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Senior CASA 2011  06-13 Aug, South Sound Squash  Grand Cayman  





Fri 12th, Teams Day Two
Tomorrow's finals are set after a busy day which saw some teams and players having three matches today.

After all of that we have three finals set for tomorrow, with the overall title still up for grabs too ... read all about it ...

Men's Semi-Finals:

[4] OECS 5-0 [6] Cayman Islands

      4.  Kevin Bailey 3-2 Jake Kelly                 11/3, 5/11, 11/4, 4/11, 11/8
      3.  Kevin Hannaway 3-2 Gaby Rabes        9/11, 6/11, 11/9, 11/3, 11/9
      1.  Joe Kneipp 3-0 Cameron Stafford                          11/7, 11/4, 11/4
      5.  Shane Slater 3-2 Myron Blair               2/11, 11/9, 9/11, 11/4, 11/4
      2.  Joe Chapman 3-0 Dean Watson                           12/10, 11/6, 11/7

[1] Jamaica 3-2 [2] Barbados
      4.  Chris Bicknell 3-0 Mark Gilkes                       11/5, 11/9, 11/8
      3.  Dave Schweir 0-3 Rhett Cumberbatch           6/11, 4/11, 7/11
      1.  Chris Binnie 3-0 Shawn Simpson                    11/9, 11/3, 11/8
      5.  Joey Levy 3-0 Don Benn                                11/5, 11/3, 11/7
      2.  Bruce Burrowes 0-3 Gavin Cumberbatch        4/11, 3/11, 5/11

Vets (6 teams, round robin):

...        T&T 3-2 OECS                      two out of two for T&T
           Jamaica 2-3 Barbados          and for Barbados too ... 

13.00   Barbados 5-0 T&T               Barbados stay unbeaten ...
           Cayman 4-1 OECS              Cayman go three and one ...
           Jamaica 5-0 Bahamas         Eddie leads Jamaica to victory ...

18.00   Jamaica 5-0 OECS             }   it all comes down to
           Barbados 5-0 Bahamas      }   Barbados v Cayman tomorrow
           Cayman 3-2 T&T                }   Jamaica could win it too ...

Men (7 teams, 2 pools)

...       OECS 3-2 Guyana                 OECS reach the semis, Guyana 3rd
          Barbados 3-2 Cayman         Barbados take pole position in Pool A
          Bermuda 3-2 T&T                Bermuda bounce back from 2-1 down

13.00  Jamaica 2-3 OECS                 OECS comeback to top Pool A
          Barbados 4-1 Bermuda        Barbados top Pool B
          Cayman 4-1 T&T                  Cayman secure second

18.00  Playoff  Guyana 4-1 T&T       Guyana to play Bermuda for 5th

Women (3 teams, round robin):

18.00  Cayman 4-1 Jamaica            Cayman v Barbados for the title

Men's Semi-Finals:
Cayman hopes dashes as OECS
and Jamaica make the final ...

Hopes were high of a home victory for the Cayman Islands at South Sound Squash Club but Joe Kneipp's OECS team had other ideas as they won two desperately close five-setters before Joe himself applied the coup de grace.

OECS, fresh from a comeback win against Jamaica at lunchtime, took the opener as Kevin Bailey won a see-saw match against Jake Kelly, taking the first third and fifth games.

Things were looking better for the hosts as Gaby Rabes took a two-game advantage over Kevin Hannaway, although neither were easy.

Hannaway grabbed a 7-0 lead in the third, which Rabes almost pulled back, getting as close as 9-8 before finally losing it. The OECS man took the fourth comfortably, then held off another comeback from Gaby to put his delighted team two to the good.

With Joe Kneipp, the former world number ten, next on the omens were poor for Cayman, and Kneipp showed his class with a comfortable 3/0 win over Cameron Stafford to take his charges into the final for a second year in a row.

Shane Slater and Joe Chapman then wrapped up an impressive 5-0 win.

"It feels pretty nice! We came close last year and we really wanted to make the final again to have a chance of at least equalling that.

"The two Kevins played really well. Kevin Bailey had some really tough matches in the individuals so to see him come out here and perform like that was great. Kevin Hannaway is known as a good team player and he showed it, coming from two-nil down.

"It was nerve-wracking though, I went to warm up when Kevin H was 9-3 up in the fifth and when I came back it was 10-9 and really tight - I'm so glad he won, for him and because it took the pressure off me.

"The schedule worked in my favour, I've played Richard, Chris and Cameron who have all played lots of squash this week whereas I've come into it fresh.

"My competitive days are over, all I'm trying to do is to help make BVI and OECS squash stronger, and performing well in events like this can only help ..."

Meanwhile Jamaica took on group B winners Barbados, who had beaten Cayman at lunchtime to determine the semi-final lineups.

Chris Bicknell put Jamaica ahead with a hard-fought 3/0 win, but Rhett Cumberbatch brought Barbados level with a similar scoreline.

Jamaica regained the lead as individual champion Chris Binnie did the business against Shawn Simpson, still clearly not fully fit, leaving it to Joe Levy to clinch the match for Jamaica with a 3/0 win at fifth string.

Gavin Cumberbatch pulled one back in the final dead rubber.

"Satisfied. We came here with a plan and a stronger team than last time, but there's still one more step to go.

"Chris Bicknell got us off to a great start and set the tone for the whole match, winning three-nil in a tough match. Chris Binnie then won as expected, and Joe played well to finish off the match.

"The fifth one was always going to be tough for Bruce, but we were already across the line.

"We lost to OECS at lunchtime, but there's no reason why we can't turn a couple of those results around, and we're still in with a chance of the overall title ..."

Ladies and Vets ...

Elsewhere there was better news for the hosts as Cayman's women's team beat Jamaica as expected to set up a final against Barbados, and the Vets continued their winning run after a disappointing first-match loss.

They meet unbeaten Barbados tomorrow in what could be a title decider - although if Cayman do win Jamaica, who have also lost just the once, are still in the reckoning ...

EXTRAS: Welcome to the winners' club, Eddie!!!

Afternoon Session ...

Barbados in Pole Position for the Vets

The favoured Vets teams all won, Jamaica and Cayman both made it three wins while Barbados kept their unbeaten run going as they inflicted a first defeat on T&T.

The Vets title is in Barbados's hands, Cayman know ythey must beat T&T tonight and follow that up with a win over Barbados in the morning. Of course if they do that it would bring Jamaica and T&T back in contention ...

OECS and Barbados top the Pools

The men's matches saw Barbados and Cayman complete their expected wins over Bermuda and T&T, putting them in first and second place in Pool B.

In Pool A Jamaica and OECS met to determine the top placings, and although Jamaica took a 2-0 lead Joe Kneipp started the comeback by beating Chris Binnie and Joe Chapman finished it off with a 3-0 win over Bruce Burrowes.

Tonight's semi-finals are:

Barbados v Jamaica    and    OECS v Cayman

In the Morning ...


Last night's uncompleted matches came to their conclusions with T&T and Barbados Vets both winning their matches 3/2 (no deciders needed as both went 3/1 up).

Thsat puts them both on two wins out of two and on collision course for a lunchtime meeting ...


All the uncompleted men's matches went down to the wire OECS, Bermuda and Barbados all coming from 2-1 down to win.

Joe Chapman won OECS's decider against Guyana, who suffered a second consecutive 3-2 defeat and will have to play off for fifth place tomorrow.

Fourth-seeded OECS - who were top seeds in the first draft of the seedings - meet number one seeds Jamaica this afternoon to decide who tops Pool A.

Bermuda bounced back from 2-1 down to beat T&T, keeping all options open in Pool B.

Cameron Stafford finished off Shawn Simpson 3/1 to put Cayman 2/1 up against top seeds Barbados, but Gavin Cumberbatch levelled it to set up another decider in which Bryant Cumberbatch got revenge for his loss in the individuals to Dean Watson.

So, in all likelihood Barbados and Cayman will both win this afternoon to finish one and two in Pool B, leaving it up to Jamaica and OECS to effectively decide who they play in the semi-finals tonight by the result of their match.

Complicated? Naaaaa ... but be sure to pop back and see what happens!

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Teams TWO

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