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Off to the States is our Omar El Sherbini!

2016 will stay in Nour El Sherbini's career as a turning point: a truly incredible  breakthrough in May, as she clinched the World Champion title after being 2/0 down against former World Champ/World #1 Laura Massaro, becoming the youngest ever woman player and the first ever Egyptian woman to win the supreme title. That victory allowed her to become World #1.

As we all know, such a journey doesn't arrive by chance. A lot of work needs to be produced, a strong team works in the background to allow an athlete to shine under the limelights. 

Today, we highlight one of Nour's team members and one of the reasons of his sister's success: Omar El Sherbini, Nour’s brother, coach & manager.

Nour, the Junior Years

"Omar is the reason why I set foot on a squash court in the first place!" laughs Nour. " I didn't have the choice at the time, I was spending time watching his sessions as a 6 year old at Smouha Club in Alexandria"

Time went by, and quickly, the young girl came from watching to playing, and everyday they were playing together as soon as they had some free time when they were done with their sessions.

It sort of worked, as Nour won her first World Junior Champs title at the age of 13, making history.

They kept practicing their daily routine and playing together, until Omar set off for France to learn about management and promotion. He graduated from the Ecole of management de Normandie in the North france with a high degree in management.

The El Gouna Adventure

In 2012, When he was approached by Amr Mansi, a former PSA player who was the head Coach of the Alexandria Sporting Club at that time.

I’ve known Omar since he was very young we have some work experience together working at El Gouna international tournament that’s why I chose him for the position as I know his ability to deliver on the Squash Court”

Now, El Gouna has become a World Series, and this year, will host the World Women Champs as well as the PSA Men's event, not to mention a Masters event!

"I am so excited the place that I started at is getting bigger and bigger everyday" Omar told us . "I'm certainly happy for Amr Mansi. He is the main reason why I am inspired to chase my dreams, he never settles down he always hustles to reach the best.

"Just an example of his talent, in just 6 years he was able to turn El Gouna into a Squash hub for everyone to come play! This year we have a squash complex with 4 new courts, we are hosting the Women's World Championship which I strongly support from day one,  and the men's in addition to the amateur tournament for all age groups in coordination with the African Squash Federation, so definitely I am proud to be part of it and working along with Amr and the team."

Nour, the senior years

Through the years, Omar has been working with Nour to develop a team that will help in her transition from her junior career to her senior career to pursue her dream of becoming the World no.1 and World Champion.

In July 2014 Omar moved to Alexandria Sporting Club as a junior coach for developing young juniors at the ASC Squash Academy. In early 2015 Nour reached a deal with Alexandria Sporting club, big rival of the Smouha Club where Nour spent all her junior years.

"Nour moved to the club where I was coaching because I wanted her by my side, so she moved from Smouha Sporting Club to Alexandria Sporting club. I had to start from scratch, a new team, including Waleed El Mosalamy and Karim Shohayeb for a new start and it worked...

“I remember we would spend much time analyzing matches and training schedules that can best fit her studying schedule and training schedule, and everyone was really helpful and flexible at that time and for me that was one of the main reason to our success, which is having a team that is keen about Nour and her program and works everything around it.”

Season 2015/2106

Now with Omar as a full time coach, Nour Kicked off the season with the Carol Weymuller in Brooklyn in October 2015, then goes even better, winning the Tournament of Champions in NY, then the British Open in Hull.

“Omar has been really important with me the past season he made me work on all aspects of my Squash career, things I had never done before.

"With his connections and experience in the field he has been able to appoint and outsource most of the important elements in my team that helped a lot last season.

"The transition from one team to another was risky and hard, I was worried to be h
onest but his continuous support and my trust in his ability made me more confident about the step I was taking and here you go it all worked out to what I became today”

New Start in 2017

End of 2016 sees Omar sailing off from Alexandria and Egypt to the US, to pursue a new dream a
nd work in a different atmosphere where he can extend his experience elsewhere.

“Being at Nour's side all the way has been really exciting and a journey not many have an opportunity to experience, for which I'm very thankful.

"But after living all of that, you only think about reliving the moment once more but this wont be possible without starting everything all over again.

"For me to make it more exciting I just would like a different type of challenge and that’s why I thank Alexandria and Egypt for what they did for me. I am in current talks with a Club in the united states, January is when I meet Sahel Anwar of PPS in NewYork to discuss the details which is certainly something I am excited about and hopefully it works out.”

Dear Omar - aka "The Professional", we wish you all the best in your new venture...

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