Senior CASA 2011  06-13 Aug, South Sound Squash  Grand Cayman  


"Welcome to the Winners' Club, Eddie!"

Day Two of the team event saw a landmark victory for Jamaica's Eddie DePass, who after four winless CASA Championships finally won a match as he put Jamaica into the lead against Bahamas with an impressive 3/0 win over Howard Mason in the Men's 50+ match.

"They stitched me up for years," said a delighted Eddie, "playing me at number five on the main team, but now I'm playing in my true position it's great to finally register a win!"

Eddie got no sympathy for his previous losses from Vets Skipper Douglas Beckford: "He's just moaning, man, if you can't win at number five what are you playing at. Still, it's great to see him finally get that win after all these years!"

Actually, it was Douglas who pulled me across to court seven as Eddie approached victory. "You have to capture this, the longest losing record in the Caribbean is about to end," and the headline is Douglas's tribute to Eddie, of course.

Douglas is himself a veteran of many CASA campaigns, having played since 1979, missing "two or three" in that time, and the same is true of Gill Binnie [Mother of ...], whose first CASA was in 1984.

"We never got too far in the individuals, we were the supporting cast for the main teams," explained Douglas, "but we've done ok since we moved up to the vets.

Douglas has won the Over 40 and Over 50 titles (it's based on the performances for the team) and is "going for the O60 title this time, hopefully!"

So well done Eddie, and good luck Douglas ... we'll be watching.


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