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Dec 2010: Sharon Wee to retire ...
Thank you SQUASH!
At the age of 33 Malaysia's Sharon Wee has called time on her playing career ...
Thank you… Thank you for the great journey that makes me the person I am today.

It is hard to say goodbye to competitive squash that has been part of me for the last 20 years. Squash has also brought me back to live again after experiencing a bad accident that almost took my life away.

However, the wear and tear of the cartilage of my both knees since few years ago and playing in pain is not fun anymore. Lately, having the feeling to play squash just for fun, does not fit in, in the competitive environment in professional squash. Furthermore, I am ready to retire because I know the younger players are ready to bring success to Malaysian squash.

Sports generally and SQUASH specifically have been my life and it will still be after I retire. I may retire as a professional squash player, but it is only a start to a new career. I am excited yet nervous to be out of my comfort zone. I believe life must go on and with all the good traits that I have learned from playing squash, I will be successful in my new career and as a person.

Thank you to my family and friends for their support and for believing in me. Thank you to all the people around me that have helped me along the way in this great journey. Thank you to those who like me. And those who do not like me, thank you too because you have made me understand and accept, that is okay and that is life.

Thank you to MSN, ISN, SRAM, MSRA, the media, my sponsors, coaches, teammates and my fans for making my journey as a squash player the one to remember forever.

Thank you all and I feel very blessed.

Squash Experience

Professional Tour and Training

• Full time professional squash player and had the privilege to compete and had great victories against world class players and squash legends: 2000-2010
• Trained under Liz Irving in Amsterdam, Netherlands: 2002-2004
• Trained under Shaun Moxham in Antwerp, Belgium and also Liz: 2004-2010

Other Sports Experience
• School, university & state level in badminton, tennis, athletic, netball & tae-kwon-do: 1989-2000
• Malaysian Senior Women’s Squash Team Captain: 2002-2010
• Player’s Representative for Malaysian National Squash Team: 2008-2010

Squash Achievements


• Represent Malaysia since 13 years old: 1990-2010
• National Girl’s, Under 14, 16 & 19 Champion: 1990-1996
• Melaka State, Champion: 1990-2010
• 5th SUKMA, Champion: 1994 in Perak
• Sea Games, Gold Medalist: 2005 in Philippines
• Asian Squash Championships, Silver Medalist: 2004 in KL,
Bronze Medalist: 2000 in Hong Kong, 2002 in KL & 2006 in Taipei
• Asian Games, Bronze Medalist: 2002 in South Korea & 2006 in Qatar
• Commonwealth Games: 1998 in KL, 2002 in Manchester, 2006 in Melbourne
& 2010 in New Delhi
• World Women’s Squash Open: 2000-2010
• No. 2 in Malaysian National Women’s Ranking: 2000-2009
• No.18 in World (WISPA) Ranking-Highest Ranking


• Sea Games, Gold Medalist: 1995 in Thailand, 1997 in Indonesia, 1999 in Brunei & 2001 in KL
• Asian Squash Championships, Gold Medalist: 1998 in KL, 2002 in KL, 2004 in KL, 2006 in Taipei & 2008 in Kuwait
• Asian Games, Gold Medalist: 2010 in Guangzhou, China
• World Women’s Team Event, 3rd: 2006 in Edmonton & 2008 in Cairo & 2010 in New Zealand

Sports Awards

• Melaka Sportswomen of The Year: 1994,1995 & 1999
• National Sports Awards- Best Women’s Team: 1995, 2000 & 2008

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