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Cleethorpes Invitational 2017
18-19 Aug, Cleethorpes CC, Yorkshire

Willstrop makes it ten
Malcolm Willstrop reports

So to the final of the 20th Cleethorpes Invitational and fittingly between the two top seeds and two of England's outstanding foursome of Nick Matthew, James Willstrop, Peter Barker and Daryl Selby.

Willstrop, 9 times winner and Selby,3 times runner up both, made their way to the final with two 3-0 wins, Willstrop beating George Parker and Declan James, Selby beating Richie Fallows and Chris Simpson.

They were not to disappoint, both players continued in the attacking mode and from the middle of the first game and served at 10-8 for the first game. Having in the end to produce two winners to take the tie break 12-10.

The second was straightforward for Willstrop, attacking classically he drew away from Selby to win 11-5.

At 2-0 it looked like Selby had too much to do but he has never been one to give way and fortified by an early lead of 4-1 he was back in the match 11-7.

He again started well in the fourth, as the match continued to be high quality and although Willstrop recovered to 7-7 two strokes settled matters and it was 2-2, 11-7.

In the fifth it was Willstrop who started better leading 5-1 but once again Selby was not done with and even led 7-6. At 7-7 Willstrop played three winners and served 10-7 for the match, Selby then produced an outstanding rally picking up a series of seemingly winners and eventually and incredibly winning the rally.

As Willstrop said in his winners speech, it was a shame it was not recorded as it would have ranked up there with the best. The next match ball was enough and Willstrop sealed his 10th Cleethorpes title 11-8.

It had been a top class final certainly amongst the tournament s best and a fitting end to the 20th edition.

Willstrop thanked Mike Hallam, his team and all involved for their efforts in sustaining such an enjoyable tournament for 20 years.

Malcolm Willstrop

Draw & Results

Cleethorpes Invitational 2017
18-19 Aug, Cleethorpes CC, Yorkshire
Round One
[1] James Willstrop (Eng)
11/5, 11/5, 11/6 (32m)
George Parker (Eng)
[1] James Willstrop

11/7, 12/10, 11/6 (40m)

Declan James

10th CI title for James

[1] James Willstrop

12/10, 11/5, 7/11, 7/11,  11/8 (64m)

[2] Daryl Selby


[3/4] Alan Clyne (Sco)
11/3, 6/11, 9/11, 11/6, 11/7 (84m)
Declan James (Eng)
Jaymie Haycocks (Eng)
6/11, 11/6, 13/11, 11/5
[3/4] Chris Simpson (Eng)
[3/4] Chris Simpson

11/6, 11/8, 11/8

[2] Daryl Selby

Richie Fallows (Eng)
11/5, 11/6, 11/7
[2] Daryl Selby (Eng)
Semi-Finals : Malcolm Willstrop reports

James Willstrop impressed beating George Parker with attacking intent in the first round, and he adopted a similar approach in his semi final with doubles partner Declan James, who provided stern resistance.

Willstrop led 5-1 in the first and although James recovered well to 5-7 Willstrop won the game 11-7. A couple of errors by the No1 seed helped James to a 4-1 lead and playing his best squash of the match he led 10-7. Willstrop however was not giving way and held his game together and won it 12-10, to take a 2-0 lead.

James' disappointment at not being 1-1 was quickly reflected as Willstrop led 6-0 in the third and he served for the match at 10-2. To his credit James saved four match balls to lose

11-6. Willstrop will be well pleased with his effort so far and there was much to like about James' performance against both Willstrop and Clyne.

The World doubles players have all look sharp, even though this a worlds apart from singles. Daryl Selby moving well, led clean in each of the games against Chris Simpson.

He would be 6-3 in the first, 5-1 inthe second and 6-1 in the third but in each instance Simpson would recover well to 5-8,7-7 & 8-6 before Selby finished the games off.

Simpson has made a encouraging recovery and body willing Nantes is his next challenge.

Quarter-Finals : Malcolm Willstrop reports

The first match of the tournament, involving the holder Alan Clyne and Declan James, both fresh from the world doubles. It promised a close and physical encounter and the promise was fulfilled.

Clyne must have shocked to find himself 10-1 down in the first and he lost it11-3 making six unforced errors. James hadn’t had to do much to win the first and Clyne reducing his error rate led 6-3 and 9-5, winning the second 11-6.

Despite some positive play by James in the third, Clyne always led winning 11-6. He led 6-4 in the fourth, but James finished the game impressively and Clyne didn’t score again, so 11-6 two all.

Anybody’s guess now, but amazingly James romped into a 6-0 lead with a string of winners. Just amazingly Clyne came back to 5-6, James perhaps gone a little negative. He held it together though, produced 3 winners to take the game and match 11-7 in 84 minutes.

The second match between James Willstrop, looking for his 10th win and George Parker was a complete contrast to the first. Willstrop, seemingly eager to attack on a court hardly conducive, found 8 winners in the first, there were errors too but he took the first 11-8.

He continued in the same vein in the second and third and although Parker resisted as well as he could, there was little respite for him and Willstrop eased to a 3-0 win in 32 minutes, which will do him no harm for what lies ahead tomorrow.

What some thought might be a tight game between Daryl Selby and Richie Fallows was the complete opposite. Selby wins first 11-5, the second is a closer game until Fallows was unsettled by a decision, Selby 11-7 and he took the third 11-6, 3-0 to Selby.

It was good to see Chris Simpson back on the court, but he contributed too many errors as Jaymie Haycocks took the first game 11-6. Simpson seemed to find his rhythm in the second and took it 11-6.

A much closer third game, nip and tuck as Haycocks has game ball, Simpson fights back and three points later Simpson takes it 13-11.

This seemed to knock the stuffing out of Haycocks and Simpson won the 4th 11-5 to advance to a semi-final against Selby.

Draw & Results

20 up for Cleethorpes Invitational

We have reached the 20th year of the Cleethorpes Cricket Club Professional Invitation Squash Tournament, who would have believed it.

I have had the benefit and support of the team from day one, Rick Havercroft, Brian and Julie Barrett and one of the now world class referees, John Massarella.

Many thanks to the main sponsors, Oceanblue Logistics, Specsavers, Van Franchise, Rudd Solicitors, XceCo Ltd, Bring Logistics, A.P.Robinson Accountants, MHI Vestas C/O Eon and Cristal Pigments UK for their generous support. Without such support we would never be able to put on such an event, I cannot thank you enough.

The quality of the players is as strong as ever, we are privileged to have them in Cleethorpes. With two world top ten, three world top 30 and the others all world top 90, there is sure to be some quality squash on view.

As always I would like to thank each company that has placed an advert in the program, some who have been with us from day one, yours is a massive contribution to the event.

Mike Hallam

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