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 Men's World Team Championships 2011  21-27 Aug  Paderborn, Germany  








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Howard Harding is Courtside with ... Nick Matthew
Nick Matthew, the world No 1, was part of England Squash and Racketball's elite squad sessions this summer - ahead of the World Team Championships in Paderborn, Germany.

Here, he tells us about how the next generation of players are gaining invaluable experience alongside our top players.

"This summer we have seen the likes of Charles Sharpes, Ben Coleman, Adrian Waller, Nathan Lake and Joe Lee attend our elite training camps ahead of the World Teams in Germany.

"It has always been a good opportunity for players to come and see the England squad sessions. There has always been a steady stream of players to choose from in this regard and it is only healthy for the future of our game.

"When I was coming through, myself and Adrian Grant were invited up to Nottingham with the likes of Simon Parke, Mark Cairns, Paul Johnson, Peter Marshall, Del Harris and Chris Walker.

"There were so many different players and styles there that it was a great way to learn. Each time we went on court we picked up new ideas and broadened our game.

"I remember playing Marshall and lost 27-0 the first time I played him at 18 years of age. It is a case of learning and learning and getting stuck in to the cause.

"The great thing is that we have all been in the same boat as a newbie where you don't know many people.

"With the current crop, you can see in their games and demeanour on court that they are getting more and confident and that can only be good for our game.

"It is also good for us to be challenged considering we play each other more often than not. It is mutually beneficial.

"This summer I played against Sharpes and from what Peter Barker tells me, there is a talented bunch being developed under the guidance of Paul Carter at Potters Bar.

"Potentially he is a very good player, too. Just like the promise being shown by our other young players, he can make the top 20 but after that, it's up to him.

"For the younger players today, ESR has the perfect set up and they don't have many excuses if they don't make it.

"We have everything at our disposal: physios, strength and conditioning coaches and analysis. They have a great opportunity to learn. No pressure then!"

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Nick Matthew

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