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Egypt v Latin America Challenge
Sat 11th June 2016, Mexico City  PHOTO GALLERY
Latin America 3 Egypt 0

Six of the world's best players on a open air glass court in a park in the middle of Mexico City in front of a huge, passionate crowd - but that's only a small part of the story ...

Sarycarmen Diaz reports

After the Gala Dinner at the Egyptian Embassy Residence in Mexico City, Copa Sin Limites started on June 11th, two teams, Egypt & Latin America played three matches, in an amazing afternoon at an event never seen before in the world.

It all started at 11am with clinics for almost 70 kids, given by Moustafa Hamada and five of the players, while the sixth player, Mohamed ElShorbagy, visited the Hospital XX de Noviembre in Mexico City with the Dr. Payaso (Clown Care) association,

The world #1 visited some kids that have Cancer but having him visit them made them smile and forget about their disease for a while. One of the goals for the Copa Sin Limites Organizing Committee for this event was to help two ONGs, and goal that was achieved.

The main event, presented by PICO Energy Group, started at 5.30pm, with 800 seats plus around 200 people watching the 3m screen outside the stadium making this an unforgettable night.

The players had the opportunity to live a different experience with their fans, who where in line from 8am to get a seat in the stadium, doors opened at 4.30 pm but it was FREE entrance, lining up was the only way to assure a seat for this event.

Everyone was excited and after the opening ceremony where classic Arabic dances where presented by a professional ballet the adventure started, the teams were ready.

After four hours of play the three matches all finished with wins for Latin America.

Diego Elias 3-1 Marwan Elshorbagy  
                      13/11, 11/7, 5/11, 11/4
Cesar Salazar 3-1 Omar Mosaad          
                      11/6, 13/11, 4/11, 11/7
Miguel Rodriguez 3-2 Mohamed ElShorbagy
                      11/6, 9/11, 9/11, 11/1, 11/8 

The amazing plays and the crowd involvement was something spectacular and unforgettable for everyone even for the people who watched the event live on the internet and TV.

"I had a great time coming to Mexico. I always love my time here and love the fact that whenever I play here the crowd gets involved a lot and support the players and that make up always play our best squash.

"I will definitely be back again and I would like to thank a lot Sary and her team for all their hard work to make this happen and all the sponsors. And I would like to thank the Egyptian ambassador for his support.

"See you all soon and thank you Mexico for giving me an amazing time and for your support and I promise I will be back again."

Copa Sin Limites surprised everyone, players, fans and sponsors, hopefully next year we can have Copa Sin Limites 2017."


Set in an iconic park in the heart Mexico City (think of New York's Central Park and you get the idea) six of the world's best squash players will go head to head on a glass court in this Egypt v Latin America challenge.

Mohamed ElShorbagy v Miguel Rodriguez

world #1 versus Colombia's world #5

Omar Mosaad v Cesar Salazar

world #3 v Mexico's best, world #27

Marwan ElShorbagy v Diego Elias

world # 6 v Peru's world junior champion, world #33

Entry is FREE and there's plenty of room
 with around 1,200 seats available !!!

Location and Contact

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Sat 11th June


11.00-14.00: Junior Clinics
with Moustafa Hamada

16.30: Opening Ceremony

17.30: Matches begin

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