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The HARROW Interviews: 
 #1: Nele Gilis

Nele Gilis      April 2016
Country :        Belgium
Age       :        20
WR        :        47
Nationals      :   2013/14/15 champ
Euro Juniors :   2014 Champion
Euro Seniors :   4th in 2015
PSA titles      :   1

11 with Nele
Coke or Pepsi ?
I never drink either of them, unless on a night out mixed with alcohol. In which case it wouldn't matter to me.. Haha
Lady Gaga or Adele?
Book or Kindle ?
I'm not really a reader but I'd go with book
Facebook or Twitter ?
Drop or Boast ?
Superman or Batman ?
Matt Damon or Ben Affleck?
Paul Coll

Dog or Cat ?
Iphone or Android ?
Used to always have an android but once you go iPhone you never go back
Ski or Beach vacation?
Mercedes or BMW?

How did you get into squash?
My mum played and gave squash lessons to little kids so I grew up with it. Fell in love from the second I held a racket.

What is your favorite squash achievement?
Winning the European Junior Championships in 2014 to end my junior career and winning my first PSA event last September have got to be my favourites so far.

What has been your favorite experience involving squash outside a competition?
I can't pick one, I've had the best times of my life so far with squash people. When players are out of a tournament they all get together and go have an amazing time, that's what I love so much about this sport.

What is your favorite event?
The European team champs is definitely the most fun

When did you get involved with Team Harrow?
About two years ago. My coach is distributor for Harrow in Belgium so I tried some rackets and they wanted to sponsor me. I've always really liked the brand so I was happy I finally got involved with them.

What Harrow Racquet do you use and Why?
I'm currently using Jonathan Power's Spark. I really like this racket because it's so light yet there's so much power and touch. Hopefully I'll get my own signature racket some day haha!

Why do you like being involved with Team Harrow?
Harrow is so involved with their players and we get a lot of support, we're like big family. Apart from that I just really like the brand and their gear.

What are your goals in squash?
From the beginning my goal has been to be the best in the world.

If you were not a professional squash player, what would have you been doing?
I probably would've just picked another sport, maybe tennis?

If you could see one thing happen or change in squash, what would it be and Why?
I wish men and women would have all the same tournaments at the same time, equal prize money, equal everything.
Next for Nele:
Paderborn Open, Germany
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