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Segnatek EngineeringTexas Open 2016
06-11 Sep, Downtown Club at Met, Houston, Usa, $10k

11-Sep, Final:
Karim takes a first title in Texas

Egypt's Karim El Hammamy, the former world junior champion, claimed his first PSA title as he beat India's Vikram Malhotra in straight games in the final at the Downtown Club in Houston.

1st Game: Malhotra struggling from the beginning to hit lengths down the backhand wall. El Hamammy putting all short shoulder high shots into the backhand nic. Leaving Malhotra digging for everything but he keeps it close at 3-4.

But the constant good lengths and drops by El Hamammy are just to much in the end and it finishes quickly in 6 minutes

2nd Game: Malhotra goes up quickly 3-0. But then mistakes set in and El Hamammy evens it at 4 all. Another good run by Vikram and he runs off another 4 quick points. Karim gets some amazing gets to get back in and not only evens it up but goes up 10-7. A winner on the forehand side and game 2 is over. 11-8

3rd game: Again both players using drops up front to start the game. All even at 5-5. Vikram goes up 7-5 on some inspired play feeling like this is his game. Karim comes back with beautiful lengths down the backhand wall which Vikram lets go to the back wall and they are tough to dig out for a good length.

It's 8-8 all and Karim dives for a ball in the back courts and hits his head on the back glass which made the crowd wince. A short medical time out with the trainer and he's back in. the time out must have helped because the last points he puts balls away with flair and finishes 12-10.


Texas Open 2016
06-11 Sep, Houston, Usa, $10k
Round One
08 Sep 
09 Sep
10 Sep
11 Sep
[1] Chris Gordon (Usa)
9/11, 11/3, 9/11, 11/8, 11/7
[Q] Jesus Camacho (Mex)
[Q] Jesus Camacho

11/5 rtd

[8] Danish Atlas Khan
[8] Danish Atlas Khan

12/10, 11/8, 11/6

[4] Vikram Malhotra

[4] Vikram Malhotra


11/9, 11/8, 12/10


[6] Karim El Hammamy

first PSA title for Karim

[8] Danish Atlas Khan (Pak)
11/7, 11/6, 12/10, 11/9
[Q] Nosherwan Khan (Pak)
[5] Martin Knight (Nzl)
6/11, 11/9, 11/5, 11/7
[Q] Charlie Lee (Eng)
[5] Martin Knight

8/11, 11/6, 11/5, 11/4

[4] Vikram Malhotra
[4] Vikram Malhotra (Ind)
11/7, 14/12, 11/9
Shahjahan Khan (Pak)
Leandro Romiglio (Arg)
11/7, 13/11, 11/3
[3] Nathan Lake (Eng)
Leandro Romiglio

11/7, 8/11, 9/11, 11/6, 11/1

[7] Chris Binnie
[7] Chris Binnie

11/7, 6/11, 12/10, 11/8

[6] Karim El Hammamy

[wc] Aurangzeb Mehmund (Pak)
9/11, 12/10, 11/0, 8/11, 11/3
[7] Chris Binnie (Jam)
[Q] Edgar Zayas (Mex)
11/9, 7/11, 12/10, 11/9
[6] Karim El Hammamy (Egy)
[6] Karim El Hammamy

9/11, 11/4, 8/11, 11/7, 11/2

[2] Eddie Charlton
Daniel Poleshchuk (Isr)
11/5, 19/17, 11/4
[2] Eddie Charlton (Eng)

07-Sep, Finals:
Charlie Lee (Eng) 3-0 Aamir Atlas Khan (Pak)               11/8, 11/9, 11/5
Nosherwan Khan (Pak) 3-1 Faraz Khan (Usa)       11/6, 5/11, 11/9, 11/4
Edgar Zayas (Mex) 3-1 Charlie Johnson (Eng)      11/8, 11/8, 5/11, 11/8
Jesus Camacho (Mex) 3-0 David Cromwell (Usa)           11/3, 11/3, 11/4

06-Sep, Round One
Aamir Atlas Khan (Pak) 3-2 Lewis Walters (Jam)     11/6, 8/11, 12/10, 11/13, 12/10
Charlie Lee (Eng) 3-0 Miled Zarazua (Mex)                                11/4, 13/11, 11/5
Faraz Khan (Usa) 3-1 Adewale Amao (Ngr)                         11/6, 8/11, 11/4, 11/3
Nosherwan Khan (Pak) 3-0 Cameran Stafford (Cay)                     11/9, 11/4, 11/4
Charlie Johnson (Eng) 3-0 Nick Sutcliffe (Eng)                           11/4, 11/7, 12/10
Edgar Zayas (Mex) 3-0 Ahmed Hamza                                        11/7, 11/7, 11/6
David Cromwell (Usa) 3-1 Kale Wilson (Tri)                         11/5, 11/4, 7/11, 11/9
Jesus Camacho (Mex) 3-0 Noah Browne (Ber)                             11/8, 11/5, 11/9
10-Sep, Semis:
Malhotra and Hammamy through to final

Match Points:

Vikram Malhotra 3-0 Danish Atlas Khan

1st Game. Tight all the way thru 7-7 all. Danish goes up 9-8 on 2 good driving forehands. Malhotra ties it up 9 all then Danish hits a wonderful nic backhand for 10-9.

Another long rally back and forth tied at 10-10. Malhotra finishes on steady squash up and down the walls for a 12-10 game.

Next two games he is in total control just never giving Khan any chance to get into long rallies  finishing at 8 and 6 for the win.

Karin El Hamammy 3-1 Chris Binnie

Karim looking very loose and relaxed to start with a 3-0 lead. Binnie catches up with a beautiful back hand nic. 3-3. Many long points and it's 6-6. Karim goes up 9-6 with tins by Binnie. Another low driving forehand by KEH it's 10-7. Then Binnie hits another set up floater into the tin for a 11-7 games KEH.

2nd game KEH goes up 6-3 on great gets up front. Binnie suddenly finds his range with driving lengths and  it's 9-6 Binnie quickly. Chris finishes strongly at 11-6.

3rd game It's 2-2 with many drops and lobs by Binnie. KEH digging everything out of the corners. A lot of let with both trying to control the T. Trading points all the way thru 9-9. After a quick injury time out (after a collision) it's KEH up 11-10. After a long rally with 43-4 lets in between KEH wins on a Binnie tin Another tight game thru 7 all.

Another collision up front and discussion with the ref Karim goes to 9-8 on incredible gets from Binnies shooting up front. KEH finishes out the match with 2 perfect lengths.

09-Sep, Quarters:
Down to the last four in Houston

Match Points:

Atlas Khan v Camacho
Camacho injured his knee last night vs Gordon. Physio checked it out after first game when Camacho limped off. Thought it may be MCL. Camacho shook hands with Khan and it was over.

Malhotra v Knight
Knight was getting everything upfront in the first two games. Malhotra turned it around in the next three and put Knight under too much pressure with great lengths and gets.

Binnie v Romiglio
The first game was filled with unforced errors into the tin, Binnie just making a few less. Second game filled with 2-3 unforced errors in a row on both players side. Finally Romiglio figuring out to not do much and watch Binnie drop ball in to the tin three times in a row for the second game. Third game, Romiglio goes up 6-4 just on Binnies tins, then Binnie catches up to 8-9 Romiglio finishes up with two beautiful
backhand drop winners.

Fourth. Binnie goes up 6-3 tightening up his game. With 2 Romiglio tins it's 8-3. Binnie finishes out in control of his game. In the fifth Binnie just moving the ball to perfect lengths and widths. Finishes on a wonderful backhand nick.

El Hamammy vs Charlton

In the first two games Charlton hitting great lengths using his height and varying speeds. Last three Hammamy went for broke on every shot, especially low hard forehands and continual shots making it into the backhand forecourt nick. Any ball shoulder height to Hammamy would go into the nicks up front which Charlton chased but couldn't return them with power. The Egyptian had the shot making tonight.
08-Sep, Round One:
Qualifier Camacho takes out top seed Gordon

There was a huge upset in the first round in Texas as young Mexican qualifier Jesus Camacho beat top seeded American Chris Gordon, coming from one-two down to clinch the win in five games.
Match Points:

Gordon vs Comacho
Gordon trying to use his height and reach to his advantage, Comacho keeping the rallies going unfazed. Very close the whole way all games. At 8-7 in fifth Gordon’s shoulders seem to slump and Comacho hits two beautiful forehand drop nicks to win the match.

Lee vs Knight
Knight down 5-1 before he got going. Couldn’t pull it out and Lee controlled it all in the first. Knight comes out steady and they both are hitting the ball with everything they have, but Knight just plays steady with no mistakes to take the next two.

Khan vs Malhota
Malhota just too good. Khan made some incredible saves but gets out shot by a better player tonight.

Romiglio vs Lake
Both trading lengths with no real shot making. In the third Lake looked in control but Romiglio digs in and finishes the third with two perfect lengths then a backhand drop nick.

Mehmund vs Binnie
Hotly contested match with lots of questions to the ref. Mehmund likes to play to the crowd and tries to get into Binnie's head. Lots of good rallies but Binnie just too steady.

Charleton vs Poleshchuk
Poleshchuk's athleticism shows through in the second game but Charleton not impressed and never hits the tin or hits it out. An easy third game.

El Hammamy vs Zayas
Contentious match from the start. Lots of great points and gets from both. Not an easy match to ref. Zayas lost it in the end with one sneaker falling off.

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