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February 2016
SquashSkills, the Whole Story!

Born in Jethro Binns' Brain in August 2010, then developped from a meeting with the Boss Peter Nicol ("Fram, don't call me Boss") in Canary Wharf in March 2011, SquashSkills was officially launched in July 2012 and is now THE coaching site where it's all happening.
But do you know how it happened, when, and what it's all about?
Read on for our exclusive interview with Jethro, Part 1

SquashSkills - the Whole Story  :  Part ONE  |  Part TWO

Fram Gommendy: So, JT, how did it all start?

Jethro: The first conception was August 2010. Originally there was myself and another guy from Abergavenny and heíd seen some people doing some tennis videos online and that was where the idea came from, and we said well canít we do something in squash and we decided to give it a go. We started thinking about it and then there was a year of faffing around.

When we started it was just a case of sticking up on YouTube and seeing where it took us I think. I didnít really know what I was expecting and I certainly didnít know that much about speaking to a camera, didnít really know anything about editing. It was kind of me and a laptop just putting some stuff out there and seeing what happened really.

FG: How did Peter Nicol come and join then?

Jethro: Because of my sponsorship with Prince and Pete was managing my sponsorship I asked him if he would be up for getting involved, and that was it really.

So he did some videos at Canary Wharf and me and Jon looked at each other and said, "oh god he really knows
what heís talking about and we should try and get him involved."

So then we offered him a percentage of the company and from there I ended up falling out with my old business partner and it didnít look like it was going to get off the ground but eventually we managed to put that behind us and he handed his shares to Peter. 

In January 2012, I then said, come on lets do this and with a little inheritance from my Granddad I decided to go for it, we built the website on a budget. July 2nd 2012 was the actual launch date, so itís just over 3 years.

FG: In your opinion, what are the reasons for your success?

Jethro: I think out and out it was the desire to make it work, plus a huge amount of time and effort into it. Connections, in reality have really opened up doors, so the fact that Peter is involved is obviously great. Heís got lots of friendships with lots of different squash players, so getting people like Thierry Lincou and John White, that instantly gave us credibility.

But then the social media side of things, what weíve done on Facebook, giving away free videos and other content has probably given us the foundation upon which everything else has been built upon.

SquashSkills - the Whole Story  :  Part ONE  |  Part TWO


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