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The Solent Classic
08-11 November 2007
Men Only | Lee-on-Solent | Tim Vail | 

Stait takes BSPA Opener

The final was preceded by the final’s of the Graded tournament which was running in parallel with the BSPA event, a full seating area of spectators was always a sure sign of the support which Lee on Solent’s squash professional Tim Vail was going to receive.

In the first game Alex Stait was off to a flying start taking Tim a little by surprise may be, Tim responded and started to pull back points.

Alex took the game 11/5 the second game was somewhat more of a battle Tim was giving Alex far more to think about than in the first game, Tim was taking the ball far earlier and forcing the pace but Alex took back control finishing the game 11/7.

 Third and last game Alex was in control, Tim had let Alex get more points ahead than he would have liked leaving him a lot of work to do Alex finished it at 11/4

Alex won in strait games 11/5 11/7 11/4.

The spectators where very appreciative of a very hard clean and good-natured game between the two players and I suspect the marker and ref (Elvin Booth & Jim Hagan) were as well.

The presentation of the Solent Classic cup was from Pam Webber Last years club Chair, Alex thanked the club and all the supporters commenting on the good turn out and how nice it was to have a BSPA event at Lee on Solent.

Tim thanked the club for supporting the BSPA in this first year and is looking forward to doing the same next year and hoping there may be sum sponsors out there for the next one.


Solent Classic 2007 - Draw & Results

Solent Classic – Qualification.
Thursday 8th November 2007

Oneil Chilambwe Bt Simon Retter  11/4 11/4 11/5
Adam Fuller bt Liam Balcombe      11/2 11/7 11/4
NeilBaker bt Antony Brindle          11/7 5/11 11/6 7/11 11/3
Alex Phillips bt Ryan Jewer            5/11 11/6 11/6 8/11 11/5
Steve London bt Neil dickson        14/12 12/10 8/11 11/5
Mike Harris bt elliot Selby             11/6 11/5 11/7
Keith Timms bt Jamie Matthews    11/3 11/9 9/11 11/4
Rory Pennell bt Dean Newberry    11/6 11/3 9/11 11/7
Rich Birks bt Gary Nisbett            11/7 11/411/4
Steve Siveter bt Chris Sherman   11/4 12/10 11/7

41- 47 MANOR WAY                                                                   Tim.Vail@sky.com

LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT                                                                 CLUB: 023 9255 0381  

HAMPSHIRE                                                                               MOBILE: 07939 005959  

BSPA Solent Classic Quarter-Finals

Alex Gough bt Dave Barnett     13/11, 11/3, 11/7 (26 mins)

Alex was always in control this match making Dave work to all four corners of the court and keeping him tucked behind not allowing Dave to control the T. Alex then started taking the ball in well on his B/h volley which was either a winner or the penultimate shot of the rally. After 26mins of high tempo squash Alex won 3-0

Alex Stait bt Andy Whipp      11/6, 12/10, 11/2 (31 mins)

These two close friends had played twice in the last two weeks in league and both won one of them 3-2. Alex settled the quicker today with Andy making too many errors losing the first 11/6. This was then followed by an extraordinary amount off nicks on the left hand sidewall at the back. The second game lasted 16 minutes full of good entertaining squash then Alex stepped up and chopped it in well at the front to take the third and the match 11/2.

Tim Vail bt Steve Meads        11/7, 11/9, 11/13, 11/4 (50 mins)

Three weeks previous in Surrey Cup Tim snatched victory 11-9 in the fifth from 9-4 down. So today was going to be just as close. Tim got into the zone quickly and went 5-2 up but Meadsy steadied the ship and kept Tim moving to go 7-5 up. Vail tightened up down the backhand wall to squeeze a couple of errors and then finished the game with a couple of his classic nicks.

The second was just a tight and followed the exact same pattern and it was 2-0. The third again followed the same pattern with Vail getting tired this time and Meadsy was tighter down the backhand and Vail hit two volley tins. Vole came back but couldn’t finish it off. 2-1. The fourth Vole came out hit very good tight drives followed by winner after winner to go 7-2 and kept the momentum to win 11-4.

Joel Hinds bt Jethro Binns     9/11, 11/6, 13/15, 11/5, 11/7 (78 mins)

This was never going to be classic squash. To tall guys with big swings and able to get to a lot of balls. It was scrappy but quite entertaining with hundreds of decisions to be made. It went to five and Jethro’s wheels fell off so Joel became victorious 3-2 in 78 minutes.


Lee-on-Solent Classic
Derek Mason reports

Do you know Tim Vail? He is ranked in the top 15 in England He came to Lee-on-Solent Just over a year ago Taking up the position of club professional.

Tim was asked to raise the profile of squash at the Lost Club, (Lee on Solent Tennis Squash & Fitness club) He has led the clubs first team to become Hampshire county champions for the first time in 19 years and has now re-introduced the Solent Classic.

Although we at Lee-on-Solent may not attract too many world-class players, we do attract up and coming players, who look to have a very bright future in the game. At 16, Robert Downer will take up his place in the qualifying round. He will be hoping to impress.

The Solent Classic has attracted some good names from the world of squash to the Lee on Solent Tennis Squash & Fitness club

#1 seed Alex Gough world ranking 23 and #2 seed Simon Parke National ranking of 10 along with our very own #3 seed Tim Vail. Ranked at 15

BSPA Solent Classic: Men’s Qualification Round
Thursday 8th November 2007

Alex PhillipsThe round began on Thursday evening, along with the clubs Ladies 2nd team playing a Hampshire league match against LA Fitness in between us, with all six of the club’s courts (two glass back) being used. The ladies got pushed to the far end courts.
A very intense day’s squash, which included a thriller, between Alex Philips and Ryan Jewel, the only match I watched to its conclusion! Alex has a great forehand gentle volley drop cross-court Ryan failed to read it to start with but it was not to long before he started returning them with a sense of satisfaction.

And how did the ladies do, they won of course? 3-2 good show!