3 / 1: 11 / 6 4 / 11 11 / 7 11 / 9

A great match, where these two young players of 18 and 20, showed great technical maturity and enviable physical condition, which made the game should be defined more by the mistakes committed by both before the good points, because both reached virtually every ball.

In the first two games both were without precision and each one won a game where they made fewer mistakes.
In the third game the points became much longer with rallies really incredible about what managed to raise both players. Finally the Mexican managed to make a difference in the third.

In the fourth, Miranda started very well, getting ahead 5 / 3 and 9 / 6, making the public assume that the match would be defined in the fifth game, but the Mexican rallied to 9 / 9 and after several "lets" Zarazua make good use of a confusing situation to ensure that the referee awarded a" stroke" in his favor. This devolved to the Argentine, who eventually lost the match with an unforced error.

Esteban Casarino (Py) defeated Tiago Cabral (Bra) - 3 / 0: 11 / 7 11 / 6 11 / 6

The great local hope, defeated without major surprises to the Brazilian Tiago Cabral, who is not at his best, showing lack of pace and fitness, which took Casarino to press very precise hits on the front of the court and keeping Cabral in the back of the court without the possibility of attack.

In the three games, Esteban was in charge of the marker and handling the situation with ease. A victory without objection.

Chris Gordon (USA) defeated Nahuel Ramos (Arg) 3 / 0: 11 / 4 11 / 8 14/12

The American used his experience of being in the world circuit for some time to clinch a victory rather complicated, as the young Argentine did an excellent match.

In the first game advanced rapidly Gordon 6 / 2 and 9 / 3 and closed with 11 / 4, negating the possibility of attack by the Argentine could not find the pace of the game.

In the second game, Ramos managed to improve his game hits bottom and using highly skilled, head right off to the U.S. several times, getting a lead of 8/4. But Gordon did manage to play like in the first game, moving the argentinian and playing very accurate shots on the front of the court, he could won 7 straight points to go up the score to 11 / 8.

In the third game Ramos again got ahead in the score by 7 / 3 with a lot of pressure on the bottom and very good fakes on the front and middle of the field. So be continued until 10 / 6, and when everyone thought that he would take the game, his anxiety to close the game betrayed him and made two unforced errors.

Gordon took the opportunity to press it and using its experience in this type of situation, deployed a conservative game, keeping Ramos at the bottom of the court, negating their ability to attack, to equal in 10. However, Ramos had two "Game Ball" on 11/10 and 12/11, but the strength of Gordon finally prevailed over the "hurry" of Ramos.

From april 21 to 24, will be held at the International Tennis Club, the second edition of the PSA tournament: “TOUR DE LAS AMERICAS – PARAGUAY OPEN 2010”, which gives points for the world ranking. It will award a total of six thousand dollars, entering the category of Super Satellite.

Some of the players who have has confirmed their participation in the event are:

Rafael Alarcon (BRA), world Nº 40, Defending Champion of the Paraguay Open 2009 and winner of 5 tournaments of the “Tour de las Americas 2009”. Double silver medalist in the South American Games 2010 (individual and team event).

Christopher Gordon (USA), world Nº 79 and Nº 3 of USA.

Esteban Casarino (PAR), the great local hope, world Nº 105, and doble bronze medalist in the South American Games 2010 (individual and doubles).

Gonzalo Miranda (ARG), world Nº 131, bronze medalist in the South American Games 2010 (team event).

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