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Peter Nicol focuses on the forehand technique. Throughout the playlist he discusses the drive, kill, drop and how to move into different parts of the court on the forehand side.
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Former World Champion and World Number One Thierry Lincou breaks down movement under pressure and taking the ball off the back wall.
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David Pearson explores one of the most underused shots in the game - the lob.
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Peter Nicol talks through his favourite mental tricks for closing out matches and starts by highlighting how important it is to never give up in a close game.
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Peter Nicol explores how to develop mental toughness and gives insight into how he dealt with high pressure situations over the course of his career.
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David Pearson back to SquashSkills and explores the sixth corner.
He starts by explaining how this tactic came to his attention.
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Peter Nicol gives quick tips to improve hitting with pace and accuracy on the backhand. He begins by showing Jamal how hitting off an open stance with a compact swing will improve the volley drive.
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Peter Nicol shows how a few quick tips can really help improve an amateur player's ability
to hit the ball with pace and accuracy on the forehand.
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Gary Nisbet discusses how crucial the element of endurance is for the squash player, explaining how to train it, which drills to include in a session and highlighting how professional players use it to get through tough five game matches.
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This week Gary Nisbet discusses the importance for speed for the squash player.
Throughout the playlist he explains what speed is, how to train it, specific drills and analyses how professional players use it to attack and defend.
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In this series former World Number Two Peter Marshall makes his SquashSkills debut and teaches you how to hit a dying length.
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This week on SquashSkills, Hadrian Stiff explains the importance of being able to adapt and improvise your movement and learn how to create natural rhythm and feel in your approach to the ball.
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 Lee Drew walks us through everything you need to know about reading your opponentsand teaches us how to get one step ahead of them!....
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 Peter Nicol walks us through both the basics and intricacies of the technique required to play the counter drop, as well as identifying the correct times to play such a difficult shot...
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Peter Nicol gives us an overview of the purpose of the lob and raises a key technical point of the shot; that is, to lift the ball high onto the front wall, as opposed to trying to hit it, to achieve a ‘bell-shape curve'. ... see the video....


Paul Carter introduces the return of serve and highlights how beginner or amateur players
often struggle with the high backhand volley return ... see the video....


Peter Nicol highlights the need to volley at every opportunity in order to increase the pace
and therefore rush your opponent....

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