#4: Welcome to the 4 Seasons

Qatar Classic Squash Championship  27 Oct to 03 Nov 2017 Doha  






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All you didn't know you needed to know on the Qatar Classic 2017

 Welcome to the Four Seasons Doha...

We have had the privilege to stay in the Four Seasons Hotel this year. Not that I have much time to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool - the refs have - or the SPA - the players rave about it, in particular the 20 jets showers, or the massage in the stunning salon. Inshallah next year...

But. I had the delight to enjoy all the benefits of staying in a top hotel. What impresses me is their attention to detail.

For example, you won't find cleaners carts in the corridors. They come with big baskets, and go from door to door, only a little sign on the door indicates their presence...

And you know if you travel a lot like we do, there is always something missing after they leave: the milk hasn't been replaced, or towels are missing, etc. Here, none of that. Everything is where it should be. Every day. Twice a day.

My door is at the end of a corridor, a corner room. So it's very quiet. The bathroom is a dream, bathtub AND shower, separate toilets.

Big wardrobe, lovely tea/coffee stand with the latest nespresso machine for coffee lovers - I asked for a kettle, within minutes, I was having my cupper...

I asked for a wake up call for example - and I was asked if I wanted my phone line cut, and reminded to put a sign on my door... Bless them.

And the breakfast is an experience I strongly recommend: I still have tears in my eyes when I th
ink of the Renaissance in Hong Kong. No more tears. Four Seasons beats it by a mile. Their dim sum/noodle station is unparalleled in my experience...

The lift is also well thought. Not only beautifully crafted, but the
moment you press on the call button, you are indicated which lift will arrive for you.

You do not have to go from one to the next and keep an eye where the first door will open - and sometimes miss the bleeping thing! A little bip and light warn you where to wait. Attention to details.

The security is very high - both to get in the building or get to the rooms - the place is airy, light, beautiful, the beds are to sleep for, the linen and towels of the highest quality.

Only Cubs can find something wrong: apparently, he likes to sleep with the curtains open, but the evening maid comes and closes them for you...



What is new for the players this year is that they stay in single rooms. That's extremely unusual for the players and they fully enjoyed the freedom as they normally shar
e with another player - sometimes they have the choice, sometimes, they don't!

Plus a new addition very practical for them, free laundry. That's huge for them too, as they go through an awful lot of outfits during an event as you may imagine!

So here you have it, the Qatari Federation "a mis les petits plats dans les grands" as we say in French, has gone the extra mile to make sure our stars are treated as they should be....

Mohamed El Said, Member of the Organising Team, smiled as he explained the vision of the Federation Leadership this year:

"We are glad to have in our tournament the Elite of World Squash, and we are delighted to offer them the best of facilities and conditions we feel they deserve. And that include
s a good night's sleep..."

He added

"I hope that other tournaments will follow suit and provide in turn the recognition and conditions these amazing Modern Time Gladiators deserve."

Hear Hear...

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#4: Welcome to the 4 Seasons



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