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UK Grand Prix Standings 2010/11

UK Grand Prix Standings 2009/10

UK Grand Prix Standings 2008/09 - FINAL

Men's Standings

Grand Prix Finalists
Peter Barker
Ali Walker
Daryl Selby
Andy Whipp
John Rooney
Steve Meads
Joel Hinds
Stuart Crawford
Laura L-Massaro
Tania Bailey
Vicky Botwright
Emma Beddoes

Women's Standings


UK Grand Prix Standings 2007/08 - @02-May-08


Head UK Grand Prix Standings 2006/07

Handley & Perry take GP titles

Scott Handley & Madeline Perry
topped this year's BSPA HEAD Grand Prix standings with solid performance's at the final qualifying event, the Colets Open.

Going into the final event Handley was one of three players in contention along with last year's winner Simon Parke and Peter Barker. However, Barker's early exit to Ben Ford and Parke's inability to get past top seed Adrian Grant left the way open for Handley and he grabbed it with both hands, knocking out World no.17 Azlan Iskandar reach the semi finals and clinch the grand prix title.

Despite not winning an event on the HEAD Grand Prix, Handley was the most consistent performer with four runners-up spots in the six events he played!

The women's HEAD Grand Prix was a two horse race going into the final event with Madeline Perry going head-to-head with Laura Lengthorn. The latter's surprising loss to Kasey Brown at Colets left Perry in pole position and she wrapped it up in style to add the Colets title to the Artemis Open and finish top of the standings.

The winners of each of the events and the best placed finishers on the HEAD Grand Prix will now compete in the HEAD Grand Prix Finals at Ipswich Sports Club from 7-9th June.


Head UK Grand Prix Standings 2005/06

Hall of Fame 2005/06

Head UK Grand Prix Standings 2004/05

Final Men's standings
(last: Colets Open)

End of Season Winner 500
(Only open to British players)

  1. Marcus Berrett                      1930 *Winner*
  2. Peter Genever                        1610
  3. Stephen Meads                      1313
  4. Stacey Ross                           1290
  5. Alex Gough                            1155
  6. Ben Garner                            720
  7. Peter Billson                             580
  8. Simon Parke                             575
  9. Iain Higgins                               505
  10. Nick Matthew                        500
  11. Laurence Delasaux                   460
  12. Lee Drew                                 450
  13. Ricky Davies                            400
  14. Daryl Selby                              400
  15. Peter Barker                             350
  16. Alex Stait                                 350
  17. Nick Wall                                 320
  18. Scott Handley                           300
  19. Tom Richards                           300
  20. Andy Whipp                            300
  21. James Wright                            300
  22. Dave Barnett                            240
  23. Ben Ford                                  240
  24. Shahid Khan                             240
  25. Stephen Coppinger                   220
  26. Martin Heath                            220
  27. Chris Ryder                              220
  28. Tim Vail                                   220
  29. Darren Lewis                            160
  30. Joey Barrington                        140
  31. Adrian Grant                            140
  32. Paul Lord                                 140
  33. John White                               140
  34. Mohammed El Said                  80
  35. Clive Ewins                              80
  36. Ben Ford                                  80
  37. Joel Hinds                                80
  38. Kris Johnson                            80
  39. Paul Rawden                            80
  40. Chris Simpson                          80
  41. Sam Miller                                80
  42. Robbie Temple                         80
  43. Nick Wall                                 80




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