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NY Squash Hyder Trophy 2018
02-06 May, New York, Usa, $5k


[1] Alfredo Avila
(Mex) 3-0 [4] Alister Walker (Bot)
11/6, 12/10, 11/1

Avila walks away with Hyder Trophy title

Very engaging match that was closer than the scoreline. With a semi final walkover, #1 seed Alfredo Avila had put in only 52 minutes on court, compared to 140 for the veteran Alister Walker - Avila was fresh and rested, and it showed.

In the semis, Walker had used his athleticism, patience, and accuracy to prevail over the always-creative Zac Alexander. But today Avila was able to withstand Walker's short game and superb length, and project enough counter-pressure to come out ahead.

To everyone watching this match, two things were clear: Alister Walker still has his old magic, and Alfredo Avila is the same major talent that propelled him to #35 in the world just two seasons ago.

"Pleasure playing in the Hyder this week," said Walker. "Credit to Alfredo, he kept the pace high and made it hard for me physically. Just what he had to do to win the title. I think it was a very high standard event for a 5k. I look forward to seeing the event grow bigger."

Avila with Dr Quentin Hyder

Hyder Trophy 2018
02-06 May, New York, Usa, $5k
Round One
03 May
04 May
05 May
06 May
[1] Alfredo Avila (Mex)
11/6, 11/4, 11/5 (26m)
[Q] Aditya Jagtap (Ind)
[1] Alfredo Avila

11/7, 11/4, 11/0 (26m)

Joe White
[1] Alfredo Avila


[3] Josue Enriquez

[1] Alfredo Avila


11/6, 12/10, 11/1


[4] Alister Walker

[6] David Cromwell (Usa)
11/7, 11/3, 11/6 (27m)
Joe White (Aus)
[5] Spencer Lovejoy (Usa)
10/12, 11/8, 11/4, 11/2 (51m)
[Q] Scott Young (Eng)
[5] Spencer Lovejoy

11/8, 10/12, 4/11, 11/4, 14/14 (72m)

[3] Josue Enriquez
[3] Josue Enriquez (Gua)
11/7, 11/9, 11/8 (34m)
Mustafa Nawar (Egy)
Timothy Lasusa (Usa)
11/4, 11/5, 11/7 (31m)
[4] Alister Walker (Bot)
[4] Alister Walker

9/11, 11/6, 11/7, 11/7

[8] Andrew Douglas
[4] Alister Walker

9/11, 14/12, 11/6, 11/9 (51m)

[2] Zac Alexander

Mario Yanez (Mex)
9/11, 11/7, 11/2, 11/8 (50m)
[8] Andrew Douglas (Usa)
[Q] Tyler Osborne (Can)
11/6, 11/7, 11/7 (32m)
[7] Hugo Varela (Mex)
[7] Hugo Varela

11/7, 11/7, 11/2 (37m)

[2] Zac Alexander
[Q] Kush Kumar (Ind)
13/11, 12/10, 6/11, 7/11, 11/9 (74m)
[2] Zac Alexander (Aus)
Qualifying Finals:

Scott Young (Eng) 3-1 Jon Geekie (Sco)   9-11, 11-3, 11-5, 11-9
Kush Kumar (Ind) 3-0 Antonio De La Torre (Gua)  11-5, 11-7, 11-5
Tyler Osborne (Can) 3-1 Babatubnde Ajagbe (Mgr)  11-5, 7-11, 11-3, 11-6
Aditya Jagtap (Ind) 3-2 Juan Gomez (Mex)  11-7, 6-11, 11-8, 5-11, 11-4

Walker wins as Avila gets a walkover

Avila w/o Enriquez

Walker 3-1 Alexander
Zac Alexander:
I enjoyed that match very much and it’s great to be back playing singles after three months of focus on doubles. I felt more comfortable physically than in the early round matches – legs and lungs felt good. I’ve been trying to do lots of different things with the ball, while at the same time still being patient.

Cleve's Comments:

A very compelling match. Alexander was consistently creative, mixing in skid boasts and thundering nicks. Walker countered with patience and experience, coupled with near-miraculous retrieving that belied his 35 years. In the end Walker’s consistency and speed prevailed.


Top four seeds through to the semis in New York ...

Avila 3-0 White

Enriquez 3-2 Lovejoy

Lovejoy: “Today I didn’t know what to expect, because I’d never seen Josue play. Both of us rely on speed, so the rallies were long – he seemed to get everything. I will learn from this: I had several match balls  and I wasn’t able to put it away, maybe because I was a bit too passive. He played really well, he dug in deep, never gave up, so a lot of credit to him.”

Cleve's Comment:
Simply amazing match with Enriquez prevailing 14-12 in the 5th. Superb retrieving by both players led to enormous rallies and incredible suspense as Josue dug deep to come back from multiple match balls down to eventually prevail. An epic battle of very clean squash left the audience breathless - enormous credit to both players.

Walker 3-1 Douglas

Alexander 3-0 Varela

Alexander: “Happy to play better today. I had a tough match yesterday and feel a bit rusty as I haven’t focused on singles for a few months. I played Hugo in March in a tough match – he is very dangerous. Really happy to move on to the semis.



Round One:

It was a good day for the seeds in NY as all but one of the favoured players won through to the quarter-finals ...

Avila 3-1 Jagtap:

Avila: “Really happy to win tonight, especially since I didn’t feel very good in practice this morning. Aditya has great hands, so I played deep and straight. I played well and am happy to move to the next round.”

White 3-0 Cromwell:

White: “Really happy with how I played, especially since the courts here are faster than what I’m used to. I played positive squash and felt nice and relaxed.”

Enriquez 3-0 Nawar:

Enriquez: “It was a hard match for me, and my first time against Mustafa. I felt great on court. The rallies were long but I was able to defend well, and I’m very happy to move on.”

Walker 3-0 Lasusa:

Walker: “So fun to play again, and in New York City! Looking forward to another match tomorrow and to see what kind of squash I can still play against the youngsters.”

Douglas 3-1 Yanez:

Douglas: “I really struggled in the first, but found my rhythm and played well from then on. Hard match and a tough draw. Good win for me.

Lovejoy 3-1 Young:

Lovejoy: “I practice with Scott a lot, but I’m coming off a month of not playing so I was a little nervous. I lost the first 10-12 but I adjusted length and height and that helped. I was really happy with my fitness and I felt great throughout the match. Good win for me and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Varela 3-0 Osbourne:

Varela: “Tyler was tired from two tough matches yesterday, but I still had to work very hard. Happy to be through in three games and relatively fresh for tomorrow.”

Alexander 3-2 Kumar:

Alexander: “In one word: tough! I know how good Kush is, he’s not an average college kid but probably the strongest CSA player. I’ve been training less due to the Commonwealth Games in Australia, and I’m coming down from the high of winning a Gold there, so I’m really happy to move on.”

Cleve's Comment: This was the match of the night and was squash of a very high caliber. Kush’s creativity and use of angles was met by Zac’s precision and length. Some incredible rallies and retrievals – hugely entertaining.

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